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Program: Mount & Blade - Unofficial Troop Editor 1.

M&B Version: 1.010 & 1.011 (most functionality should be compatible with 0.903 and 0.960)
This editor should also be compatible with Mount & Blade Warband.
Created by: HokieBT

03-20-2008 v1.0 - initial release to edit names, attributes, proficiences, skills, items
04-04-2008 v1.1 - edit troop flags, upgrade paths, fixed some minor bugs
04-10-2008 v1.2 - edit troop factions, faces, added data validation, fixed some minor bugs
05-02-2008 v1.3 – added ability to modify party_templates.txt file, 0.95x compatibility, removed
COMDLG32 so Windows Vista users will not see an error, fixed minor bugs
06-02-2008 v1.4 – added ability to modify some of the data in the parties.txt file, minor changes
to the Browse button functionality, minor changes to the interface
03-12-2009 v1.5 – very minor update to fix the parties.txt option to work with M&B 1.x, enable
changes to the looting skill, fix a crash when trying to remove items, and
removed the Face Codes section since it doesn’t currently work in 1.x.
01-08-2010 v1.6 – Updated program to allow changing faces and skins in M&B 1.x.
02-01-2010 v1.7 – Switched the editor to use M&B version 1.010/1.011 as the default.
02-03-2010 v1.8 – Minor update to try and fix the line #8 error some users were seeing.
04-08-2010 v1.9 – Updated editor to make it compatible with Mount & Blade Warband.


1) click the 'Browse' button and choose your M&B module folder

2) use the Filename combo box to choose the file you wish to modify

3) click on a troop or party you wish to edit and then make any changes you want

4) after you are done making changes to that troop or party click 'Update'
Note: this must be done after each troop or party is modified

5) click the 'Save' button to save any updates you have made to the text files
Note: you may want to manually backup these files before saving any changes

6) You will usually have to start a new saved game to see any of these changes in M&B


Changes to Troops, Parties or Party Templates did not work

If you make a change to a Troop or Party Template and do not see this updated in your game this
is usually related to the following:
1) You did not click “Update” after making a change for each character
2) You did not click the “Save” button to save all changes to the text files
3) You did not start a new game of Mount & Blade

Game Crashes after changing Troop information

This program seems to work fine for most users and will not cause a game to crash. If you are
seeing crashes then I would review what troop information you are changing in the game. It is
possible that setting VERY high attributes, weapon proficiencies, levels, or strange combination of
troop flags may cause some unexpected behavior since the developers did not plan for those
numbers. Making a troop undead may cause the game to crash unless you modify the module.ini
to have the following line: “limit_hair_colors = 0". If you are still having problems then post the
error and what information you are modifying in the forum.

Troop Editor Installation Package:

If you get any ActiveX errors or references to missing DLL files you can try downloading a full
installation package that should include all required files for this program. Please check the
Forum or M&B Repository for more information.

For any other errors please check out the first page of the Troop Editor forum. I try and update
any general notes or questions about this editor on the first page. You can also post a message
on the forum to see if anybody has seen a similar error.,34154.0.html


Changes and Saved Games:

A lot of information in these text files are also saved within your saved game file so any changes
made with the troop editor may not take effect immediately in your saved game. When testing
saved games some changes seem to take effect immediately, some after waiting several days of
game time for a new troop or party to spawn on the map, and some never update. This behavior
may have also switched between version 0.9x and 1.x and the M&B developers would be the only
ones that could tell us exactly what changes would and would not work. Therefore, if you are
modifying these text files and want to guarantee that your changes are working you should start a
new game.

NOTE: It is possible to refresh the module data so some changes can be visible in saved games.
1) You need to enable edit & cheat mode in the M&B configuration menu
2) Then press CTRL+M on the world map in-game
3) You should see a message that it was refreshed.

I do not know exactly what this functionality does but it has been helpful when doing
some testing and not having to start a new game each time. However, if you want to
guarantee your changes work then you need to start a new game.

Adding new Troops:

Troops are referenced in other files by a troop number, therefore it is not possible to add new
troops to the middle of the text file without messing up the rest of the game. It is possible to add
new troops to the bottom of the file and then add them into the party_templates or as an upgrade
path. Thanks to Balrog for the summary of this process:,34154.msg1259116.html#msg1259116

Backup your files:

This editor does not create backup copies of any files it modifies so I suggest at the minimum
backing up the troops.txt, parties.txt and party_templates.txt files before modifying them. if you
are going to try this editor out for the first time you can make a copy of the Native module and
then try and edit that.

thanks to Jordan and his great item editor for assistance with understanding the troops file

thanks to Palestine & SPD_Phoenix for helping me understand the face codes in M&B 1.x