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A game by Dominique Tellier

2 to 4 players 7 to 77 years
Missing! Soaring! ... The eight ebony totems and the prestigious totem
dhor, vestiges of a very ancient civilization were stolen by Rastapopoulos
at the Ethnographic Museum.
Tintin and his companions start looking for them. But trapped copies of
the totems circulate around the world and blur the tracks of the
Only a "magic box" will allow to find the treasures of the Museum.


• 1 game board
• 5 characters / 5 bases
• 4 inquiry sheets / 4 cursors
• 20 ebony totems (black)
• 2 magnet plates
• 1 totem dhor (yellow)
• 1 magnetic case
• 55 adventure cards
• 1 die
• 1 special dice
• 1 record


Find as many totems as possible and, if
possible, the totem dhor.


• Open the game board in the middle of
• Put an ebony totem on each symbol above the inquiry boxes.
• Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile, face down hidden, on the
• Place the box and totem dhor next to the tray.
• Place Rastapopoulos on the "ocean" box illustrated with a liner.
• Each player chooses a character and places them on Marlinspike.
• Everyone receives the survey card from their character and slide the
cursor to 4.
• Roll the die. Whoever gets the biggest number starts and play proceeds
clockwise .
▪ The first player rolls the 2 dice.
▪ If the star face appears on the die special, the player passes his turn.
Otherwise, he can keep his throw, or throws the 2 as many times as he
wants to obtain a new result. But if the face "stars" appears, he passes
his turn.

▪ When the result of the two dice suits him, the player moves his character
in the direction of your choice of the number of boxes
indicated by the ordinary dice. The special dice will serve later.

▪ If the player reaches:

• an "ocean" box: it plays again immediately in rolling the 2 dice.
• "Marlinspike": he gains 1 investigation point by raising the cursor on the
form investigation (we can not go beyond the maximum of 4 points).
• an inquiry box: it can proceed to a investigation.

If he wishes, the player can investigate secretly on the totem of a survey
The secret investigation does not win the totem, but to find out if this
totem is "good" or "trapped".
▪ The player secretly places the totem in the case, away from the eyes of
others players:
• if the totem is fixed at the bottom of the box, it is a
good totem,
• If pushed, it is a trapped totem.
• After his investigation, the player places the
totem in the center of the inquiry box. Players can no longer secretly
investigate the totem.

▪ If the player reaches the box of a totem
having already been the subject of a secret investigation
(by himself or another player) he may
publicly investigate this totem.
▪ For this, he introduces the totem into the box
without hiding, this time, from the eyes of
other players:
• if it is a good totem, he keeps him (he will count
for 1 point at the end of the game),
• if it's a trapped totem, it puts it in the center
the plateau and loses 1 survey point in
lowering the cursor on his survey card.

When a player arrives on the box
Rastapopoulos, he is obliged to fight before
to be able to investigate.
It designates a player of your choice to play the role
of the bandit. Both players roll the die
ordinary. Whoever gets the biggest number
wins the fight (in case of a tie,
start again) :
• If Rastapopoulos is defeated, the player may
• if Rastapopoulos wins, the player
loses 2 investigation points and passes his turn.

The player does not take into account the special dice
only after moving and having,
possibly, investigated on a totem. If the Special die indicates:

"+1", the player gains 1 investigation point

"Statue", he draws a card from the pile, the bed reads

high, then apply the effects.

"Rastapopoulos", he moves compulsorily

Rastapopoulos (except on Moulinsart and on the
box he occupies himself). He can bring it
on a square occupied by one or more
characters, and designate one for
combat. Both players roll the die.

Whoever gets the biggest number wins the

fight (in case of equality, we start again):
• if Rastapopoulos (the attacking player) is
vanquished, nothing happens.
• if he wins, the attacked player loses 2 health points.

When a player goes down to "0" on his Character Card, he loses all the
totems he already has earned. These are put in the center of the board
and can not be won anymore. Then the player place his character on
Marlinspike and resets his Character Card to 4.

38 characters, 12 weapons, 5 seaplanes.
• Most character cards are
played immediately.
• The "weapon" and "seaplane" cards are
kept face up in front of the player who
fired and played at the time chosen by
this one.

The weapons cards

Before starting a fight against
Rastapopoulos, a player can use a card
"Weapon" if he has one (only one card
per fight). He then adds the value entered
in the white square of this card (+1, +2, +3 or
+4) to the result of his die. Rastapopoulos do not
can use 'weapon' card.

Seaplane maps
A player may use a "seaplane" card
before rolling the dice to play. He stands
then on the ocean box of his choice and plays.
A card played is then replaced under the


▪ When the 8 good ebony totems were
discovered, we place the totem dhor on the
location occupied by Rastapopoulos.
▪ To seize the totem dhor, it is necessary to
obligatorily move on the box where he
is located.
▪ If Rastapopoulos still occupies this
box, the player must defeat him during a
fight. If Rastapopoulos is not there
plus, he immediately wins the totem.

▪ The game ends as soon as one of the players
seized the totem dhor.
▪ Each player counts 1 point per
black totem he owns and 2 points for the
totem dhor.
▪ The player with the most points
wins the game (in case of a tie,
compares the number of inquiry points and
the player who has the most is declared
▪ The storage of the box allows you,
after the first use, to place the
plastic parts in the cells