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Featuring: HERO

Embracing tech
Paul Polterauer, of HERO, describes the the house – would always win. The other aim was to
firm’s vision and their goal of reintegrating offer a compelling and inclusive infrastructure, not
the social character to betting by bringing only for our platform but for all gaming providers.
the blockchain to the game So the blockchain and the ICO was the logical step in
taking our vision to the next level.
EGR Intel (EGR): How did you get started in the esports
industry? EGR: You recently relaunched your platform
Paul Polterauer Paul Polterauer (PP): When I was in my mid-twenties, – what was that like?
XHERO I was constantly betting with my friends on small PP: A few weeks ago we relaunched our platform.
Paul Polterauer, CEO challenges or events. We played soccer together and It is now built on state-of-the-art technology, has a
of HERO, founded betting was part of our community back then. That completely new user experience and – due to a part- with
was when I had the idea to digitise our challeng- nership with Abios Gaming – offers more games,
a current user base
of more than 250k es, which would have significant advantages: you contests and ways of winning (such as Top100,
registered users and wouldn’t need to have the right amount of cash with Winner Takes It All, and 50% doubling). Addition-
successfully performed you all the time, plus handling was easier and yet ally, the relaunched platform features fully automat-
the first ICO of Austria the social element of betting could still be retained. ed processes (fast handling of rankings for example)
in 2017 with HEROcoin.
During his career at
We started a platform that we called “the social bet”. and has an added fantasy feature.
PwC he worked on Our relaunch is a big step in the history of our
one of the largest deals company, and the last big step before we introduce
in Austria at this time
With our project, we want to make
HEROcoin on at the beginning of
and projects like the betting transparent and risk-free for June. With its relaunch, has become
asset quality review for
the European Central
everyone more attractive for everyone in the world of egaming,
Bank’s stress tests. and it has never been a more compelling time to join
At the same, the esports market started to grow Hero’s network and roll out one’s services through
rapidly; we saw an opportunity and we took it. That smart contracts and the blockchain.
was when we built, which now
counts over 250,000 registered users. During this EGR: Why does the gaming industry ‘get’ crypto?
time, however, esports has faced a number of chal- PP: The gaming industry has been dealing with ‘vir-
lenges including fraudulent moves to trick users tual money’ for the last 10 years. Jared Psigoda, the
into trading their skins (2017’s CS:GO Lotto scan- CEO of BitGuild, recently said in a Forbes article by
dal, for instance), and other scams to take money Rachel Wolfson: “Gamers in particular understand
off of users. cryptocurrency because virtual money has been a
That is why our ICO and the blockchain were the part of gaming for the last 10 years. For example,
logical next step for us: we want to bring transparen- dating back to World of Warcraft, there was a one-
cy to the game and drastically lower the risk of ma- hundred million dollar market for buying digital
nipulation. gold. This was the main currency used in World of
Warcraft to buy in-game assets, like dragons. How-
EGR: What have been the key developments for HERO in ever, it would take gamers a tremendous amount of
recent times? time to acquire digital gold, so they would use real
PP: Last September, we launched the first ICO in money instead to buy in-game assets.”
Austria with HEROcoin. Before HEROcoin, we built I completely agree with Jared Psigoda. The gaming
an esports platform,, which ena- industry has been dealing with virtual currency for
bled peer-to-peer betting. Our goal was to cut out as long as it has existed. This currency wasn’t neces-
the middle man so that the community – and not sarily linked to real money, but it could be. This fact

Featuring: HERO
has undoubtedly given gamers a head-start in their nity. In addition this system creates new revenue
comprehension of the crypto world. streams for everyone in the community.
Together with a known legal agency, we have suc-
EGR: What are the other key benefits of HEROcoin? cessfully managed to set up our ICO under a clear
PP: We have made it our number one goal to change legal framework, resulting in Austria’s first ever ICO.
today’s centralised way of egaming. Centralised sys- In our home country we have been pioneering legal
tems create excessive risks for users like exploitation changes, which is also why we were recently called in
of user data, prohibitive legal regulations, vulner- as an advisor for the Malta Gaming Authority, who is
ability to manipulation and denial of withdrawals. exploring how to extend their gaming licence to in-
With our ICO, we want to make betting transparent clude cryptocurrencies. We have just given feedback
and risk-free for everyone. on their second draft and the final licence will be
In order to fight against the issues the egaming available within the next few months.
industry faces today, we started to explore how the
blockchain could help us reach these goals. HERO- EGR: You have a rapidly growing fan base – what has im-
coin was born last September. Our advantages? 1% pressed you the most?
of all pots played are given back to all token hold- PP: We have a very active community that has
ers. Additionally, anyone who creates contests for been amazingly supportive during the past few
the community or a closed group is rewarded. This years. One of our biggest fans recently tattooed our
means great profit possibilities for every single user. HEROcoin symbol on his leg! This was very impres-
There is no bookmaker involved but the system sive to me, as a tattoo lasts forever. To see that our
runs the bets. HERO, at the same time, creates a work has such an impact on our fans is what keeps
transparent network, allowing for natural expan- me going every day.
sion by its own community. It is designed so that We have the true intention of bringing the whole
not only our own platform, but existing providers industry to a new level and work together with lead-
can implement HERO and emerging ones can build ing experts as well as traditional providers with a
their systems on our HERO network and commu- long history of knowledge. X

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