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Grade 10 Culminating Unit

Part A: Artist Research using Legitimate Sites

You will choose 3 specific artists to research further and analyze a piece of artwork that represents their own unique
perspective, environment or places they documented. You may use artists that you have learned about in the course if you
think their style is effective and interesting to you personally. Find an artist to research further using legitimate sites such as
MoMa collection, Google Cultural Institute or other legitimate sources. If you are not sure if is legitimate, check for ads, a
publication date, author name, more information about the people/person publishing. If it is not legitimate, do not use it! *The
artist’s style should be something you would like to try with your own piece.
You must write this in your own words. Copy and paste will result in a mark of “0”.
Artist’s Name Artist 1: Frida Kahlo Artist 2: Andy Warhol Artist: 3: Keith Haring

Place of Birth: Born - July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan, Born - August 6, 1928 in Born - May 4, 1958, in
Date of Birth: Mexico City (Google Arts & Culture, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Reading, Pennsylvania (The
*Date of Death:
2018) (The Art Story, 2018) Art Story, 2018)

Death - Died on July 13, 1954 Death - February 22, 1987 Death - February 16, 1990 in
(Google Arts & Culture, 2018) in New York, New York New York, New York (The
(The Art Story, 2018) Art Story, 2018)
Title, Medium, Date for ONE artwork: Title - My Grandparents, My Title - Campbell’s Soup Title - Crack is Wack
Parents and I (Family Tree) (MOMA, Cans
2018) Medium - Graffiti (Keith
Medium - Synthetic Haring, 2018)
Medium - Oil and tempera on zinc polymer (MOMA Learning,
(MOMA, 2018) 2018) Date - 1986 (Keith Haring,
Date - 1936 (MOMA, 2018) Date - 1962 (MOMA
Learning, 2018)
What is their style? How do they apply Style - Surrealism, Cubism, Style - Pop Art Style - Pop art,
the elements and principles of Symbolism, Modern art and Magical Andy Warhol’s style contemporary art
design? (be specific, name the top 3)
Realism (Dazzedgitial, 2018). consists of taking popular

*Please note: Plagiarism on your culminating will result in a mark of “0”. Everything you submit must be
your OWN WORK.
AVI2O Krause

Frida’s style is very unique, as many culture and commercial Keith Haring’s style consists
of her portraits are of her with some processes in order to create of simple cartoon like
surrealist additions. In addition, her work that appeals the characters. His artworks
style portrays the pain and general public (The Art normally create awareness
frustration Frida has experienced History, 2018) about AIDS, as Keith haring
during her whole life, as well as the had that disease (The Art
challenges she has faced at being a Elements and Principles History, 2018)
woman. She inspired many female of Design - Campbell’s
artists by her paintings. (The Art Soup Cans, 1962 (MOMA Elements and Principles of
History, 2018) learning, 2018) Design - Crack is Wack
(Keith Haring)
Elements and Principles of - Pattern
Design - My Grandparents, My - This artwork - Harmony
Parents and I (Family Tree) (MOMA, uses patterns, - Keith uses
2018) as the harmony in this
Campbell artwork by just
- Balance - Symmetry soup can is using two
- In this artwork, Frida being colours. The
uses balance repeated whole
exceptionally well, as countless of background is
the whole image is times. This orange and the
symmetric. If you split changes the illustrations are
the canvas into two, artwork from all black, which
you can notice how being a simple gives the
there are 3 people on can of tomato artwork a sense
each half of the soup to of unity and
painting and how the something harmony. If
backdrown looks bigger that is there were
almost the same. This more more colours,
is the definition of aesthetically they would
symmetry, if split on pleasing. crash together
the line of symmetry it - Space making it not
looks the same. Frida - This artwork look as

Ms. Krause’s Approval_____________
AVI2O Krause

achieved this by uses space harmonious as

making her painting exceptionally it does with just
balanced on both well by having orange and
sides, rather than just each can on a black
having the subjects separated - Line
spread randomly square and - Line is used all
across the canvas. leaving white through this
- Value space around artwork, as the
- Frida Kahlo uses value the can. That illustrations on
in a lot of different creates the orange
ways in this piece. The emphasis on background are
definition of value is to the can itself, just lines. There
use different shades of making the is no form,
the same colour in artwork look which means
order to make shapes, better. In they are flat.
objects and subjects in addition, the The only
a painting look 3D and space reason why we
realistic. For example, between each know what
the dress her mother is square is all each shape is
wearing uses value the same is because of
perfectly. In the throughout the the lines Keith
creases of the dress, whole piece, drew. This
you can see how the which makes painting overall
colour is darker, which the whole relies on lines
is the shadow of the artwork look because of it
clothing. The same balanced. being flat.
goes for the rocks at - Contrast - Contrast
the back of the - Contrast is - This principle is
painting. They look being used in also being used
very realistic and 3D this piece by in this artwork
because Frida made using different by creating
the coloured the colours for contrast
shadows darker and different parts between the

Ms. Krause’s Approval_____________
AVI2O Krause

the highlights lighter, of the can of black of the

giving a more realistic soup. Red illustrations and
feel to the painting. and white the orange of
- Texture contrast each the
- This element is used other, which is background.
very well here, and it why the cans Even though
also links back to look so the contrast is
value. This painting aesthetically not that big, it is
has a lot of simulated pleasing and still there which
texture everywhere, why they makes the
such as the sea, the catch artwork way
plants and the rocks. someone’s more
Even though they are attention. interesting.
just painted into a Apart from
canvas, they still look that, there is
as if they were 3D. For some golden
example, when looking in the can too,
at the cacti, you which stand
imagine they are very sout since it is
spiky just because of very different
the way they were to the red and
painted, when in reality to the white.
they are just drawn
and 2D.
How do they show their own Friday shows her perspective on her Andy shows his perspective Keith Haring shows his own
perspective? What is the subject of family, family values and her of the world by uniting both perspective of the world
their artwork?
heritage in a very unconventional art and pop culture through his paintings. For
way. She recreates her family tree together, which is pretty example, the Crack is Wack
but very weirdly and in a very much the definition of the mural represents one of his
unrealistic way. For example, the style he helped create friends and how he got
dress her mother is wearing as well called “pop art”. For addicted to crack. He uses
and the clothing everyone is example, his painting of his artworks to express

Ms. Krause’s Approval_____________
AVI2O Krause

wearing. They are typical Mexican Marilyn Monroe shows pop himself as well as his
clothing, which connects back to her culture (she was the most surroundings. That is why
roots. In addition, she is also famous actress at that time) many of his artworks
sharing her perspective of where mixed with a canvas in consisted on AIDS
she was born, which tell us more order to create one of his awareness, because it was
about her childhood. The subject of most famous pieces. such a big part of his life it
this artwork is the family tree as a ended up impacting his style.
whole, as I think she wanted to
accentuate family.
What do you like most about this What I really like about this artist's What I really like about this What I like about this style,
artwork/artist’s style and why? style is that almost always she artist is the simplicity of his just like Andy Warhol's is that
includes herself in the artwork. That art. No one ever considered simplicity of it. They are just
way the person seeing the art is a can of tomato soup to be lines forming shapes, which
able to connect the artwork to art, but Andy Warhol did. in my opinion is really simple.
Friday’s life. What I also really like Another thing that I really It amazes me how much a
about her artworks is the way she like about him is the way he person can do with just lines,
makes them unconventional and uses colours and contrast. which is why his style is one
“weird”. She adds a lot of It has always caught my of my favourites.
components, such as random attention on how he was
objects and different backgrounds in able to create any subject
order to get her message through, with 2-3 colours (Marilyn
which is something I really admire. Monroe painting),
How do you plan to apply this artist’s I am not sure how I would like to I would like to apply this I will try to apply this artists
style/technique/ in your own artwork? implement Frida’s style in my artist’s technique into my style in terms of colour. H
artwork. I would like to add those artwork by using pop art uses very simple colours,
specific elements that make the techniques, such as normally primary colours, so I
artwork say something about the complimentary colours. I am going to try to do
artists, such as Frida and her family have always been attracted something like that in my
tree. That is why I will try to to artworks with bright final artwork. I am going to
incorporate something that is colours, which is why I try to keep it simple in terms
connected to my life in order to would like to do that in my of colour to make it look

Ms. Krause’s Approval_____________
AVI2O Krause

teach the viewer a little about own art project. That way I more aesthetically pleasing.
myself. can show the viewer a little
bit more about my
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Ms. Krause’s Approval_____________
AVI2O Krause

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