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Super Control Unit Board Description

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H802SCUN Board
8.6.8 H802SCUN Board

8.6.8 H802SCUN Board

The H802SCUN board is a Super Control Unit Board. It is the core of the system
control and service switching and aggregation. The H802SCUN board can also
function as the management and control core of the integrated network management
system (NMS). It communicates with service boards about the key management and
control information through the master/slave serial port and inband GE/10GE
channel. In this manner, the H802SCUN board configures, manages, and controls the
device, and also implements the simple route protocol functions.

Feature and Specifications

Please refer to "SCU boards Comparison".


Please refer to "Power Consumption and Maximum Frame Size of Boards".

Working Principle
Figure 1 Working principle of the H802SCUN board

The basic working principle of the H802SCUN board is as follows:

 The control module manages the entire board and the service
boards, and communicates with the fan tray through the extended
serial port.
 The power module supplies power to other functional modules of
the board.
 The clock module provides clock signals for other functional
modules of the board.
 The switching module provides the GE port and the 10GE port to
switch and aggregate services at Layer 2 or Layer 3.
 Providing four GE ports for upstream transmission using
ports on the front panel
 Providing two GE/10GE ports for each upstream boards in
upstream transmission
 Providing 16 GE/10GE ports for implementing GE/10GE
switching on each service board
 Providing two 10GE ports for load sharing with the
standby control board(supported in V800R011C00 and later versions)

Front Panel Port

For details about supported optical module, see GE Optical/Electrical Module.

Indicator Name Status Meaning

RUN ALM Running Green: blinks The board functions properly

indicator Red: blinks The board is starting up

Orange: blinks A high-temperature alarm is

(supported in generated
V800R009C00 and later

Red: on The board is faulty

Red and green: blinks The data recovery completes

between red and green
(supported in
V800R012C00 and later
In this scenario, The board replaces
H801SCUL and then both the board
and H801SCUL are instalindicator
in the same chassis.

ACT Active Green: on In active/standby mode, the

indicator board is active

Green: off In active/standby mode, the

board is standby

Green: blinks In load-sharing mode, the board

is standby

LINK Link status Green: on A connection is set up on the port

Green: off No connection is set up on the

ACT Data status Yellow: blinks Data is being transmitted

Yellow: off No data is being transmitted

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