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Fawad Hassan Ismail

112-F Johar Town, Lahore 54770, PAKISTAN
Phone: +92-333-4742760, +92-42-5170112

DATE OF BIRTH December 1, 1978

LANGUAGES English, Urdu, Punjabi


To study, teach, and work in a research & development setting, and be able to take my intellectual skills
as much towards perfection as possible, preferably by contributing to breakthrough technologies. Areas of
interest include digital signal processing, computer architecture, embedded systems, C++ based object-
oriented development, and system programming for Windows/Linux.


• B.S., Electrical Engineering with Honors, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore,
PAKISTAN, July 2001
− Majors: Electronics, Communication. Minors: Mathematics, Computer Engineering.
− Aggregate: 76.8% (~3.3GPA)
• OCP (Oracle8 DBA) certification, with 94.4% aggregate, IT Center, UET, Lahore, PAKISTAN,
March 2000
• F.Sc., Pre-Engineering (Math, Physics, Chemistry), with A+ distinction, Government College, Lahore,
• Matriculation, (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology), with A+ distinction, The Lahore School, Lahore,


• Staff Engineer, (offshore software house), Lahore, PAKISTAN, May 2005 – present.
Responsibilities include lead of the assigned team on given projects, and design and development of
system software for Linux/UNIX, primarily in C language.
− Leading a team of nine engineers for the design and development of a Linux network application in
− Designing and developing a framework for the network application, in C.
− Partially involved in the analysis and development for the following network protocols: NetBIOS,
− Explored the framework and plug-ins of the ethereal source code, an open source packet sniffer and
protocol dissector.
− Analyzed the SMB protocol and its implementation in samba from the performance perspective.
• Software Engineer, iDream Technologies, Lahore, PAKISTAN, January 2002 – April 2005
Responsibilities included design and development of multimedia applications, frameworks, modules,
and device-drivers for Windows using MS Visual C++ 6.0, technical consultation to the development
department, and lead of the assigned team on given projects. Accomplishments:
− Designed an object-oriented framework for video-capturing applications utilizing methods of
Booch and patterns of Gamma et al, emphasizing on proper C++ programming instead of mixed
style C/C++ programming.
− System programming included WDM driver development, to exploit the features of underlying
hardware, and development of an I2C access module for a PCI card.
− Designed & developed DirectShow Filters for real-time digital video processing.
− Designed & developed multimedia applications for various video-capturing hardware devices.
− Designed & developed a VCD authoring software.
• Design Engineer, MicroTech Labs, Lahore, PAKISTAN, June 2001 – December 2001
Development of electronic systems, related firmware and PC-based software using various EE/CS
tools and techniques. Following are the accomplishments in this regard:
− Partial development of Pulse-Oximeter, a biomedical instrument, and its SpO2 sensor, firmware
for MCU/MPU, interface software. Accomplishments: Real-time 7-channel A/D conversion using
ADC0809 – MCS-51 8-bit MCU assembly used for signal processing including implementation of
16-bit arithmetic, and adaptive output control – Serial port data acquisition through Borland C++
Builder 5.0 (included handshaking with MCU & real-time multi-channel display) – Schematic
designing using OrCAD 9.1 – Prototyping on a double-sized verroboard.


• BSEE Final Project, Study of xDSL and development of an instructional digital voice transmission
system, UET, Lahore, PAKISTAN, May 2001
Lead a team of four engineers – Intel MCS-51 MCUs used for processing in assembly language – Two
ADC0804 ICs synchronized in parallel by Tx MCU to double the sampling rate – Fourth order
Butterworth low-pass filters using TL064 Quad OpAmp – Real-time display in a software scope and
spectrum analyzer (programmed in MS Visual C++ 6 using Win32 API).
• Fixing of issues in a DirectX DES Effect module (on, October 2003
An image-motion effect was modified to make it work with any transition available in DirectShow
Editing Services (DES). Work was done without any prior experience in DES. For more details: .
• BMProbe, A device-independent bitmap (DIB) analysis and generation tool, 2002

• MAQ Speed, A prototype 3D car racing game developed using DirectX Retained mode API, 1999

• Common subset of EE, CS, and Math

− Programming languages – C, C++, MATLAB, x86 assembly, MCS-51 assembly, PIC (RISC)
assembly, SQL, FORTRAN-77, Perl, bash.
− Favorite software tools – Visual C++ 6.0, MASM 6.11, gcc, gdb, vim, MATLAB 7, OrCAD 9.1.
− Technologies – WDM based driver development, Serial and parallel port interfacing.
• Electronics, Communication
− Microcontroller based embedded system development.
− Tools – Oscilloscopes, signal generators, logic analyzers, universal programmers, all kinds of
prototyping boards, multi-meters.
− Techniques – analysis, synthesis, prototyping, modeling, and simulation.
− Knowledge domains – communication, digital, instrumentation & measurement, feedback control,
radar, television.
− Familiarity with Verilog/VHDL languages, ASICs, FPGAs, CPLDs, and DSPs.
• Computer Science
− Technologies – STL, Win32, MFC, COM, ATL, DirectX SDK 6, 8, 9 (mostly DirectShow), VCL,
XML, Oracle PL/SQL.
− Knowledge domains – OOAD, patterns, graphics, multi-threading, UI, algorithms, data structures.
− Operating systems (usage) – Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP – Red Hat Linux 6.0, 8.0, EL AS 4 –
Fedora Core 3, 4 – MS DOS 6.22.
− Other tools – Borland C++ Builder 5.0, Turbo C++ 3.0, Rational Rose, InstallShield 6.2, Oracle8,
MS Visual Basic 6, MS Office 97-2003, AutoCAD R14, CorelDRAW 7, GW-BASIC, Logo.
• Strong concepts and problem-solving skills in Mathematics.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills; high capability of team work, both as a leader, and
as a peer; pro-active approach toward challenging tasks.
• Average typing speed: 55 wpm.


• Highest GRE score (2150) in the whole EE-department (1997-2001 batch of 220 students), UET,
Lahore, PAKISTAN, 2002
• BSEE graduation with Honors, 76.8/100 GPA, UET, Lahore, PAKISTAN, 2001
• 3rd in final year of BSEE in a class of 55 students (17th in the electrical engineering department of 240
students), UET, Lahore, PAKISTAN, 2001
• 2nd in a company (And-Or Logic, Ltd) recruitment test, out of 300+ students of EE department,
various batches, UET, Lahore, PAKISTAN, 2001
• 5th in second year of BSEE in a class of 55 students, UET, Lahore, PAKISTAN, 1999
• Within top-100 students in an entry test for a government-funded Oracle certification program, and the
first OCP from that program, PITB & UET, Lahore, PAKISTAN, 1999
• Within top-50 in the higher secondary school exam throughout the province (70000+ students
appeared in the exam), Government College, Lahore, PAKISTAN, 1996

REFERENCES – Available if and when required.