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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 1

Kanji Heisig Keyword English Meaning Story

1 一 one one

2 二 two two

3 三 three three

4 四 four four

5 五 five five

6 六 six six

7 七 seven seven

8 八 eight eight

9 九 nine nine

10 十 ten ten

11 口 mouth mouth

12 日 day day, sun, Japan

13 月 month month, moon

14 田 rice field rice field, rice paddy

eye, class, look, insight,

15 目 eye
experience, care, favor

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 2
16 古 old old

20 明 bright bright, light

goods, refinement, dignity,

23 品 goods article, counter for meal

26 早 early early, fast

The NEEDLE prodded the SUN to get up EARLY, looking like a SUNFLOWER.
generation, world, society,
28 世 generation

36 自 oneself oneself

37 白 white white

38 百 hundred hundred

in, inside, middle, mean,

39 中 in

40 千 thousand thousand

specialty, exclusive, mainly,

46 専 specialty

49 上 above above, up

below, down, descend, give,

50 下 below
low, inferior
morning, dynasty, regime,
52 朝 morning
epoch, period, (North) Korea
employee, member, number,
56 員 employee
the one in charge

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 3
see, hopes, chances, idea,
57 見 see
opinion, look at, visible

59 元 beginning beginning, former time, origin

defeat, negative, -, minus,

63 負 defeat bear, owe, assume a

64 万 ten thousand ten thousand

bull's eye, mark, target,

69 的 bull's eye
object, adjective ending I managed to hit the bull's eye by throwing my white ladle.
straightaway, honesty,
73 直 straightaway
frankness, fix, repair
tool, utensil, means, possess,
74 具 tool ingredients, counter for armor,
suits, sets of furniture

75 真 TRUE true, reality, Buddhist sect

76 工 craft craft, construction

77 左 left left

78 右 right right

possess, have, exist, happen,

79 有 possess
occur, approx

85 切 cut cut, cutoff, be sharp

rule, follow, based on, model

88 則 rule
separate, branch off, diverge,
90 別 separate
fork, another, extra, specially A MOUTH that is BOUND can talk if the gag is SEPARATED by a SABRE.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 4
street, ward, town, counter for
guns, tools, leaves or cakes
91 丁 street
of something, even number,
4th calendar sign

92 町 village village, town, block, street

At the RICE FIELD is a STREET SIGN pointing the way to the VILLAGE.
can, passable, mustn't,
93 可 can
should not, do not
child, sign of the rat, 11PM-
95 子 child 1AM, first sign of Chinese

98 女 woman woman, female

99 好 fond fond, pleasing, like something

A woman is fond of her child.
101 母 mama mama, mother

103 兄 elder brother elder brother, big brother

105 小 little little, small

106 少 few few, little

107 大 large large, big

108 多 many many, frequent, much

109 夕 evening evening

111 外 outside outside

name, noted, distinguished,

112 名 name

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 5
113 石 stone stone

utensil, vessel, receptacle,

121 器 utensil implement, instrument, ability,
container, tool, set

127 川 stream stream, river

130 水 water water

meadow, original, primitive,

134 原 meadow field, plain, prairie, tundra,
petition, request, vow, wish,
135 願 petition
hope The petition to save the meadow needed many pages signed.
142 源 source source, origin

lively, resuscitation, being

143 活 lively
helped, living Conversations can become more lively after everyone has had a few drinks. It's because "watery tongues" loosen lips!
extinguish, blow out, turn off,
144 消 extinguish
neutralize, cancel water is best to extinguish a candle completely.
145 況 but of course condition, situation

overnight, put up at, ride at

147 泊 overnight
anchor, 3-day stay The water looks white on a cloudless overnight.
150 土 soil soil, earth, ground, Turkey

158 寺 Buddhist temple Buddhist temple

159 時 time time, hour

160 均 level level, average

The soil was made level by an extra drop of the ladle.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 6
161 火 fire fire
A PERSON with two DROPS of FIRE for each arm.
spot, point, mark, speck,
169 点 spot
decimal point

171 魚 fish fish

174 黒 black black

quantity, measure, weight,

177 量 quantity amount, consider, estimate,
surmise Working all dark hours until NIGHTBREAK, a COMPUTER can process large QUANTITY of data.
180 同 same same, agree, equal
At a gathering of monks, the all look the SAME they wear HOODS revealing ONE eye and their MOUTH.
yonder, facing, beyond,
183 向 yonder confront, defy, tend toward,
character, letter, word, section
185 字 character
of village

187 完 perfect perfect, completion, end

relax, cheap, low, quiet, It's funny, Hesig gives no Kanji in his book that means cheap/inexpensive... well... if you were wondering what Kanji would
190 安 relax
rested, contented, peaceful carry that meaning, look no further. Sometimes I wonder if Hesig just thinks our little brains would be too easily confused by
multiple meanings. Regardless, think of that woman relaxing. Cheapest place to do that is in one's own home rather than at
some fancy resort, eh? 家で休暇を取るは安いですね。.
195 木 tree tree, wood

196 林 grove grove, forest

197 森 forest forest, woods

208 村 town town, village

inter-, mutual, together, each

other, minister of state,
209 相 inter-
councillor, aspect, phase,
book, present, main, true,
211 本 book
real, counter for long things
plan, suggestion, draft,
214 案 plan ponder, fear, proposition,
idea, expectation, bill, worry

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 7
un-, not yet, hitherto, still,
even now, sign of the ram, 1-
216 未 not yet
3PM, eighth sign of Chinese
end, close, tip, powder,
217 末 extremity

219 味 flavor flavor, taste

The MOUTH is NOT YET ready to savor such FLAVOR.
220 妹 younger sister younger sister

stocks, stump, shares, stock,

222 株 stocks
counter for small plants The huge TREE was covered in VERMILLION paper was actually the first japanese STOCKS exchange.
young, if, perhaps, possibly,
223 若 young
low number, immature The YOUNG kids at the festival held the FLOWERS in their RIGHT hand.
portent, 10**12, trillion, sign,
235 兆 portent
omen, symptoms
status quo, conditions,
239 状 status quo circumstances, form,
appearance A TURTLE racing a small DOG instead of the hare, upset the STATUS QUO of the tale.
sort of thing, so, if so, in that
241 然 sort of thing
case, well

245 牛 cow cow

246 特 special special

In india, COWS at the BUDDHIST TEMPLE are treated with SPECIAL respect.
revelation, tell, inform,
247 告 revelation
announce REVELATION comes from a sacred COW's MOUTH.
before, ahead, previous,
248 先 before
future, precedence I've never seen a cow with human legs before!

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 8
251 界 world world
All the RICEFIELDS are JAMMED IN to our very small WORLD.
252 茶 tea tea
People sip TEA under a FLOWER covered UMBRELLA, supported by wooden POLES.
253 合 fit fit, suit, join, 0.1
The kanji of MEETING and MOUTH draw a picture of two pipes MEETING, one pipe FITS into the MOUTH of the other.
259 現 present present, existing, actual
At the court of the KING, he can SEE all those PRESENT.
whole, entire, all, complete,
263 全 whole
logic, arrangement, reason,
265 理 logic
justice, truth
lord, chief, master, main thing,
266 主 lord
pour, irrigate, shed (tears),
267 注 pour flow into, concentrate on,
notes, comment, annotate

269 金 gold gold

road-way, street, district,

277 道 road-way journey, course, moral,
teachings The NECK represents a bottle-NECK in the ROAD-WAY.
create, make, structure,
281 造 create

286 車 car car

take along, lead, join,

287 連 take along
connect, party, gang, clique Just picture that you TAKE ALONG many things in your CAR on any trip down the ROAD.
290 前 in front in front, before

291 各 each each, every, either

EACH of the STILTS are perfectly made, said the dealer's MOUTH.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 9
status, rank, capacity,
292 格 status character, case (law,
grammar) The STATUS of all TREES, EACH and every one, is special.
294 客 guest guest, visitor, customer, client

forehead, tablet, plaque,

295 額 forehead framed picture, sum, amount,
volume To track all your GUESTS, you write their names on the HEAD, well, the FOREHEAD to be precise.
296 夏 summer summer
A familiar site during the SUMMER was a huge HEAD walking around the beach on STILTS.

carry, luck, destiny, fate, lot,

303 運 carry
transport, progress, advance Don’t confuse it with “take along” (287). In that one, there was a car so you could take along your friends once you found
them on the road. In this one, there is an army chariot just to carry military supplies (sorry no room for you).
307 高 tall tall, high, expensive
The TOPHAT and MOUTH replace the antenna of YONDER to show a TALL person that can see over YONDER.
312 京 capital capital, 10**16

318 週 week week

323 売 sell sell

324 学 study study, learning, science

In a SCHOOL house, a CHILD will STUDY.
memorize, learn, remember,
325 覚 memorize
awake, sober up We were told in SCHOOL that everything we SEE must be MEMORIZED.
327 書 write write
A BRUSH, drawing the kanji for the SUN, makes a picture of WRITING.
331 敗 failure failure, defeat, reversal
The SHELL was berated by the TASKMASTER for the FAILURE to create a pearl.
sheet of..., counter for flat thin
332 枚 sheet of
objects or sheets A TREE is used by resourceful TASKMASTER as a SHEET of paper.
happenstance, especially,
intentionally, reason, cause,
333 故 happenstance
circumstances, the late,
therefore, consequently In egypt a TOMBSTONE of an OLD TASKMASTER was discovered by HAPPENSTANCE.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 10
335 言 say say
LINES above a MOUTH in a cartoon will later become words to show what they SAY.
337 計 plot plot, plan, scheme, measure
Harsh WORDS that sting like a NEEDLE are used to encourage a PLOT to overthrow the leader.
344 話 tale tale, talk
WORDS of an inventive TONGUE can tell a tall TALE.
347 語 word word, speech, language
Seeing a MICROPHONE, I step up and deliver the WORD.
348 読 read read
Convincing WORDS can SELL you on something - if you take the time to READ them.
tune, tone, meter, key
349 調 tune (music), writing style, prepare, Just as a guitarist TUNES his guitar, a singer will sing the WORDS of the song over and over again (kind of a "LAP") to get
exorcise, investigate the proper TUNE.
350 談 discuss discuss, talk
WORDS have a tendency to become INFLAMED in fiery DISCUSSION.
style, ceremony, rite, function,
353 式 style method, system, form,
expression An ARROW that is well CRAFTED makes an archer very STYLISH.
test, try, attempt, experiment,
354 試 test
ordeal At an open MICROPHONE, the STYLE of aspiring performers is put to the TEST.
turn into, become, get, grow, A PARADE of men marching and shaving with razor BLADES, TURNS INTO a dark alley because the leaders were so
361 成 turn into
elapse, reach busy shaving they lost their way.
dwindle, decrease, reduce,
366 減 dwindle
decline, curtail, get hungry When WATER was tossed on the PROTESTORS (a march of mouths), the numbers began to DWINDLE.
370 止 stop stop, halt
Moving arm of signpost drops to say STOP.
371 歩 walk walk, counter for steps
STOP your busy life for a FEW seconds, and go out and take a refreshing WALK.
undertake, scheme, design, The man leading a group of people on the beach cries "STOP, we shall plant the UMBRELLA here!" and UNDERTAKES
375 企 undertake
attempt, plan to put in the ground.
correct, justice, righteous,
379 正 correct
10**40 This pictograph represents a FOOTPRINT "toeing the line" in an example of CORRECT behavior (popular).

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 11
380 証 evidence evidence, proof, certificate
WORDS, if spoken by someone who recalls the events CORRECTLY, can be damning EVIDENCE.
determine, fix, establish,
382 定 determine
decide To properly MEND a fix-me-up HOUSE every weekend requires great DETERMINATION.
384 走 run run
SOIL must be MENDED after being RUN over by thousands of runners in a marathon.
389 題 topic topic, subject
The "TOPIC" of the day's newspaper must be placed JUST SO at the top of the PAGE to attract attention.
MILEAGE-MARKERS on the ROAD show how DISTANT you have to travel (I picture a mileage marker far away on the
402 遠 distant distant, far
404 初 first time first time, beginning
When a spy dons a CLOAK & DAGGER for the FIRST TIME, he is hooked for good on the thrill of "the game".
412 市 market market, city, town
At the local MARKET, all the vendors dress in TOPHATS and wave TOWELS to attract your attention.
413 姉 elder sister elder sister
The ELDER SISTER was the WOMAN who sells things at the MARKET.
418 制 system system, law, rule
Fighting a cruel SYSTEM of slaughter, the COWS put on BELTS to carry SABRES as they undertake a revolt.
419 製 made in... made in..., manufacture
The MADE IN taiwan lable represents the SYSTEM for making the CLOTHES.
420 転 revolve revolve, turn around, change
VEHICLES are lifted up to a RISING CLOUD by a tornado as they REVOLVE madly in mid-air.
technique, art, craft,
421 芸 technique performance, acting, trick,
stunt Throwing FLOWERS into a RISING CLOUD is a new TECHNIQUE for forecasting the weather.
422 雨 rain rain
The CEILING of the sky makes you grab a TOWEL due to getting drenched by the (four) DROPS of RAIN.
427 冬 winter winter
STILTS slips on ICE in the WINTER.
428 天 heavens heavens, sky, imperial
A holy ST. BERNARD DOG tries to jump through the CEILING straight up into HEAVEN.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 12
431 立 stand up stand up
Pictograph of a vase STANDING UP.

make a deal, selling, dealing

439 商 make a deal
in, merchant In this Las Vegas-like image, a VASE sits atop a CANOPY/tent, inside which HUMAN LEGS dance atop a square
MOUTH-like table, all of which urge you to go ahead and MAKE A DEAL for what you want.
445 北 north north
Two people sitting on the ground, back to back, huddle against the NORTH wind (popular).
458 毎 every every
Freud thought that EVERY body wants to RECLINE with his MOTHER.
461 海 sea sea, ocean
WATER is EVERY think when it's the SEA.
duplicate, double, compound,
465 複 duplicate
multiple A magician lays a CLOAK over something, then DOUBLES it BACK, revealing a set of exact DUPLICATES.
466 欠 lack lack, gap, fail
RECLINE with a HOOK combines with PERSON to demonstrate a LACK of sleep.
Uninspired rendition of the CAN-CAN evokes a YAWN from the audience, so the dancers break out in SONG to try to save
469 歌 song song, sing
the day.
471 次 next next, order, sequence
If ICE is LACKING, people will go to the party NEXT door.
assets, resources, capital,
473 資 assets funds, data, be conducive to, On a kanji balance sheet, we find that the SECOND column shows the SHELL-CURRENCY which represent a company's
contribute to ASSETS.
479 音 sound sound, noise
STAND on SUN - and make loud SOUND!
darkness, disappear, shade,
480 暗 darkness informal, grow dark, be
blinded The SUN is extinguished with a sudden, great SOUND, then DARKNESS.

482 識 discriminating discriminating, know, write On American Idol, the judges were DISCRIMINATING against all who came to the MICROPHONE and played the
KAZOO (festival sounds). Even Paula said they sucked.
deceased, the late, dying,
485 亡 deceased
perish A TOPHAT and a HOOK combine to create an image for DECEASED.
490 方 direction direction, person, alternative
A TOP HAT is BOUND UP to a stick, and used to find the DIRECTION of the wind.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 13
undress, removing, escape
498 脱 undress from, get rid of, be left out,
take off FLESH by the DEVIL is UNDRESSED.

499 説 rumor rumor, opinion, theory EXPLANATION brings to mind the SPEAK primitive, and it's no suprise to imagine practiced SPEAKING of an EVIL
OLDER BROTHER that has an EXPLANATION for all the bad acts he's done to his siblings.
increase, add, augment, gain,
502 増 increase
promote The SOIL, which was FORMERLY barren, now INCREASED yield thanks to good farmers.
504 東 east east
The SUN rises from behind a TREE from the EAST (popular).
year-end, age, occasion,
512 歳 year-end
opportunity At the STOP sign, the LITTLE MARCH observed the YEAR-END spectacle, the dropping of the ball in time's square.

513 県 prefecture prefecture The EYE and HOOK from "straightaway" here combine with SMALL to create EYE-HOOK LOCKS which band together
all the PREFECTURES on a three-dimensional Japanese map.
515 地 ground ground, earth
Underneath the GROUND live worms, SCORPIONS, and other nasty insects.
524 風 wind wind, air, style, manner
In this full kanji for WIND, we see bands of GNATS are blown about in the WIND.
529 記 scribe scribe, account, narrative
WORD-SNAKE would be how a "mis-quoted" athlete would characterize the SCRIBE for a local newspaper.
535 電 electricity electricity
In the RAIN, bright EEL-like bolts of ELECTRIC lightning are emitted.
541 家 house house, home
Imagine living in a time where it normal to have a SOW living in your HOUSE!

545 場 location location, place As we know, "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION" is the determining factor in valuing property. How much your patch
of SOIL will put into your PIGGY BANK is determined by its LOCATION.
549 洋 ocean ocean, western style
Abundant SHEEP are found in the WATER of the OCEAN.
accomplished, reach, arrive,
552 達 accomplished
attain DIRT-covered SHEEP cross a fearfully cross a ROAD, and achieve a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT.
distinction, difference,
554 差 distinction variation, discrepancy, This New-Zealand pro-gamer has won many distinctions playing WoolCraft (a massively multi-user game in which the goal
margin, balance is to shear sheep).

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 14
don, arrive, wear, counter for
555 着 don
suits of clothing A sheep's dense WOOL, so long it currently covers its EYES, will soon be shorn and later DONNED as a sweater.
562 雑 miscellaneous miscellaneous
NINE TURKEYS use WOODEN bats while playing with MISCELLANEOUS teammates in a game of pickup baseball.
semi-, correspond to,
564 準 semi- proportionate to, conform, The SEMI- finals, in the WATER with TURKEYS took place in TEN lanes (picture 10 turkeys racing each other in a
imitate swimming pool).
assurance, firm, tight, hard,
567 確 assurance
solid, confirm, clear, evident A TURKEY HOUSE made from ROCK has the ASSURANCE of never falling down.
noon, sign of the horse,
568 午 noon 11AM-1PM, seventh sign of
Chinese zodiac A lazy horse horse with a high pain threshold RECLINES in a bed of NEEDLES until NOON.

574 習 learn learn Think about an old school (or Hogwarts if you're into Harry Potter), where the children LEARN, and you see them busily
taking notes with FEATHER pens, very WHITE FEATHER pens.

576 曜 weekday weekday As a kid, every WEEKDAY when the SUN came up, I'd watch the PEACOCK (feathers + turkey) network (NBC was
known as the PEACOCK network because of their logo).
581 国 country country
A JEWEL PENT-IN describes the crown jewels which represent a COUNTRY.
cause, factor, be associated
583 因 cause
with, depend on, be limited to This PENT-IN ST. BERNARD DOG has one CAUSE - to get out!

585 園 park park, garden, yard, farm DISTANCE-MARKERS within an enclosed PENT-UP are kanji shorthand for a PARK. Imagine an enourmous square park
such as Central Park, with mile markers on each corner.

-times, round, game, revolve,

586 回 -times
counter for occurrences A SQUARE in a SQUARE revolves a hundred TIMES per minute (rather clunkingly, perhaps). As this is really a circle in a
circle (a wheel) that turn's round, that spins time after time (TIMES).
588 店 store store, shop
FORTUNE-TELLER plys her trade from a CAVE, thus starting the world's first STORE.
Pictograph of a HEART. At the left, in a three stroke only form, this is a STATE OF MIND. *At the bottom, in a squashed
595 心 heart heart, mind, spirit
form, this becomes a VALENTINE.

596 忘 forget forget Well, if the HEART never FORGETS, then the only HEART that FORGETS is a DECEASED HEART. For an easier
picture, you could go with a ZOMBIE looking for his HEART as he FORGETS where he left it.
acknowledge, witness,
598 認 acknowledge discern, recognize,
appreciate, believe
Think of the picture of the prisoner with a blade in his chest. His torturers want a confession so they put a MICROPHONE in
front of him, yet he refuses to ACKNOWLEDGE any crimes as he still ENDURES the pain.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 15
WORDS loosely spoken can reveal good INTENTIONS - but the best way to ensure follow-through is to DOCUMENT
601 誌 document document, records
605 思 think think
The rational BRAIN combines with the emotional HEART to describe key elements of the THINKING process.
apply, answer, yes, OK, reply, Someone falls into a CAVE and gets a HEART-attack, and you are the first one to arrive and APPLY first aid. After which
607 応 apply
accept you APPLY to medical school.
idea, mind, heart, taste,
608 意 idea
thought, desire, care, liking A SOUND from the HEART is your IDEA.
breath, respiration, son,
610 息 breath
interest (on money) Your breath brings oxygen in through your nose which is then pumped around your body by your heart.
If you're too BUSY to visit the DECEASED, wear a HEART LOCKET to remind you of those inside that PERISHED. I like
618 忙 busy busy, occupied, restless
heart locket as the term for the radical.

accustomed, get used to,

627 慣 accustomed
become experienced Having a HEART SHAPED locket PIERCED instead of worn on the body is something difficult to get ACCUSTOMED to.
I picture a locket being worn like an ear ring.
Open the HEART SHAPED LOCKET and look at it. You should have a RECOLLECTION why joining the person inside
632 憶 recollection recollection, think, remember
was a good IDEA.
635 必 invariably invariably, certain, inevitable
The HEART DIVIDED between two lovers INVARIABLY is broken.
637 手 hand hand
Pictograph of a six-fingered HAND.
righteousness, justice,
641 義 righteousness morality, honor, loyalty,
meaning A SHEEP with an EGO has a strong sense of RIGHTEOUSNESS.
deliberation, consultation,
642 議 deliberation
debate, consideration WORDS proclaiming the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the SHEEP's EGO are exchanged during DELIBERATIONS.
strike, hit, knock, pound,
653 打 strike
dozen Martial Artists can STRIKE with their FINGERS as if you're getting STRUCK with a NAIL.
finger, point to, indicate, put
659 指 finger into, play (chess), measure
(ruler) In this full kanji for FINGER, we find that the FINGER is pointing to a DELICIOUS treat behind a bakery counter.
At the BUDDHIST TEMPLE you'll see wonderous things, such as the priest that can HOLD himself upside down with just a
660 持 hold hold, have

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 16
propose, take along, carry in When a man PROPOSES to a lady, he takes her FINGER and places the ring on it JUST SO, and the moment sweeps her
665 提 propose
hand away.
668 担 shouldering shouldering, carry, raise, bear
At each NIGHTBREAK, the FINGERS of Atlas pick up the world and place it on his weary SHOULDERS.
touch, contact, adjoin, piece In a modeling school contest, if the VASE being balanced on a WOMAN'S head is in any way TOUCHED by her
672 接 touch
together FINGERS, then she is disqualified.
675 研 polish polish, study of, sharpen
contraption, fetter, machine, A TREE about to be chopped down by a buzz saw makes a COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not use that CONTRAPTION
677 械 contraption
instrument on me!".
680 型 mould mould, type, model
By employing a method of reward & PUNISHMENT, behavior is MOLDED.
681 才 genius genius, years old, cubic shaku
Finger with the third stroke reversed creates an unconventional GENIUS.
lumber, log, timber, wood,
683 材 lumber
talent TREES are cut down by EINSTEIN dressed in a LUMBERJACK'S shirt, in what could have been an avocation.
suppose, be aware of,
684 存 suppose
believe, feel A GENIE IN A BOTTLE discovered by a CHILD leads him to SUPPOSE what he would do with his three wishes.
exist, outskirts, suburbs,
685 在 exist
located in A GENIE IN A BOTTLE living underneath the SOIL leads a boring EXISTENCE.
grow late, night watch, sit up When the CEILING of the darkness starts to descend, and the SUN is tucked under ONE ARM by the man upstairs, we
694 更 grow late
late, of course realize it has started to GROW LATE.
704 友 friend friend
Standing BY YOUR SIDE, in the CROTCH of his arm, is a good FRIEND.
throw, discard, abandon,
706 投 throw launch into, join, invest in,
hurl, give up, sell at a loss FINGERS are used to fire MISSILES past opposing batters by a hard THROWing pitcher.

establishment, provision,
708 設 establishment
prepare WORDS are used like well directed MISSILES in the sixties to fight the ESTABLISHMENT. I guess you can picture the
guy on stage in Forrest Gump complaining about Vietnam.
711 支 branch branch, support, sustain
A NEEDLE coming from a CROTCH (of a tree, which is not included) is the kanji representation of a BRANCH.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 17
skill, art, craft, ability, feat, In the days when this kanji was written, a set of FINGERS wielding a BRANCH well enough to fight off a wild beast was a
712 技 skill
performance, vocation, arts germane definition of SKILL.
717 軽 lightly lightly, trifling, unimportant
A CAR which has a SPOOL of thread for the motor is so LIGHT you can lift it up on one end.
High on a CLIFF, exposing CROTCHES as a form of protest, is a group of ANTI-establishment hippies. *alternate primitive
722 反 anti- anti-
= hippie, oppose.
725 返 return return, answer, fade, repay
RETURN is the ANTI-purpose of the ROAD. Simple enough?
726 販 marketing marketing, sell, trade
Earning SHELL-CURRENCY is an ex-HIPPIE who has implemented a successful MARKETING strategy.

734 菜 vegetable vegetable, side dish, greens Imagine a meal where you have FLOWERS as a garnish, VULTURE as your meat and TREE bark as your fiber followed
with some VEGETABLES (carrots?) to round it out. Yeah, I wouldn't eat it either.
accept, undergo, answer
735 受 accept (phone), take, get, catch, A BIRDHOUSE in the CROTCH of a tree ACCEPTS many birds into it's hospitable setting. *alternate primitive =
receive collection plate.
pay, clear out, prune, banish,
738 払 pay
dispose of A FINGER taps an exiting patron on the ELBOW, a reminder to PAY.
739 広 wide wide, broad, spacious
ELBOW-room inside a CAVE indicates that the cave is nice and WIDE.
pedestal, a stand, counter for
744 台 pedestal
machines and vehicles An old Greek statue, both arms cut off at the ELBOW, and its MOUTH completely chipped off, stands on a PEDESTAL.
747 始 commence commence, begin
Just think of any art class. You put a WOMAN on a PEDESTAL then you COMMENCE to draw her.

749 窓 window window, pane The WINDOWS at BABA YAGA has ELBOWS below them, through them you see the HEART of the house. Baba Yaga is
a Russian myth whose house could walk.
gone, past, quit, leave,
750 去 gone
elapse, eliminate, divorce The star of the famous move "GONE with the wind" has DIRT on her ELBOWS.

method, law, rule, principle,

751 法 method
model, system Think of the breathing METHOD. a lady about to give birth has her WATER break. As all the staff are GONE she must do
the breathing METHOD to stave off the delivery.
meeting, meet, party,
752 会 meeting
association, interview, join In this full kanji for MEETING, we notice that a MEETING is held on one side of a separating WALL.

Page 17
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 18
room, apartment, chamber,
754 室 room
greenhouse, cellar When building a HOUSE, the CLIMAX occurs when the final ROOM is made.
759 育 bring up bring up, grow up, raise, rear
An INFANT is given MEAT and thus BROUGHT UP to be big and strong.
767 出 exit exit, leave
Two MOUNTAINS mark the EXIT from the promised land.
768 山 mountain mountain
Pictograph of a MOUNTAIN.
779 入 enter enter, insert
Similar to PERSON, but the left side is the 'in' part of this character. *primitive = go in / eight.
crowded, mixture, in bulk,
780 込 crowded
included, (kokuji) Too many people ENTERING onto a ROAD make it CROWDED.
part, minute of time, segment,
share, degree, one's lot, duty,
781 分 part
understand, know, rate, 1%,
chances, shaku/100 EIGHT DAGGERS PART your hair.

public, prince, official,

784 公 public
governmental Go out in PUBLIC in downtown Tokyo, don't be suprised if in no time EIGHT different ELBOWS hit you at once, it being
so many people there. Just picture a busy public sidewalk with elbows hitting each other.
longing, covetousness, greed,
792 欲 longing
passion, desire, craving Those stuck in the VALLEY LACK excitement, and LONGING to be elsewhere.

usual, ordinary, normal,

799 常 usual
regular Cultural note, USUALLY there are no TOWELS nor hand dryers in a Japanese bathroom or OUTHOUSE, since it is
USUAL for people to have their own TOWEL.
808 残 remainder remainder, leftover, balance
BONES and some old lifejacket FLOATS are the only REMAINDER of a wreck.
815 死 death death, die

818 耳 ear ear EAR resembles EYE in terms of general shape, both the top and bottom horizontal strokes are extended hear more, and the
rightmost stroke extended to represent the earlobe.

819 取 take take, fetch, take up N a rare transgression of our standardized usage of a primitive, CROTCH is used here as a variant of HAND, thus giving us
the popular image of a HAND TAKING an EAR.
821 最 utmost utmost, most, extreme
TAKE the UTMOST care when you SUN bath all DAY, or you'll get burned from your EARS to your CROTCH.

Page 18
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 19
831 買 buy buy
841 規 standard standard, measure
A HUSBAND must SEE to it that his children are raised with the proper STANDARDS.
approve, praise, title or
843 賛 approve inscription on picture, assist,
agree with Out of two potential husbands, which would you approve of? Well, the one with shells (money) of course!!!
lose, error, fault,
845 失 lose
disadvantage, loss Something DROPPED by a HUSBAND is LOST. *primitive = to drop.
846 鉄 iron iron
METAL is DROPPED onto the ground to form rails for an IRON horse, i.e., the train.
power, strong, strain, bear up,
858 力 power
exert Pictograph of a muscle. *primitive = circus-strongman.
859 男 male male

achievement, merits, success,

863 功 achievement
honor, credit Here I think of the ACHIEVEMENTS of the great Hercules. The CRAFT of that mythical STRONGMAN feature his eight
ACHIEVEMENTS (assignments as penance for killing his wife and child).

Ever try to inject a NEEDLE into the arm of an un CO-operative three year old? It's like you need the CO-operation of three
872 協 co- co-, cooperation
MUSCLE MEN with big TRICEPS to CO-ordinate to hold the three year old down to use the NEEDLE to give the injection
to the TRICEP.
873 行 going going, journey
The COLUMN of ONE NAIL which is holding your tailcoat to the floor must be lifted before you can GO anywhere.

rhythm, law, regulation,

874 律 rhythm
gauge, control The army COLUMN walked to the RHYTHM made by the drummer using a cool BRUSH like drum stick. Picturing the
brush as a drum stick is not difficult if you've seen such a thing in jazz videos.
junior, emptiness, vanity,
futility, uselessness,
878 徒 junior
ephemeral thing, gang, set,
party, people It's the JUNIOR officer, that leads the Army COLUMN on its daily RUN.
Go to Disneyland if you want to WAIT in a long line. A long LINE stretches outside a BUDDHIST TEMPLE exhibit
879 待 wait wait, depend on
WAITing to get inside.
883 彼 he he, that, the
A manly "HE-man" has a LINE of people waiting to see him work out as he wears a leopard skin PELT at the beach.

duty, war, campaign, drafted

884 役 duty
labor, office, service, role It is the DUTY of the Army COLUMN to stay there and take hits from all the MISSILES thrown at them. Fairly easy to
picture as you see films of old armies lined up, being shot at, but still staying in line to return missile fire.

Page 19
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 20
895 税 tax tax, duty
WHEAT must be handed over as the DEVIL gets his due - i.e., the TAX man.
harmony, Japanese style,
897 和 harmony
peace, soften, Japan The WHEAT feeds the MOUTH of the farmer that grows the WHEAT that feeds.... what great HARMONY.

shift, move, change, drift,

898 移 shift
catch (cold, fire), pass into Picture the WHEAT field, filled with MANY, MANY stalks of WHEAT. Notice how they SHIFT like waves in the slightest
breeze. When you hear SHIFT, just picture that scene.
899 秒 second second (1/60 minute)
FEW stalks of WHEAT can be harvested in just one SECOND.
900 秋 autumn autumn
In AUTUMN, the WHEAT looks the color of FIRE, meaning it's time to harvest it.
902 私 private private, I, me
If it's only WHEAT that you're brushing with your ELBOW, you're probably in a very PRIVATE place.
906 利 profit profit, advantage, benefit
WHEAT is cut up with a SABRE in a splitting of the PROFITS.

912 季 seasons seasons WHEAT is a CHILD of the SEASONS. WHEAT is planted by the CHILD in the spring SEASON. WHEAT is watched over
by the CHILD in the summer SEASON. WHEAT is harvested by the CHILD in the fall SEASON. Finally, WHEAT is stored
by the CHILD in the winter SEASON. See, SEASONS of the WHEAT are done by the CHILD.
919 米 rice rice, USA, metre
DROPPING from a special TREE are bags and bags of RICE.
number, strength, fate, law,
929 数 number
figures RICE-carrying WOMEN who are watched over by the TASKMASTER, who counts the NUMBER of bags they carry.
sort, kind, variety, class,
931 類 sort
genus What SORT of person comes from the U.S.? Well, some would say a person with a BIG HEAD.
Esq., way, manner, situation, A TREE, under which SHEEP graze, eating not grass but for some reason GRAINS OF RICE, represents the holdings of a
933 様 Esq.
polite suffix great "ESQ.".
request, want, wish for,
934 求 request
require, demand At the point of an ARROW, RICE GRAINS for the poor are politely REQUESTED by a Robin Hood-like character.

etc., and so forth, class (first),

945 等 etc.
quality, equal, similar We make use of the fact that BAMBOO sticks were used in a BUDDHIST TEMPLE to rap dozing students who forgot the
specifics of their teaching and instead thought, "ETC., ETC., ETC.".

calculate, divining, number, For this story, you have to think of an ancient CALCULATOR known as the abacus. The first were made from BAMBOO
946 算 calculate
abacus, probability sticks, where the skilled EYE could CALCULATE fast using TWO HANDS to move the beeds. So it's a bamboo abacus,
watchful eye, and two fast moving hands.

Page 20
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 21
947 答 solution solution, answer A SOLUTION to many ancient architectural problems were solved using BAMBOO sticks that FIT TOGETHER in a tight
structure. Isn't that what the professor did on Gilligan's Island?

951 人 person person - Pictograph of a PERSON. As a left side radical, I'll use Marine Sentry or Guard in part as it plays on Army Column I use
for Column. Plus, it does look like a guy standing guard on something.
The SENTRY must DWELL with the LORD in order to provide protection all the time. Just see the guard by the sitting king
954 住 dwell dwell, reside, live, inhabit
body, substance, object, The SENTRY looks through the BOOK for thoughts to improve his BODY of character. A SENTRY knows a good BOOK
957 体 body
reality, counter for images trains a good mind and BODY.
The BATMAN will always ATTEND to the needs of the GENTLEMEN (Bruce Wayne in this case) if he is meant to guard
960 仕 attend attend, doing, official, serve
his secret identity.

961 他 other other, another, the others The Marine SENTRY, along with OTHER marine SENTRIES, form the SCORPION formation. In case you're wondering,
the outer sentries create supressing fire while the center sentries sting the target with the real damage.
965 休 rest rest, day off, retire, sleep
The Marine SENTRY leans against the TREE to REST a bit.
"Semper Fidelis" or Always FAITHFUL. The Marine SENTRY steps up to the MICROPHONE and says Semper Fi (always
969 信 faith faith, truth, fidelity, trust
reliant, depend on,
971 依 reliant consequently, therefore, due
to BATMAN wanted to be a RELIANT symbol against evil, so he used GARMENTS that gave his fear to those that do evil.
individual, counter for articles The marine SENTRY, if he thinks himself an INDIVIDUAL, must be HARDENED by training to stop that. It's not Semper
973 個 individual
and military units I(ndividual), it's Semper Fi.

978 値 price price, cost, value MR.T needed the PRICE to clean his jewelry STRAIGHTAWAY, as MR.T must look his best when he's beating up fools.
the Marine SENTRY asked the PRICE to clean his uniform STRAIGHT AWAY, as he needed them for guard duty.

983 億 hundred million hundred million, 10**8 The IDEA of making a HUNDRED MILLION dollars is not the reason of the Marine SENTRY. The Marine SENTRY has
the IDEA that he's protecting a HUNDRED MILLION citizens from harm.
990 使 use use
The Marine SENTRY wants to USE that stupid OFFICER as a punching bag.
There's a CONVENIENCE to having a Marine SENTRY stationed when the hour GROWS LATE. How many at night
991 便 convenience convenience
would risk anyplace protected by him.
inn, lodging, relay station,
995 宿 inn dwell, lodge, be pregnant,
home, dwelling The INN is a HOUSE that boards the Marine SENTRIES from the local embassy, all 100 of them.

Page 21
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 22
protect, guarantee, keep,
997 保 protect
preserve, sustain, support When under assault, the Marine SENTRY still must PROTECT the embassy. Thus, the SENTRY seeks cover (and
PROTECTION) at the MOUTH of a TREE to return fire.
1001 符 token token, sign, mark, tally, charm
BAMBOO with a SCOTCH TAPE on the outside is used to gather TOKENS on a pre-historic bus.
fare, fee, hire, rent, wages,
1004 賃 fare
charge The RESPONSIBILITY for paying the SHELLS-MONEY lies with the passenger in the honor system for paying FARE.
substitute, change, convert,
1005 代 substitute replace, period, age,
generation, charge, rate, fee In a budget crises, the Marine SENTRY must forego his usual bullets and SUBSITUTE a humble but effective ARROW.

1007 貸 lend lend

In order for the bank to lend you money, you need to put up some sort of collateral as a substitute for the money.
change, take the form of,
1008 化 change influence, enchant, delude,
The Marine SENTRY needs to CHANGE his outfit before he becomes a MAN SITTING DOWN (or a guy sitting down to eat with a
SPOON if that's better).
1009 花 flower flower
The ever-CHANGing FLOWER.

1012 何 what what

A Marine SENTRY CAN do WHAT? The Marine SENTRY CAN do WHAT ever he wants, seeing as he's armed.
baggage, shoulder-pole load,
1013 荷 baggage bear (a burden), shoulder (a
gun), load, cargo, freight A special kind of "FLOWER" is WHAT the inspectors seek when they search your BAGGAGE.
inside, within, between,
1019 内 inside
among, house, home A PERSON must wear a safety-BELT before being allowed INSIDE the looking-glass.

1022 肉 meat meat

The food "MEAT-loaf" is stuffed INSIDE a PERSON to enhance his body and get some MEAT onto his bones.
squat, seat, cushion,
1024 座 sit
gathering, sit Inside a CAVE, the first ASSEMBLY LINE is run by the pre-historic workers who SIT inside it on the SOIL.
by means of, because, in view
1028 以 by means of
of, compared with A PLOW looks like a mere DROP from a distance as a PERSON pulls it BY MEANS OF his own body strength.

becoming, resemble,
1029 似 similar
counterfeit, imitate, suitable Uh Oh, SIMILAR (and fake) BATMEN appear in the Dark Knight, so BATMAN tells them they can't do what he does BY MEANS OF
using hockey pads and rubber masks.
occupation, camp, perform,
1034 営 occupation
build, conduct (business) Do your work in the SCHOOLHOUSE to get the SPINE needed to obtain a good OCCUPATION.

Page 22
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 23
1036 年 year year
The HORSE you bet on, you know the one wearing SUNGLASSES with one lens missing, finally finishes the race, one YEAR later.

1037 夜 night night, evening

A PERSON wearing a TOPHAT walks on STILTS has his way lighted by a DROP of moonshine as he proceeds through the NIGHT.
alms, apply bandages,
1045 施 alms
administer first-aid Under their banner, volunteers are requesting alms for scorpion sting victims.
1047 遊 play play
The BANNER warns that CHILDREN at PLAY on the ROAD.

1048 旅 trip trip, travel

A BANNER floats over PERSONS dressed in RAGS, a rag-tag army making a TRIP to the front.
1050 物 thing thing, object, matter
A COW tied up an KNOTS is a strange looking THING.
roof, house, shop, dealer,
1058 屋 roof
seller The FLAG over the CEILING and GROUND forms the ROOF.
bureau, board, office, affair,
1066 局 bureau conclusion, court lady, lady-in-
waiting, her apartment At central headquarters, a FLAG hangs out with a noble PHRASE emblazoned on it showing the motto of the BUREAU.
1067 遅 slow slow, late, back, later
A FLAG warns of SHEEP in the ROAD, causing oncoming drivers to SLOW down.

1075 昼 daytime daytime, noon

At NIGHTBREAK, a Zen priest plays a SHAKU-HACHI flute to celebrate the coming hours of DAYTIME.
show, indicate, point out,
1086 示 show
express, display TWO LINES represent the top of a SMALL altar, used to SHOW the path to salvation to the people.
company, firm, office, When you enter a Japanese company it's like you join a cult... your workdesk becomes your altar and you worship the very soil the
1092 社 company
association, shrine office is built on.
In the speak-easies, a bar was disguised as an ALTAR and surrounded by a GROVE in case of a police raid during the times of the
1098 禁 prohibition prohibition, ban, forbid
ritual, offer prayers, celebrate,
1102 祭 ritual
deify, enshrine, worship FLESH, CROTCH and ALTAR combine to create a picture of an uncomfortable RITUAL practiced on newborn males.
guess, presume, surmise,
1103 察 guess
judge, understand What bizarre RITUALS are going on in the HOUSE next door? One can only GUESS!

Page 23
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 24
1105 由 wherefore wherefore, a reason
Romeo wonders "WHEREFORE art thou", and is tossed a SPROUT from the balcony by Juliet.
deliver, reach, arrive, report,
1110 届 deliver
notify, forward In the US, when the mail is delivered, a flag sprouts up on your mailbox. (We don't have that in Australia.).
push, stop, check, subdue,
1114 押 push attach, seize, weight, shove,
press, seal, do in spite of FINGERS PUSH a suit of ARMOR, crashing to the floor.
have the honor to, sign of the
1117 申 speaketh monkey, 3-5PM, ninth sign of
Chinese zodiac *Primitive = monkey, who SPEAKETH no evil.
fruit, reward, carry out,
1121 果 fruit achieve, complete, end,
finish, succeed A very strange kind of TREE has human BRAINS as its FRUIT. | The TREE from which FRUIT comes is included in this kanji.
chapter, lesson, section,
1123 課 chapter department, division, counter Here we think of the CHAPTER of the bible, namely CHAPTER three where you hear the lord SAY "Who has eaten of the forbidden
for chapters (of a book) FRUIT?" Goes well with the Naked frame that talks of the other forbidden FRUIT.
You outsiders better learn your place! An axe stuck in the door when you get home is a pretty good indicator that this might not be the
1127 所 place place
best place for you.
1129 近 near near, early, akin, tantamount
The end is near. The axe-murderer is waiting for you on the road...
substance, quality, matter,
1137 質 substance
temperament It takes TWO AXES to break into it a SHELL and ascertain the SUBSTANCE inside.

1140 昨 yesterday yesterday, previous

This kanji states that the DAY which is SAWED off is YESTERDAY. | Of course, DAY plays a role in the kanji for YESTERDAY.
make, production, prepare,
1142 作 make
build A PERSON holding a SAW busily MAKES something.
1143 雪 snow snow
RAIN which must be swept up with a BROOM is obviously SNOW. (popular).

1144 録 record record

A monk won a gold metal for breaking the current record for most swept rice in one minute.
hurry, emergency, sudden,
1146 急 hurry
steep The BOUND-UP straw of a BROOM sweeps busily and the HEART speeds up as a housewife HURRIES through her chores.
1153 当 hit hit, right, appropriate, himself
A SMALL BROOM is the weapon of choice as and old woman HITS her husband.

Page 24
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 25
matter, thing, fact, business,
1156 事 matter
reason, possibly Obviously, TEN RAKES lodged in one's MOUTH is a MATTER of great concern.
1169 満 full full, enough, pride, satisfy
Add water THEN the flowers. With both the vase will be full.
Balance a miniature OIL-DERRICK on a SHOVEL and spray it toward the CEILING - an innovative way to create a kanji BRUSH-
1170 画 brush stroke brush-stroke, picture

1171 歯 tooth tooth, cog

You can STOP cavities by cleaning out the RICE between your TEETH with a SHOVEL.
bend, music, melody,
composition, pleasure,
1172 曲 bend
injustice, fault, curve,
crooked, perverse, lean A BRAIN is BENT by the extra line coming from the middle of it.

1178 料 fee fee, materials

In a country where the currency is RICE, a MEASURING CUP is used to pay the FEE at a toll booth.

1179 科 department department, course, section

University departments study things like wheat (agriculture) and the big dipper (physics/astronomy).
map, drawing, plan,
1180 図 map
unexpected, accidentally This PENT IN BIG DIPPER represents an astronomical MAP.
utilize, business, service, use,
1181 用 utilize
employ A WALKING STICK, to point out the MOON, is UTILIZED with great effect.

1183 備 equip equip, provision, preparation For EQUIP, you think of equipment. So, the BATMAN (or whoever your person is) was told to, without EQUIPment, to get a FLOWER
then deliver it to the top of the CLIFF (if you saw Batman Begins, this is easy to picture). The BATMAN did it, and UTILIZED no
equipment as instructed.
once upon a once upon a time, antiquity,
1184 昔 time old times The SALAD DAYS took place ONCE UPON A TIME.

1186 借 borrow borrow, rent "Neither a BORROWER nor a LENDER be", said the Marine SENTRY to Hamlet, ONCE UPON A TIME (sure it was Pollonius, but who
cares). For those that like Mr. T instead, just add "fool" to the end of the quote, it works just the same.
On a tour of the CAVERNS, a TOWEL brought along makes a nice SEAT when taking a break. | A comfortable TOWEL finds its way
1193 席 seat seat, mat, occasion, place
into this kanji for SEAT.
degrees, occurrence, time,
1194 度 degrees
counter for occurrences When in the CAVERNS, keep a thermometer next to your CROTCH to make sure you can measure the DEGREES.
transit, ford, ferry, cross,
1195 渡 transit import, deliver, diameter,
migrate A swimmer checks the WATER to see how many DEGREES it is before deciding to TRANSIT the channel.

Page 25
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 26
half, middle, odd number,
1202 半 half
semi-, part- In a Solomon-like decision, a set of ANIMAL-HORNS are cut in half - with a NEEDLE.

1206 券 ticket ticket

Either pay a QUARTER or threaten the ticket-seller with a DAGGER to get your TICKET to the movie.

1209 勝 victory victory, win, prevail, excel

Under a fool moon this Roman army used only a quarter of its power and yet it was able to obtain victory.
negative, non-, bad, ugly,
1217 不 negative
clumsy ONE PERSON is a DRIP because he always says only NEGATIVE things.
counter for cupfuls, wine
1219 杯 cupfuls
glass, glass, toast If we asked the TREE itself, it might give a NEGATIVE response to the request to draw CUPFULS of syrup from it.
1222 族 tribe tribe, family
TRIBES in Japan either have BANNERS (samurai) or poisoned DARTS (ninja).
1223 知 know know, wisdom
I should know. After all, I did graduate from Dartmouth!

homecoming, arrive at, lead

1230 帰 homecoming
to, result in In an old HOMECOMING tradition, the man carrying the SPEAR comes home to the HOUSEWIFE, then puts his other SPEAR to use
on the HOUSEWIFE for another version of HOMECOMING.
pull, tug, jerk, admit, install,
1232 引 pull
quote, refer to This may be most easily remembered as a pictograph of a BOW with the vertical line representing a string ready to be PULLED.

1235 強 strong strong

Only the STRONGEST ELBOW can pull this BOW to destroy the rampaging STRONG killer INSECT.

1236 弱 weak weak, frail I'm missing this Kanji too much, so here's another take: Look at the two BOWS and you'll see it looks like FEATHERS at the base of the
BOWS. So, imagine two indian children who are still too WEAK to pull a real bow, so their parents make two BOWS from two long
FEATHERS. Now the WEAK children can pretend they have real BOWS. Two FEATHER BOWS.
expense, cost, spend,
1238 費 expense
consume, waste An expense is an expense, whether you put it in dollars or in local money.
A corresponding "No." of BAMBOO sticks are displayed above "DOLLAR SIGNS" to indicate the NO. of dollars the accompanying item
1239 第 No. No., residence
would cost.
younger brother, faithful
1240 弟 younger brother
service to elders Wearing the devil's HORNS and asking for more DOLLARS is a YOUNGER BROTHER.
nickname, number, item, title,
1242 号 nickname
pseudonym, name, call A NICKNAME is simply some name you say with your MOUTH, where part of it gets SNARED by convenience.

Page 26
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 27
copy, be photographed,
1247 写 copy
describe I think of the COPY of the CROWN that was BESTOWED upon David after he slew Goliath with ONE SLING.

1252 考 consider consider, think over

An OLD MAN aiming a SLINGSHOT carefully CONSIDERS the best moment to release it.
To TEACH brings to mind the TASKMASTER. Here, the one that TEACHES a CHILD to respect the elderly OLD MAN (FILIAL PIETY)
1254 教 teach teach, faith, doctrine
Developing Laner36's story:- The someone in this kanji is a very special replicant love doll, who has taken old man Tyrell many many
1256 者 someone someone, person
days to perfect.
1260 暑 sultry sultry, hot, summer heat
Ahh, a fine sultry day with my love doll under the hot sun. I think she's getting a tan!
1274 父 father father
- The gentle but stern FATHER is an "opened up" TASKMASTER.
mingle, mixing, association,
1275 交 mingle
coming & going Wearing a TOPHAT, a proud FATHER MINGLES with the upper-crust of society.
merit, efficacy, efficiency,
1276 効 merit
benefit Mingling with the powerful can bring you success, bypassing the need for any merit.
exam, school, printing, proof,
1278 校 exam
correction Students are not allowed to MINGLE during the EXAM, but rather work quietly at their WOODen desks.
leg, foot, be sufficient, counter
1279 足 leg
for pairs of footwear MOUTH of a MENDED sock fits over a LEG.

1282 路 path path, route, road, distance

EACH (wooden) LEG increases the width of a PATH. | WOODEN LEG is used here to suggest an idea of walking along a PATH.
overdo, exceed, go beyond, JAWBONES remind me of SAMSON (jawbone of ass type). Here, you see him OVERDO his job of smiting philistines with the pile of
1293 過 overdo
error JAWBONES on the ROAD.
occasion, side, edge, verge,
1296 際 occasion dangerous, adventurous,
indecent, time, when At the ACROPOLIS, a celebratory RITUAL is held on great OCCASIONS.
Inst., institution, temple,
1304 院 Inst.
mansion, school The PINNACLE of PERFECTION is how a stuffy "INST." might portray itself.
descend, precipitate, fall,
1308 降 descend
surrender At the ACROPOLIS, a tourist on STILTS wearing SUNGLASSES DESCENDS from a bus.

Page 27
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 28
storey, stair, counter for
1309 階 story
storeys of a building A PINNACLE is what you get when you pile ALL the STOREYS one on top of the other.
empty, sky, void, vacant,
1317 空 empty
vacuum A HOLE is CRAFTED, leaving an EMPTY space, revealing the SKY.
Seeming to fall off a table, and into a HOLE, is the curve-ball of BASEBALL. How it does this is the subject of a much scientific
1320 究 research research, study

1339 線 line line, track

Here, you have to think of the WHITE LINE that SPIDERMAN likes to swing on. In the comic, SPIDERMAN started out by developing
his LINE which came out like WHITE webbing but stored on his wrist as a WATERy substance (tougher version of silly string).
practice, gloss, train, drill,
1343 練 practice
polish, refine Spidey stays on the east side of the city to practice. The West Side is too dangerous.

1345 続 continue continue, series, sequel

THREAD CONTINUES to SELL well. | THREAD fits here in the same sense of the CONTINUING THREADS of on-line conversations.
picture, drawing, painting,
1346 絵 picture
sketch THREADS MEET in an embroidered PICTURE.
entwine, coil around, get
1350 絡 entwine
caught in EACH THREAD ENTWINES another.

tie, bind, contract, join, Ok, here, you have to think of the phrase "TIE the knot" , which means a wedding (this kanji is used in the marriage
1351 結 tie
organize, do up hair, fasten compound 結婚 けっこん ). Now, at US weddings, it ends with the couple driving away with cans being dragged behind the
car. So here, think of SPIDERMAN, who will TIE the knot with Mary Jane. At his wedding, Spider THREAD attached (or
TIED) to SPRAYCANS are being drug behind the limo as they drive off.
Every THREAD has an END. On the other hand, we find that the THREAD of life continues as hibernating animals emerge at
1352 終 end end, finish
sutra, longitude, pass thru,
1360 経 sutra
expire, warp Picture a monk who, while passing THREAD through the center of a SPOOL (of thread) chants a Zen SUTRA.

promise, approximately,
1362 約 promise
shrink Spiderman and Spiderwoman share a drop of blood (the blood handshake thing, like in Natural Born Killers) to bind their promise that
they'll always fight crime. Ladle was too hard. Spiderman PROMISES to get MJs cooking ladle back.
The army COLUMN, so as not to fall BEHIND, wraps the injured in a COCOON of bandages and tied to STILTS to be carried BEHIND
1379 後 behind behind, back, later
the lines for medical attention.
mechanism, opportunity,
1382 機 mechanism
occasion, machine, airplane A wooden ABACUS is the first MECHANISM. | TREE lends a kind of structural presence to this kanji.

person in charge, connection,

1392 係 person in charge
duty, concern oneself The PERSON IN CHARGE of the embassy and the Marine SENTRY that stood at the gate, noticed the DROP of THREAD hanging
from the SENTRY's uniform. Well, what followed was not a pretty sight, but the DROP of THREAD disappeared soon afterwards.

Page 28
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 29
honorable, manipulate,
1398 御 honorable
govern The HONORABLE thing for the Army COLUMN to do was pay WHOLESALE for their supplies (perhaps some horseshoes and
stamps?) on the march. Sadly, they just took them.
clothing, admit, obey,
1399 服 clothing
discharge CLOTHING, the bare minimum, must cover FLESH and be the size of a postage STAMP large enough to cover your CROTCH.

traffic, pass through, avenue,

1408 通 traffic
commute, counter for letters The CHOP-SEAL and SCREWDRIVER add together to make a HAMMER. Here, picture a group of ROAD workers, busily
HAMMERING away at the ROAD, while all that TRAFFIC builds up because of the ROAD repair.

1416 危 dangerous dangerous, fear, uneasy

A BOUND UP, UNLUCKY bad guy who has escaped is reported to be armed and extremely DANGEROUS.
1428 酒 sake sake, alcohol
drunk, feel sick, poisoned,
1435 酔 drunk
elated, spellbound You will get DRUNK if you drink WHISKEY that is 90 proof (NINE and TEN).
distribute, spouse, exile,
1436 配 distribute
rationing A SNAKE DISTRIBUTES WHISKEY bottles to everyone.
short, brevity, fault, defect,
1442 短 short
weak point Try to throw a DART over a TABLE, but it comes up SHORT.
1452 温 warm warm
WATER left under the SUN in a DISH becomes nice & WARM.
1459 銀 silver silver
METAL is added to SILVER to create the full kanji for SILVER.
node, season, period,
occasion, verse, clause,
1464 節 node
stanza, honor, joint, knuckle, A crude but effective BAMBOO network allows INSTANT communication among many NODES. | The joining sections of a BAMBOO
knob, knot, tune, melody make it a natural fit in this kanji for NODE.

1466 限 limit limit, restrict, to best of ability

Posted on the ACROPOLIS in shiny SILVER numbers so the whole of Athens will see, is the speed LIMIT.
1468 良 good good, pleasing, skilled
A DROP of SILVER makes GOOD halo.
1471 娘 daughter daughter, girl
From a parent's perspective, a WOMAN with a HALO is a DAUGHTER.
1472 食 eat eat, food
A SAINT underneath an UMBRELLA takes a break from his busy schedule and EATS.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 30
1473 飯 meal meal, boiled rice
"ANTI" to the generic FOOD, a MEAL implies some effort & preparation.
1474 飲 drink drink, smoke, take
After eating FOOD, you YAWN mightily, and then DRINK something to wash it down.
building, mansion, large
1478 館 Bldg.
building, palace FOOD controlled by BUREAUCRATS sits inside a "BLDG".
CEILING is the level surface of the water, while the NEEDLE floating underneath and the ANIMAL HORNS combine to make a picture
1484 平 even even, flat, peace
of the WATER LILY floating EVENLY.

1502 新 new new (I don't like the 'red pepper plant' primative so I just go for standing atop a tree). Here we have the woodcutter standing atop a tree
waving his brand new axe. "Look what I got for christmas, yippee!".
parent, intimacy, relative,
1504 親 parent
familiarity, dealer (cards) I remember this one the way the Japanese do: a parent standing on top of a tree watching what his or her kid is doing.

report, news, reward,

1507 報 report
retribution The news REPORT was dull, then male viewers were HAPPY to hear the REPORTER was wearing a BIKINI. Till they found out the
reporter was Dan Rather (let that scary image help you remember this kanji.).

income, obtain, reap, pay,

1510 収 income
supply, store Prostitutes can make a veritable cornucopia of income by using their crotches -- they put the "come" in "income." (A bit lewd perhaps,
but effective in keeping this character distinct from similar keywords like profit (FRAME 906) or earnings (FRAME 893)).
heat, temperature, fever,
1516 熱 heat
mania, passion FRODO of the SOIL (um, shire?) is still FAT from life in the shire, but the HEAT of the travels turns him into a hardened hobbit.

art, technique, skill, means,

1525 術 art
trick, resources, magic Carried down the BOULEVARD St. Michelle during a war evacuation, with special RESIN rubbed into the surface of the paintings to
protect them, are the finest works of ART in France.

1526 寒 cold cold

A kind of HOUSE in which you keep CELERY and frozen ANIMAL LEGS on ICE is a COLD kanji ice-box.
1534 青 blue blue, green
All PLANTS on the MOON are BLUE!
That door-to-door salesman can stand outside ringing my doorbell until he's blue in the face. There's a big sign on my front door, and
1536 請 solicit solicit, invite, ask
the words clearly say "No Soliciting".
feelings, emotion, passion,
1537 情 feelings sympathy, circumstances,
facts Feeling blue is a state of mind where you're dominated by your feelings.
1538 晴 clear up clear up
The SUN shines clearly in a BLUE sky after the clouds have CLEARED-UP.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 31
1546 表 surface surface, table, chart, diagram
A PLANT wearing a SCARF can now survive the cold, and covers the SURFACE of the earth!
proportion, comparatively, The amount of HARM that can be done by a SABRE is directly PROPORTIONAL to its size. | SABRE lends a cutting sense to the kanji
1553 割 proportion
divide, cut, separate, split for PROPORTION.
1555 生 life life, genuine, birth
A DROP of a PLANT is a drop of LIFE.

1558 性 sex sex, gender, nature

A MOOD RING reflects a SEXY mood, which in the natural progression of things could lead to a new LIFE coming into being.
products, bear, give birth,
1560 産 products yield, childbirth, native,
If you were to stand up all the products you have accumulated over the course of your entire life on top of one another, the result would
probably be as tall as a cliff.
1568 春 springtime springtime, spring (season)
The SUN shines on a BONSAI tree in the SPRINGTIME.

1572 実 reality reality, truth

Bonsais are grown in a house, away from the harsh reality of the real world where they wouldn't survive.

1578 漢 Sino- Sino-, China WATER is poured on SCARECROWS in the SINO part of the world, because the poor things are outside all day in the hot sun. | The
WATER of the confluence of rivers after which China was named finds its way into SINO.

difficult, impossible, trouble,

1580 難 difficult
accident, defect From johnzep: It is difficult for a scarecrow to scare a turkey or else they would've been called scareturkeys. Here, picture the
SCARECROW from Oz telling Dorothy his plight while the TURKEYS attack him. It can help if you see her shoo them away.
ride, power, multiplication,
1585 乗 ride record, counter for vehicles,
board, mount, join WHEAT, when harvested, is put on a special conveyer belt, and gets a RIDE up to the top of the SILO.
1587 今 now now
An early morning MEETING at 7 AM; oh, no, that's right NOW! (popular).

beforehand, previous, myself,

1593 予 beforehand
I As others see it, think of BEFOREHAND with Forehand, which easily reminds you of a tennis racket for use as a primitive in later kanji.
It even looks like a tennis racket, so all the better.

1596 野 plains plains, field, rustic, civilian life Here I think of the great PLAINS, where you find Omaha. Now, its' all COMPUTERS (yes, the Internet routes are centralized there) but
BEFOREHAND you would find only the PLAINS.

1602 西 west west, Spain Wicked Witch of the WEST anyone? Here you see the CEILING collapsed with two HUMAN LEGS sticking out the remains of the
MOUTH of the door. Hmm, maybe I should chill on the Wizard of Oz stories?

1603 価 value value, price

To struggling settlers who needed every bit of help they could get, each additional PERSON in the OLD WEST was of great VALUE.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 32
need, main point, essence, After the OLD WEST settlers achieved basic survival mode, WOMEN soon become the dominant NEED. | WOMAN lends an alluring
1604 要 need
pivot, key to presence to the kanji for NEED.
In the OLD WEST, where the church was the center of the community, during election season, the show-ALTAR was the chosen area
1606 票 ballot ballot, label, ticket, sign
to post the BALLOT.
signpost, seal, mark, stamp,
imprint, symbol, emblem,
1608 標 signpost
trademark, evidence,
souvenir, target TREES used to post election BALLOTS are makeshift SIGNPOSTS.

1612 煙 smoke smoke Should be easy. SMOKE brings to mind "Where there's SMOKE, there's FIRE". So, the FIRE in the OLD WEST can tell people we're
you're at, so put out the FIRE with SOIL to keep the SMOKE to a minimum.

1613 南 south south

The "BELT" of HAPPINESS traverses the SOUTHERN climes. (One line added to "bitter/spicy" makes "happiness").
1616 門 gates gates
- Pictograph of two swinging GATES.
1617 問 question question, ask, problem
A MOUTH at the GATES asks the QUESTION - "can I come in?".

1620 間 interval interval, space

The amount of time it take the SUN to pass across the city GATES is an INTERVAL of time (popular).

1621 簡 simplicity simplicity, brevity

A stick of BAMBOO is split into INTERVALS, which defines a very SIMPLE unit of measurement.
1622 開 open open, unfold, unseal
TWO HANDS thrust OPEN the swinging GATES of a bar-room.

1623 閉 closed closed, shut

EINSTEIN CLOSED the GATES on the tried and true Newtonian physics with his startling new theories.
1626 聞 hear hear, ask, listen
un-, mistake, negative,
1632 非 un-
injustice, non- Pictograph of a heavy iron pole with bars extending in both directions.
decide, fix, agree upon, Symbolically washing his hands in WATER, a revolutionary judge commits members of royalty to the GUILLOTINE, their fate having
1641 決 decide
appoint been DECIDED by the events of history.

1644 違 difference difference, differ Picture a ROAD defended by men armed with DOUBLE NAGANAS admirable (FRAME 1643). That makes the DIFFERENCE between
a safe ROAD and a ROAD subject to thieves and bandits.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 33
bundle, sheaf, ream, tie in
1664 束 bundle bundles, govern, manage,
MOUTH behind a TREE is an easy pictograph, however: Your MOUTH opens wide when you realize that TREE became a BUNDLE of
newspapers. I think BUNDLE of newspapers makes for an easy visual image anyway.

1665 頼 trust trust, request For some odd reason people TRUST that the bundle (FRAME 1664) of newspapers held over their HEAD will keep them dry when it's
raining. TRUST me, the BUNDLE and their HEADS will get wet.
1669 速 quick quick, fast
A BUNDLE moving down the ROAD QUICKLY gains momentum.
organize, arranging, tune,
1670 整 organize
tone, meter, key (music) Recycling in Japan, you have to make sure all your bundles are organized correctly otherwise the taskmasters won't accept them.
precipitous, inaccessible
1672 険 precipitous place, impregnable position,
steep place, sharp eyes The edge of The Pinnacle is precipitous, so they have a guard posted with an ice pick to poke people and keep them from the edge.

1673 検 examination examination, investigate

Having to write the answers into a TREE with an AWL makes for a tough EXAMINATION.
heavy, heap up, pile up, nest
1675 重 heavy
of boxes, -fold The extra lines help to support a CAR carrying a HEAVY load.
move, motion, change,
1676 動 move
confusion, shift, shake MUSCLES lend their power to this kanji. | It takes HEAVY MUSCLES to MOVE something.
1678 働 work work, (kokuji)
It looks like easy WORK, the Marine SENTRY does not MOVE at all.
species, kind, class, variety, After the whole low-carb craze, scientists developed a new low-carb species of wheat, so that dieters could eat it without getting
1679 種 species
seed heavier.

1682 病 ill ill, sick

In this full kanji for SICKNESS / ILL, we find that those who are SICK are treated as THIRD-CLASS citizens.
From the earliest times, the "SICKNESS" that caused people to want to lay down on their animal PELTS and sleep was simply being
1688 疲 tired exhausted, tire, weary
1690 痛 pain pain, hurt, damage, bruise
The SICKNESS caused by getting whacked with a HAMMER is great PAIN.
1694 医 doctor doctor, medicine
A BOX of DARTS represents the DOCTOR's bag carried by a kanji DOCTOR.

1696 区 ward ward, district

A warden delivers a BOX of SHEAVES to each prison WARD. | The BOX represents three of the four sides of the boundary of a WARD.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 34
1703 登 ascend ascend, climb up
In an American Indian legend, an Indian warrior goes into a TEEPEE, stands on a TABLE, and ASCENDS into the skies.
discharge, departure, publish, TWO HUMAN LEGS wiggle around, sticking out the top of a TEEPEE, the punishment for a poor soldier being DISCHARGED from the
1705 発 discharge
emit, start from, disclose army.

1711 形 shape shape, form, style

Mystique the shape-shifter transforms both hands into a different shape to fool her opponent.
sentence, literature, style, art, It should not be a problem to see this as SENTENCE. For the primitive, think in a Scottish accent and say "PLAID kilt". Guess it can
1725 文 sentence
decoration, figures, plan look like a Beret wearing scot.
vis-a-vis, opposite, even, KILT is GLUED onto a boxer who sets a fashion trend in a boxing match "VERSUS" an opponent who tries to rip off his opponents garb
1726 対 vis-a-vis
equal, versus, anti-, compare when things get rough.

finish, come to an end,

1731 済 finish
excusable, need not If you go off the idea that ADJUST is the Scotsman ADJUSTING his two parts between his legs, then you know that tossing WATER on
that disgusting act will make him FINISH what he's doing.

1735 楽 music music, comfort, ease

A musical DOVE waves SPARKLERS atop a TREE like some kind of a conductor, as a kanji orchestra plays MUSIC far below.
medicine, chemical, enamel,
1736 薬 medicine
gunpowder, benefit FLOWERS and MUSIC are the best MEDICINE. | FLOWERS lend a plant-like flavor to the kanji for MEDICINE.

ratio, rate, proportion, %,

1737 率 ratio
coefficient, factor It's quite mysterious how each sparkler gives of sparkles at a precise ratio of ten to one. Physicists have been studying this effect for
decades, known as the Sparkler Effect, and using it to explain why stars look like sparklers in the night sky.
1741 英 England England, English
Fresh FLOWERS are placed every day in the exact CENTER of ENGLAND.

1742 映 reflect reflect, reflection, projection

The SUN REFLECTS from the CENTER. | The visual SUN plays a role in the kanji for REFLECT.
A SMALL SWORD is stuck in the GROUND, signaling the start of a bloody, RED war. Note how the two lines of SWORD replace the
1743 赤 red red
middle line of SMALL.

1745 変 unusual unusual, change, strange Ok, here I have to picture those old Fruit of the Loom underwear commercials. There is an UNUSUAL scene where you see the APPLE
guy walking down the street on STILTS. Why, I don't know, it's a 80's thing.
1753 色 color color
Bound up in the Rubik's cube are the 6 different colours.

1765 期 period period, time, date, term

All the BUSHEL BASKETS on a farm are filled in one MONTH, the basic PERIOD of time it takes to complete the harvest.

Page 34
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 35
fundamentals, radical (chem),
1767 基 fundamentals counter for machines,
Dumping a bunch of footballs out of a BUSHEL BASKET onto the GROUND, a famous coach announce "It's time to return to the
nothingness, none, ain't,
1775 無 nothingness
nothing, nil, not RECLINE blissfully in an OAKEN TUB heated by an ever so light CAMP-FIRE, and fade happily into NOTHINGNESS.
1781 査 investigate investigate
TREES in growing in a kitchen SHELF must be quickly INVESTIGATED.
row, and, besides, as well as,
1785 並 row
line up, rank with, rival, equal This is a simplification of 竝, a ideogram of two people standing in a row.
universal, wide(ly), generally,
1786 普 universal
Prussia A ROW of SUNS is as long a the UNIVERSE. | The UNIVERSE is full of SUNS, explaining its appearance in this kanji.
business, vocation, arts, If the product you're planning to sell is still HANGING IN A ROW UPSIDE DOWN on the original delivery rack, then you are NOT YET
1792 業 profession
performance ready for BUSINESS.

together, both, neither, all,

1795 共 together
and, alike, with The character for deluge (FRAME 1799) gave me the idea to use together as a primitive for Noah's Ark. Noah kept plenty of salad on
board to entice the animals with their animal legs to scurry on board together, two by two.
submit, offer, present, serve
1796 供 submit
(meal), accompany A PERSON STRINGS TOGETHER a series of paper dolls on a string, to SUBMIT as an entry into a contest.
uncommon, queerness,
1797 異 uncommon strangeness, wonderful,
curious, unusual
Think of common sense. To have the BRAINS to build an ARK would take UNCOMMON sense, cause everyone but Noah thought he
was lacking in the BRAIN department.
1800 港 harbor harbor
WATER pours in a sudden DELUGE from the HARBOR.
bad, vice, rascal, false, evil,
1810 悪 bad
wrong In ASIA, they write a roman numeral 2 over your MOUTH if your HEART is BAD.

1811 円 circle circle, yen, round CIRCULAR coins are saved in this representation of a GLASS CANOPY where the vertical line represents a slot to insert coins and the
horizontal line the level to which the CIRCULAR YEN coins ha.

angle, corner, square, horn,

1812 角 angle
antlers The ANGLE of a Boomerang? BOUND UP, thrown by the BODY, but is not a WALKING STICK thanks to that 90 degree ANGLE in
each one. So as a primitive, use Boomerang.
unravel, notes, key,
explanation, understanding,
1814 解 unravel untie, undo, solve, answer,
cancel, absolve, explain, I tossed the BOOMERANG, which stuck like a DAGGER into a COW that I targeted. Now I watched the COW's insides begin to
minute UNRAVEL from the cut.
1820 論 argument argument, discourse
WORDS fly back and forth as members of a COMMITTEE make their ARGUMENTS.

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FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 36
1828 氏 family name family name, surname, clan When FAMILY NAMES were first handed out, it could have been done by a kind of lottery where two DROPS of lines with TWO
FISHHOOKS were let down into a pot to select each person's FAMILY NAM.
1829 紙 paper paper
A FAMILY NAME is sewn with THREAD onto PAPER.
A WOMAN often changes her FAMILY NAME on the DAY of her MARRIAGE. | WOMAN typically plays a role in a kanji involving
1830 婚 marriage marriage

1831 低 lower lower, short, humble Good visual image: The Marine SENTRY challenges the person to lay his CALLING CARD on the ground and step away. The SENTRY
approaches, without LOWERING his gaze from the person, LOWERS down to get the card for full identification (proper technique
taught to SENTRIES by the way).

1834 民 people people, nation, subjects

The MOUTH of many asking for the right to a FAMILY NAME resulted in the same being awarded to the common PEOPLE.
section, bureau, dept, class,
copy, part, portion, counter for
1845 部 section
copies of a newspaper or MUZZLED guard dogs patrol the CITY WALLS, each one having his own SECTION. | CITY WALLS provides a sense of borders in this
magazine kanji for SECTION.
Ever heard of that movie METROPOLIS. It's usually advertised with that robotic LOVEDOLL on the front cover causing a riot within the
1846 都 metropolis metropolis, capital
CITY WALLS with her dancing.

1847 郵 mail mail, stagecoach stop Starting to DROOP dangerously are the CITY WALLS on top of which has been stacked all the excess MAIL during a postal strike. |
CITY WALLS provide a sense of crossing borders in this kanji for MAIL.
1859 段 grade grade, steps, stairs
This is a military-grade staple gun! It can be loaded with real missiles.
1870 航 navigate navigate, sail, cruise, fly
Steering a BOAT in a WHIRLWIND is a skilled NAVIGATOR.
1871 般 carrier carrier, carry, all
A huge BOAT with a complement of nuclear MISSILES is an aircraft CARRIER.
1874 船 ship ship, boat
A boy imagines a toy BOAT in a little GULLY to be a huge, fine SHIP.
benefit, gain, profit,
1881 益 benefit
advantage The benefit of having sharp horns and fast legs is that an animal can get to the food dish first.
come, due, next, cause,
1884 来 come
become COME ONE, come all, get your ONE bag of RICE.

1885 気 spirit spirit, mind

RECLINED on the FLOOR below the great CLIFFS is the X-Man, WOLVERINE, his SPIRIT so great he gets up and climbs that CLIFF.

Page 36
FFSC: Remembering the Kanji Stories Lesson 37
The HOOKS with the little PERSONS hanging sideways from them in an air-show come first and last respectively. In between is
1887 飛 fly fly, skip (pages), scatter
SEWING BOX which can now FLY.

1892 面 mask mask, face, features, surface Yes, another Halloween MASK. This MASK has a ONE large EYE brow, a DROP of a nose and one large MOUTH where inside is a
gruesome EYE. Pretty disturbing, in a Beetlejuice sort of way. By the way, you can also see the stroke order is COMB followed by a
distorted THREE, not sure how that helps.
1909 番 turn turn, number in a series
As you follow ANIMAL TRACKS over a RICE-FIELD, they TURN hither and yon.
1920 長 long long, leader
The MANE which needs a HAIRPIN is too LONG.
1928 単 simple simple, one, single, merely
A professorly OWL perches a BRAIN atop a NEEDLE in a SIMPLE experiment.

1948 島 island island A BIRD with his tail tucked in comes to rest on a MOUNTAIN on an ISLAND after a long journey across the waters. (popular). |
MOUNTAINS lends a sense of solid mass to ISLAND.
The SUN shining on MIGRATING DUCKS restores WARMTH to their outstretched wings. | The SUN provides the heat in the kanji for
1949 暖 warmth warmth
Growing fearful because they can no longer see the SUN, all the little RABBITS jump into their holes at NIGHTFALL. | The temporal
1974 晩 nightfall nightfall, night
DAY is finds its way into NIGHTFALL.

1975 勉 exertion exertion

A RABBIT is lifted by a CIRCUS-STRONGMAN, who breathes heavily after the great EXERTION.

1980 験 verification verification, effect, testing In the days of yore, when a TEAM-OF-HORSES passed a checkpoint, an AWL was used to poke the leather binding of the horses, for
VERIFICATION that no weapons were hidden within.

1984 駅 station station

A TEAM OF HORSES, by means of the sweet melody of the SHAKU-HACHI flute, finds its way to a STATION.
2004 能 ability ability, talent, skill, capacity
It takes great ABILITY to remove the BEAR from a COOKING-FIRE.
attitude, condition, figure,
2005 態 attitude
appearance, voice (of verbs) ABILITY combines with HEART to create a positive ATTITUDE.

2016 送 send off escort, send In paganish scene from Las Vegas, ESCORTS stand by the ROAD, while the huge "GOLDEN CALF" casino stands in the background,
and they offer to ESCORT you for the evening.
connection, barrier, gateway,
2017 関 connection
involve, concerning At the heavenly GATES, a GOLDEN CALF is your CONNECTION to get in.

1665 頼 trust trust, request For some odd reason people TRUST that the bundle (FRAME 1664) of newspapers held over their HEAD will keep them dry when it's
raining. TRUST me, the BUNDLE and their HEADS will get wet.
1669 速 quick quick, fast
A BUNDLE moving down the ROAD QUICKLY gains momentum.

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