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Unit 10
Exercise 1:Circle the correct words.
1- Why don’t you go for a walk? You are far too (sedentary / solitary).
2-Martha is very (reasonable / sociable) and has a huge circle of friends.
3- Multi-taskers can( balance / juggle) a number of tasks at the same time.
4-I’m afraid it’s getting late and we really have to( beat / hit) the road.
5- I don’t mind living in a(n) (province/metropolitan) town as long as I can visit the
city regularly.

Phrasal Verbs:
Exercise 2:Complete the sentences with the correct form of these verbs:
bounce -come –do- get -pull -wear
1 If you cut back on entertainment and eating out, you will be able to ________by on your reduced
2 Commuting for two hours every day really__________ me down.
3 Although we thought we were well prepared, we __________up against an unexpected problem.
4 Today’s teenagers are addicted to their gadgets and they can’t___________ without them.
5 The townsfolk___________ together after the flood and helped those who had been hit hardest.
6 Losing his job was just a temporary setback for Gordon; he soon___________ back better than
Exercise 3: Choose the Correct Answer:
1- The climbers were found _________and sound by the mountain rescue team.
a- safe
b -sane
c -sure
d -same
2 -I’m sick of this one-horse town! I wish I lived somewhere __________like Paris.
a- urban
b -suburban
c -metropolitan
d -cosmopolitan
3- How do they manage to keep their heads ________water now that they’ve both lost their jobs?
a -up
b -over
c- above
d -outside
4 -Immigrants often ___________to survive in a new country where they don’t speak the language.
a- clash
b -struggle
c -torture
d -worry
5-You’re very close to achieving your goals, so don’t _____________in the towel!
a -put
b -place
c -throw
d d-ip
6-Ben is very competent and he manages to ______________his family, work and studies very well.
b -fiddle
c -wiggle
d -juggle
7-It was a complicated case and the judge asked to speak privately with ________concerned before
his ruling.
a -every
b -only
c -all
d- many
9 -Henry had to __________everyone in the class to win first place in the history quiz.
a -undo
b -outdo
c -overdo
d- redo