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Fighting for Justice


2016 Annual Report

Andrea Tokaji
Founding Director
1 December 2016 ABN: 31980868589

Executive Summary

Fighting for Justice Foundation (FFJF) is the only international human rights advocacy lobbying
organisation focused on the eradication of modern day slavery by curbing its demand through law
reform and policy shifts of social norms in the Australasia region, and 2016 has been a significant
year for the work of FFJF.

Fighting for Justice Foundation has been a part of various significant national and international
conferences such as the Justice Conference, the Beyond Festival, the Australasian Lawyers
Convention and the Global Marketplace Exchange.

FFJF continues to advocate for the Nordic Model through advocacy, law reform, lobbying and
government liaison - including government submissions.

Publications in 2016 included three Federal Government submissions, one State Government
submission, a UN Women Submission on sex work policy, a law journal article on “The States Due
Diligence Obligation to Children Harmed by Porn’ in partnership with FFJF’s role on the Porn
Harms Kids executive leadership, and FFJF’s continual role as Director on the Nordic Model
Australia Coalition Board.

Field trips included teaching international human rights principles in a refugee camp on the Thai/
Burma border and three weeks in America meeting with key government, judicial, law enforcement,
community based and NGO stakeholders on the front line of combatting human trafficking in a
jurisdiction that criminalises women and minors who are found to be prostituting.

FFJF has achieved our Merch range of Tees, Totes, Pendants and agents in 2016, compiling The
Rights of Women’s and The Rights of Children’s Handbooks for use at our training seminars, as
well as writing Legal Training Manuals in international human rights advocacy, in the international
crime of human trafficking, in gender equality and in corporate governance.

FFJF launched their on line SHOP Page with FFJF Merch, and the RESOURCES Page with FFJF
Legal Training and Handbooks available. Andrea Tokaji continues her PhD research in this area of
international human rights law looking specifically at the Nordic Model as a potential solution -
through Murdoch University in Perth.

In looking forward, FFJF is continually collaborating with other key stakeholders to ensure the
advocacy, lobbying and law reform for victims of gender-based violence continues through national
campaigns, educational prevention diversionary programs, through data capture and through
outreach projects.

In believing that our world should - and CAN be free from gender-based violence through gender
empowerment and respect, and in believing in FREEDOM from all forms of exploitation, gender
based violence and discrimination, FFJF seeks to continue to provide avenues of FREEDOM
support for survivors, facilitate social awareness and challenge existing norms, through working
collaboratively with existing services to provide holistic care in a therapeutic environment to
encourage long-lasting holistic rehabilitation, identity re-formation and gender-based support.

We are so excited for what 2017 will bring - will you partner with us and be a part of the challenge
of curbing human trafficking in our lifetime?

Andrea Tokaji - JD LLM PhD Candidate

Executive Founding Director
1 December 2016 ABN: 31980868589
The History and why Fighting for Justice Foundation Exists:

Fighting for Justice Foundation is the only international human rights advocacy lobbying
organisation seeking to curb the demand of human trafficking in the Australasia region.

Even though Andrea has advocated for trafficked persons in the Australasia region and for the
Nordic model since 2009, FFJF was set up in February 2014, and did not begin it’s business
operations until February 2016.

FFJF was set up as there is a gap in the market for addressing the demand that creates trafficked
persons. The current anti-trafficking organisations work on a ‘raid, rescue and rehabilitate’ model.
Although this model may be necessary, it would not be the only approach. Prevention, diversion
and a curbing of the social norm of violence against women should be prioritised - in order to
prevent human trafficking and vile against women - before it even begins.

The raid, rescue and rehabilitate model has received much criticism for causing harm and re-
traumatising trafficked persons in Aziza Ahmed and Meena Seshu’s publication titled: ‘We have the
right not to be rescued …. when anti trafficking programs undermine the health and well-being of
sex workers’ in the Global Human Trafficking - Critical Issues and Contexts international legal

For this reason, as a reflection of the academic commitment of the Founding Director of FFJF
through Andrea’s PhD research on the international crime of human trafficking and how to curb it’s
demand, Fighting for Justice Foundation’s specific focus is to curb the demand of human
trafficking, through the provision of legal training for front line staff on the field, advocacy and
lobbying for victims, law reform to ensure legislation favours victims and the international best
practice model to curb human trafficking, education prevention diversionary programs, data
capture and collaboration with front line organisations to inform government submissions, brothel
outreach programs and the future establishment of a women’s and children’s advocacy holistic
centre to care for those who wish to be rehabilitated from their experiences of gender based

Mission and Vision:

Our Vision is to see organisations trained in international human rights legal standards, equipped
in policy formation, and supported in human rights advocacy and parliamentary lobbying initiatives
so that we can together realise a world which recognises and upholds the dignity and equality of
all women and children, in a world free of human trafficking, and to see the Nordic Model
implemented in Australia as a leading human rights compliant Nation influencing it’s region.
Our Mission is to equip, engage with, and encourage front-liners who work with victims, through
advocacy, human rights training, policy formation collaboration and representation in government
submissions and parliamentary human rights foras.  

This is achieved through:

1. Providing human rights advocacy legal training for NGO’s and law enforcement; 
2. Parliamentary lobbying – representing victims and NGO’s at human rights foras; 
3. Government submissions seeking legislative change to implement the international best practice
model – the Nordic Model that deems the exchange of money for sex as violence against women;
4. Public policy formation in collaboration and partnership;  
5. International and National field research and Conference presentations. 
Fighting for Justice Foundation seeks to advocate for justice and freedom for all, speaking
up for those who cannot speak for themselves. ABN: 31980868589

Organisational Chart:

Fighting for Justice Foundation is a relatively new organisation that sees it’s role as unique.

- are a conduit between front-line organisations working with trafficked persons and parliament;
- consult organisations providing them with legal training, policy formation support in accordance
with international and national standards;
- bring educational preventative diversionary alternatives to men and young boys who have, ora
re in danger of being perpetrators of gender based violence;
- provide outreach services to potentially trafficked persons - referring them to relevant support
- work with international human rights organisations in the filed; and
- collaborate with government, academics, lawyers, law makers and policy makers representing
victims of gender based violence with a view of reforming legislation to ensure their legal
protection - and the prevention of future harms.

This really means that as a consultancy organisation with a not for profit arm, our expertise
academically and legally are put into practice through service delivery.

This unique collaborative approach means that Fighting for Justice Foundation utilises various
existing partnerships and forms new ones through our advocacy, lobbying law reform consultancy
work - for the purpose of service delivery and outcomes that ensure the implementation of the
Nordic Model, including the provision of exit programs, Johns; schools, community education and
curbing the demand of the commodification of flesh and the exploitation of women through shifting
social norms.

This can be seen in FFJF’s Organisational Chart below - which is a work in progress: 


1. Corporate Spend
3. Sherry Savage
4. Oh! Buttons
5. Book and
6. Ruby Road

1. Government Andrea
2. Schools Tokaji
3. Churches
4. Community Centres
5. Juvenile Justice
6. Referral Services
7. Lawyers
1. Luci
8. International
2. Amber
Human trafficking
3. Lauren
4. Zoe
ACCOUNTANT 5. Amy ABN: 31980868589

Fighting for Justice Foundation has been working hard in 2016, and we have achieved a lot.


The Rights of Children Handbook October 2016

The Rights of Women Handbook November 2016

The Justice Devotional February 2017

Why I Fight for Justice February 2018

As well as speaking at conferences on the international crime of human

trafficking and the Nordic Model as an international best practice model,
FFJF has written some books for not only revenue raising but also to use
as training handbooks, such as The Rights of Women and The Rights of
Children Handbooks.

These publications will continue, as a Justice Devotional is being written

this summer, as well as the project of starting to write about why I do what I
do - and the personal story of Andrea Tokaji and her family will be written
down and published.


The International Crime of Human Trafficking August 2016

International human Rights Advocacy August 2016

Gender Equality and the Special Rights of January 2017


Corporate Governance Structures January 2017


WA Law Journal Article on “The States Due Diligence November 2016

Obligation to Children Harmed by Porn”
The intersect between Trafficking & Smuggling November 2016 - Conference Paper in Journal

HT and why the Nordic Model is the Solution November 2016 - Conference Paper in Journal ABN: 31980868589

An important part of the work of FFJF is the lobbying, law reform and liaising with government to
ensure that Australia’s laws, in collaboration with regional legislation is consistent with international
human right standards, with the rights of children and women, and that it is victim centred, provides
compensatory mechanisms, that the proceeds of the crime of human trafficking are funnelled into
rehabilitation centres and research, and that there is stronger law enforcement cooperation and
coordination across borders to prosecute perpetrators and protect victims.

Much of this work is done through legal research, policy reform initiatives and through government
submissions, as well as attending government human rights foras and presenting field and
academic research in a practical way.



Federal Submission - Trafficking and Slavery in Australasia Federal Parliament October 2012
Queensland Parliamentary Submission on Human - Queensland 2014
Trafficking and how to curb the crime

Amnesty International Sex Worker Policy Proposal - London 2014

NSW Submission - Inquiry into the regulation of Brothels in - NSW August 2015
NSW Parliamentary Presentation on Organ Harvesting - NSW September 2015

South Australian Submission to Select Committee on the - SA October 2015

Decriminalisation on Sex Work
Federal Submission - Inquiry into Human trafficking - Federal Parliament March 2016
Federal Submission - Inquiry into Gender Equality and - Federal Parliament June 2016
Domestic Violence

Federal Submission - Inquiry into Harm Being Done to - Federal Parliament July 2016
Children Online
UN Women Submission - Prostitution and Sex Work Policy - New York October 2016
South Australian Submission - Prostitution Legislation - SA October 2016

One of the other contributions FFJF was able to make was to submit a recommendations paper on
international standards of anti-trafficking law for India - as they review their legislation in this area
in 2016/17.

Fighting for Justice Foundation continues to look for trusted, like-minded field partners to provide
timely, on the ground case studies,s statistics and facts about the prevalence of human trafficking
in our region.

This is imperative for the integrity of the academic research, law reform, lobbying and advocacy
work undertaken by FFJF in the region - in advising governments and providing legal training. ABN: 31980868589

Conferences are an important part of the work of FFJF - for the advocacy of trafficking victims in
the Australasia region, of the Nordic ‘Model as a solution moving forward, and as a revenue raising
exercise where books and FFJF Merch can be sold and legal training opportunities can be



Fighting for Justice Foundation Seminar – Human - Canberra, August 2012

Trafficking Awareness Campaign
SOS NGO Conference - The reality of trafficked Persons – CANBERRA October 2013
– and how to advocate for them
Sex Trafficking Convictions and Sentencing – Research - October 2013

COSEK Conference - Melbourne November 2013

NGO Conference – The prevalence of human trafficking - Adelaide - August 2013

in Africa and how we can advocate for victims
Unshackled Slavery Conference – The Nordic Model - Melbourne May 2013
Conference of NGO’s representing trafficking victims - May 2013
- The International Crime of Human Trafficking
CFF Conference– Gender Inequality and the Human – Canberra May 2013
Rights Violations of Women
Project Respect Staff Conference and Training- Melbourne - February 2013
Trafficking in Thailand
Child Sex Trafficking Research - March 2014

CFF Conference– Human Trafficking in the Austral-Asia – Canberra November 2014

Region and Australia’s legal response
Destiny Rescue Conference and Staff Training – The Sydney - October 2014
legal frameworks of human trafficking
Training for AFP staff – Human rights law in the context – AFP College Canberra August 2014
of the international crime of human trafficking
NGO Conference– Human Trafficking – The Inadequacy - Melbourne March 2014
of Australia’s Legal Deterrence
NGO Conference – Human Trafficking in the Austral-Asia – November 2015
NGO Conference- Persecuted minorities and their risk of – Canberra October 2015
being smuggled and trafficked
Pakistani Community Conference – Smuggled - Sydney April 2015
vulnerable minorities and how we can advocate for them
- Bangkok March 2015
RLP Global Conference- Representative of Australian
NGOs advocating for Persecuted Minorities
CFF Conference– Freedom of Religion and its impact on – Canberra February 2015
persecuted minorities and free speech ABN: 31980868589


Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy Geneva – April 2015

Conference - presentation on the prevalence of human
trafficking in Austral-Asia and the policy that seeks to curb
its demand.
Training provided for NGO staff – The Crime of human Cambodia - January 2016
trafficking and how we can advocate for victims
Mae La Refugee Camp - Legal training on international - Thai/Burma Border August 2016
human rights principles for refugees
The Justice Conference - Paper on the intersect Melbourne - October 2016
between human trafficking and people smuggling
Beyond Justice Festival - Paper on Human Rights Canberra - October 2016
violations on the Thai/Burma border
Australasian Lawyers Convention in Brisbane - Paper Brisbane - October 2016
on the intersect between human trafficking and people
smuggling and Human Trafficking and why the Nordic
Model is it’s answer presented
Fighting fro Justice Foundation Trafficking - Canberra November 2016
Awareness Seminar

At the Australasia Lawyer’s Convention in Brisbane, I was

able to present on ‘The intersect between people smuggling
and human trafficking’, as well as on ‘Human trafficking, and
why the Nordic Model is it’s solution’.

This was also a rich time in networking, connecting with other

like-minded professionals, and seeking mentorship and advice
on the launch of various FFJF initiatives.

The Beyond Festival in Canberra facilitated my presentation

on my time teaching international human rights principles to
refugees on the Thai Burma border and teaching on the legal
differences between people smuggling and human trafficking,
and why this distinction is important.

I received invaluable positive feedback from my presentation,

as well as made invaluable connections with other
professionals who have caught the vision of what FFJF is

The Justice Conference in Melbourne came with the

opportunity to share about the international rime of human
trafficking on a panel with International Justice Mission, the
A21 Campaign and Stop the Traffic.

This time was also a great conference where the FFJF Merch
was launched and sold for the first time.

Some of the Conferences FFJF spoke at in 2016 ABN: 31980868589

Fighting for Justice Foundation prioritises the annual United Nation Association of Australia
Conferences and UN Women events, panels and Round - Table discussions - to improve our
influence, reach, advocacy, lobbying, research and speaking opportunities.

The international connections within Canberra and within Australia are imperative for the
networking, collaboration, partnerships and information sharing that i required to take place for a
regional research led response to the international crime of human trafficking in the Australasia
region and beyond.

Other opportunities included speaking at Canberra schools on the realities of human trafficking,
people smuggling, the vulnerability of displaced persons, and on the plight of persecuted minorities
and refugees.

Radio interviews on Published Papers, FFJF Events and Field Trips makes for great outreach to
the Canberra and Australian communities.

Presenting Submissions to State and National Parliaments is also imperative to engage with
legislators, human rights bodies and those that require timely, up to date information about the
effects of the international crime of human trafficking has on victims.

Fighting for Justice Foundation will continue these initiatives in 2017, in correlation with field
research on the Nordic Model conducted internationally through Andrea’s PhD research and
partner organisations through which we will provide legal training, policy and governance
consultation and community prevention diversionary education.

These ongoing activities will take place Nationally and Internationally - into regions where
vulnerable populations in supply countries do not have legal training, human right advocacy
awareness or practical skills to curb the demand of human trafficking in their community and
protect their families. ABN: 31980868589

Field trip to Mae La Refugee Camp on the
Thai Burma Border

Travelling to Thailand once again this year was a privilege and a joy.
The community of refugees I stayed with were very welcoming,
hospitable and so open to learning and making a difference in
others’ lives.

Their situation is indeed precarious, with many of them persecuted

minorities having fled violence, threats to their life and well-being in Myanmar, many of the
students I taught international human rights principles to experienced seeing their fathers
kidnapped by the army, their mothers raped, their homes burned down and their siblings even

Within the refugee camp, they experience ongoing persecution, threats to their safety, health and
life - as this camp is part of the trafficking highway in the Asia region and is run by the Thai Army -
who were named as part of the traffickers not only trafficking vulnerable people into the fishing
industry, into sexual servitude and domestic servitude, but also murdering those they had finished

This commodification and exploitation in our region needs to be exposed, discussed, and there
needs to be greater responsibility taken by consumers and corporate entities to ensure they do not
engage with the supply chain of trafficking and enslaved services.

Corruption, an abuse of the rule of law and governments who do not adhere to international
standards of human rights, of protecting and preventing human trafficking and gender based
violence occurring in their countries need to be called out for their irresponsible and criminal
behaviour as part of the global community.

This cannot be achieved without field research, partnerships, collaboration and reporting - for the
integral work of human rights defenders to continue in ur region - brining the plight of these
vulnerable victims to the attention of the Australian Government - as a developed demand nation in
a developing supply region.

My 60 students aged
22 5o 43 - in lectures
every morning and
mock UN Security
Council Meeting
tutorials every
afternoon. ABN: 31980868589
While living with the Karen refugees, I was also able to teach their community leaders and students
about systems of government and discuss the legal and political opportunity to create an
independent state moving forward -as a solution to the ongoing conflict in Myanmar.

While I was there, community leaders were undertaking peace talks, and a ceasefire was called -
but this did not take long, as conflict erupted once again in Myanmar - with the Buddhist Army
killing Christians and Muslims - the conflict is steeped in religious and ethnic persecution.

Although Aung Sann Su Kyi is in power, the Burmese Army retains 75% of the vote in parliament,
according to the Constitution. This creates great impediments for matters for governance, peace
and security. It results in a Military Dictatorship in an era where Myanmar was hoping to achieve
political democracy.

I visited the Karen State on the North Thai border with Myanmar - and found a community so
impoverished, it was incredible. The only existing infrastructure that existed was grass huts.

There were no schools, no hospitals, no state-based services, not even electricity or running water.

For a people group who are peaceful by nature, since 1958,

since the Karen have faced conflict, their solution and strategy
is to retreat higher into the jungle.

Their homes, livestock and even families are burned to the

ground by their opponents, and they have to start again -
building their grass huts once more for basic shelter.

The natural outcome of such a situation is generations of

under-educated, under supported and under valued
communities - who have
been fighting to survive for so
long, they no longer know
what it is to thrive and

The solution to this situation

is not only political - inso far
as concluding peace talks
once for all, and providing the
Karen with their own
Independent State,
but also to re-build
infrastructure, skills
and community-based
services to a people
who have had nothing
for so long.

My visit to the Karen State in

North Myanmar - I crossed
the river and walked half a
day to get to their remote
village to visit this remote
community. ABN: 31980868589

Under the sponsorship of the Vital Voices Global Freedom
Exchange women’s leadership program, I was able to visit and
meet with government officials, including the State Department, the
authors of the Trafficking in Persons Annual Report, judges,
lawyers, law enforcement, community based shelters, rescue services and prevention programs in
Washington DC, New York, and Dallas, Texas.

The Vital Voices Global Partnerships is the preeminent non-governmental organisation that
identifies, trains and empowers emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs around the
globe, enabling them to create a better world for us all.

The Vital Voices Global Network enable women to become change agents in their governments,
advocates for social justice, and supporters of democracy and the rule of law, equip women with
management, business development, marketing, and communications skills to expand their
enterprises, help to provide for their families, and create jobs in their communities, and is at the
forefront of international coalitions to combat human trafficking and other forms of violence against
women and girls.

In partnership with the Hilton Hotel, Vital Voices and various

women leaders from around the globe - including Serbia,
South Africa, Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, the Phillipines,
Thailand, Cambodia, - in various service delivery capacities
through various organisations -we discussed, wrestled with,
contemplated and collaborated on the global issue of
human trafficking and its impact on criminality in all of our

We found much common ground. The fact remains - human

trafficking occurs everywhere in the world, it victimises the
most vulnerable, corruption, greed and demand continue to
fuel this criminal industry that has become so profitable and
so cruel.

In speaking to the CEO of the Dallas Children’s Advocacy

Centre, Justice Peggy Hoffman, the staff at a Child
Protection Rehabilitation Centre, the founder of Genesis
shelter, government officials, law enforcement, survivors,
judges and lawyers on this inspiring trip, I came to value the
impact of prevention education community programs, the
impact of outreach services, and the integral role that
Rehabilitation centres play for victims of gender-based violence.

It is on this trip that the future direction and project focuses for FFJF became clearer and cemented. ABN: 31980868589

Fighting for Justice Foundation was also able to focus on developing a stronger on-line presence
on our website, creating a fit for purpose Facebook Page, and ensuring that FFJF has an on line
SHOP and RESOURCES Page where patterns can interact with us by purchasing FFJF Merch,
books, or booking in legal human rights advocacy training.

Our new corporate look also meant a change in logo, and a dedicated graphic designer in helping
in this important transition of your organisation. Fighting for Justice Foundation would like to thank
Christina Munns of Lakehouse Studios: for the graphic work done
on our new logo, corporate flyers, business cards and on line communication methods.

Further to this work, Christina also designed and developed out training manual cover pages, the
Rights of Women and the Rights of Children Handbooks, and our corporate flyer.

This business partnership has been invaluable in achieving a professional-streamlined look for our
consultancy and human rights advocacy, lobbying and legal training work.

In addition, Fighting for Justice Foundation has narrowed our scope of service provision and
strategic outcomes centred around the implementation of the Nordic Model, and includes a focus
on the implementation of exit services, education prevention diversionary programs, outreach,
legal training, law reform, advocacy and lobbying through on the ground regional research.

On our contact page, FFJF gives an outline

of our service provision and a call to
engage on these specific platforms as
stakeholders, supporters or volunteers. ABN: 31980868589

Fighting for Justice Foundation also reached a great milestone this year in the development of our
own FFJF Merch Range - on sale on-line on our website, as well as at the conferences where we
resent around Australia.

The FFJF Merch includes Tees, Totes, Pendants and magnets.

We would like to thank the partnership of Rebekah Van Der Spek of Book and Sparrow:
www.bookandsparrow.etsy for their consultation and partnership producing there FFJF Pendants.

This FFJF Merch is an integral part of communicating our vision, values, message and heart.
The tag line - “speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves” and “FREEDOM from
all forms of exploitation” are both used for this messaging and awareness raising campaign.

The FFJF Merch is also a great opportunity to raise revenue for the work of FFJF.
100% of the proceeds raised goes directly back into the work of FFJF to curb the demand of
human trafficking in the Australasia region - while advocating
for vulnerable victims of gender based violence.

FFJF is currently looking for a National Marketing, Media

and Merch Manager to manage these activities and
coordinate the administration behind this work.

Please contact us if you know of anyone with this skill set

passionate about curbing the demand of human trafficking
in our lifetime. ABN: 31980868589

In partnership with various partners, Fighting for Justice Foundation held their first Fundraiser for
their international human rights advocacy outreach research work since 2012.

The Friday night began with Amber Nichols singing to us - opening the evening with her sweet
voice. Andrea Tokaji then presented on the realities of human trafficking in our region, and taught
some legal principles to attendees.

Amber Nichols once agains soothed our soul with a moving new song she wrote about the little boy
found washed ashore on the beaches of Turkey while he and his family fled terror and persecution.

Andrea Tokaji then presented the work of FFJF in 2016, and launched various 2017 initiatives -
calling for partnership and support.

There was a raffle, a silent Art auction - with art from contributors such as Katie Olsen, Amy Jones,
Lauren Westcombe, Lyn Ferguson and Lynette.

Amy Jones performed her beautiful song she wrote just for the event titled: Freedom!

The evening continued with delectable deserts, home made punch and thank you gifts for

It was a wonderful opportunity for attendees to sign up to the FFJF newsletter, sign up to volunteer
on a team, and for participants to hear about the mission, vision and projects FFJF launched for
2017. Thanks again to all who contributed and made the night a fabulous success! ABN: 31980868589

Fighting for Justice Foundation is extremely excited to be launching a number of key projects in
2017 that focus on curbing the demand of human trafficking through the implementation of
international human rights advocacy, lobbying, law reform, community based education prevention
diversionary programs, the establishment of rehabilitation facilities in partnerships with economic
empowerment, outreach services, data capture for the purpose of better reporting mechanisms
and legal and advocacy training.

These projects will be undertaken in collaboration and cooperation with various international and
national already-existing service providers, while bringing subject matter expertise and experience
to the international human rights fora seeking to end gender based violence in our region.

In achieving the successful launch and sustainable project delivery in the ACT and replicated
nationally and internationally, FFJF is seeking to set up volunteer teams for these areas of
advocacy. These more specifically include:

Please contact Fighting for Justice Foundation if you, or someone you know has the passion and
heart to see the demand of human trafficking curbed in our lifetime through international human
rights advocacy, lobbying, law reform, outreach, education prevention diversion and through
rehabilitating its victims.

International legal and advocacy training will be provided for your from
a therapeutic holistic health, mental health and legal human rights
perspective, with a unique focus on gender based violence globally.

Being part of the FFJF team also means being connected

internationally with teams on they field engaged in this crucial human
rights work in supply nations. ABN: 31980868589

More specifically, Fighting for Justice Foundation has a vision to launch the following projects in
2017 with trusted team leaders and collaborators:

1. Lobbying - rehabilitation facilities fro women and children

2. Campaigns - Nationally led men led pledge campaigns

akin to Ashton Kutcher’s in the USA pushing back on
current social norms of violence against women

3. Advocacy - for the law reform and implementation of

victim centred legislation for women survivors of gender
based violence

4. Education - prevention diversionary programs for front

line services and those who may benefit from a cognitive
behavioural re-education program

5. Legal training - for front line organisations and staff

6. Data Capture - to better inform research, reporting,

submissions, lobbying and law reform initiatives

7. Marketing, Media and Merch - focus on producing material

that will lead to further discussions of these matters in the
public sphere

Fundraising will be imperative for these projects, corporate

donors and sponsorships -whether it is services, resources or
time in-kind received or direct finances - as well as securing
government grants, hiding fundraising dinners and so on.

Each of these seven initiatives requires a team leader and their

team to assist in the execution of these national and international
led campaigns.

In addition to the above, Fighting for Justice Foundation will continue their regional filed research,
legal training, human rights advocacy training and implementing some of the above initiatives to
ensure victim centred policy approach as well as perpetrator diversionary options - particularly for
young offenders of gender based violence.

This will be the focus of Fighting for Justice Foundation’s work in Cambodia, Thailand and the
Philippines in 2017 - through field partners. ABN: 31980868589


In concert with already - existing men-led pledge campaigns such as

the “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” Campaign run by Ashton Kutcher in
the USA, and the “Prostitution, We Don’t Buy It” Campaign in Ireland
led by Tom Meagher - Fighting for Justice Foundation is seeking to
partner with male Ambassadors to lead the way in this cultural shift of
existing social norms that normalise the commodification and
exploitation of women and girls.

This pledge campaign calls on men to stand up and declare that they
do not want to see women and girls bought or sold - that from now on,
they pledge not to take part in this industry as a consumer - whereby
demand is created for women and girls to be exploited trafficked and

This nation-wide campaign will be launched on International Women’s

Day 2017 through various partner organisations across Australia - at a
one hour Male Ambassador led rally, with a keynote speaker, an artist
performance and the call for men across the city to sign a petition in
front of their parliament stating that they no longer wish to see women
bought and sold in their lifetimes.

The ultimate goal is for us to see a world celebrating gender and differences within that - eradicating all forms of gender
based violence. We need to make a stand against the demand industry that fuels the supply of the buying and selling of
women and girls - we need to stand in solidarity with men to say that there is a better alternative.

As a man, I pledge to celebrate and respect all of the women in my life.
This is impossible if our society continues to buy sex.
I reject the idea that a person can be sold, traded or bought for my personal sexual gratification.
I believe that it is impossible to respect a person I have paid for.
Buying sex is buying people. People cannot be owned.
I pledge to promote the empowerment of women and choose to support and extend full dignity to women instead.
I pledge my support for the introduction of the Nordic Model in Australia - in recognition of the urgent need to
provide peace and security for all women.

If you would like to be a part of this cultural revolution, contact Fighting for Justice Foundation today so that you can
coordinate with the organisation in your State or Territory around the logistics:

We believe that our world should - and CAN be free from Gender-Based Violence
through gender empowerment and respect. In order for this to occur, we need to
work together to challenge existing social norms that facilitate and encourage
gender based violence in our communities. ABN: 31980868589
FFJF 2017 Business Plan:
In our strategic plans moving forward, Fighting for Justice Foundation’s launched 2017 projects are
captured below in the strategic business plan documents: ABN: 31980868589



Operational Costs/ $3,207 Donations $10,000

Overhead Expenses

Infrastructure $3,450 Fundraiser Funds $3,100


Conferences $3,640 Conferences [at a loss in 2016]

Merchandise $4,050 Merchandise Sales $540


Graphic Design Work $2,540 Book Sales None to date

Printing (Books and $1,455 Grants None to date


Business Expenses $5,474 Personal Contributions $9,310

and Marketing

Field Trips $2,300 USA Travel - paid in full $10,000


TOTAL: $26,096 TOTAL: $32,950

Thank you to our partners:

Fighting for Justice Foundation would like to thank our partners in 2016:

1. Graphic Design work - Christina Munns of The Lakehaus Studios:

2. Fair Wear Tees and Totes - Maria Maina of Solliden Clothing:

3. Pendant production - Rebekah Van Der Spek of Book and Sparrow: www.bookandsparrow.etsy

5. Not for Profit Consultancy - Carolyn De Vries of New Way Lawyers:

7. Donors - DEVCON Civil: Sydney Based:

Andrea Tokaji

Juris Doctor GDLP Masters International Law

PhD Candidate - Philosophy Law

International human rights advocate, lobbyist, legal trainer and speaker

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