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 NOTCH  1  

Name:____________________________   Date:________________  

LISTENING   3  points  
You  are  going  to  hear  three  conversations.  For  questions  1-­‐6,  circle  the  correct  answer:  
A,  B  or  C:  (Track  2)(2p)  


Conversation  A   (4)  What  is  the  man’s  family  name?  

(1)  What  is  the  teacher’s  name?   a. West
a. Mr.  Ryan b. Young
b. Mr.  Willis c. Andrew
c. Ms.  Karen
Conversation  C  
(2)  Who  is  James?   (5)  What  is  the  woman’s  last  name?  
a. Karen’s  friend a. Clark
b. Karen’s  teacher b. Brown
c. Karen’s  father c. Smith

Conversation  B   (6)  What  is  the  teacher’s  name?  

(3)  What  is  the  woman’s  first  name?   a. Brian  Brown
a. Andrew b. Ellen  Clark
b. Andrea c. David  Smith
c. Anita

GRAMMAR                    4  points  

Complete  the  conversation  with  words  from  the  box.  You  will  not  use  all  of  the  words.  
Use  a  capital  letter  when  necessary.  

         my    what’s    who’s  

A:      Who’s      your  teacher?  
B:  Mr.  Banks. 1
             is                        it’s                        what’s                  who’s              your              

A:  Hi.  ____________________  your  name?  

B:  My  name  ____________________  Samantha  Lynne.    
A:  What’s  ____________________  nickname?    
B:  ____________________  Sam.  

         Ann’s            he’s              is              what’s              where’s              who’s  

A:  ____________________  that  man  over  there?  

B:  Oh,  that  ____________________  Fernando.  He’s  ____________________  friend.  
A:  ____________________  he  from?    
B:  ____________________  from  Argentina.  

   are   his    I’m   my   what’s  

A:  ____________________  your  name?    

B:  ___________________  name  is  Amalia.  
A:  Where  ____________________  you  from?  
B:  ____________________  from  Mexico.  

VOCABULARY                      2  points  

Look  at  the  picture.  Complete  the  sentence  with  the  name  of  the  correct  occupation.  


I  write  new  software  for  your  computer.  I  

I  love  music.  I  am  a            musician          .   am  a  _______________________________.  
1.   3.  

I  fly  a  jet  from  Paris  to  Caracas.  I  am  a   I  work  in  a  store.  I  sell  computers  and  TVs.  I  
____________________.   am  a  ______________________. 2
5.   7.  

I  work  with  a  camera.  I  take  pictures.  I  am  a   I  cook  food  in  a  restaurant.  I  am  a  
____________________.   ____________________.  

6.   8.  

I  listen  to  people  speak  other  languages.   I  work  in  an  office.  I  am  the  boss  in  my  
Then  I  say  the  same  thing  in  English.  I  am  an   department.  I  am  a  ____________________.  

READING                    2  points  

A.  Read  the  paragraph.  Then  read  the  statements  and  check    true,  false,  or  no  

true   false   no  info  

Example:  Ms.  Jaramillo’s  first  name  is  Inéz.  
(1)  Ms.  Jaramillo  is  Colombian.  
(2)  Ms.  Jaramillo  lives  in  a  house.  
(3)  Ms.  Jaramillo  has  two  sisters. 3
(4)  Ms.  Jaramillo’s  two  friends  are  Colombian.  
(5)  Ms.  Jaramillo  is  from  Bogotá.  
(6)  Cartagena  is  on  the  coast  of  Colombia.  
(7)  Ms.  Jaramillo’s  father  is  a  computer  programmer.  
(8)  Ms.  Jaramillo  is  a  teacher.  

B.  Complete  the  chart.  Fill  in  Inéz’s  name,  occupation,  age,  city,  and  hometown.  

Name:   Inéz  Jaramillo  

Lives  in:  
Comes  from:  

WRITING                    2  points  

Write   about   a   friend   or   family   member.   Include   information   about   his   /   her   name,  
nickname,  age,  occupation,  nationality  and  any  other  interesting  fact  to  introduce  that  
person.  Write  at  least  five  sentences.  

SPEAKING    7  points  

1. What’s  your  name  and  nickname? /1

2. How  do  you  spell  your  last  name? /1  

3. How  old  are  you? /1

4. What’s  your  occupation? /1  

5. What’s  your  nationality? /1

6. What’s  your  phone  number? /1  

7. Are  you  married? /1

/7 4
Answer Key

1. ANS:
(1) b (2) a (3) c (4) b (5) a (6) c

Audio: Top Notch 1, Track 2


Conversation A
Karen: Hello, Mr. Willis.
Mr. Willis: Hello, Karen.
Karen: James, this is my teacher, Mr. Willis. Mr. Willis, this is my friend, James Ryan.
Mr. Willis: Nice to meet you, James.
James: Nice to meet you, too, Mr.Willis.

Conversation B
Andrew Young: Hi, my name is Andrew.
Anita West: Good to meet you, Andrew. I’m Anita.
Andrew Young: Andrea?
Anita West: No, Anita. Anita West. What’s your last name?
Andrew Young: My last name is Young. Are you a student here?

Conversation C
Ellen Clark: Are you Brian Brown?
David Smith: No, I’m David Smith. That’s Brian over there.
Ellen Clark: I’m Ellen Clark. Are you a student here?
David Smith: No, as a matter of fact, I’m not. I’m a teacher.


2. ANS: pilot 12. ANS:

3. ANS: computer programmer (1) true
4. ANS: salesperson (2) false
5. ANS: photographer (3) no information
6. ANS: interpreter (4) false
(5) false
7. ANS: chef
(6) true
8. ANS: manager
(7) no information
9. ANS: What’s, is, your, It’s (8) false
10. ANS: Who’s, is, Ann’s, Where’s, He’s (10) Student; 21; Bogotá, Colombia;
11. ANS: What’s, My, are, I’m Cartagena, Colombia 5