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Rossi’s Pre-Calculus Classroom Policies

Welcome to Pre-Calculus It is my goal to provide each of you with an educational, fun, and
rewarding course that will prepare you for Calculus or other future math courses, as well as the SAT
and ACT, SAT II math subject test, and AccuPlacer exams. I want each of you to succeed and do well
in my class.

Course Overview:
Listed below, in order, are the topics we will be covering:
 Characteristics of Functions
o Real-world functions
o Concavity, symmetry, domain and range, input/output
o Piece-wise function
o Composition and inverses
 Expanding on Polynomial functions
 Rational Functions
o End behavior and limits, asymptotes, holes, discontinuities
 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
o Half-life/doubling time, 𝑒 and money/interest
o Logarithmic scales
o Graphing using inverses
o Solving equations
 Trigonometry
o Review of right triangle trigonometry and inverse trig functions
o Angles of elevation and depression
o Radians and degrees
o Graphing sinusoids and transforming them
o Trigonometric identities
 Introduction to Calculus
o Continue with limits and limit notation
o Continuity and discontinuity

Required Materials:
You are required* to purchase and bring the following materials with you to class each day:

 3-subject notebook (to be used only for pre-calculus notes, activities, and homework)
 Pencil or pen
 A graphing calculator is strongly recommended, but not required
 A folder to hold your projects and revisions, problems of the week, and warm-up sheets

* If you are unable to purchase any of the above materials, please see me.

Make-up Policy:
Pre-Calculus can be a challenging course, so it is important that you are in class every day. However,
if an absence must occur, it is your responsibility to get any missed notes from a classmate. All
worksheets for the week will be placed in the absent bin. Check the bin on the day you return to
pick up all missed handouts. Check my website for the homework
assignment you need to make up.

If you have an excused absence for 𝑥 days, then you will have 𝑥 days to complete all make-up work
and show it to me. If you miss a test or a quiz, then we will work together to choose a day for you to
retake it as soon as possible.

If you have an unexcused absence (such as skipping class), then you will receive a zero on any
work due on the day you missed. If you miss a test or a quiz, then you will take it on the day you

After-School Help:
All math classes, including Pre-calculus, are cumulative and build upon prior concepts. If you feel
that you are beginning to fall behind, get help! I am always available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
Thursdays for after-school extra help until around 3:15. You will do a lot of work in your groups
since working collaboratively on assignments can be a huge benefit; however, on homework, it is
very important that you honor the importance of your own learning and not copy other students’
work or provide your work to other students who wish to copy.

Homework Policies:
The best way to learn mathematics is by doing mathematics. Therefore, you are expected to
complete every assignment, whether it is watching the posted video and taking notes, completing
bookwork, or completing a worksheet(s). NO LATE HOMEWORK IS ACCEPTED!

 I would like you to do all of your book homework assignments in one section of your
notebook. In order to keep your homework together and organized, I will never ask you to
rip out book homework assignments.
 If your homework is to watch a video, then you need to take the time to carefully watch and
neatly copy all notes and examples given. Watch the video as many times as necessary until
you feel you understand the material!
o The next day, you will be given a timed quiz (about 5-8 minutes) based on the video.
This will sometimes take the place of the warm-up.
 Homework will be addressed in one of the following ways:
o Collecting it right away. In this case, the detailed answer key will be posted online
next day
o Collecting it after giving time to correct it in red pen using my detailed answer
o Spot-checking it while going over it
o Giving a pop homework quiz. In this case, you will write out the full solutions to
selected problems using your homework
 This class will emphasize real-world applications with some projects and group problems

Grading Policy:
The grades for the assignments in each category will be averaged together and then each category
will be weighted as a set percentage of your grade each quarter.
 Homework and warm-ups – 15%
 Projects, tests, and papers – 30%
 Weekly quizzes – 35%
 Common Assessment (given at the end of each quarter) – 20%

Note on Exams: After each exam, you will always have the option of revising your work to earn half
your points back. You must completely revise the test and fix any problems on which you missed
any points. If it is a conceptual problem, then you must explain and justify the correct answer.

Your letter grade is based on the following scale, as per school policy:
90 - 100% = A 65 - 69% = D
80 - 89% = B 64% and below is a failing grade
70 - 79% = C

All grades will be rounded up (89.5% = 90%). In the case of borderline grades, effort, cooperation,
and class participation will be considered.

Behavior Expectations:
You alone are in charge of your own behavior. As a student in Pre-calculus, you are expected to:
 Come to class on time and prepared with all required materials. If you arrive late to class,
you will stay for detention until 2:30 the next Tuesday or Thursday. Your grade will be
affected if you do not stay within one week.
 Be courteous and respectful of all individuals in the classroom
 Be attentive and quiet while I am teaching; be involved and supportive during cooperative
learning activities
 Follow all classroom procedures

A Special Note about Electronic Devices:

Although modern technology is a wonderful development that has provided many conveniences
and entertainment, cell phones, music players, and other similar items have no place in the
classroom, where they are distracting and disruptive to learning. Thus, any such device in sight in
the classroom will be taken and locked up until the end of the school day.

I look forward to being your child’s math teacher this year! It is my goal to foster a positive
relationship and open communication between the home and school. If you have any questions or
concerns, feel free to e-mail me at
Please provide encouragement for your child and support a positive outlook toward school. It is
important that your child has proper materials and a quiet study area at home.

Please sign below after going through this classroom policy and return only the portion below to

I would also appreciate it if you provided your e-mail address (if you have one) so that I can contact
you throughout the year if necessary.

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𝐷 Please check this box if you would like your e-mail address to be added to an Algebra II
distribution list. I will use this distribution list to send out reminders about due dates, test dates,
and other reminders throughout the year [usually two e-mails per month].

Students, by signing below, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the course grading and
behavior policies, as well as the consequences of failing to follow the policies.

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