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October 25, 2007

Dear Sirs,

Introduction of performance improvement kit (PM-A10-H012)

for ProSound a10 data analysis

We are pleased to introduce the performance improvement kit “PM-A10-H012” for data
analysis on the ProSound a10 below.
This performance upgrade requires to exchange the CPU board from “EP496000” to
“EP535300”. This performance upgrade is available for S/N: M00101 to M01352.
The serial numbers higher than S/N: M01353 will be already integrated with higher
performance CPU board “EP535300”.

Please prepare the 1) newest version of HDD below “A”, and 2) software version-up kit
below “B” in addition to “PM-A10-H012” before you start the upgrade.

A. The newest version of HDD :

The model name of HDD version-up kit for the new CPU will be attached “10”
at the end of model name below.

PM-A10-S602EXP-H10 (for Export except USA/Canada)

PM-A10-S602USA-H10 (for USA)

PM-A10-S602CAN-H10 (for Canada)

B. Accommodating a hardware condition :

It is required to exchange the HDD in accordance with replacement of the

CPU board. However, it is not possible to transfer the user data directory
from old version to new version. Therefore, it is necessity to upgrade the
software version of the system using free version-up kit, SP-A10-S602
before you replace the new CPU board.

(Performance comparison between old CPU “EP496000” and new CPU “EP535300”)

Analysis Connected Processed Operation Procedure Condition Reading time

Function Probe Frame
number Old CPU New CPU

eTDI 252 Start from eTDI boot up till Post ECG: 4Cycle 8sec 7sec
end of reading all frame

eCHE 4644 Start from eCHE boot up Manual: Full time 5min 4min
UST-52101 till end of reading all frame 15sec 48sec

eStress 208/1 Start from eStress boot up 4View x 4Stage 37sec 28sec
view till start the Loop display
at the last View image

3D ASU-1010 78 After finish the image - 17sec 2sec

Reconstruction display, and then activate
all touch panel menu

Image Viewer UST-52101 256 Start all loop images on 3x3 display 38sec 27sec
the 3x3(9) views format
4sec x 9video clip

For more details of this improvements, please contact the person in charge of your

Yours very truly,


Y. Kiyomura
General Manager
International Marketing and Sales Dept.