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WE GOT THE BEAT Words and Musie by “Moderate Fast Rock CHARLOTTE CAFFEY A See the poo = ple walk-ing down the ster fall in ine just watch = ing all their feet. — See the kids just get-ting out of school, ‘They can’t wait to hang ~ out and be cool. — Go-Go mu -'sie really makes us dance. Do the po- any puts us in a ance. ‘They don't know — where. they want to go, butthey’ve walk-ing in time, L.2.They got the beat, — Hang a round ‘ilquar — ter after twelve; that's when they fallin Tine 3 We — Do the wa tu = sijust. give us a chance: that's when we fallin line Got The Beat — n 2, D G F Te Coda 6 © c ey go te teat ty ee he hs toys te fea ty ee he BEL sea, ty tea Jah, torte bea A B Coda