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Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart - (1739-179) the pictorial idea of the lapping water and darting trout commission the “Trout” piano quintet (1819) from Schubert, wherein the song theme is used as the Hi ual key: D-flat major, Between 1817 and 1821, Schubert made no fewer than five vers Die Forelle” [The Troutl, Only the list version of 1821 includes the piano introduetion which se Die Forelle Franz Schubert (1797-1828) An earlier version inspired an amateur cellist (© Andantino set of clecorative variations in the fourth movement. The poet and musician Schubart is remembered principally as founder of the Augsberg journal Die deutsche Chromile and tor his poetry’s connection to Schubert's hnuisic. ‘The poet Was politically outspoken and served ten years in prison for his ideas that had culminated in a satirical attack on the Duke of Warttembs Die lanisele Fo Voter wie ein Pfeil leh stand! an dem Gestade Und sah in ser Rub Des muntern Fischleins Badk ln klaren Bchlein 7 Bin Fischer it der Rute \Wolll an dem Uler stand Vl sah’s mit kaltem late Wie sich das Fischlein wand. Se hing dem Wasser Helle So dacht ich, nicht gebrichy, So Rings er die Forelle Mit seiner Angel nicht Doh endlich ward dem Diebe Die Zeit 70 lang, Er macht Das Ikichlein tickisch tribe Und eh ich es gedaely, So zuckte seine Rute Das Fischlein zappelt dian, Und ieh init rege Blute Sallie Betroane an, EQwas lebhaft The Trom In a clear brow there darted in joyful baste past, lke an arvow stood on the bark ‘and watched, in sw the merry ttle fsb bath fn the clear brook. A fsberman with bis rod Stood right a the edge ‘and observed, beartlessly bow the tite fish As lang as the clearness of the water sl around So thought His not lack then be wont catch the with bis book but finaly boca iting time to0 long. He the litle brook, maliciously, suddy ‘and before I reali be jerked bis rod he ttle fsb strugueat on i and 1, with quick pulse regarded the betray 2003 fy HAL LEONARD CORFORATION at All Rights Rete — em Biich-lein ni-sche Fo) == Fe pe 4a schoss wohl an m ka — in fro - her dem Ufo bids as 4 - $ $ = : 2 Kin = tl s 3 3 s be — a - = ‘ az Doch end = lich ward dem Die be de Zt = poet eg be ew ye