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Reading Lesson Plan

Content Area: Reading

Grade/ Level: 6th grade
Author: Guerra Veronica – Ortiz Daniel
Title: Chocolate Delirium
Reading Skills: Reading for gist and specific information
Goal: Students to recognize the danger of chocolate addition
Learning Objectives:
 The student will be able to recognize words with clues.
 Given the reading the student will be able to identify the
 The student will be able to performance a sketch based on a
reading article.

Materials and Tools

 The reading article
 Handouts

 Pre Activities (5 min.)
Elicit the word chocolate from students by giving clues like: It is
sweet, it can be white, milk or dark. After they guess, make them
work in pairs, answering the following questions:
 What is your favorite kind of chocolate?
 How often do you eat chocolate?
 Do you think chocolate is good or bad for you?
 Given 2 minutes to ask each other, and then listen to some
While Activities (20 min.)
 Students work individually reading the article Chocolate then
circle T for true and F for false.
 Students check their answers with the teacher.

Post Activities (10 min.)

 Students form a group of 4 and performance a sketch
base on the article chocolate.

Reflective Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment: Have the students summarize the main ideas

they have taken from the reading.

Evaluation: Self-evaluation rubric


Research What is Chocolate and where it comes from?

Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí

Faculty of Humanities

School of English

Ing – 460


Lesson Planning on Reading

Facilitator: Marisol Barraza M.A.


Verónica Guerra 4-774-1175

Daniel Ortíz 4-151-312

Due date:

Oct, 19th 2017

Self-assessment Reading Rubric
Student: ________________________. Date: _______________

Amazing Wao! OK Oops!

Reading I read the I read I read Reading?

complete most some Why?
article article article
understanding I I liked the This story It was
understood story was ok! about,
the whole what?
On chocolates This will I can I hope not So, I
behavior never handle to have should not
happen to that! this to eat
me situation chocolate?!

Knowledge on I knew all I know Some Do they

chocolate those most of words really mean
vocabulary words those were new that?
words for me!
On Chocolate I will share I´ll tell Some It is not my
commitment this info to that to my people business!!
all people I family should
can know it!
Reading Title