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Character List Quick Quiz

1. Who wears Achilles armor to terrify the Trojans?

 Achilles
 Patroclus
 Menelaus
 Apollo

2. Who wounds Ares and Aphrodite?

 Agamemnon
 Achilles
 Diomedes
 Nestor

3. Which two characters are referred to as the “Aeantes”?

 Great Ajax and Little Ajax

 Diomedes and Odysseus
 Great Ajax and Achilles
 Agamemnon and Little Ajax


4. Who attempts to fight Achilles in one-on-one battle, allowing the Trojan

army to flee inside to walls of Troy?

 Hector
 King Priam
 Agenor
 Paris
5. What does Helen feel guilty for?

 Leaving Menelaus for Paris

 Betraying Achilles in battle
 Sacrificing to the wrong gods
 Having a hand in Hector’s death

Analysis of Major Characters Quick Quiz

1. What is one similarity between Achilles and Agamemnon?

 They both have a great capacity to forgive.

 They are both renowned for their generosity.
 They are both exceedingly stubborn.
 They are both known for their self-sacrificing natures.

2. What one event marks a possible change in Achilles temperament?

 When Agamemnon steals Briseis

 When King Priam brings up his own father
 When he rejoins the Achaean army
 When he fills the river with corpses

3. Who is Hector’s most equivalent military match?

 Paris
 Agamemnon
 Menelaus
 Achilles

4. Which soldier notably expresses sincere love for his wife and children?

 Hector
 Achilles
 Agamemnon
 Paris

5. How does Agamemnon avoid taking responsibility for his bad decisions?

 He blames the Trojans.

 He blames the gods.
 He blames Achilles.
 He kills his critics.

Themes, Motifs, and Symbols Quick Quiz

1. How do others respond to Paris spending time with Helen rather than

 They are proud of him.

 They are jealous of him.
 They think he’s a coward.
 They ignore him.

2. How is war portrayed in The Iliad?

 As gruesome yet respectable and justifiable

 As ultimately empty and unrewarding
 As the only way to prove a man’s love to a woman
 As a matter best left to the gods
3. How is death portrayed in The Iliad?

 As something to be avoided at all costs

 As something inescapable and natural
 As always glorious and legendary
 As the gateway to a glorious afterlife


4. What is the role of armor in The Iliad?

 It is purely protective.
 It has its own specific aura.
 It is forged by the gods.
 It is ephemeral and temporary.

5. What does The Iliad suggest about burial?

 That it is a luxury for the privileged

 That it helps those in mourning
 That it is inconsequential during battle
 That it is necessary for the dead