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FOG HORN June 2018

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STREAMLIGHT’s PROTAC HL® 5- Streamlight’s 18650 USB batteries incorporate

an integral USB recharging port. A fully charged
X FLASHLIGHT battery illuminates green LEDs, a pretty novel
By: Sal Palma

Streamlight’s continual expansion of its tactical The Protac HL 5-X is a no nonsense tactical light
illumination products gave rise to the capable of generating a tightly focused 3,500
company’s newest addition to the Protac line, lumen beam capable of projecting out to 452
the Protac HL 5-X dual fuel handheld flashlight. meters. Your projection range will vary with
ambient lighting conditions, but on those dark
I have to share a short but funny story about nights it definitely gets out there.
this light. When I started my review of the HL 5-
X, I had the opportunity to evaluate its The secret behind the beam focus is
illumination prowess on a dark balmy night. I Streamlight’s engineered optic, or better said
had Ten-Tap set to high-strobe-low when I the lens.
turned on the light and observed its lightsaber
like beam piercing the night sky to illuminate
some oak trees 90 yards away. Shortly
thereafter, my neighbor comes running out of
his house saying “Sal what the hell is that?” I
think the look on his face said it all – WOW!

Streamlight sells two versions of the Protac HL

5-X. One version, the Protac HL 5-X USB, which
ships with Streamlight’s 18650 USB batteries,
and the other, the Protac HL 5-X, which ships
with 4 CR123A batteries. Both of these lights
are identical and both are dual fuel.

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Like all of the Protac family, the HL 5-X uses effective in stopping any rolling when I was a bit
TEN-TAP programming to select between three more meticulous in how I laid down the
operating modes: 1) high/strobe/low 2) high flashlight.
only 3) low/medium/high. The factory default is
high/strobe/low. Changing modes is consistent The HL-5X body is rugged and constructed from
across the Protac line with 9 rapid taps and anodize aluminum. Streamlight also rubber
holding down on the tenth. My preference is coated the body resulting in an excellent
low/medium/high because it is consistent with nonslip surface. The light has excellent balance
the light’s application in my kit. However, and feels very comfortable in the hand, even in
strobe does come in handy for signaling. prolonged use.

Optimum performance is achieved when the HL This is a large light with an overall length of 9.5
5-X is powered by the Streamlight 18650 USB inches and weighing 1.15 lbs., with the 18650
rechargeable lithium battery. For example, with USB batteries. So, it probably works well as a
the 18650 installed high output is 3,500 lumens baton; in fact, the head and battery cap are
compared to 2,500 lumens when the flashlight finished with cranial tangs, which as you know
is powered by CR123A batteries. make exceptional behavior modification tools.

The Protac HL 5-X light is robust and water

resistant to IPX-7 standards. The head and
battery compartment caps are all O-ring sealed
and It’s also drop tested to 1 meter height.

Streamlight designed the HL 5-X’s bulky head

with an anti-roll feature. In testing, I sat the
light down as one would coming off duty, on a
fairly level surface, and observed that the
With the introduction of the Protac HL-5X,
flashlight had sufficient mass to overcome the
Streamlight expanded its Protac line to include
flat spots. However, the anti-roll feature was
extremely high output professional grade

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illumination tools. The TEN-TAP feature allows Manufacturer Specification
the customization need by the operator to meet
any number of demanding conditions. The • Multi-Fuel - uses two rechargeable 18650
rechargeable design ensures that the light is USB batteries; also accepts four CR123A
powered to its optimum operational lithium batteries
 Features TEN-TAP Programming - Choice of
capabilities. It’s unquestionable that
three user selectable programs:
Streamlight had the law enforcement officer or  high/strobe/low 2) high only 3)
professional security guard in mind when they low/medium/high
designed the Protac HL-5X. Dollar for Dollar it’s
among the best professional illumination tools
• High (18650 USB): 3,500 lumens; 452m
beam; runs 1.25 hours; 51,000 candela
you can have in your kit. You’ll find this light
below the $100 price point making it an • High (CR123A): 2,500 lumens; 385m beam;
runs 1.5 hours; 37,000 candela
exceptional value as well. Check it out and see
what your neighbor has to say. • Medium: 1,000 lumens; 237m beam; runs
2.5 hours (CR123A); runs 3 hours (18650
-SP USB); 14,100 candela

• Low: 250 lumens; 120m beam; runs 10.5

hours (CR123A); runs 11.5 hours (18650
USB); 3,620 candela

• Strobe for signaling or disorienting: runs 1.5

hours (CR123A); runs 1.25 hours (18650

• Engineered optic produces a concentrated

beam with optimum peripheral illumination

• IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes;

1 meter impact resistance tested

• Durable, anodized aluminum construction

• Anti-roll head prevents the light from rolling

away when placed on a flat surface

• Rubber sleeve provides thermal insulation

and a sure grip
 9.53 in. (23.65 cm); 1 lb. 3.4 oz. (550g) with
two Streamlight 18650 USB batteries; 1 lb.
2.4 oz. (522g) with four CR123A batteries

• Limited lifetime warranty

• RoHS compliant

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