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Syed Bakhtiar Hussain

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mobile: 0598769502

Applying for the post of QC / Material Engineer

Professional Experience:

➢ 4 years of Experience in Quality Control, Independent lab, Road projects and Underground
Tunnel Riyadh Metro project, line-3.

Job profile:

➢ Field Quality control and quality assurance according to MS and ITPs.

➢ Checking of incoming materials (physical inspection & test certificates) as per method
statement, Drawing & specifications.
➢ Approval of sources.
➢ Having experience in reading and translating civil infrastructure drawing, specifications, codes
and regulations including laboratory and field tests.


➢ Seeking a position of Material Engineer, Quality Control Engineer (QA/QC), in a construction

company / Consultants where I can utilize my skills according to my education, skills and

Academic Qualification:

➢ B.S (hons) Geology University of Peshawar

➢ HSSC BISE Abbottabad

Work Experience in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

➢ Company : Arabian Company for Engineering Services, Riyadh, K.S.A

➢ Designation : Quality Control Engineer
➢ Project : Riyadh Metro PKG 2 Line 3
➢ Client : RMTC
➢ Contractor : ANM
➢ Duration : December-2015 to till date

➢ Quality control of fresh concrete both visually and site quality control tests like temperature,
consistency, air content, yield according to ASTM standards.
➢ Supervision of casting and curing of cylinders and cubes for compressive strength and durability
carried out according to ASTM and BS standards.
➢ Making sure proper delivery of site samples (concrete, mortar, grout, soil) to lab.
➢ Non-Destructive testing related to concrete such as Rebound hammer, Ultrasonic pulse
velocity, Core cutting of concrete, Flexural test of concrete, Split tensile test of concrete etc.
➢ Inspection of grout for Anchoring, Micro piles and leakages by monitoring its temperature, flow
and casting of cubes for compressive strength.
➢ Monitor and report in relation to quality assurance ensuring that off-site testing and
certifications are valid.
➢ Wet shortcreting both site inspection and panel for cores.
➢ Inspection of Mortar and CMUs for masonry work (walls and plastering). Pull off test for
➢ Casting of Perimeter and internal walls, Slabs, Beams, Columns, Stairs and Shafts.
➢ Involved in flow ability and passibility tests of SCC by inverted cone, j-ring, and v funnel.
➢ Waterproofing.
➢ Monitoring of installation of anchors and bolts.
➢ Back filing and site compaction FDT by core cutting, sand replacement and nuclear density as
well as laboratory compaction tests (standard and modified proctor).
➢ Keeping record of activities and maintaining Excel sheets.
➢ Coordination with contractor’s and consultants QC Engineers, Site Engineers and Civil

Work Experience in Pakistan:

➢ Company : Al-Kasib Group of Engineering Services Peshawar Pakistan (Ages)

➢ Designation : Material Engineer
➢ Project : Reconstruction of 70 Schools and 13 Km Road in Malakand division
➢ Client : USAID
➢ Duration : Jul 2013- May 2015


➢ To participate in the quality control of materials including all the laboratory and field testing,
acceptance of used materials, checking and accepting all remedial and corrective measures.
➢ Participate in construction quality control.
➢ Supervise, participate and direct sampling and testing of all materials according to the contract
and the specifications.
➢ Analyze the test results in a timely manner and recommend action to the Senior Resident
➢ Maintain records of test results and all corrective actions taken.
➢ Ensure inspection and checking of all delivered materials to site for conformance to the project
requirements and approval.
➢ Review and provide recommendations to the Senior Resident Engineer in relation to approval
of contractor material submittals
➢ Provide supervisory oversight of contractor’s materials testing activities and witness testing
both in the laboratory and on site.
➢ Process materials inspection requests within defined timescales and ensure robust records of
inspections are maintained.
➢ Monitor and report in relation to quality assurance ensuring that off-site testing and
certifications are valid.
➢ Completing, checking, and processing tests and reports.
➢ Making QC recommendations.
➢ Ensuring that field laboratory is responsible for the technical requirement.
➢ Assisting in preparing inspection, embankments, concrete, and pavement.
➢ Checking and reporting on compliance with specifications requirements for compaction,
gradation, mix proportions, strength, etc., in construction of embankments, structure,
pavements, and incidental item.
➢ Establishing laboratory and field testing procedures.
➢ Analyzing foundation conditions.
➢ Developing and implementing schedule for test frequency, test coverage on all contracts and
supervising and directing.

Computer Skills:

➢ Arc GIS
➢ Internet
➢ M S office

Language Skills:

➢ English
➢ Urdu
➢ Pashto
➢ Arabic


Imran Malik Arbinda Patra

QC Manager Senior QA/QC Engineer
Salini Imprejilo ,Al Riyadh New Mobility (ANM) Al Riyadh New Mobility (ANM)

(Syed Bakhtiar Hussain)