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Unit 1 Hello

1a l,{ational Geographic peoPle

Vocabulary iobs
1 Complete the jobs.

3ph t gr Ph. 4dr v r

5wr t r
Grammar alan Vocabulary the alphabet
2 Write a and an. 6 * 1.2 Complete the alphabet. Thenlisten and
1 artist check.

2 teacher Aa Cc Ee
J filmmaker Gg r¡ KK
1 explorer Mm Oo Qq
5 doctor Ss Uu Ww
6 student Yy

Grammarl+dffi,you+are 7 *r.z Listen again and repeat the alphabet.

3 Look at the photo. Complete the sentences with

8 *r.¡ Listen and circle the letter vou hear.
I'ru or YotL're.
'Hi. Louise Hose. a scientist.'
c /I
v /w
9 Dictation names
1 .1 Choose the correct option. Then listen and
check. a -* t.¿ Listen and write the names.
Loursn: Hi. 1I'm / You're Louise. 1 Alex
srEpHEN: Hello. 2 I'm / You're Stephen Alvarez. 2
LoursE: Oh,3l'm / you're aphotographer. J ----
srEpHEN: Yes, for Nationol Geographic. 4
Complete the sentences with l'm andYou're.
1 'Hi. My name's Rosa. a doctor.'
'Hello, Rosa.' * t.S Listen and write the names.
1 'Hil My name's .'
2 'i|;ly name's Carolyn Anderson.'
'Hello. I'm
'Oh! a writerl'
2 'Hello. My name's .'
3 'Hello. . a teacher. My name's Angela.' ,Hi. I'M
'Hi, Angela.'
3 'Hi. I'm .'
4 ' Robert Ballard.'
'HeIIo. My name's
'Oh, you're an explorer!'
4 'Hello. I'm
'Hil My name's
1b Around the world
VocabularY countries
1 Look at the maPs. Write the

7 t]ne
2 Pronunciation word stress
a * l.O Listen and circle the
word you hear.

1 France /@
2 EgYPt / EgYPtran

3 India / Indian
4 China / Chinese

5 Italy / Italian
6 Mexico / Mexican

7 Canada / Canadian

8 Oman / Omani

9 Brazll / Btazilian
10 Spain / SPanish

* t.Z Listen and rePeat the

country and nationalitY words
from Exercise 2a.

*= t.S Listen and circle he or she'

r @/ 'n"
2 he/she
3 he/she
4 he/she
5 he/sne
6 he/she
7 he/she
8 he/she

Grammar helshelit + is
4 Write sentences with nationalities

i Anna is from Australia. 2 jorge is from Brazll. 3 Camembert is from France.

Slte's Attstrnlinit.
§.: -- ::::


:::: :


Hiro is from |apan. 5 Pizza is from Itaiy. 6 Ahmed is from Egypt.

Listening an artist from ltaly

5 '= 1.9 Look at the photo. Complete the text. Then 6 Dictation be
listen and check.
::= LI O Listen and complete the text.

Thisr En zo Chellini He's 2

artist.3 fr om Venice Venice a

lr^ :^
tLd d n.

=-=€= r,=-.=-:=-:


66 ,",,o,, Bruno.2
student. 3
student too. Astrid 5 from
Hamburg. I'm 6
Toronto. 7 1n

Canada. ))
1c Phone nurnbers
Vocabulary continents 4* 1.11 Listen again. Match the information in the
I Write the names of the continents (1-4). Then Name Country City
match the continents with the maps (a-d) London
Lisa GermanY
1 CFAARI Nasser \-Mexico New York
: . .. ....... .
Boris Qatar Merida
5 * Listen again. Write the phone numbers.

, ii"" Lisa
.. ....... . : . .


Grammar my, Your

5 s 1.12 Complete the conversation with my and
your. Thenlisten and check.
LrsA: Hi, Boris.
BoRrs: Hi, Lisa.
ü LrsA: What's Phone number?
BoRrs: mobile number is707 839 11'6'
work number is707 547 939'
LISA: Thanks.
BoRIS: What's home number?
LrsA: home number is 55 018 375'
BoRrs: Great. Thanks.

Word focus from

Vocabulary numbers 1-1 0 Addfrom to three more sentences.
2 Write the missing numbers.
1. Nasser is1Qatar.
a eight .. . ten
b two four 2 |oana is Madrid.
c seven ....... nine
J He's in London.
d four six
e one three 4 This phone call is Boris.
f six eisht
5 I'm Mexican.
Listening phone numbers 6 He's Germany.
3 * t.t1 Lookatthephotos. Listen. Write the
numbers (1-3).
Unit 1 He{b

ld Nice to meet you

Vocabulary greetings Pron u nciation questions
I + f .13 Complete the greetings. Listen and check. * t. t 5 Listen and repeat the questions from
Then listen again and repeat. Exercise 2.

4 Listen and respond questions

a * t . t 0 Listen to A's questions again. Respond
with B's sentences from Exercise 2.

Good afternoon. What's
your name, please? Good afternoon.
3 Good 4 Good My name's Braun.

Rea! life persona¡ information (f ) b * t.16 Listen to the questions again. Respond
with your own words.
2 * t.t¿ Complete the conversation with a-f. Then 1
listen and check. Good afternóon. What's
your name, please?
a Can you spell that? Good afternoon-
My narne's Akuyo.
b Cood afternoon. \z\4rat's your name, please?
c Goodbye.
d OK. Thanks. Real life meeting people
e Thank you. What's your job?
5 * t .17 Putthe words in order. Then listen and
f What's your first name? check.

IoELTE: Hi,Tomas.l arc f you / lnow / ?

B: Good afternoon. Mv name's Braun.

roMAS: Fine, thanks. And you?
u ,"r u-o-"i-". IoELTE: l'm OK. 2 this / Kara / is / .

B: Tomas:T-O-M-A-S. roMAS: 3 to / you, / nice / meet / Kara / .

B: I'm a writer. I'm from Good Morninr magazine. KARA: ;tir'" t tÁ," l-Á**i l-ti;-¡ ;¡;; l .

A: 5 .......

B: Bye.
A: 6
1e MyID
ۤ Match the questions and answers in
t.t g
Writing a visa Exercise 2b. Then listen and check'

I Writing skill caPital letters

á Rewrite the sentences with the correct capital
1 my name is chris cavendish'
NlY name is ChYis Caaendish' Complete the visa form with the information'
capital letters.
2 1'rrr. from great britain'
canadian writer greta lessard
3 paula is from the united states'

n;;;;;s;i;;;;;;; ---- UK Ylsa

5 alex treadwaY is a PhotograPher' First name
b * f .18 Look at the table' Listen and write the Job
*ord, in the table. Write the correct capital letters'
a ci§

a continent

a country

a language

a name

a nationalitY

2 Writing skill extra full stops, question marks

a Look at the examPles.
What'syour iob@
I'm a writer1

b e¿¿ full stops and question marks'

1 What's Your name
2 lf's96 457 329
3 I'm fine
4 CanYou sPell that
5 My name's Chris Cavendish
6 Yes. C-A-V-E-N-D-I-}H
7 How are You
8 What's Your Phone number

Unit 1 Hello

Learning skills recording new 3 Complete the crossword.

words (1) E (seven Ietters)

Write new vocabulary in your notebook.

Organise the words.
A¿ef.ra ia
Africa (five letters)
SouLh America
NorLh America

(seven letters)
Write the words in three groups.

artist China doctor eight engineer

explorer f ilmmaker f ive four
Great Britain lndia ltaly nine Oman
one seven six teacher ten
the United States three two (firre letters)

Jobs Countries Numbers

(five letters)

(five letters)

2 Complete the sentences about you.
1 name
My name's
2 job
I'm a
3 city
T'm from
4 country
It's in
VocabularY holidaY Places
1 Write the places.

2 aekl


5 aebch

Reading my holiday
2 * t.ZO Read the texts (a-c). Match the photo with one of the texts. Then listen and check your answer.

E l'rn on holiday. I'm with Fr¿idl and Jane.Wdre 4 Pronunciation we' re, they're
in Africa. This is a mountain in Tanzania. lt's
beautiful. a * t.Zt Listen and repeat the sentences from
Exercise 3.
Iil l', on holiday. l'm with Linda, Will and Maria.
fhey're my friends. We're in South America. b * t.ZZ Listen and circle the word you hear.
This is Lake Titicaca. lt's in Bolivia. lt's beautiful.
t @l rhey'refrom Portugal.
E l', on holiday. I'm with my friend, Jack. 2 We're / They're inacity.
We're tn Asia. This is on Phuket Beach. lt's in
Thailand. ltl beautiful.
3 We're / They're Kenyan.
4 We're / They're onanisland.
5 We're / They're in Canada.
Gramm ar we/they + are 6 We're / They're on Lake Titicaca.
3 * t.Zl Complete the sentences with We're and Grammar be negat¡ve forms
Tlrcy're. Then listen and check.
1 I'm on a beach. You're on a beach. 5 S t.Z¡ Look at the photo again. Complete the
We're sentences with the negative form of be. Then listen
on a beach.
and check.
2 Andy is on a lake. Freidl is on a lake.
on a lake.
1 This ianlt in Europe.
3 Freidl and Jane are Canadian.
2 I i¡ this photo.
3 The four tourists Bolivian.
, ñ;#;;r;;;;;'#rÍ,il 4
The man
a tourist.
in Thailand.
: I'm with mvr friend.
6 You in this photo.

in Fiji. 6 Pronunciation isn't, aren't

ó lack is in Portugal with Michael.
in Portugal. . * t.Zg Listen and repeat the sentences from
Exercise 5.
2b Is it hot?
VocabularY numbers 1 1-1 00 the
3 Look at the weather information' Write
I Write the numbers in words' temperatures in words'
L 7+8= t'iJteqn
1 lt's thirtY-one degrees in TokYo todaY'
2 11+L3= 2 lt's degrees in London todaY'
3 19 +28= .
3 lt',s degrees inNew York
4 22+47= 4 lr's degrees in Mexico CitY
5 17+59= todaY.
degrees in Rome todaY'
6 35+46= 5 tt's ,

6 degrees in Santiago todaY

2 * f .24 Look at the weather information' Listen It',s

and comPlete the temPeratures'

World weather
London 26'C
Mexico CitY 22" C

New York 21" C

Rio de Janeiro
Rome 36. C

Santiago 77"C
To§o 31" C

Unit 2 Holtutq:

Grammar be quest¡ons and 6 Rewrite the questions from Exercise 5 as

short answers affirmative sentences. Use contractions if possible.
Rewrite the sentences as questions.
4 Look at the weather information. Answer the 7 You're in New York.
1 Is it hot in Sydney today?
2 Is it hot in New york today?
3 Is it cold in Tokyo today?
Pronunciation óe quest¡ons and short
4 i;;;#il;;i---- answers
* t.ZS Listen and repeat six questions and
5 is it cold in Santiago today? answels.

u i, ;;:;il; ;";;;;";;;;i--- 8 Listen and respond be questions and short


5 Read 1-6. Change the full stop (.) to a question

* l.ZO Listen to the questions from Exercise 7.
Respond with your own words.
mark (?) if necessary.
1 Are you in New yorlT ?
Are yoü in Lando'n7 ,

yes, l"am.
2 John and Jane are in Rome.

3 Is she on the beach. No; fm not:

4 Are Paul and Meera in Santiago.

5 Your name is Andy.

6 Are you OK.

ZcHolidaY Places
VocabularY colours Grammar Plural nouns
4 Write the Plurals of these nouns'
1 Write the colours.
1 bus
1 abckl 2 lent
2 aegonr 3 car
3 bonrw 4 clrY
4 dCI
5 office
5 eblu 6 Photo
6 eegnr and
7 egrY 5 Complete the sentences with the singular
8 ehitw plural form of these nouns'
9 ellowY beach country friend hotel irland
10 iknP mountain '

1 I'm on holidaY with mY . Lynng

2 Word focus ín and Felix'
Underiine in these questions' Then.match the
ir 2 Fiji is an in the South Pacific.
.l-"uttio*(l--3) with the answers (a-c)'
J Nepal, China and India are
1 What's this colour in English? Asia.
2 AreYou in a hotel? 4 We're in the RoókY in the

3 Are theY in TokYo? United States.

5 I'mina in London. It's old'
a Yes, I am. 6 The in Australia are beautiful'
b It's'orange''
c No, theY aren't' 6 Pronunciation Plural nouns
t.Zg Listen and repeat the plural nouns from
3 Dictation in New Zealand
Exercises 4 and 5'
* t.ZZ Look at the photo' Listen and complete
the email.


I :. . -: r:..:::::+l-:i:::.:ii::==

::::::::=: ::::-:!::'>_-:::r.-:i-:_F
Unit 2 Holidalr

2d Here are your keys

Vocabulary car hire 3 * t.30 Listen and complete the car hire form.
Look at a-h. Find:
1 two addresses Title Ms Y
2 two postcodes
3 two email addresses First name Julia
4 two car registration numbers
Last name Farrow
E 27 Front Street

City Manchester

,.,fiT34 SIR
tr Country UK W
=::-_::::1-l=::l:1:=1= Email address

Phone number

tr wilson@cars,
4 Listen and respond personal information
a * t.¡t Listen to four questions. Respond with
the information from Exercise 3.
Where are you fromT

Real life personal information (2)

l'm from'Mantherter
2 * t.29 Complete the questions with is, what and.
¡tthere.Then listen and check. Underline the answer
vou hear.
b * Listen to the questions again. Respond
1' are you from?' with your own words.
'I'm from Belfast / Manchester.'
Where are you from?
2 ' .. 's your address?'
'It's 27 Front Street / 65 Liaerpool Road.'
llm from Jakárta.
3' . 's the postcode?'
'It's M12 gAL / BT34 BIR.'
I ' .. . . this your email address?' 5 Pronunciation syllables
'No, it isn't. It's / * t.¡Z Listen and repeat these words. Count the' syllables.

- ' .. 's the car registration number?'

bench = 1

'It's LE61 DGM / WA50 TCO.' emaíl holiday hotel island lake
mountain number student teacher
telephone tourist
E:-ll-r-. ::T


2e Contact details
Writing a form C Rewrite the information in this form with the
correct capital letters.
1 Writing skill capital letters (2) itr§

Ness Hotel online booking

á Rewrite the addresses (1-a) with the correct capital
letters. Then match the addresses rt'ith a-d. Title -árr- )
1 10 downing street First name daüd
Last name smith

Address 64 mill road

221b baker street City manchester

london mt7 6ri.

Country uk

350fifth avenue Contact number o756 75t 2587

new york

online booking
1600 pennsvlrrania avenue
Title Mr )
washington First name )
Last name

a the Empire State Building
b the President of the United States
c the Prime Minister of Great Britain Postcode
d Sherlock Holmes Country

i Contact number ozs6 7St zSBT

2 1.33 Listen to the telephone conversation


about a hotel booking at Lakeside Hotel. Complete

the form.

Lakeside Hotel booking

First name
Lasr name
b Write the correct capital letters in this address. Address
ness hotel Country UK
Email address
loch road
Contact number 0750 658214

iva 2hf' 3 Check the capital letters in the form in Exercise 2,

Learning skills recording new Learning skills quest¡ons for
words (2) the classroom and real life
Write new vocabulary in your notebook. Draw
3 Write these questions and expressions in your
own language.
the words or write examples.
car 1 Can you repeat that?

rl 2 Can you speak slowly?

, ,r*
)11 J" r"r rrr ... ?
)i How do you spell ... ?

i1 aAáreas
l:!'r r ¡ i i í : i ! |
J1 ,i
I'm sorry. I don't understand.

rl l

: 10 DowninT 9lreet

4 * t.34 Listen and repeat the questions and

I London
expressions from Exercise 3.

1 5 Look at the words. They are in Student's Book
4 Match 1-4 with a-d.
Unit 2. What are the connections? Look at the
example. Then write four sentences.
JI 7 B1gwn, gyge1n gnd gy-e1 nre colouyp,

a ox2 BBG i

-.....=.=..- = .='..'.......-.:

r1 E BrazilEggptJapan


a country cuba Loch Ness
b eleven
c postcode Charles de Gaulle
d tent

Draw a picture or write examples for these words

Moscow John Lennon
in your vocabulary notebook.

boat bus city key mountain tent Mmurk-ffi $$ 'green

"$q:hm il fl-(+**tsrffi)ffiy Shanghai
GeneUa r-rr¡
1 _ wsd§ rl,|l
ffi trffiy Yñtfreaca'
Unit 3 Families
3a My familY
VocabularY familY
f .35 Look at the familv tree. Complete the paragraph
with these
1 =:*
words. Then listen and check'

brother father mother sister

(6 n .My name's ]ack' This is my family' This is jamie' He's my

This is Jane. She's *y t ' And this is Jerry'

I l'v



2 t.36 Look at the family tree again. Complete the 5 Rewrite the sentences with the possessir,re 's.
paragraph with these words. Then listen and check.
1 Jane is Patrick daughter.
daughter parents sons Io19- is Palyiqk's dq1r,Lgl1lq1
2 Liam is my brother son.
66 HeIo. My name's Jane. This is ]enna. She's
my' . These are my 3 Who's Anne sister?
famie and ]ack. My s
are Patrick
and Moira. 4 What's üo'r, pno"" nu-berZ
) )
Complete the sentences about the family tree with
these words. 5 Is this lerry car?

¡aughter daughter 4at#er granddaughter b Are ro, a,u* Uroii".Z

grandfather grandmother grandmother
grandson grandson mother
6 Read the sentences. Write P (possessive 's) or ls.
1 Jerry and Jenna are ft tllrr_
and dnrtghtcr 1 Who's Patrick?
2 Moira and Jenna are 2 lack's family is from lreland.
and 3 Anya's car is red.
3 Moira and jamie are 4 She's my sister.
5 Is this your car? It's great.
I Patrick and Jack are
6 Is your cousin's name Mike?
r Moira and Jane are 7 Pronunciation possessive 3
* t.¡Z Listen and repeat the sentences from
Exercise 5.
Grammar possessive 3
4 Look at the photo. Choose the correct option. 8 Dictation possessive 3, contractions and
1 Grace is Carol's granddaughter / grandmother.
2 Sam is Grace's son / father. a *:: 1.38 Listen and write the questions.
3 Grace is Kate's sister / daughter. 1
f Carol is Sam's mother / daughter. 2
5 Harry is Grace's grandson / grandfather. J
6 Harry and Carol areSam'sfathers / parents.

b Write your own answers to the questions in

Exercise 8a.


3b Celebrations

4+ 1.39 Listen again and write the ages in words'

VocabularY months 1

1 Write the missing months' 2

1 JanuarY, FebruarY' J

2 APt\\, , June

J , November, December 4
4 July, August,

Write the months with:

Listen and resPond ages
1 thirtY daYs:
Respond with
S t.¿O Listen to three questions'
2 thirtY-one daYs: your own lt'otds'

' Ho* old are You?
l'm twentv-seven'

VocabularY ages 6 VocabularY extra weddings

3 * f .39 Listen and complete the questions' the sentences with
Look at the photo' Complete
1 How old
these words'
2 Hor'r'old wife
bride groom husband
3 How old
4 How old
1 Sam is the
5 How old 2 Linda is the
Ceorge and Sandra are
Thev're Sam's Parents'
Unit 3 Families

Gramm ar his, her, our, their

7 Read about the people. Complete the paragraphs with his,her, our andtheir.

Naomie Harris is from l'm Sarah and this is
London. mother my brother Mike. We're
is from Jamaica. Australian. parents
father is from Trinidad. are from New Zealand.
mother is from
Queenstown and
father is from Wellington,

Arnold Schwarzenegger Venus and Serena Williams

is Austrian and American. are American
parents are from parents are from the
Austria. United States.
mother is from Michigan
and father is

Emeli Sandé is from Mo Farah is British.

Great Britain father is from
mother is English and Great Britain
father is from mother is from Somalia.

I Grammar extra quest¡on words

Look at the grammar box. Then complete the
Whafs your address?
ühen's your birthday? 1', 's Sarah's brother's name?'
Where are you from? 'His name's Mike.'
Who's Naomie Harris?
]Iow old are you?
2 '. .. ............. ...
.'s Venus Williams?'
'She's Serena's sister.'
's Emeli Sandé's birthday?'
'It's in July.'
old is Mo Farah?'
'He's thirty.'
5 ' .. . is Naomie Harris's mother fronl.?'
'She's from Jamaica.'

3c PeoPle in EuroPe
VocabularY adiectives Reading and listening People in
1 Match the oPPosite adjectives'
3* f .41 Read and listen' Complete the article
1 big a rich
these words.
2 old b small
3 poor c young aqe British five French old Young i

Complete the sentences with the words

Exercise 1.

1 This car is
§ffi§§:w §
ln Great Britain, slx per cent of the
people are not i
1 . Three per cent of the people
are frqm i'
four per cent of'
European Union (EU) .o'nt'iet' ln London'
people arez . ....... :. . !

from EU countries'
2 These peoPle are ln lceland, six per cent of the people are
3 . The average
These peoPle are
is thirtY Years -old'

ln Spain, . .. per cent of the people are froi

aren't The average a9
countries. They
thirty-two Years old.

3 This man is GlossarY

average (adj) /'averId3/ usual

Grammar irregular Plural noun

Write the plural of these nouns' Then write
(R) or irregular (I)'
1 child
4 This house is
2 countrY
3 fami§
4 man
5 Person
6 woman

5 This keY is 5 Word focus at

Choose the correct oPtion'
1 Is Your cousin at / in this Photo?
2 f'nnnot qt /
3 We're at / in awedding'
]ane and Tom are at /
4 inhome todaY'
5 My friend's wedding is at / inParis'
Unh 3 Famffies

3d Congratulations
Vocabu lary special occasions
I Look at the photos. Write the occasions.
a new baby a wedding
a wedding anniversary an engagement

Real life special occasions

2 & l.+Z Complete the conversations with the
expressions. Use one of the expressions more than
once. Then listen and check.
a Congratulationsl
b Happy Birthday!
c HappyAnniversaryl

1 A: MumlDadl
M: Oh, thank you!
A: Twenty-five years. Wow! Real life giving and accept¡ng
2 B: ]ack and I are engaged!
C: 4 * t .44 Putthe conversations in order. Then listen
and check.
B: Thank you very much.
C: \vVhen's the wedding? 7a Oh, thank you very much.
B: In June. b You're welcome.
c Hello, Maria. This is for you and Oscar.
ts E: Thanksl 2 a It'sapleasure.
1ar D: How old are you today? b Oh, that's very kind.
E: I'm 95! c F{i, Daisy. Come in!
D: Here's a small present. d This is for you.
E: Oh, thank you.
5 Listen and respond special occasions and
I F: And this is Naomie. presents
G: Ah, she's beautiful. * t.+S Listen to five sentences. Respond with
F: Thank you. We're very happy. your own words.
Pronunciation exclamations We're engaged!

&'l.qZ Listen and repeat the expressions from

Exercise 2.

3e Best wishes capital
4 Write the card. Use these words' Check the
Writing a greetings card letters.

1 Writing skill contractions best wishes from happy anniversary!

laura and george sandra
* t.¿S Listen to six sentences' Listen for
contractions' Write / (contraction) or X (no
L ,,,,,,,,,,-

3 .. 6

2 Write the full forms of these contractions'

1 aren't
2 he's
3 I',m
4 isn't
5 they're
6 we're
7 wttat's
8 when's
9 who's
10 you're
3 Rewrite the sentences with contractions
possible. the capitai
5 Write the card. Use these words' Check
1 What is his address? letters.

alex congratulations from love

2 It is not their wedding armiversary'
martina and jeff new son! on Your
, d;i;;;;;;;;";;,;---
4 TheY are engaged'

""* "iJ;';;;;t"
6 What is vour sistet's name?

t il

Unit 4 Cities
4a In the city
Vocabulary Places a town
1 Complete the Places. 10 inf

2 Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 1' 3 Pronunciation extra words with c

1 The Bois de Boulogne is a famous a * t.¿Z Listen to these words. Is the c like k or s!
, fi, i":ii#;;;; ;#
car park
3 centre
3 The Hermitage is a of art and
4 cinema
culture in St Petersburg.
4 My car is in this 5 citY
6 country

b* 1.47 Listen again and repeat the words'

Listening asking about location
¡l É t.¿g Listen to four conversations. Where are & t.¿g Listen again. Look at the map. Match the
the places? Circle the street. letters (a-d) with the places.
1 Express Café Kent Street / Narfolk Street 1 Express Café
2 bus station Kent Street / Norfolk Street 2 bus station
3 market Kent Street / Norfolk Street 3 market
4 bank Kent Street / Norfolk Street 4 bank

| I

Etr l.l

mar prepos¡tions of place 7 Dictation prepositions of place

Look at the map again. Write sentences with the a & f .49 Listen and write the sentences.
prepositions in, near, next to and opposite. 1

1 the information centre / Norfolk Street. 2

The'inJ"g.ymqlion qenfr_e_ is_ in NgfA.llf S_trye-t, a

2 the bus station / Norfolk Street 4

b Look at the map again. Are the sentences in

3 the Express Café 1 the museum Exercise 7a true (T) or false (F)?

4 ,,*;;;/;il#;;¿;;--- 8 Listen and Iocation

5 the information centre / the bank


* @-'
4b Tourist information
Gramm ar this, that
this and that'
1 Look at the pictures. Complete the conversations wtl]n

Good afternoon. ASSTsTANT: Goodmorning'

Hi.Is a timetable for rouRrsr: Hi. Is a maP of the citY?

ASSTsTANT: Yes, it is.

trains to London?
ASSrsrANr: No, it isn't. It's for trains to the TouRrsr: Great, thanks'
ASSISTANT: The London train timetable is on
the wall.

th lól 4 Write the days in the calendar in order'

2 Pronunciation
* t.St Listen and repeat these sentences'
1 The bank is oPen.
2 This is London.
3 That's the river.
4 See You therel
5 They're in Rome.
6 What's this?

Vocabulary daYs of the week

3 Write the days of the week'
15 t duy
2 e. n day
3 Teday
4 r dav
5 hrdaY
6 o day
7 S day

Unit 4 Cities

Reading tourist information Look at the photo of a tourist. Where is she?

Choose the correct option.
5 Read the information. Answer the questions.
She's in a street / a building.
1 What's the place?
Put the words in order to make questions.

2 Where is it? a is / where / that / ?

3 Is it open on It¿""aryi b it/ when/open/is/?

c open / it / today I ,1"-:-,

d l¡aap/on/it/the/is/?

e of / this street ,/ the name / is / what / ?

* t.SZ Complete the conversation with the

questions from Exercise 8. Then listen and check.
woMAN: Excuse me. 1

MAN: It's Newbury Street.

woMAN: OK. Thanks.Is the Old Market in this
MAN: No, it isn't. It's in Main Street.

Grammar question words MAN: It's in the centre of the village.

6 ttatch the two parts of the questions. MAN: Yes ... here.
1 \A{rat are we? woMAN: Great. a

I tr{here is this building famous? MAN: I{o, it isn't. Today's Monday.

I When is this building? WOMAN:
{ \AIhY is the market open? MAN: Every day, but not Mondayl



Listening and reading time in
4cTime zorres Ethiopia
5 sE: Listen and read about Ethiopia. Answer
Vocabulary the time the questions.

1 Look at the clocks. Write the times. 1 Where is Ewan Jones?

E @ff| !'
nt1qe tetlentY-t'iae'
2 Where is his office?

@ , i;';;n;';;; ;';;';i;;;

tr @ 4 What are the two time systems in Ethiopia?

tr M Read the article again. Label the clocks'

East Africa Time traditional Ethiopian time

Listen and resPond the time E@ GreenwichMeanTime

* l.S¡ Listen to six questions. Look at the clocks'

Respond with the times.
What time is it, Please?
It's eight o'clock.

Fwan Jones is a

scientist, He's in
Addis Ababa is the
capital of EthioPia,
Dictation times and daYs
Ewan's office is in
* t.S¿ Listen, and wri-te the times and days' London,lt's midday
1 The City Park is oPen everY d", in London (Greenwich ..r,,,.
MeanTime) and it's
three o'clock in the
2 The City Bank is oPen from
to . It is oPen afternoon in Addis Ababa
from to (East Africa Time), But for "' ,,'-'- '' la.
some peoPle in EthioPia, it's j

3 The Royal Cinema is open every day' It is

open from nine o'clock -
it's nine hours
after sunrise,The traditional
4 The Italia Café isn't oPen on Ethiopian clock is twelve
hours from sunrise to sunset, §É¡
Word focus of
and twelve hours from sunset ;

Add o/to these sentences' to sunrise, MidniUht, East

1 What's the name this building? AfricaTime is six o'clock in traditional
2 What's the caPital France? Ethiopian time - six hours after sunset.

3 Is that a maP the citY centre? Glossary

sunset (n) /'s,rnset/
sunrise (n) /'s,tnrarz/

4 This is a photo mY familY.

5 I'm from the United States America'

Unit ¡1 Gties

4d Two teas, please

Vocabulary snacks Real life buying snacks
f Complete the menu with these snacks. 2 * t.56 Complete the conversations with the
expressions. Then listen and check.
cake coffee fruit juice mineral water
7 a No, thanks.
salad sandwich tea
b Two cakes, please.
A: Hi. Can I help you?
C: I

A: Anything else?
C: 2
A: OK. Five euros, please.
a No, thanks.
b Large.
c Can I have a coffee, please?
A: Hi. Can I help you?
A: Large or small?
A: Anything else?

3a Anything else?
b OK. Here you are. Eight euros, please.
c Can I help you?
C: A mineral water and two teas, please.

C: Yes. A fruit juice.

C: Here you are.

Pronunciation linking with can

$ t.SZ Listen and repeat these sentenceswith cnn.

1 Can I help you?

2 CanI have a coffee, please?

4 Listen and respond buying snacks

* l.SA Listen to the questions. Respond with the
Can I help you?
Can I have a caffee, Please?

1 a coffee 4 small
2 twofruitjuices 5 a sandwich
3 a mineral water 6no

4e See you soon
2 Grammar extra adjectives
Writing a Postcard
} eolecllves
1 Writing skill and Adjectives are the same for singular and
plural nouns'
The café is great.
Rewrite the sentences witll and'
The cafés are great.
1 Our hotel is small' Our hotel
Otu'ltotel is snnLl aYd Ylicg' Look at the grammar box' Then write a sentence
for each pair of words.
2 Our hotel is near the old city' The hotel is near
the sea. 1 shops / greaf

2 museum / famous
The Grand Bazaar is old. The Grand Bazaar
famous. / beautiful

4 markets / big
4 The coffee's great The food is great too
5 hotel / new

5 The people are nice. The people are friendly' o p*opr* I r. ",-tatY

3 Complete the Postcard with these words'

6 The Topkapi Palace museum is great' The
Hagia SoPhia museum is great' and great hello here in is

near you

... ..... trom lurKeyl

We're' Ist0nDUl I

our hotel is nice. It isn't big lt's

......... twd nuseL'-s - the

Hogio 3ophio rnuseurn

the ToPkoPi Poloce museum lstonbul
' Dta\

The Grond Bozoor is o morket

' '
it's old ond fomous

----==--*-.===.= ==,=..=:i

Learning skills assess your progress
f Complete the progress questionnaire for Units 1-4.

o Tick (/) the option that is true for you.

My progress in Units 1-4 is:
Excellent I Good f OK f] Not very good tr
o listening
reading lrlriilfi¡'¡ftii"l.-

writing EASY ,li'i' ilttH.*$l$$

speaking ililÉiiiili,r+t}"ffi$

vocabulary EASY

o Complete the sentences for you with words from part 2.

I need to review:
Student's Book Units 1-4

Workbook Units 1-4

@ What is your focus in Units 5-8? Write two words from part 2.

2 fina seven four-letter words and one six-letter V E Y P L E A S E E
word in the word square. Complete the sentences.
1 Excuse me. Is the market near
o T L E N E B X o Y
? N H a B T P C o G T
2 Is London Road?
J What's the of this street?
4 The car park is the bus M S H E L P M E G E
E o R W J S K N P A
5 When is the bank ?

6 What is it?
W o Y I J D o S L R

7 Tr,vocakes,... . B I U o a H E R E V
8 Can I you? A I

o A Z E o C S R I A