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Scannx to Show Breakthrough Overhead Scanner Jointly Developed with The

Crowley Company at ALA/New Orleans

This innovative product pairs Crowley’s ODS overhead scanner with Scannx’s popular document
capture software and state-of-the-art cloud services, resulting in a fast, affordable and easy-to-use
overhead book scanner.

Pleasanton, CA, June 19, 2018 --( Scannx, Inc. will show its first overhead book scanner, the
ODS 100 Overhead Book Scanner, jointly developed with The Crowley Company at the American
Library Association's Annual Conference, June 22-25, 2018, in New Orleans. This innovative product
pairs Crowley's ODS overhead scanner with Scannx's popular document capture software and
state-of-the-art cloud services. The result is a fast, affordable, and easy-to-use overhead book scanning
solution with access to the most advanced cloud management features to ensure reliability, security,
redundancy and scalability for under $5,000. In celebration of the launch, attendees viewing a product
demonstration in Scannx Booth #3059 will have a chance to win one of three ODS 100 systems for their

“The Crowley name is synonymous with system quality and reliability,” said Scannx CEO Murray
Dennis. “We are excited to bring Crowley's market-defining overhead scanning hardware to current and
future Scannx customers. The unprecedented affordability of this system will allow many more libraries
to provide overhead book scanning services to their patrons and staff.” The announcement of this product
advances Scannx's ongoing plan to become a one-stop-shop supplier of cloud-integrated book, document,
photo and microfilm scanning solutions.

Because of its unprecedented affordability, Christopher Crowley, President of The Crowley Company,
believes the ODS 100 will serve the needs of more libraries than ever before. “Budget constraints have
prevented many libraries from acquiring overhead scanners. For them, a high quality, affordable overhead
scanner that includes Scannx's advanced software and cloud services is a big win.”

The ODS 100 will be available for sale by Scannx and its value-added reseller partners.

About Scannx
Scannx offers a broad selection of document scanning systems, ranging from entry-level book-edge
scanners designed for use by library patrons, to the industry's most advanced Zeutschel A2 and A3+
preservation systems for archival-quality document retention. Scannx is distributing a variety of
Crowley-manufactured and Zeutschel scanners, including the MACH7380 HDX, the UScan+ UF-Series,
and the Wicks and Wilson C400, 7700-Series, and 8800-Series. All are designed to protect the library's
investment in its books, while delivering superior ease-of-use that allows unsupervised patrons to make
their own copies.

Scannx systems include IoT technology and cloud-based support that make it simple to scan, store, and
send digitized content as searchable PDF documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, email, smartphones, and
tablets, as well as to local USB drives or printers. For larger installations, Scannx cloud services

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aggregate usage data across multiple locations, providing performance metrics and benchmarking.
Software updates can automatically be pushed and installed, removing unnecessary technical burdens
from library management while ensuring maximum availability.

About The Crowley Company

The Crowley Company is a world leader in digital scanning technologies and provides an extensive
number of digital document and film conversion services to the library, academic, publishing,
commercial, government and archive sectors. The company manufactures, distributes and services
high-resolution cameras for cultural heritage digitization, high-speed microfilm, microfiche, aperture
card, book and document scanners, microfilm duplicators, film processors and micrographics equipment.
Manufactured brands include Crowley, Mekel Technology, and Wicks and Wilson.

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