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Desyana Lilita


First Day

Nurse : Good morning Miss.

Miss Rubi : Good morning, Nurse.

Nurse : What is your name?

Miss Rubi : My name is Miss Rubi.

Nurse : When were you born?

Miss Rubi : I was born in bandung, 12 juni 1995.

Nurse : Are you married?

Miss Rubi : No, i’m single.

Nurse : Ok miss Rubi. Whats your problem?

Miss Rubi : I am feel fever and headeagh nurse.

Nurse : Ok, now i need check to fill in the admission form.

Miss Rubi : Sure, Nurse.

Nurse : Yeah Miss Rubi. Whom should I contact in this case?

Miss Rubi : Just, contact my mother nurse.

Nurse : Ok, that’s enough Miss Rubi. Thank you.

Nurse : Do you have any other movement problems?

Miss Rubi : I get that freezing where i can not move. It’s hard to do some things
because my arms so stiff.

Nurse : What things are particularly difficult for you?

Miss Rubi : It’s mainly things like turning over in bed, reaching out for a cup,
getting up out of a chair and turning round.
Desyana Lilita

Seconds Day

Nurse : Good morning Miss Rubi. How are you?

Miss Rubi : Good morning Nurse. Not very well, i’m afraid Nurse.

Nurse : Miss Rubi. You’ll have some tests done to fine out exactly what’s
causing your problem.

Miss Rubi : What kind of test do i need?

Nurse : It’s a complete blood count. Now i need to take your blood sample
i’d like you to lie down here on the couch, on your back.

Miss Rubi : Any other test?

Nurse : Yes. You will have a barium meal. I will assist you in taking it.

Miss Rubi : So what should i do?

Nurse : Well, let me explain the procedure. This test is to help him get a
picture of the inside of your gullet and your stomach so taht we can
find out what’s causing you these pains there. You will drink a liquid
and the doctor will take a picture.

Miss Rubi : Ok, Nurse.

The next day....

Nurse : Good morning Miss Rubi.

Miss Rubi : Good morning, Nurse.

Nurse : Did you sleep well last night?

Miss Rubi : Not really, i feel feverish. Nurse i need to visit Dr.Handoko. Is he
available now nurse?

Nurse : sure. He is available now.

Nurse : ok, let me check your temperature. It looks like you’ve got a
temperature. Now, i’m going to check your temperature using this
thermometer. I need to place this under your armpit.
Desyana Lilita

Miss Rubi : Ok, Nurse.

Nurse : Just keep it there for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Miss Rubi : What is my temperature Nurse?

Nurse : It is 38,7 i will report this to your doctor. Ok, would you pease
weight on you scale? Keep steady, don’t move. Fine.

Nurse : Ok, fine. You weight 65 kilos. your weight is still in the category
normal. Now, i need to check your blood pressure then...

Miss Rubi : What is my blood pressure Nurse?

Nurse : It’s 120 over 90. It is normally.

Miss Rubi : Ok, thank you Nurse.

And then... After the doctor controls the patient's condition, the patient is
diagnosed with infective hepatitis and there is paralysis of the right foot

Nurse : Good afternoon Miss Rubi.

Miss Rubi : Good afternoon Nurse.

Nurse : Why didn’t you eat your lunch?

Miss Rubi : I feel nausea. May i eat junk food nurse? (showing a pack of KFC)
I like it very much Nurse.

Nurse : According to the doctor’s note, you have to limit you fat
consumption. You know it contains a lot of fat. It will worsen your

Miss Rubi : Ok, Nurse. So, as long as I am in care, should I follow the advice
of the doctor?

Nurse : Sure, as long as it’s on this list.

Miss Rubi : May i have soup for dinner?

Nurse : Ok, let me tell the person in charge.

Desyana Lilita

Miss rubi : Thank you Nurse.

Nurse : You’re welcome.

The fourth day

Nurse : Good morning Miss Rubi.

Miss Rubi : Good morning Nurse.

Nurse : Did you sleep well last night?

Miss Rubi : I’m afraid, not.

Nurse : Have had your breakfast?

Miss Rubi : Yes, Nurse.

Nurse : Did you eat them all?

Miss Rubi : Yes, i did.

Nurse : That’s good.

Miss Rubi : Ok. Thank you,Nurse.

The next day...

Nurse : Good morning Miss Rubi.

Miss Rubi : Good morning Nurse.

Nurse : Did you sleep well last night?

Miss Rubi : Yes, Nurse. Thank you.

Nurse : How is your leg. Getting better?

Miss Rubi : Yes, i think.

Nurse : Well, miss rubi. It’s time for you to practice crutch walking.

Miss Rubi : Nurse, i have never walked with cutches.

Desyana Lilita

Nurse : Dont’t worry. I will assist you. I will give you instructions on how
to walk with crutches. Let me give you an example. Move both
crutches forward together with your right leg.

Nurse : Ok, now would you lie flat on the bed, i need to fit these crutches
with your own body meassurement. Fine, that’s it. Now, get up. Do
you feel dizzy?

Miss Rubi : No.

Nurse : Ok, fine.

Miss Rubi : Okay nurse.