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All Hallow’s Eve women, it was far easier for the m to achieve their

This adventure originally appeared in BAM! (Basic ends. They decided to disguise themselves as an
Action Magazine’s) premier issue. This version has organization built to attract America’s most elite and
been updated to work with the BASH! Ultimate Edition ambitious women—a sorority.
Rules. It also includes a possible group of sample
Heroes who originally appeared in Megapolis: A City of The women of EΛΓ are devoted to nothing less than
Supers supplement for the original edition of clandestine world domination. Their motto is, “If
BASH!. They are the teenagers from Willow Grove, power corrupts, it’s so totally worth it”. The sorority
updated to BASH! Ultimate Edition rules and advanced recently began dabbling in the study of the dark arts (in
a year from their original appearance in Megapolis. order to gain more influence over people) and is now a
Included in this adventure are several other villains full-fledged coven of witches. Other members of the
from Megapolis, updated to BASH! UE. The Adventure sorority hark back to their Amazonian roots, and
is recommended to be run at 30 points. Thus, a 25pt devote themselves to intensive martial training, in
character should start with 5 Hero Points, while a 20pt order to protect their weaker sisters.
character would start with 10! If you aren’t familiar
with BASH! Ultimate Edition, you can check out our So far, the organization is growing in power, placing
website at or join the more and more members in important positions of
discussion at You can also search American society. The current president of the
for Basic Action Games on Facebook. Megapolis University chapter of EΛΓ is Valerie White, a
beautiful blond pre-law senior. She is a total
All Hallow’s Eve: A Story-Arc for BASH! A cabal of overachiever with a 4.0 GPA and a 4th degree black belt
young women obsessed with power are unwittingly in Aikido. Most of the time, Valerie maintains a veneer
working for an evil Lich from another dimension. On of dignified professionalism and sincerity. It is only
All Hallow's Eve, this evil will break his millennia old when her hair is mussed or a nail is broken that she
curse and walk again in the realm of mortals. Can the loses control of the fury within her! Recently, Valerie
heroes of Megapolis stop it in time? has uncovered an ancient text that prescribed rituals
that can be used to contact powerful beings on another
Background Info: plane of existence. Believing that she would be able to
The sorority of Epsilon Lambda Gamma appears to be a bargain with these beings in order to increase the
typical American rich-girls club—but there is more to power of the sorority, she began her sisters on a course
it. Much more. When their letters are turned upside to make contact with this plane. After a few weeks, at
down and viewed in a mirror, or are seen as a shadow, the cost of several sister s killed by the eldritch powers,
their true letters come to light: EVL. Yes, the girls of they managed to make contact with a being from
EΛΓ are a true “Sorority of Evil!” Unlike most Greek another plane, calling himself Haertzbayne. He agreed
organizations on college campuses, EΛΓ really does to aid them in their quest for power, to teach them his
trace its roots back to the Hellenic period of Greece. magic, but in order to do so, he must be able to
After the Amazon queen, Hippolyte, shamed herself by manifest in their world.
giving her belt to Hercules, a renegade band of
Amazons (led by Hera in human form) killed her and The ladies of Epsilon Lambda Gamma were
took over the tribe. As the world of modern man closed commanded by Haertzbayne to steal the Mirror of
in around them, the last of the Amazons formed a Souls, a priceless antique from the Megapolis Museum
secret society Empair Λidi Γuerld, translating to of Antiquities. With it, the Lich-lord plans to coerce
mean “the women’s world empire” . Throughout Captain Cadaver to rescue his soul from the river Styx,
history, they made attempts to put more power into enabling him to return to the world of mortals.
their hands, but were never very successful until they After All Hallows Eve has passed, the transformation
came to America. In a world of liberated and powerful will be permanent. Unless he can be stopped that

night, Haertzbayne will terrorize the realm of man the mortal world... forever.
once more…
Arriving at the Museum will allow the Heroes a chance
Starting the Story: If you are using your own to investigate (it’s close to the University). There were
superheroes, Read the following out loud to the two security guards on duty, who will say that some
players: It has been a few weeks since your last major pretty girls came the museum after closing and asked if
engagement with the forces of evil. Aside from the they could come inside. The men knew they were not
occasional mugging or bank-robbery, there has been allowed to let them in, but they could not help
little in the way of crime for a while in the city. themselves. The guard, looking ashamed will just say,
However, you know that tonight, Hallo ween night, "their eyes. I had to do it. Their eyes made me..." The
that peace is not going to last. Something always guard will remember little about the girls save for their
happens on Halloween. The Ghost Pirate, Captain eyes, however, he does remember that one of them was
Cadaver usually returns to haunt the city this time of wearing a pin-- gold set with a red stone. If the Heroes
year, and you and your team-mates will be ready for don’ t go to the museum, they may instead hear the
him. As you are making your preparations for the above description on the radio.
inevitable battle, a message shows up on the
communicator. It seems that the Megapolis Museum of A 20 Investigation/Finding Clues check will reveal
Antiquities has been robbed! A precious artifact, called scuff marks on the floor, that were apparently made by
the Mirror of Souls is missing! expensive women's security shoes. There were at least
ten women involved in this caper, and no men. The
Alternate Start (Willow Grove): If you are using the security cameras in the museum have been disabled, so
kids from Willow Grove as your Heroes, read the the tape will not be of use seeing the crime take place,
following out loud to the players: It has been a few though someone with the Clairvoyance (past) power
weeks since your last major engagement with the can make an attempt to see what transpired. A group
forces of evil. Aside from the odd vampire or of a dozen hooded young women came into the
werewolf , there has been little in the way of museum after some disabled the security. They seemed
excitement for a while in Willow Grove. Your friend, to be competent magicians, and used their abilities to
Frank “The Tank” Ferguson is looking at Colleges, and bypass security and dominate the security guards into
you all decide to go with him to visit Megapolis letting them pass. By this time, it is getting dark, and
University. However, you know that tonight, there are reports that Captain Cadaver and his ghost
Halloween night, is also a likely to be exciting. ship have been sighted at Megapolis University
Something always happens on Halloween. The Ghost Campus!
Pirate, Captain Cadaver usually returns to haunt the
Scene 2: The Old College Try
city this time of year, and you and your pal s will keep
your eyes ope n for him. As you are making your way to True enough, Captain Cadaver is sailing his flying
the campus, you hear a news bulletin on the radio that ghost ship, The Sea Demon on the campus of
the Megapolis Museum of Antiquities has been robbed! Megapolis University. Unless the heroes try to stop
A precious artifact, called the Mirror of Souls is him, he will sail the ship into a fog bank and disappear.
missing! If they confront him, however, he will give them little
resistance, and tries to get his ship into the fog, leaving
A Hero can try a Occultism/Artifacts check to know the some of his skeleton crew behind to slow down the
importance of the Mirror. A 10 will tell them that the Heroes' pursuit. Knowing that superheroes always put
Mirror is said to have magical powers. A 20 will let preserving innocent lives above capturing the villain,
them know that these magical powers extend to the his crew will actually begin attacking students on the
undead. A 30 will tell them that these powers will University Quad. The heroes will have to let Cadaver
enable a spirit like Captain Cadaver, to remain in get away in order to stop them.

Captain Cadaver The Sea Demon
23 Pts (14 Stats, 9 Powers) Captain Cadaver's Ship
Brawn 2 Agility 3 Mind 2 29 Pts (14 Stats, 15 Powers)
Powers: Brawn 3 Agility 1 Mind 3
Life Draining Sword: Continual Damage 4 (x4 Dmg) 100 Hits/x3+15 Soak
[limitation: ammo gadget 6 charges] 3pts Powers:
Animation 4 [limitation: only affects corpses] 3pts Cannons: Special Attack 2 (x5 dmg, Medium Range,
Ghost Form 3, 3pts Small Burst) [Limitation: Tiring (the gun crew needs to
Skills: reload)] 4pts
Athletics/Acrobatics & Climbing, Stealth/Palming & Flight 3 (15 Squares) 3pts
Planting, Pilot/Pirate Ships, Humanities/Occult Ghost Form 3 [Enhancement: Usable on Others(the
Advantages: crew aboard the Sea Demon becomes incorporeal along
Unliving, Super Vehicle: The Sea Demon, Immortality with the ship)] 4pts
Disadvantages: Size 3 (+15 Damage, Brawn, & Soak Rolls;
Freak, Cursed, Outsider (from the Past) -3Dice Penalty to Defense) 3pts
Back-Story: Water Walking 1pt
Guy D’Aver was a French pirate who plied the coast
during the age of Sail. A known Voodoo cultist, The Skeleton Crew
superstitious sailors began to call him “Captain Attack 14, Defend 14
Cadaver” for the supposed zombies he had manning his Brawn 1 Agility 2 Mind 1
ship, the Sea Demon. He was known for his terrifying 10 Hits/5 Soak
tattoo of a red demon skull, which was supposedly Equipment:
applied with black magic by a voodoo shaman. He was Cutlass (x2+5 Dmg)
eventually captured and hung from a gibbet at Megan’s Advantage:
Warf as a warning to others. Before he died, Guy made Unliving
a deal with a dark spirit that inhabited his tattoo. In Disadvantage:
exchange for his immortal soul, he would be able to Freak (they are just skeletons)
come back to Meganville once every blue moon in
order to wreak havoc and revenge upon the town. The Scene 3: The Arrival of the Lich-Lord
spirit agreed—and as a result once a year, Captain As the Heroes are finishing up with fighting off the
“Cadaver” came back to plunder and terrorize the city. Skeletons, great peals of thunder echo throughout the
This ended after 20 years when a sorceress imprisoned city, as lighting begins to strike all over nearby Titan
the captain’s spirit in a clay pot. Captain Cadaver was Park. Something very bad is going on there! Captain
imprisoned there for centuries until a few years ago Cadaver has returned, sailing his ship through a black
when the pot was auctioned off. The new owner got in portal from another dimension. He drops off a
a car accident on the way home with the pot, and it passenger, and begins to sail away. The Passenger is
shattered, freeing the vengeful ghost! Since then, he Haertzbayne, a Lich from the magical realm of
has sailed into the city every November 1st on his flying Arcadia. Haertzbayne offered the Mirror to the captain
ghost ship. So far, every year since then, he has also if he would deliver him from Arcadia to the realm of
been stopped by superheroes, but never before he mortals. If Haertzbayne can remain in this world until
caused considerable damage. dawn, he will permanently be able to remain, and
begin his plans of world conquest. He intends to start
by raising an army of undead!

Currently, because he has only just arrived into our

dimension, Haertzbayne is rather weak. However, if he

remains till dawn, there is no telling how powerful he and is using it like a pager to summon him! He intends
will become. Unless the heroes can find some way to to obey her summons, and then kill her for her
force him back through the black gate soon, they will impudence or enslave her-- he hasn't decided yet. In
never be able to. the mean time, he is playing along. Of course, the
Even in his weakened state, however, Haertzbayne is Heroes just might be able to follow his trail back to the
no pushover. The Heroes will need to find some sorority house, in the secret sanctum beneath it, where
mystical means to force him through the gate while a dark ritual is taking place…
preventing him from reaching the cemetery!
Anyone who can detect magic can easily follow the trail
Tactics--Fighting a superhero team is not left by Haertzbayne’s powerful sorcery. A character
Haertzbayne's forte-- he usually leaves such things to with the Occultism skill or Teleportation power can
his lieutenants, however, he is no slouch. He will try to make a check to see if they can figure out the
use his life-siphoning grip on the physically weakest destination of the teleportation spell that took
member of the team, and his Mind Control on the Haertzbayne away. It leads directly to the EΛΓ Sorority
physically strongest to turn them against their friends. House! The level of success of the check indicates how
Don't forget his x5 Defense. This should mean that he quickly the Heroes figure it out and how much time the
is almost effortlessly sidestepping attacks, blocking Lich Lord has to heal his injuries <10 several minutes
them without looking, etc. If the Heroes lose this fight, (Haertzbayne is fully healed), 10+ Within 2 Pages, 20+
that is OK-- this foe is incredibly powerful. However, Within 1 page, 30+ Immediately.
they may try and seek a plot-related way to take him
out. Before completely defeating the Heroes, on Page 3, If the Heroes are not able to teleport to the scene, have
he will leave them, stating that he has more important them make an Extended Check (using Athletics, Drive,
matters to attend to and disappears in a flash of black Pilot, or whatever means they are using to get there, as
fire. If the Heroes somehow end up beating him, he per the Chase Scene rules), with a goal of 60 to reach
will say the same thing, and disappear in a flash of the Sorority House. Each page that elapses is one more
black fire. In either case, he is headed towards the EΛΓ that Haertzbayne has to heal.
Sorority House on Megapolis University Campus, ’
apparently forgetting about the cemetery.

What actually happened was that he was summoned

there by Valerie White, who is using the "Coin of
Janus"-- a two headed coin of ancient mystical origins.
It was with this coin that Valerie was first able to
contact Haertzbayne. That was when they made the
deal-- He would give them unrivaled magical powers if
they would deliver the Mirror to Captain Cadaver. In
order to get the mirror, Cadaver had to pull the Lich-
Lord's soul from the River Styx. Being both damned
and dead already, the captain was easily able to
navigate the river without fear of any harmful side
effects. He plucked the soul from the river, which
unchained the Lich-Lord's spirit from its prison
dimension, allowing him travel into the real world.
However, Haertzbayne has neglected to uphold his end
of the bargain with the sorority. He never intended to.
However, Valerie White still has that insufferable coin,

Haertzbayne thirst for knowledge was endless. In his quest for
Brawn 2 Agility 3 Mind 4 arcane secret s, Anymus desired most to unlock the
Powers: mysteries of life and death. Anymus created a magical
Life-Siphoning Grip- Continual Damage 4 (x4 Dmg) ceremony that warded him from death for all eternity.
4pts This angered the Gods, especially Hades, who cursed
Dark Lightning—Special Attack 2 (x6 Dmg, Med Line) Anymus, pulling his very soul into the river Styx. For
4pts all eternity, Anymus would forget the warmth,
Telekinesis 4 (x4 Hit, x4 Dmg, 10s of Tons) 4pts happiness, and compassion of life, nor would he ever
Danger Sense (x5 Defense) 2pts know the peace of death. Thus, Anymus became the
Healing 3 (x3 Dmg) [Enhancement: Affects Unliving] first Lich, an immortal undead wizard. He took the
4pts name for himself Haertzbayne, and devoted himself to
Mind Control 5pts complete mastery of the eldritch arts and revenge on
Suggestion 1pt the gods at any price. For centuries, Haertzbayne
Illusion 5, 5pts sowed death and destruction in his wake upon the
Memory Tampering 4pts Earth. Desperate to see this horror end, the Gods of
Animation 5 [Limitation: Only works on corpses] 4pts Olympus and the Nile united and banished
Teleportation 5 5pts* (He won’t use this power until Haertzbayne to the dimension known as Arcadia,
Page 3 of the combat) sealing it in such a way that he could never leave.
Omnilinguist 2pts Furious at his imprisonment, Haertzbayne pledged his
Omnireader 1pt unlife to conquering all of Arcadia, and to once again
Clairvoyance 3 (Past, Present, Future) 3pts break free and return to the world of men once more,
Sense X (Magic) 1pt to see it in ashes. The Lich began his conquest by
Telepath 1 (Empathy) 1pt blighting half of the forest; corrupting all life therein.
Flight 3 (15 Squares) 3pts Dwarves, Elves, Faeries and Centaurs were
Skills: transformed into goblins, orcs, shades, and trolls. He
Stealth x3/Hiding, Athlete/Climbing, corrupted wolves to become werewolves, and spread
Occultism/Ritual/Artifacts, Deception/Manipulation, his undeath into others, creating vampires.
Medicine/Research Haertzbayne tried to lead this new army of his against
Advantages: the rest of Arcadia—but his Hubris was as great as his
Headquarters: The Ebon Spire, Unliving, Immortality power.
Enemy: The Gods, Freak (his face looks like a skull) Haertzbayne did not consider the power or the will of
Mental Malfunction: the free peoples of Arcadia, and with the help of their
Haertzbayne hates all life, and wants to destroy the gods, he was sealed within the dark forest that he
world—as soon as he gets out of this dimensional created. Realizing that he would remain there for a
prison. In addition to this, despite his eldritch while, Haertzbayne raised himself a black tower called
knowledge, he has little understanding of or respect for the Ebon Spire.
modern technology, and is very prone to
underestimate it. Scene 4: Sorority Life
Quote: Heroes arriving at the EΛΓ House on the University
“You cannot defeat me... You cannot even slow me Campus will not be warmly welcomed. A group of
down”. young women in robes, and others dressed in martial
Back-Story: arts uniforms will stream out of the house to stop
Thousands of years ago, before he was called them. There are 3 girls per Hero to contend with. After
Haertzbayne, his name was Anymus. In his time, a few pages of combat, another girl will begin crawling
Anymus was the greatest magus ever to live—yet his out of the building. This is Valerie White, EΛΓ

President. She has been severely injured. Around her Typical EΛΓ Sister
neck is a strange looking coin on a necklace. It is the Attack 7 Defense 7
coin of Janus, which she used to summon Haertzbayne. Brawn 1 Agility 1 Mind 3
What she does not know is that destroying the coin Powers:
will render him much weaker, and make it possible for Mind Shield 1 (x5 mental defense) 1pt,Suggestion 1pt,
the heroes to defeat him, and will also open a gateway ESP 2pts, Clairvoyance (future)1pt,Mental Domination
to Arcadia to send him back through. Then, as she is Multipower 5pts:Mind Control [limitation: only works
crawling out, the Heroes also see the roof blow off the on men]Daze range 5, radius 1
Sorority house, and Haertzbayne and a warrior Advantage:
clutching an Axe. Appeal
20 Hits
When Haertzbayne arrived at the sorority house, he
pretended he was going to teach Valerie a magical Order of the Amazon Sister
ritual to increase her power. He demanded that the Attack 21 Defend 14
other girls stand outside, as troublemakers might be Brawn 2 Agility 2 Mind 2
coming to stop him from passing on this knowledge to Powers:
her. She ordered her sisters outside to stop any Unarmed Technique 2 (+1 to hit, +1DM;x3 Dmg) 2pts.
interference that might show up. Then, when they Advantage:
were alone, Haertzbayne went for the coin, attacking Appeal
Valerie. If he could have the coin in his possession, 20 Hits
nothing would be able to stop him.
Valerie White, Sorority President
A Hero seeing the coin can try an Occultism/Artifacts Brawn 2 Agility 2 Mind 3
check to recognize the coin for what it is. A 20 will Powers:
reveal that if the coin is broken, that Haertzbayne will Martial Arts Training: Special Attack +1to hit+1DM (x3
be severely weakened, and able to be banished to his dmg) 2pts, Mind Shield 1 (x5 mental defense)1pt,
own dimension. The effect of destroying the coin on Suggestion 1pt, ESP 2pts, Clairvoyance(future)
Haertzbayne is that his Brawn, Agility, and Mind will 1pt,Mental Domination Multipower 5pts:Mind Control
each lower by 1, making him much easier to hit and [limitation: only works on men] Daze range 5, radius 1
damage, and his combat prowess will be limited. Skills:
However, to aid himself, he will have help. His Athletics/Acrobatics,
lieutenant, the Black Knight will be arriving with him Driving/Cars,Humanities/Occult, Social
when he blows the roof off the EΛΓ House, to finish Science/Law,Deception/Manipulation.
Valerie off, as will 2 Vampire Vassals per hero! Advantage:
Once the battle is over, Valerie will be gushing with Appeal, Resources
thanks to the heroes, claiming that she and the other 100 Hits
EΛΓ girls were being mentally controlled by that "awful
man" into doing his bidding-- including stealing the
Mirror from the museum. There won't be any evidence
to prove otherwise, and Valerie and her friends
are very convincing actresses. Meanwhile, the Mirror
is still missing, as Captain Cadaver is probably sailing
away with it into the night. They will likely have to
face him again to recover it, but that is a tale for
another time...

The Black Knight When Lucius entered the Ebon Spire, he climbed to the
23 Pts (12 Stats, 11 Powers) highest room, fighting his way past goblins and other
Brawn 2 Agility 2 Mind 2 fiends he had never encountered before. There, on a
Powers: pedestal in the room’s center, was a golden cup—the
Axe of Wanton Destruction—Special Attack 3 (x5 dmg) very one from his visions. Lucius reached out and took
[Limitation: Easily Taken Gadget] 5pts the cup in his hand, prepared to bring the vessel back
Armor of Darkness: Armor 2 (x4 Soak) 2pts to his king. When he turned around, he saw a kindly
Shield of Shadows: Deflect 2 (x4 Defense) [Limitation: old man, who asked him if he would like to drink from
Easily Taken Gadget] 1pt the cup. Twice, Lucius refused, claiming that this
Helmet of Iron Will: Mindshield 2 (x6 Mental Defense) reward was for his king alone. But on the third try,
[Limitation: Easily Taken Gadget] 1pt Haertzbayne’s words seduced Lucius with the Grail’s
Omnilinguist 2pts power. Did he not deserve it? Surely there was no
Skills: knight more deserving to drink from the cup than the
Athletics/Running, Riding/Gallop, Occultism/Legend, first who found it. However, at the moment Lucius
Outdoor/Forest Survival pressed the ensorcelled cup to his lips, however, he
Mental Malfunction: immediately forgot all that he was. All he knew from
Dominated. The Black Knight has been totally that point on was that he was a servant of Haertzbayne.
corrupted and dominated by Haertzbayne. There is no The Lich-Lord cast aside the cup he’d enchanted to
shred of the man he once was left, and the Black warp Lucius’ mind, and told the warrior from that
Knight has no memory of him—not even his old name. point on, he’d be known as the Black Knight.
His helmet prevents even magic from restoring any Haertzbayne gifted him with a suit of magical mail, an
memory of Lucius in his former life as a good and axe of incredible power, and a shield made of shadow
honorable knight. As far as he knows, he has ever been itself. The cruelest gift, however, was the Helmet of
the right hand of Haertzbayne. Iron Will, which made the knight incapable of
Quote: changing his mind—he would never be turned against
“None shall pass...” his master, nor would anyone be able to undo to him
Advantage: what Haertzbayne had done. The Black Knight was his
Sidekick: Whisper, Immortality (while he remains in —forever.
Disadvantage: Vampire Vassal (2/Hero)
Normal—Beneath the heavily enchanted armor and 16pts
weapons, the Black Knight is a normal, though B3 A3 M1
corrupted, person. 50 Hits/15 Soak
Back-Story: Attack 21, Defend 21
Once upon a time, he was known as Sir Lucius—the Devastating Weakness:
most honorable knight of the Round Table. When his Sunlight and a stake through the heart (called shot)
liege commanded the knights to seek out the Holy Grail instantly destroy a vampire vassal
shortly after Merlin was defeated by Morgan LaFey, Powers:
Lucius was guided by grand visions of the Grail shining Healing 2 [Affects Unliving] 3pts
above a forest. As he entered the wood, a miasmic fog Life-Draining Bite: Continual Damage 4 (x4 Dmg) 4pts.
began to swirl around him. Without knowing it, Lucius Advantage:
had entered Arcadia, the very realm to which Merlin Unliving;
had been sent. However, Lucius was riding into the Disadvantage:
darkness of the Knightmare Wood, driven by visions of Susceptibility (Brawn, Soak drops to 6) to being on
the Grail—visions created by Baba Yaga to lure him Holy Ground
before her master. ’

Willow Grove were kidnapped, etc. Besides, with super villains and
Willow Grove is a relatively new housing development heroes duking it out on the Megapolis evening news,
just on the southern edge of East View. It appears to be the problems of Willow Grove were not exactly top
a perfect, middle-class suburban utopia—and it is, stories. Only the teenagers really seemed to realize the
twelve hours a day. When day turns to night, however, gravity of life in Willow Grove—that monsters prowled
the monsters come out to play. For a few years, it the streets, and all sorts of weirdness was drawn to it
seemed as if the rash of unsolved killings and like a magnet.
disappearances would never stop—until a brave group
of teenagers figured out what was happening in their Last year, a group of teens decided to take back the
quiet little suburb! night fro m the monsters. It began when a young man
named Poindexter Paterson found a very strange book
It turned out that Willow Grove was founded on the in the school library. The book was labeled
site of a massive slaughter of Winok Native Americans “Grimorum Arcanus” and the heavy, leather cover was
in the 17 th century. A band of mercenaries, led by the designed with the face of a bearded man on the cover.
ambitious (and morally bankrupt) captain Sven Poindexter (whose friends called him Dex) thought that
Thomson, slaughtered the Winoks after approaching the book looked cool and decided to check it out.
under a flag of parley. Captain Thomson then used the
land to charter the town of Willow Grove, south of As Dex read the book, he thought he heard a voice—
Meganville. For a few years, the colony of Willow and he did. The face in the book was talking! The tome
Grove prospered—until one day when a group of said that his name was Cedric, and that Dex was his
merchants traveling through from Meganville found new apprentice. Over the next few weeks, Cedric began
the settlement completely abandoned. The homes were teaching Dex the fundamentals of sorcery. Dex decided
empty, tools left in the fields, and stacks of weapons to show Cedric and his new abilities off to his friends
were found stockpiled in the church. that night in the park.

What was even more shocking was that the graveyard That night, Dex met with his sister Gina, her
behind the church was completely dug up, all the boyfriend, Frank “the Tank” Ferguson, and Gina’s
headstones smashed to pieces. The bodies were cheerleader friend, Debbie. As Dex was showing his
missing from their coffins. Clearly, Willow Grove was friends Cedric and his new magical aptitudes, they
the site of a horrible, supernatural event, and the suddenly realized that they were not in the park
merchants spread the tale of what had happened there. alone--- a group of vampires was surrounding them!

For a long time, nobody dared go near the abandoned Dex used his magic to repel a few, but got knocked
area of Willow Grove—for everyone knew it was unconscious during the fight. Desperate, Debbie picked
haunted. But the passing centuries diluted the truth of up the book, and yelled at Cedric, “Do something!”
what had happened into an urban legend, and in
1998, Willow Grove was incorporated as a suburban “Very well, Huntress” said Cedric. Suddenly, a golden
community just outside Megapolis. Though most of glow surrounded Debbie, and she felt imbued by great
Willow Grove’s residents work in the city, Willow strength, speed, and uncanny awareness. She made
Grove is technically separate, and actually has its own short work of the remaining vampires, and the group
mayor, fire department, and sheriff. managed to get back home without lasting injury.

A year and a day after people had moved into the That night, the group made a pact to use their abilities
homes, people began disappearing. The media to fight the monsters that they knew were in Willow
dismissed these disappearances, claiming that there Grove. Gina pondered what she and Frank could
was a “logical” explanation—people moved, or they contribute being as they had no special powers... but

reasoned that her genius IQ might be of some use, and adventure using the gang from Willow Grove for the
Frank’s considerable bulk could also lend a hand. players, the premise be that they are at the University
touring the campus with Frank when the excitement
From then on, the group went out on “patrol” every starts.
few nights, to take back the night, one big bad monster
at a time. Gina’s scientific know-how turned out to be Dex Paterson has had an eventful sophomore year so
exceedingly useful, as she began inventing a dizzying far. While out on patrol one night, Dex got knocked out
array of devices to help combat the monsters—full from behind, and Cedric was stolen from him. He woke
spectrum daylight grenades, holy water cannons, and up in a basement dungeon, chained to a wall. To his
magic detecting goggles. surprise, a beautiful woman came down the stairs,
holding Cedric. She tried to charm Dex, in order to get
It was after a few months together that the Midnight him to reveal the magic words that would allow her to
Patrol that they suffered their first defeat when Frank read from Cedric’s pages. Dex wouldn’t give in to
was killed by a rampaging demon. Refusing to believe temptation however, and the succubus revealed her
he was really dead, Gina took his body back to the true form. She threatened to destroy Cedric if she
school science lab, where she began a procedure to couldn’t unlock his secrets and Dex lashed out,
restore him to life. It worked, though it left Frank incanting a magic word. A blast of silver energy
visibly scarred, pale, and even bigger than he was streamed from his eyeballs, melting a hole in his
before. The worst part about it was the two bolts she glasses, and causing the Succubus to flee, dropping
put in his neck to jump-start his nervous system with Cedric. It was then that Dex realized that he didn’t
electrical stimulus. need Cedric to use magic.. that he had some magical
power inside of him, but he didn’t know how to use it
After that, Frank took to wearing his collar up. He was yet. Dex still only knows how to use the blast, but in
also a lot stronger and tougher than he’ d ever been times of stress, on occasion magic seems to warp
before. When the group encountered that demon reality around him.
again, Frank had him begging to be sent back to the
underworld! In her first year as a Demon Huntress, Debbie Smith
has had a lot of excitement. She’s tangled with demons,
One Year Later... cultists, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and a few
After the passage of a year, Dex is a Sophomore, Debbie things that she still hasn’t figured out what they are
and Gina are Juniors, and Frank “The Tank” Ferguson yet. There are a number of Demon Lords, Vampire
is in his senior year at Willow Grove High School. Princes, and evil Sorcerers that have it in for Debbie
Smith, as she’s destroyed their minions. These Villains
In the last year much has happened. Frank quit football have yet to show themselves, however-they are still
when his abilities became too obvious. A clip from a trying to manipulate things from behind the scenes-
particularly amazing game went viral on the Internet testing Debbie’s strength with the waves of minions
with millions of views. A couple days later, a monster they keep sending to Willow Grove. They want control
hunter came after Frank. The hunter wouldn’t take of that area for some reason… Debbie and her friends
Frank’s word that he was “one of the good guys”, and still haven’t figured out why, though. On the mundane
tried to use Gina as bait to destroy him. Though Debbie side of things, Debbie is now co-captain of Varsity
and Dex were able to convince the hunter to leave Cheer, but she’s got a few jealous rivals on the squad
Frank alone, he decided to give up on football to spare who are getting suspicious about her comings and
his friends. In doing so, he also gave up a full goings…
scholarship to Ivy University. Now, Frank is planning
to apply to Megapolis University to save his family Gina Paterson remains the only truly “normal”
some money on tuition. If you are running the member of the group. Her brother has magical powers,

Debbie has supernatural butt-kicking power, and her Invisibility are among his favorites], Mentor (Cedric),
Frankie is so strong he can bench-press a Buick. Quick-Thinking
However, Gina isn’t dis heartened by this at all. She Disadvantage:
revels in the challenge of being able to overcome these Age: Young (16), Social Stigma (Geek), Uncontrollable
“supernatural” phenomenon with the power of science. Powers (Inherent Magic)
She is a bit tired of being kidnapped (it’s already Back-Story:
happened a couple of times, and the “Women in Most of Dex’ back-story was covered in the above
Refrigerators” cliché hasn’t past her notice) but she write-up. Since those events, Dex has gotten far better
perseveres because she’s also saved her friends so many at the use of magic, and continues to train with Cedric
times. Currently, she is doing research to figure out almost daily. Cedric has told Dex that he was destined
what it is that makes Willow Grove so important to the to be his apprentice, and that one day, he would
forces of evil, and trying to keep a 4.0 GPA while succeed at ending the curse of Willow Grove. Because
continuing in the color guard and trying to maintain a Cedric trains both Dex and Debbie, Dex is happy that
“normal” relationship with Frank. he gets to spend a lot more time with her than he ever
did before—though she still treats him more like a kid
Poindexter (Dex) Paterson brother than a guy.
20 Pts (12 Stats, 8 Powers) Story-Arcs involving Dex:
Brawn 1 Agility 1 Mind 4 Trouble ensues when Dex uncovers a spell within
Powers: Cedric’s pages enabling him to be in two places at once.
Hovering [limitation: Easily Taken gadget—Cedric] 1pt Thinking about finishing his video game and getting
Eldritch Bolt: Special Attack 1 (x2 Hit, x4 Dmg, Short his term paper done simultaneously outweighs the
Range) [Limit: Casting] 1pt potential consequences for him, and he does it,
Illusion 4 [limitation: Same Source: Hovering] 3pts, believing he has found a spell for the Duplication
Protection Spells Multipower [limitation: Same Source: power. In fact, however, Dex has succeeded in
Hovering] 3pts summoning an evil twin of himself, who quickly
Ward against Evil: Force Field 2 (Small Burst, 100 Hits) knocks Dex unconscious, takes Cedric and assumes
Spell of Binding: Immobilization 3 (20 Escape, x2 to Poindexter's identity. In no time, Poindexter’s double is
Hit) leading the monsters they were supposed to be fighting
Skills: against!
Athlete/Cycling, Humanities/Occult, Social
Science/History, Investigation/Finding
Mental Malfunction:
Low self-esteem. All his life, Dex has been an outsider.
His skinny frame and thick glasses made him an object
of ridicule to his peers, and drove him deeper into the
sanctuary offered by books and computers. Dex also
has a major crush on his sister’s friend, Debbie, but he
is afraid she
doesn’t know he exists.
“Just great! I finally get a date and the girl turns out to
be a vampire!”
Grimoire [Dex often switches Cedric’s Illusion spell for
something else. Animation, Summoning, Healing, and

Gina Paterson football team. Life was good.
20 Pts (12 Stats, 8 Powers)
Brawn 1 Agility 2 Mind 3 The weirdness began when her little brother Dex asked
Powers: them to come see him do a magic show for them in the
Holy Hand-Grenades Multipower [limitation: ammo park. Gina was shocked to see Dex with a talking book.
gadget] 3pts Even more shocking were the amazing feats he began
Blinding Light: Close Range, Small Burst Daze performing-- levitating, turning invisible, etc. She was
[limitation: does not work on creatures vulnerable to so enthralled with the show that she did not notice that
daylight] they were being surrounded by vampires. Before she
Full-Spectrum Searing Daylight: Special Attack 2 (Close knew it, Dex was zapping them left and right. One of
Range, Small Burst, x5 dmg) [limitation: only works on them knocked him out, however, and she went to save
creatures vulnerable to daylight] him. Meanwhile Frank began applying some necessary
Ectoplasmic Radiation Sensory Goggles: Sense roughness and Debbie apparently had recently become
Monsters [limitation: fragile gadget] 1pt a grandmaster of several martial arts! Later that night,
Net Gun: Immobilization 2 (20 Escape, Close Range) the group of them decide d to use their powers to fight
[limitation: ammo gadget] 2pts the monsters that had been causing so much trouble in
Personal Cloaking Device: Invisibility 3 [limitation: Willow Grove. Gina asked the book (who said his name
fragile gadget] 2pts. was Cedric) why she or Frank did not get any special
Skills: powers, to which he replied that she had enough power
Stealth/Palming & Planting, Perform/Color Guard, for the two of them already-- she just had to be
Science x4/Biology, Technology/Invent, creative. At that point, Gina began using her scientific
Advantage: training to create an arsenal of weapons to fight the
Gadgeteer, Quick-Thinking, Dumb Luck monsters with.
Age (young) 17, In a Relationship, Normal Things were going well, for a while, until the night
Mental Malfunction: that Gina got kidnapped by a demon. Frank came to
Even though it is something she sees on a continual rescue her, and when he did, the demon attacked him
basis, Gina refuses to believe in magic. Instead, she from behind, killing him. Poindexter arrived in the
believes that it is simply an unexplained natural nick of time with a spell to banish the demon from
phenomena that can be analyzed scientifically. This reality, but he was unable to do anything for Frank.
insight enabled her to develop many devices that she Gina refused to believe he was really dead for good, and
uses in the war against the monster in Willow Grove, decided to use her “weird science” to bring him back to
letting her make daylight grenades in the dark, for life. She began by stitching up his injuries, then started
instance. working on resuscitating central nervous system with
Quote: electricity currents running in through bolts she had to
“My boyfriend's back, and you're gonna be in trouble!” place in his neck.
Gina Paterson had been best friends with Debbie Smith It worked, Frank was alive again in a few hours-- but he
since they began ballet together when they were seven. did not seem exactly like himself. He seemed bigger,
In school, Gina showed a profound interest in science, stronger, but more distant emotionally-- like his mind
and was always one of the top students in her class. In was always elsewhere. Despite this, he continued to
high school , Gina joined the color guard while Debbie stand by Gina's side, and she will still do anything for
became a cheerleader, but they remained best friends. her Frank.

At the beginning of sophomore year, Gina began dating

Frank “the Tank” Ferguson, the fullback for the ’

Debbie Smith: Cheerleader/Demon Hunter little brother. They all went to the park , and it turned
26 Pts (14 Stats, 12 Powers) out that Dex really did have magical powers—because
Brawn 2 Agility 3 Mind 1 of this really neat talking book. Unfortunately, at the
Powers: park, a group of vampires attacked them, and knocked
Martial Arts Mastery 3 (All) 3pts Poindexter out! Unsure of what to do, Debbie picked up
Awesome Attacks: Special Attack 2 [Enhancements: the talking book, and said “I totally wish I knew what I
Variable, Extra Effect vs. Supernatural +2DM] (To was doing!” The book answered, “Your wish is granted,
do ranged attacks, Debbie needs to have something to demon huntress!” and in a flash, Debbie felt suddenly
throw) 4pts faster and stronger than she’d ever been. She
Sense X (Evil) 1pt instinctively knew where to move as the vamps rushed
Danger Sense (x4 Defense) 2pts her, and began using her environment (tree limbs,
Attack Weak Point, 2pts rocks, etc) as a weapon against them. In no time,
Skills: Debbie had creamed the lot of them. Debbie began
Athletics/Acrobatics, Stealth/Hiding, Perform/Dance, training with Cedric (the talking book’s name) to
Deception/Detect Deception maker her even better at fighting the forces of
Advantage: darkness.
Appeal, Mentor (Cedrick)
Disadvantage: In her training and talking to Cedric, she found out
Age: Young (17), Rogue’s Gallery (There are a number of that she was actually born to fight these monsters. The
Demon Lords, Vampire Princes, and evil Sorcerers that powers were always inside her—Cedric just helped her
have it in for Debbie Smith) realize it.
Mental Malfunction:
Valley Girl: Despite her newfound powers and the utter
seriousness of her life’s mission, Debbie still spends a
lot of time worrying about clothes, music, and boys.
“So you’re saying I’m like, some sort of weapon against
evil? Way Cool!”
Debbie Smith began her sophomore year at Willow
Grove High School well on her way to being the most
popular girl in school. An excel lent athlete, with
several years of both ballet and gymnastics under her
belt, she made varsity cheer despite her young age. Her
best friend, was not a cheerleader, however, but Gina
Paterson, a straight A student and a scientific whiz.
Everybody knew in the back of their mind that
something was wrong in Willow Grove, but there was
never any proof. Teenagers did not let wild rumors
stop them from going out and having fun. Debbie was
planning to go to a party with Gina and her boyfriend,
Frank “the Tank”, when Gina said they were going to
stop by the park to see her little brother’s magic show.

Gina’s brother, Poindexter, had a crush on Debbie for

two years now, but Debbie thought of him more like a

Frank “the Tank” Ferguson For a few months, everything was great. Frank was
20 Pts (12 Stats, 8 Powers) happy enough being the second toughest person in the
Brawn 3 Agility 2 Mind 1 group (Debbie was getting really good at kicking
Powers: monster tail). One day, however, monsters kidnapped
Extreme Toughness: Armor 2 (x5 soak) 2pt Gina, and Frank went to rescue her alone. When he
Fleet of Foot (8 Sq run, 10 sq Jump) 1pt, showed up, a demon blindsided him with a 2x4 to
Berserker Rage: Super Speed 3 [limitation: Frank can skull. Frank was dead.
only use this power if he or Gina have been hurt] 2pts
Angry Strike: Special Attack 3 (x3 to hit x5 dmg) Frank went to heaven, and spent a few hours there. He
[limitation: Frank can only use this power if he or Gina got to talk to all his old relatives, especially his beloved
have been hurt] 2pts grandfather Rich, who was glad to see him, but sad he
Take a Breather: Healing x2 [limitation: Frank can only died so young. After a while, though, a messenger
use this power if there are no enemies nearby] 1pt. brought Frank to see the head honcho who told him
Skills: that his body was repaired and that he could go back to
Athletics/Football, Driving/Cars, Outdoor/Forest earth—he had an important mission to accomplish
Survival. there. However, he forbade Frank from telling anybody
Advantage: about what it was like up there.
Frightening Presence, Never Surrender
Disadvantage: When Frank went back down to Earth, he saw Gina
In a Relationship: Gina Patterson; Secret: Afterlife. looking down at him. He was strapped to a bunch of
Part of the conditions of Frank’s soul being allowed to machines and electrodes. His head really hurt, and he
return to his body was that he cannot tell any body felt the stitches on it. He had a couple of funny bolts in
about heaven. If he does, he will his neck that were rigged to a lightning rod outside.
collapse and die. Looking at his hands, Frank saw they were even bigger
Mental Malfunction: and stronger than they were before—his whole body
Rage: Frank flies into a rage whenever anyone was. Other than being a little pale, he seemed like he
threatens or harms Gina . This anger fuels some of his was back to the world of the living. Gina had brought
more destructive abilities, but prevents him from him back to life!
healing himself!
Back-Story: Frank is much stronger than he ever was, and when he
Frank “the Tank” Ferguson was a varsity fullback who gets angry, he gets even stronger Gina also made him
made State two years running. Frank also had a girl, a able to shrug off a lot of pain, and when he took time to
smart young lady named Gina Pater son. Even though rest, he could recover from almost any injury. Frank is
Gina had an annoying little brother, Poindexter, who no longer the second toughest in the group!
idolized Frank, it was worth it to be with her. One
night, Gina begged Frank to go with her to the park,
where Dex was going to show them his newest magic
tricks. The next thing Frank knew, they were
surrounded by vampires! Frank did his best to fight
them off, while Dex began blasting them with magic
from his weird talking book. Then all of the sudden,
Gina’s little cheerleader pal began smashing on all the
vampires like some sort of pro! Frank was impressed
by that. That night the four of them decided to form a
pact to fight the monsters in Willow Grove and take
back the night.