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Areas of Expertise Name / Designation Email Address Telephone School / Discipline
HVAC/HVDC Power Transmission Systems Davidson, Inno - Dr (031) 260 7024 School of Engineering /
Electric Power System Analysis; Smart Grids Eskom CoE Director 073 932 9525 Electrical Engineering
Grid Integration of RE using Power Electronics UKZN EPPEI Coordinator
Special Electric Machinery Design and Analysis EPPEI Supervisor
Control Systems Engineering Agee, John – Professor (031) 260 9111 School of Engineering /
Instrumentation and Smart Grids Smart Grid Research Leader 062 016 2350 Electrical, Electronic &
EPPEI Supervisor Computer Engineering
Electric Power Systems Akshay Saha - Dr (031) 260 2725 School of Engineering /
Real-Time Digital Simulation of Power Systems EPPEI Supervisor Electrical Engineering
Power System Stability and control Tiako, Remy – Dr 031-2601244 School of Engineering /
On-line Dynamic Security Assessment EPPEI Supervisor 071 495 5482 Electrical Engineering
Electric Power System Dynamics Pillay Carpanen, Rudy – Dr (031) 260 1217 School of Engineering /
FACTS Controllers Lecturer Electrical Engineering
High Voltage Engineering Swanson, Andrew - Dr (031) 260 2713 School of Engineering /
EPPEI Supervisor 084 541 0977 Electrical Engineering
Power Electronics and Drives Venugopal, Chitra – Dr (031) 260 2720 School of Engineering /
Artificial Intelligence Lecturer Electrical Engineering
Telecommunication Networks Afullo, Thomas Joachim (031) 260 2730 School of Engineering /
Radio Wave Propagation for Communication Odhiambo – Professor 082 773 2204 Electronic Engineering
Transmission & Radio Communication Systems EPPEI Supervisor
Microwave and Millimetric Communication
Image Processing and Computer Vision Tapamo, Jules-Raymond – (031) 260 1287 School of Engineering /
Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning Professor 078 246 1345 Computer Engineering
Algorithms EPPEI Supervisor
Superconductivity; Material Science Jarvis, Leigh – Dr (031) 260 2742 School of Engineering /
Graphene and Nanotechnology EPPEI Supervisor 083 671 6435 Electronic Engineering

High Voltage Engineering Tony Britten – Adj. Professor (011) 629 5033 Cleveland, Gauteng, 2022
HVDC Engineering Supervisor / Consultant 072 204 6086 South Africa
Power Engineering Gitau, Michael Njoroge – (012) 420-2989 Dept. of Electrical, Electronic
Power Electronics Specialist Professor 083 406 5774 & Computer Engineering
EPPEI Supervisor University of Pretoria
Power Electronics, Drives & Energy Conversion Adam, Grain Philip – Dr 0141 548 2443 Dept. of Electronic & Electrical
HVDC Power Converters Research Fellow Engineering, University of
Power Electronic Applications in Power Systems Supervisor Strathclyde, Royal College
Building, 204 George Street,
Glasgow, G1 1XW, Scotland
Optimization: Modelling, Heuristics and Meta- Adewumi, Aderemi, O – Dr or (031) 260 1176 School of Mathematics,
heuristics solutions to real-world optimization Researcher – Smart Grids , Statistics and Computer
problems including space allocation, scheduling Computational Intelligence Science
and assignment problems. Computational
Intelligence techniques; Swarm Intelligence, AI

Power System Studies Bello, Mobolaji – Mr. 1-865-218-8005 Electric Power Research
Power Delivery and Utilization sector Supervisor Institute Inc. (EPRI)
Grid Code Engineer/Scientist III – 942 Corridor Park Blvd
Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Industry Specialist Knoxville, TN 37932, USA
Interface of RE Systems to Micro-Grid systems, Ojo, Joseph – Professor 1-931-372-3869 Dept. of Electrical and
Studies of the interactions of RE systems – wind Power Electronics Specialist Computer Engineering,
and PV- on the operation/stability of the grid, UKZN Honorary Professor Tennessee Technological
Multi-port converters for grid-to-vehicle, fuel cell, Supervisor University, Brown Hall
batteries and energy storages, UPFC for power (BRWN) 323, 1 William L
systems control, STATCOM for voltage Jones Dr, PO Box 5004,
regulation and reactive power dispatcher for Cookeville, TN 38505, USA
wind-turbine enhanced power systems.
Smart Grids, Computational Intelligence Venayagamoorthy, Kumar – 1-864.656.5936 Dept. of Electrical & Computer
Synchrophasors Professor Engineering, Clemson
Real-Time Power & Intelligent Systems Smart Grid Specialist University, 303-D Riggs Hall
UKZN Honorary Professor Clemson University,
Clemson, SC 29634, USA

High Voltage Engineering Ijumba, Nelson – Prof University of Rwanda, Kigali,
HVDC Corona / Partial Discharge UKZN Honorary Professor Rwanda
Power Systems Dynamics Rigby, Bruce – Dr EtalumiSe (Pty) Ltd
Real-time Digital Simulation Industry Partner
High Voltage Engineering / Power Electronics Bussy, Eamon Riccardo –Mr Dept. of Electric Power
EPPEI Partner University Engineering, Durban
Supervisor University of Technology
Electric Power & Energy Systems Naidoo, Pat - Professor Dept. of Electric Power
High Voltage Engineering EPPEI Partner University Engineering, Durban
Supervisor University of Technology
High Voltage Engineering / Power Electronics Chetty, Leon – Dr eThekwini Electricity
UKZN Honorary Res. Fellow eThekwini Municipality
Supervisor Durban