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1. This study is about the procrastination of students and how it can affect their study patterns.

The first quality that it displayed is it being non-manipulative and naturalistic in nature. It did not
aim to control what the outcome or answer of the respondent be. It only gathers what is being
answered by the respondents. The second characteristic is it being goal-oriented but also
subjective. This means that the paper clearly shows the aim and contents of the study just by
looking at the abstract alone. It is also subjective in the way that the respondents can freely
choose what their responses will be based on their first-hand experiences. The fourth
characteristic it displayed is it being researcher-centered. The way how data will be interpreted
will be based on how the researcher codes and interprets the data they have gathered. The last
characteristic is that this research does not enclose itself in standard protocols unlike lab
experiments. There are research designs that are widely accepted but qualitative researches
make sure that all perspective of the respondents will be taken into account.
2. I think this method of research is best utilized to get the most out of the topic given. One
method that the researcher could use is to utilize a comparative study for the quantitative part
of the study. The methods the researchers could use is to get two teachers with two different
teaching strategies and get the mean average of the students in which they‘re teaching.
Multiple setups would be taken into account. The teacher with the highest grades of their
students will be concluded as the teacher with the best teaching strategy. On the qualitative
part of the research, one method that could be used is to survey students. Students that has
multiple teachers will be given questionnaires on who do they think is most effective in
3. I think this means that what the researcher codes is what he defines his/her research to be.
Since one main characteristic of a qualitative research is that it is subjective, what the
researcher makes out of his data is what his results would obviously be. Two researchers could
conduct the same study but come up with different recurring themes just because they have
different interpretations of the response they have gathered. This feature is exclusive only to
qualitative researches because quantitative researches have to be objective-oriented and
4. This type of research is a quantitative research. This is because mortality rates in mosquitoes are
calculated using the LC50. This is the concentration of the substance that would kill half the
population of the organisms that are subjected to it. Just from the word calculate we could infer
that this is a quantitative research. One more proof is that you can’t ask the opinions of these
organisms, therefore, needing a lab to answer the research questions
5. We could get here from the picture is some vague representations of the misinformation about
qualitative researches. Most people think that quantitative researches are more important but
that is not true since qualitative researches are studies that conduct surveys that are directed to
human beings and are therefore phenomenological in nature. This pictures says that even
though raw data are subjective, they could still turn it into conclusive data through various
means of coding and repeated surveys.