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BI Publisher Report Time Out At 600 Seconds After Setting The SQL Query Timeout Time = 3600 Seconds In The
Data Model Options, Log Shows XDO.CFG Setting For Parameter max_online_sql_timeout_limit=600 (Doc ID To Bottom

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Oct 4, 2016
Oct 4, 2016
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BI Publisher (formerly XML Publisher) - Version and later

Information in this document applies to any platform.
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Long running BI Publisher reports time out after 600 seconds, even after setting the "SQL Query Timeout" system property to
3600 seconds. Document References
Web Logic Server Is Taking 40
- 50 Minutes Time To Start
After recent patching or upgrades some larger BI Publisher reports begin to time out. [2081673.1]

In the log you may see the parameter max_online_sql_timeout_limit = 600 causing the query to timeout.
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Weblogic Server -
The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps: java.lang.IllegalStateException:
1. Query the DATA MODEL and submit it to run. Response already committed
2. After the specified timeout limit has reached, the issue is observed.
Report Definition Not Found
Error When Using BI Publisher
Web Services [2257488.1]
Exporting of BI Publisher
The issue has the following business impact: Report from one environment
Due to this issue, users cannot carry out their normal operations as per their business needs. to other using script
bringing .xdoz file only but
not .xdmz file [2193227.1]
BI Publisher: BIPCatalogUtil
utility fails to import objects
with special characters in its
CAUSE name [1354784.1]
Failed To Export/Import BI
If the report sql query takes more than 600 seconds, the report fails with a timeout due to the following hidden properties for Publisher Reports Using
adjusting timings for large reports with high query runtime/execution: [2319261.1]
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<property name="server.ENFORCE_CUSTOM_REPORT_SQL_TIMEOUT">true</property>
<property name="server.MAX_ONLINE_REPORT_SQL_TIMEOUT_LIMIT">600</property>  
<property name="server.MAX_OFFLINE_REPORT_SQL_TIMEOUT_LIMIT">3600</property>

These are run time properties added to xdo.cfg file located at xdo repository/admin/configuration folder.

With the above settings the WebLogic Server has a default time out of 600 seconds for each thread that spans for a request.

This was introduced to reduce the number of threads marked as "Stuck" by the WebLogic Server, otherwsie when the number
of Stuck threads reaches 25, the Weblogic server restarts.


To resolve the issue test the following steps in a development instance and then migrate accordingly:

1. Navigate to the following directory:


2. Modify the xdo.cfg file and increase the following properties based upon the sql query runtime for your reports, for

<property name="server.ENFORCE_CUSTOM_REPORT_SQL_TIMEOUT">true</property>
<property name="server.MAX_ONLINE_REPORT_SQL_TIMEOUT_LIMIT">10000</property> 11/2/2017