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50 Random Facts About

Human Body You Should

50 random facts about Human body you should know
A great compilation of random 50 facts (general knowledge questions and answers) about Human
body you should know.
A human skeleton compared to a gorilla skeleton ~~ Image via:

 What is the estimated no. of cells that the human body is composed of?
Ans: 37.2 trilion
 What is the amount of blood contains in the human body?
Ans: 5-6 litres.
 With how many bones the human skeletal system is composed of in adult age?
Ans: 206
 What is the largest organ in the human body?
Ans: skin
 What is the largest gland?
Ans: liver
 How many blood groups in the ABO system?
Ans: 4
 How many chambers in the human heart?
Ans: 4
 What is the average blood pressure of human being?
Ans: 120/80 mmHg
 What is the weight of the brain?
Ans: 1.36 kg
 What is the name of covering of central nervous system?
Ans: meninges
 Which part of the brain controls anger, fear, body temperature?
Ans: hypothalamus
 Which part occupies 80% of the brain?
Ans: cerebram
 what is the function of retina?
Ans: to create reflection of an image
 what is the master gland of the body?
Ans: pituitary gland

Human skeleton ~~ Image Via:

 what is the amount of urine that a healthy human passes each day?
Ans: 1500 ml
 what is the Ph of urine?
Ans: 6
 what is the weight of heart in an average human being?
Ans: 300 gm

Heart ~~ Image Via :

 what is the covering of heart?

Ans: pericardium
 How many ribs in the human thorax?
Ans: 12 pairs
 What is the percentage of calcium stored in the bones?
Ans: 97%
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 Which acid is secreted from stomach?
Ans: HCl
 What is the amount of gastric juice secreted from stomach daily?
Ans: 2 litres
 What is the mixed gland of the human body?
Ans: pancreas
 What is the function of thrombocyte?
Ans: hemostasis
 Who invented human blood grouping system?
Ans: Carl Landsteiner
 What kind of blood is carried through artery?
Ans: oxygenated blood
 What is the function of hemoglobin?
Ans: transport oxygen
 Who invented Insulin?
Ans: Edward Sharpy Schafer
 What is considered as the ‘Power house of cell’?
Ans: Mitochondria

Mitochondrion structure ~~ Image Via

 What is the brain of the cell?

Ans: Nucleus
 Who is the father of anatomy?
Ans: Aristotle
 In which muscle we can find ‘intercalated disc’?
Ans: cardiac muscle
 Hoe many vertebrae are there in the human boby?
Ans: 33
 Which bone is called ‘beauty bone’?
Ans: clavicle
 Which is the longest bone in the human body?
Ans: Femur
 What is the length of stomach?
Ans: 25 cm
 How many teeth are there in the human body in adult life?
Ans: 32
 Which part of the human body produces voice?
Ans: vocal cord
 Which nerve is responsible for olfaction?
Ans: olfactory nerve
 What is the covering of lung?
Ans: pleura
 Which is the common pathway in between respiratory and gastrointestinal tract?
Ans: pharynx
 What is the equivalent part of penis in female body?
Ans: clitoris
 What is the cause of hardness in erected penis?
Ans: Increased blood
 What is the cause of Diabetes mellitus?
Ans: insulin deficiency
 What is the sex hormone in female?
Ans: estrogen and progesterone
 What is the secretion of lacrimal gland?
Ans: Tear
 What is the common but dangerous disease of eye?
Ans: Glaucoma
 In which condition human crystalline lens becomes hazy?
Ans: catarract
 Which is the smallest bone of human body?
Ans: stapes

Stapedectomy ~~ Image Via:

 What is the barrier between middle ear and outer ear?

Ans: tympanic membrane