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By accepting these Terms of Enrolment and continuing with your online enrolment you are entering into a contractual

agreement to
abide by the terms of enrolment and all Guildhall School regulations and policies. Full versions of the School's regulations and policies
can be found on the School's website and/or are available in hard copy on request from Registry. The School’s regulations and polices
are reviewed and updated annually. The Student Charter also provides a helpful overview of what you can expect from the School and
what the School will expect of you. The key terms and documents are given below:
Student Status
Students must have completed their enrolment, including payment of fees, on or before the first day of term unless otherwise agreed.
Proof of Identification
All students that are new to the Guildhall School or returning to a new programme after a break from studies must produce one of the
following forms of identification: current passport (Roman alphabet), UK photo driving licence, EU identity card. The Guildhall School
will use the name and date of birth as recorded on this identification in their records.
Tuition Fees
Students must abide by the Tuition Fee Payment, Enrolment & Debt Collection Policy and financial regulations for the relevant year of
study at the time of enrolment, and as amended throughout the duration of their programme. It is the responsibility of the student to
provide the School with written evidence of who is paying their fees.

Official withdrawal - A student wishing to withdraw must complete the on-line form available through the student portal (eGo) and
obtain the relevant approvals. The date of withdrawal will be the date the student submits the form, or the last date of expected
attendance where the form is submitted in advance. The form will not be actioned for two weeks, to accommodate a student’s “right
to cancel” period.
Unofficial withdrawal /self-withdrawal - A student who has expressed their intent to withdraw verbally but does not complete the on-
line form, or a student who withdraws without any notification shall be deemed a self-withdrawal. The date of withdrawal from a
programme will be determined by the Academic Registrar in discussion with the relevant Head of Department; the date of withdrawal
will be the date on which the student was last known to have attended and/or submitted for examination/assessment.
A financial penalty may apply in both instances (please see Tuition Fee Payment, Enrolment & Debt Collection Policy for full details).
Intermission/Transfer Programme/Transfer Mode of Attendance
Students must request this from the School using the forms available on eGo as soon as possible if they would like to request to
intermit, transfer programme or transfer mode of attendance. Please see Tuition Fee Payment, Enrolment & Debt Collection Policy for
details of fees due if this is approved.
Data Processing
The Guildhall School will process personal data contained in this form or otherwise supplied by yourself or other people, for purposes
connected with your studies, your health and safety, or for any other legitimate reason connected to your studies. Any information
supplied by a student that is found to be false or misrepresented may lead to expulsion from the School.
Photographs and video taken during events, rehearsals, productions and concerts may be used by the School for publicity purposes.
Music department concerts are recorded and may be used by the School for publicity purposes. All photographs, video and audio
remain the property of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.
Personal data supplied by a student will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in compliance with the Freedom
of Information Act 2000. In order to comply with statutory and government requirements, data may be disclosed to external agencies
such as: Higher Education Funding Council for England, Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), Home Office, Independent
Safeguarding Authority, Student Finance England/Wales/NI, SAAS, Student Finance Services EU Team, US Federal Loans, UK Visas and
Immigration, Research Councils, Council Tax Offices and Transport for London Student Scheme. Unless you request otherwise, your
contact details will be provided to the organisers of the National Student Survey and Destination of Leavers from Higher Education
The HESA Student Data Collection Notice relates to processing of personal data about students enrolled between 1 August 2017 and 31
July 2018 and can be viewed at
Key Policies
Student Charter
Academic Regulatory Framework (including Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure, academic appeals, and Course
Participation Policy: attendance monitoring, case consultation and progress review procedures)
Tuition Fee Payment, Enrolment & Debt Collection Policy
IT Acceptable Use Policy, and Library Policies
Alcohol and Substance Misuse (Student Policy)
Relations between Staff and Student Policy
Equality Scheme
Safeguarding Policy
Health & Safety Policy

The standard instalment arrangement for the Total Fee Due from you (£ 17,200.00) is as follows. This covers any instalments already paid
in advance.
Deposit (due 15/07/2017)
£ 2,580.00
Instalment 1 (due 11 September 2017)
£ 4,300.00
Instalment 2 (due 08 January 2018)
£ 5,160.00
Instalment 3 (due 23 April 2018)
£ 5,160.00
If you wish to pay your fees according to the instalment plan above then you must accept this agreement and be enrolling for a full
academic year:
I understand that the full academic year’s fees are due and payable on enrolment (or reenrolment) for the 2017/18 academic year, and
that this Agreement exists only to assist me in paying these fees. Fees paid as a result of this Agreement will not be refunded for any
reason. It is a condition of this Agreement that I keep Registry informed of any change of address that occurs whilst monies are
outstanding, as well as informing the Finance Office of any change in financial position that could affect payments. I understand that
any default in payment without prior written agreement of the Finance Office will lead to proceedings being issued, as per the schools
tuition fee policy, for the recovery of the full balance outstanding at that time.
Student signature: KERRY WALLER (Online)
Date: 25 August 2017