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20 Quotables: "When it comes to leadership: only ask others to

do something you are willing to do yourself" (p 78).

"“The abundance of challenges is not the issue.  It’s
how we respond to them that matters”  (p. xi). “Sometimes the greatest distance we have to travel
is the distance from our mouths to our feet.” (p.
"Leadership is an affair of the heart" (p. xiv). 78).

“Every day is opening day” (p. 8). "Begin with the end in mind" (p. 97).

“Leadership is not about personality; it’s about “Search your past to find the reoccurring theme in
behavior” (p. 15). your life” (p. 108).

“Leadership is dialogue, not monologue” (p. 17).

“Leaders find the common thread that weaves the
fabric of human needs into a colorful tapestry” (p.
"Leadership is a relationship.  Leadership is a 119).
relationship between those who aspire to lead and

those who choose to follow" (p. 26). "When it comes to excellence, it's definitely not
'What gets rewarded gets done'; it's 'What is
“If you don’t believe the messenger, you won’t rewarding gets done' " (p. 156).
believe the message” (p. 38).

"Credibility is the foundation of leadership" (p.

“Everyone performs better when they take charge
of change” (p. 169). Challenge
"Big things get done by doing lots of small things"
“DWYSYWD: Do What You Say You Will Do” (p. 178). by Mary Kudla & Cristina Montagna

(p. 41).
  "You can't do it alone" (p. 197).
"Leadership is a means of personal expression.  To
become an exemplary leader, you have to express "Leaders accept and act on this paradox of power:
yourself in ways that are uniquely your own" (p. you become more powerful when you give your For more information,

56).  power away" (p. 221).  visit www.leadershipchallengereview.
5 Important
2. Inspire a Shared Vision

Inspiring a shared vision requires

Leadership leaders to learn from the past,

4. Enable Others to Act

navigate the present and envision the

future (think with the end in mind).

For a leader to enable others to act,

 This shared vision can be developed

1. Model the Way they must foster collaboration among

In order for leaders to effectively into an organization’s purpose, but

constituents, by creating trust and

“model the way,” they must help their agin, requires that a leader listen
promoting collaborative relationships.

team in developing a set of shared his/her constituents, embrace their

 This requires strengthening

values, that are clearly defined and aspirations for the future, and involve
constituents by surrendering power to

foster collaboration.  In creating them in this process.

them, fostering accountability, and

shared values, the leader must be

providing them with necessary

authentic and committed to being 3. Challenge the Process

institutional resources and support, in

guided by their personal values, as

effort to build their competence an
To ensure that change within an
well as stressing the common values
organization happens, a leader must
among their constituents.  As part of
proactively search for innovative
leading the way, the leaders must not
opportunities.  This does require that 5. Encourage the Heart

only align their actions with their

leadership become ubiquitous within
In effort to encourage the heart of
shared values, they must also guide
the organization, involving all
their constituents, leaders should
their constituents to do the same.
constituents.  As innovations can come
recognize their contributions by

Reference: from anywhere, outsight (consideration

of external forces), learning through

showing appreciation and

personalizing recognition.
experimentation (trial and error), and
Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. Z. (2017).

The leadership challenge. Hoboken, building upon small successes, must

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also be considered.