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Consequences of junk food

Since we are small, we have to eat to avoid, or at least consume infrequently,

foods such as candy, cookies or crackers, donuts, chips,
hamburgers and everything that is known as "food
Scrap" . This alert is established as one of the main
mandates for the care of our health, that the
consequences of food can consume in excess and can
be dangerous. As you said in VivirSalud, junk food refers
to all those who do not have nutritional value and who
only want calories, sugars, salt and saturated fats. In
summary, junk food is very unhealthy and you do not
take care of it, these can be the consequences:

Deficiencias nutricionales

Our body needs certain essential nutrients so that each of its functions is properly
fulfilled. We incorporate these nutrients through our diet: if our diet is based on junk
food, which by definition is not very nutritious, then our
organism will lack the nutrients it needs, such as fiber,
calcium, magnesium and vitamins. omega-3 fats.

Junk food satisfies hunger and the desire to eat something

rich, but not the nutritional requirements of the body to stay
healthy and protected against diseases. Therefore, to take
care of our health it is recommended to reduce the amount
of junk food in our diet and, in the meantime, increase the
consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, which
are nutritious and healthy foods.

Weight gain
Among the so-called junk foods are foods rich in saturated fats and
cholesterol, processed foods, sugary, fried and high in calories, therefore
the increase in weight is an inevitable consequence of consuming this
type of food frequently. This, in turn, is an important risk factor for
developing obesity.
Insulin resistance
When the consumption of carbohydrates - present in sweets, baked goods
or chips - is high, it creates the risk of generating
resistance to insulin in the body. The same applies to
foods with a high glycemic index, such as potatoes,
sweets, sugary cereals and white flour products. This
condition in turn increases the risk of diabetes, since
the cells do not respond to insulin, which accumulates
the amount of glucose in the blood. The accumulation
of glucose or sugar in the blood, to make matters
worse, also promotes heart disease.
Cardiovascular problems
Although our body requires a certain consumption of fat for energy, junk
food provides us with excess fats that damage our health, such as
saturated fats or trans fats present in hamburgers, pizza, cookies, chips
and cookies. ice creams. These fats are dangerous to the health of our
heart. In addition, processed foods are usually rich in salt or sodium, and
this consumed item often raises the risk of cardiovascular accidents and

¿Has visto lo riesgosas que pueden llegar a ser las consecuencias de la

comida chatarra? Nunca es tarde para reemplezar una mala
alimentación por una mucho más sana y nutritiva: sigue los consejos de
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