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[No Un Authorized work]

The Executive Engineer,
D-1 Division,
M. B. R. & R. Board.

Sub : Repairs to: (NOC with Reimbursement).


We the NOC Holders of the above captioned building hereby undertake and
say as under:

1. That the work shall be carried out as per approval plan by the M. B. R. & R. Board /
MCGM and that no unauthorized work will be carried out during the course of
repairs works.
2. That we shall not carry out any additions and alternations to the existing building
during the repairs.
3. That these who are occupants in the building shall be only responsible for any
lapses or other things during the repairs.
4. That all the tenants/occupants who have shifted previously shall now be brought
back in the building after repairs to the above building have been completed.
That I/we say that this undertaking shall be binding on us, our heirs, executors,
administrators and assigns etc.

N.O.C. Holders

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