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D10R ®

Track-Type Tractor

Engine Model 3412E
Gross Power 493 kW 661 hp
Flywheel Power 433 kW 580 hp
Operating Weight 66 001 kg 145,507 lb
Shipping Weight 47 819 kg 105,423 lb
D10R Track-Type Tractor
The D10R combines power and efficiency with advanced technology for outstanding
production at lower cost-per-yard.

Engine Cooling System Drive Train

✔ The 3412E engine performs at 433 kW The Advanced Modular Cooling Combines power and efficiency with
(580 hp) with a high torque rise of 21%. System (AMOCS) combines higher advanced technology for outstanding
When matched with the torque divider cooling capacity with easier servicing. production at lower cost-per-yard. pg. 6
and field proven power shift transmission, AMOCS allows the D10R to be
it will provide years of dependable operated efficiently in the most
service. pg. 4 demanding environments. pg. 5

Keypad Electronic Steering and Transmission Blade and Ripper Controls

✔ The keypad allows the operator to ✔ This Caterpillar designed and
access and acknowledge machine and Electro-hydraulic controls feature low manufactured system provides smooth,
system information provided by VIDS, effort buttons and levers that can one handed, Finger Tip Control (FTC)
activate automatic dozer functions, access increase the productivity of even the of steering and transmission. Low-effort
gauge values, customize factory settings most experienced operators. Operator controls can reduce cycle time for
and change operator preferences on the can preset blade pitch angle for dig, improved production rates. pg. 13
message center module. pg. 11 carry and dump segments of dozing
cycle, further increasing productivity.
pg. 12

Undercarriage Structures
The elevated sprockets move the final Mainframe is heavy, strong and durable.
drives above the work area, isolating them Full box sections, steel castings and
from ground impacts. The suspended continuous rolled rails provide durable
undercarriage puts more track on the support to the suspended undercarriage,
ground for higher traction and less elevated final drives and other integral
slippage. It also absorbs shocks for a frame components. pg. 16
smoother ride and longer machine life.
pg. 15

Engineered for demanding work.

The D10R’s durable construction is
made for tough working conditions.
It keeps material moving with the
reliability and low operating costs
you expect from Caterpillar tractors.

Power Train Integration Operator Station Vital Information Display System
The Caterpillar Data Link System ✔ The comfortable, efficient control deck ✔ The Vital Information Display System
electronically combines engine, encourages top output. Controls are low- provides the operator with continuous
transmission and brake information to effort and easy to reach. Cat® Comfort real-time feedback on machine and
optimize overall tractor performance. Seat provides proper support and system operation. The reliable, easy-
pg. 7 automotive comfort. The front, side to-read monitoring system also records
and rear views from the seat are performance data for assistance in
exceptional. pg. 8 diagnosis and fast troubleshooting.
pg. 10

Work Tool Attachments

The variety of bulldozer blades, rippers
and other options allow you to adapt the
D10R to match your specific application.
pg. 14

Serviceability and Customer Support

Major modular components are designed
for excellent serviceability, allowing
fast in-field component exchange. pg. 17

✔ New Feature

The 3412E engine performs at 433 kW (580 hp) with a high torque rise of 21 percent.
When matched with the torque divider and field proven power shift transmission, it will
provide years of dependable service.

The Hydraulically-Actuated
Electronically Controlled Unit Injection
(HEUI) System. A unique and proven
high-pressure, direct injection fuel
system. The electronic control module
monitors operator and sensor inputs to
optimize engine performance and fuel
efficiency. The HEUI system is unique
in its ability to independently control
injection pressure over the entire engine
operating speed range. These features
allow the 3412E to have complete
control over injection timing, duration
Stellite-faced Valves. Cat stellite-faced and pressure.
Caterpillar® 3412E Engine. Performs at
valves, through-hardened crankshaft
full-rated net power of 433 kW (580 hp) Meets Emissions Regulations. HEUI
journals and steel-backed, copper-bonded
at 1800 rpm with a high torque rise of fuel system incorporates rate shaping
aluminum bearings help assure reliable
21%. The large displacement and high technology which modifies the heat
performance in the toughest duty.
torque rise allow the D10R to doze release characteristics of the combustion
through tough material. Longer Life Components. Components process. Exhaust smoke is significantly
live longer because oil-cooled pistons and reduced through precise, electronic
Twin Turbocharging and Air-to-Air
full-length water-cooled cylinder liners control of fueling limits and injection
Aftercooling. Provides high horsepower
provide maximum heat transfer. The timing. These features combined with
with increased response time while
cylinder heads also utilize additional the twin turbocharging and air-to-air
keeping exhaust temperatures low for
coolant passages to provide maximum aftercooling of the 3412E engine allow
long hours of continuous operation.
cooling to the rear of the engine. it to meet worldwide emissions
Service. Easier maintenance and repair regulations for the Environmental
Dealer’s Exchange Program. Cat dealer’s
through monitoring key functions and Protection Agency (EPA), the European
exchange program for major engine
logging critical indicators. Electronic Union (EU) and the Japan Ministry of
components can shorten repair time
diagnostic access is possible with a single Construction (JMOC).
and lower costs.
tool, the Electronic Technician (ET).
Steel Spacer. A steel spacer between
the block and head eliminates the need
for block counter bores, extending
block life.

Cooling System
Superior cooling in the most demanding work conditions

AMOCS Servicing. AMOCS servicing

can be performed without tilting the
radiator guard.
• No need to remove or replace a
major component as on single-core
• Each core module can be replaced
individually (without removing the
entire radiator), saving considerable
cost and repair time.
Cooling Elements. Individual core
modules are connected to a sectioned
bottom tank. There is no top tank
to remove.
• 9 steel fins per 2.5 cm (1 inch).
• Brass tube construction within
each core.
Demand Drive Fan (Optional Attachment)
• Engine Control Module (ECM)
regulates engine fan speed through
a multi-disc fan clutch.
• Fan speed varies according to
specific engine cooling
• Increases available horsepower by
reducing parasitic load.
• Fuel Efficient.
• Reduced spectator and operator
sound levels.
Advanced Modular Cooling System Two Pass Cooling System. Circulates
(AMOCS). Utilizes an exclusive two coolant from the sectioned bottom • Reduced wear to fan blades and
pass cooling system and increased tank up through one side of the cooling radiator in high abrasion dust
cooling surface area to provide element and down through the other conditions.
significantly more cooling capacity side, returning it to the bottom tank.
than conventional systems.

Drive Train
The D10R drive train provides maximum efficiency in combination with the
Caterpillar 3412E engine.

1 5


Torque Divider. A single-stage torque Planetary Power Shift Transmission. Steering Clutches and Brakes. Are fade
converter with output torque divider Has three speeds forward and three resistant and adjustment free. The multi-
sends 75 percent of engine torque speeds reverse, utilizing large diameter, disk, oil-cooled steering clutches are
through the converter, 25 percent high-capacity, oil-cooled clutches. hydraulically applied and electronically
through a direct drive shaft for greater controlled. The brakes are applied by
• Modulation system permits fast
driveline efficiency and higher torque springs and hydraulically released for
speed and direction changes.
multiplication. safe, reliable braking performance.
• Modular transmission and bevel gear
The torque converter shields the Elevated Final Drives. Are isolated from
slide into rear case for servicing ease,
driveline from sudden torque shocks ground and equipment induced impact
even with ripper installed.
and vibration. loads for extended power train life.
• Oil-to-water cooler for maximum
1 Ring gear • Crown-shaved drive gears provide
cooling capacity.
smooth, quiet, low maintenance
2 Flywheel
• Forced oil flow lubricates and cools operation.
3 Sun gear clutch packs to provide maximum
• Splash lubrication and Duo-Cone
clutch life.
4 Planet gear Seals extend service life.
5 Turbine
6 Impeller
7 Output shaft

Power Train Integration
The Caterpillar Data Link System electronically combines engine, transmission and brake
information to optimize overall tractor performance.

Cat Data Link

Control Circuit
Hydraulic Circuit

11 6
8 4
12 10 5

13 7

Communicating. These components • Access to diagnostic data is made easy 1 Electronic Technician (ET)
work to optimize overall power train through the use of a single service 2 Caterpillar Data Link
performance, reliability and component tool — Electronic Technician (ET)
life for reduced power train operating cost. software package. 3 Caterpillar Vital Information Display
System (VIDS)
Cat Data Link. Electronically connects • ET accesses data stored in the engine
4 Engine Control Module (ECM)
the engine and transmission controls and transmission controls via the
to provide benefits such as controlled Cat data link. Information can be 5 Demand Control Fan
throttle shifting which regulates engine retrieved by ET. (Optional Attachment)
speed during directional shifts for 6 Fan Speed Sensor
• ET is also a powerful diagnostic
smoother operation and longer (Optional Attachment)
tool. It replaces 13 mechanical tools
component life.
to perform functions like cylinder 7 Odometer Sensor
Improved Diagnostics/Serviceability. cut-out checks, injector solenoid 8 Control Throttle Shifting
The electronic engine, transmission and test, and timing calibration.
implement controls provide enhanced 9 Finger Tip Control Module (FTC)
diagnostic capability. The ability to store 10 Electronic Clutch/Brake Control
both active and intermittent indicators Module (ECB)
simplifies problem diagnosis and total 11 ECTC Transmission Control
repair time, resulting in improved
mechanical availability and lower 12 Transmission
operating costs. 13 Steering, Clutch and Brakes

Operator Station
Designed for comfort and ease of operation.

4 5

Cat Operator Station. Continues to set 1 Low Effort Finger Tip Controls (FTC). 4 Throttle Rocker Switch. Throttle
the standard for comfort, convenience Are easily accessible and provide sure, rocker switch simplifies operation.
and visibility. The D10R cab keeps the precise maneuvering with enhanced High or low idle is delivered with
operator alert and productive throughout operator comfort. FTC module with the touch of a finger.
the work day. padded armrest is adjustable to
5 Electronic Dozer Control Lever.
accommodate different size operators.
Clear Panoramic View. Angled seat, A low-effort, comfortable-to-grip,
tapered hood and “notched” fuel tank 2 Cat Comfort Series Seat. The Cat electronic dozer control handle
give the operator a clear line of sight to Comfort Series seat is fully adjustable gives the operator control of all
the front and rear work areas. View hole and designed for comfort and support. dozer functions with one hand.
in the single shank ripper frame improves The seat and back cushions are thicker
6 Electronic Ripper Control. The rigidly
ripper tip visibility. Large single-pane and designed to reduce pressure
mounted hand grip remains stable even
door windows allow the operator to see on the lower back and thighs while
when ripping in the roughest terrain.
close-in to each side without leaning. allowing unrestricted arm and leg
movement. Retractable 75 mm (3 in) Attachment Deactivating Switch. Turns
Comfortable, Non-tiring Operation.
wide seat belt provides positive, power off to the dozer and ripper controls.
Standard isolation-mounted cab reduces
comfortable restraints.
noise and vibration, maintaining an 7 Keypad. Allows the operator to
internal sound level under 81 dB(A) per 3 Cat Vital Information Display System. access and acknowledge machine
ISO 6396. The cab is pre-wired for a The Vital Information Display System and system information.
12 volt or 24 volt radio, and equipped provides instant real-time feedback
with two speakers, antenna and radio to the operator on machine and
mount recessed in the headliner. system operations. The reliable,
easy-to-read monitoring system
also records performance data for
diagnosis and troubleshooting

Vital Information Display System
Electronic monitoring system continuously watches machine systems and alerts operator
to abnormal conditions.

1 2 3

The Vital Information Display System 3 Message Center Module. Provides The Message Center Module also utilizes
(VIDS). VIDS provides the operator a variety of component and system the standard Caterpillar three-category
with continuous real-time feedback information through a universal warning system to alert the operator of
on machine and system operation, and analog gauge and a digital message a serious or critical abnormal machine
includes three levels of operator alert. readout display. The switchable condition.
The reliable, easy-to-read monitoring message center allows the operator to
In standard operation the first line of
system also records performance data access information on several machine
information in the message center is
for assistance in diagnosis and fast functions through the universal gauge,
status and the second line of information
troubleshooting. while digitally displaying the function
is a selected gauge parameter.
name, status and related instructions
The system consists of three display
to the operator. The alert indicator lamp is also located
on the message center. It is activated by
Examples of system information are:
1 Gauge Cluster Module. Consists the main system module and flashes to
of four electronically driven analog • Engine oil pressure, engine boost indicate a serious or critical abnormal
gauges which display engine coolant pressure condition.
temperature, transmission oil
• Power train oil temperature An alert alarm is activated by the main
temperature, hydraulic oil
module to sound when a critical
temperature and fuel level. • Main hydraulic pump pressure
abnormal condition exists.
2 Speedometer/Tachometer Module.
Includes an analog tachometer and
gear/direction readouts.

Activates features at the touch of a key or accesses settings using menu keys.

The keypad also contains several

utility keys used in conjunction with
the function keys:
• OK key allows the operator to
accept a text prompt or menu
choice — the equivalent of
answering YES to a question.
6 3 7 4 5 It is also used to acknowledge
events and snooze event
1 2
• Forward and Backward keys allow
the operator to scroll through various
levels of information within a menu.
• More key allows the operator to
view greater detail of an event,
feature, or menu selection.
• Cancel key cancels the current
Keypad. Keypad allows the operator to 4 Set Pitch Key. Set pitch key changes menu selection and reverts back
access and acknowledge machine and preset blade pitch angle for load, carry to the previous menu level.
system information provided by VIDS, and dump segments of dozing cycle
activate automatic dozer functions, in conjunction with auto pitch function.
access gauge values, customize factory
5 Machine Set Key. Machine set key
settings and change operator preferences
changes preset dozer control response
on the message center module.
to either standard, fine or fast.
The easy-to use keypad works in
6 Menu Key. Menu key changes
conjunction with VIDS, allowing the
message center preferences, views
operator to view details from alert
acknowledged and logged machine
messages for assistance in diagnosis and
events, accesses current machine
fast troubleshooting. The keypad consists
stats, shows dozer attachment
of eight active keys that enable the
options, views test display and
operator to perform the following
calibrates gauges.
7 Setup Key. Setup key customizes
1 Auto Pitch Key. Auto pitch key
settings for up to twenty permanent
activates auto pitch function with
operator ID accounts, saves shift
“on” and “off” toggle switch and lights
settings, recalls setup and clears
up indicator on panel when enabled.
2 Float Key. Float key activates float
8 Single Tilt Key. Single tilt key changes
function with “on” and “off” toggle
operating mode from dual tilt to single
switch and lights up indicator on
tilt for improved pryout capability.
panel when enabled.
3 Gauge Key. Gauge key accesses
message center gauge analog
parameter values.

Electronic Steering and Transmission Controls
Combines steering, machine direction and gear selection into a control system which
is operated with one hand, for enhanced operator comfort and increased productivity.

3 Gear Selection. Is made by two buttons

to the right of the machine direction
knob. The top (up-shift) button shifts
the machine transmission to the
next higher gear while the bottom
(down-shift) button shifts to the
next lower gear.
4 Parking Brake Switch. Electronically
locks ECB system and transmission
2 control.
Automatic Shifting. Features easier
3 upshifts and downshifts which can
increase operator productivity, reduce
fatigue and shorten cycle times.
Operator’s Choice. Operators can
choose between manual shifting or the
automatic features, depending on the
application and the operator’s preference.
Auto Shift. Allows the operator to go
from first forward to second reverse
when making a directional change.
Auto-Kickdown. Automatically
downshifts the transmission from
second forward to first forward when
a significant increase in load is detected.
This is especially useful for rough
applications and can improve the
productivity of a less skilled operator.

Finger Tip Controls (FTC). Are clustered Operator Adjustable. The FTC
for easy, one-handed operation to the module is adjustable up/down and
operator’s left. They control steering, fore/aft to operator preference for
machine direction and gear selection. additional comfort.
1 Electronic Clutch and Brake (ECB) 2 Machine Direction. Machine direction
Steering System. Consists of two is controlled by a pivoting knob
small levers which send signals that actuated by the thumb of the left
control the steering valve. Levers hand. Rotating the knob upshifts the
require less than 3 pounds of pull machine transmission to forward.
to actuate. Steering is accomplished Rotating the knob down reverses the
in much the same way as traditional machine. The middle setting puts the
clutch and brake arrangements but machine transmission in neutral.
with less time and effort.

ECB Steering System lets the

operator work more precisely
in close areas, around structures,
obstacles, grade stakes, other
machines and on fine grades.

Blade and Ripper Controls
Low effort, automatic control functions significantly reduces operator fatigue for increased

1 7

6 10

3 5

Automated Blade Assist (ABA). A semi- 11 Thumb button selects doze segment. Ripper Control.
automatic dozer control function that First hit actuates carry (lays the blade
17 Rigidly mounted hand grip provides
increases efficiency and reduces operator back), second hit actuates auto dump.
firm support for the operator even
workload by automating some of the
12 Thumb button returns blade pitch to when ripping in the roughest terrain.
more common blade functions. The ABA
“ready to carry”.
system for a dual-tilt tractor consists of 18 Low-effort thumb lever controls
AutoPitch. 13 Auto pitch indicator. ripper raise and lower.
AutoPitch. Allows the operator to 14 A set of operator preferences can 19 Low-effort finger lever controls
preset blade pitch angles for optimal individually take and sort through shank in and shank out positioning.
performance during the dozing cycle: nine ID accounts via an easy-to-use
10 Thumb button activates auto raise
one setting each for load, carry, spread keypad.
and stow feature.
and return. Once the AutoPitch key
15 Float indicator.
is activated on the VIDS keypad, the
operator can then select the dozing 16 Single tilt indicator.
segment by pushing the yellow button
on the left side of the dozer handle.

Work Tool Attachments
A variety of attachments provide the flexibility to match the machine to the job.

Rippers. Single and multi-shank rippers

are made to penetrate tough material
fast and rip thoroughly for use in a
variety of materials.

Single Shank Ripper. Operator can

adjust the shank depth from the seat
using an optional single shank pin
puller. Large upper frame view hole
improves ripper tip visibility. Heat
treated spacer bars in ripper carriage
extend pocket life and reduce shank
notching. Large one piece shank is
available in deep rip configuration.
Multi-shank Ripper. Tailors the tractor
to the material by using one, two or
three shanks.
Bulldozers. The 10SU blade, rated at Single Lever. Controls all blade
18.5 m3 (24.2 yd3), and the 10U blade movements, including the optional Hydraulic Pitch Adjustment Cylinders.
at 22.0 m3(28.7 yd3) make full use of dual tilt. Hydraulic pitch adjustment cylinders
the D10Rs power. vary the shank angle to get the best
Cutting Edges and End Bits. Cutting penetration so the material is lifted
Dual Tilt Option. Improves load control edges are DH-2 steel. End bits are DH-3 and shattered.
and allows the operator to optimize the to provide maximum service life in
blade pitch angle for each portion of the tough materials. Rear Counterweights. Rear counter-
dozing cycle. weights provide proper tractor balance
to maximize dozing production.
Recommended if other rear attachment
not specified.
Winches. Contact your Caterpillar Dealer.

The Caterpillar elevated sprockets are designed for better machine balance
and component life.

Suspended Undercarriage Design. Roller Frames. Roller frames are Positive Pin Retention (PPR) Sealed and
Suspended undercarriage design tubular, to resist bending and twisting, Lubricated Track. Designed for high-
absorbs impact loads to reduce with added reinforcement where impact and high load applications. The
the shock loads transferred to the operating loads are the highest. PPR exclusive Caterpillar design locks
undercarriage by up to 50 percent. the link to the pin.
• Roller frames attach to tractor by a
Bogie Suspension. Bogie suspension pivot shaft and pinned equalizer bar.
conforms more closely to the ground to
• Large pivot shaft bushings operate
provide up to 15 percent more ground
in an oil reservoir.
contact, especially in hard, uneven
terrain. Higher traction means less • A low friction, no maintenance
slippage, better balance, and a bushing is used in the saddle
smoother ride. connection.
• Aligned to use more of the available
wear material, running the track to
the outside of the rollers in forward
and to the inside in reverse.

Engineered to provide durability and the solid support necessary for maximum production
and service life.



Mainframe Strength. The D10R 3 Top and Bottom Rails. Are continuous 5 Pivot Shaft and Pinned Equalizer Bar.
mainframe is built to absorb high rolled sections, with no machining or Maintain track roller frame alignment.
impact shock loads and twisting forces. welding to provide superior mainframe
Tag-link. Tag-link brings the blade
1 Frame Rails. Are full box section, closer to the machine for more precise
designed to keep components rigidly 4 Main Case. Elevates the final drives dozing and load control. It provides
aligned. well above the ground level work solid lateral stability and better cylinder
area to protect them from impact positions for constant pryout independent
2 Heavy Steel Castings. Give added
loads, abrasion and contaminants. of blade height.
strength to the main case, equalizer
bar saddle, front cross member and
tag-link trunnion.

Serviceability and Customer Support
The most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers in the industry.

Heater and Air Conditioner Cores.

Heater and air conditioner cores are
accessible without disconnecting lines.
A diagnostic connector allows the Cat
Dealer’s electronic test instrument to
quickly troubleshoot the electrical system.
AMOCS Individual Cooling Elements.
AMOCS individual cooling elements
allow radiator servicing without major
component removal, saving considerable
time and cost.
Scheduled Oil Sampling. Scheduled oil
sampling is made easy through live ports
for the engine, drive train and hydraulics.
Complete Customer Support. Complete
customer support is available from your
Caterpillar Dealer. Committed to fast,
quality service, with the most complete
parts availability.
Dealer Product Support. Cat Dealers
offer a variety of Maintenance Service
Programs to meet your specific needs.
These include Custom Track Service
(CTS), Schedule Oil Sampling (S•O•S),
Coolant Sampling, Technical Analysis
and guaranteed maintenance contracts
give peak life and performance to
your machine.

Built-in Servicing Ease. Less service Quick Disconnect Fittings. Allow Parts. You will find nearly all parts at
time means more working time. Major for fast diagnosis of the power train, your Caterpillar dealer parts counter.
components are made as modules and hydraulics and attachment oil systems. Cat Dealers use a worldwide computer
most can be removed without disturbing network to find in-stock parts to
Ecology Drains. Provide an minimize machine down time.
or removing others.
environmentally safer method to Cat Dealer’s exchange program
Engine Oil Filters. Engine oil filters are drain fluids. They are included on and genuine Cat Remanufactured
located on the engine for easy servicing the radiator, hydraulic tank and parts shorten repair time on major
access and minimal downtime. Further major power train components. components and lower costs.
time is saved with fast fuel and quick
oil change attachments. Equipped with
a dozer and ripper, the D10R has only
18 lube points.

Engine Transmission

Engine Model 3412E 1 Forward 4 kph 2.5 mph

Gross Power 493 kW 661 hp 2 Forward 7.1 kph 4.4 mph
Flywheel Power 433 kW 580 hp 3 Forward 12.5 kph 7.7 mph
Net Power - Caterpillar 433 kW 580 hp 1 Reverse 5 kph 3.1 mph
Net Power - SAE J1349 428 kW 574 hp 2 Reverse 8.9 kph 5.5 mph
Net Power - EU 80/1269 433 kW 580 hp 3 Reverse 15.6 kph 9.7 mph
Net Power - DIN 70020 601 PS
Net Power - ISO 1585 433 kW 580 hp
Bore 137 mm 5.4 in Undercarriage - Positive Pin Retention Track
Stroke 152 mm 6 in
Pitch 260 mm 10.2 in
Displacement 27 L 1,649 in3
Number Shoes/Side 44
• The following ratings apply at 1800 rpm when tested under
Shoe Type Extreme service
the specified conditions for the specified standard.
Length of Track on Ground 3885 mm 12.75 ft
• Based on standard conditions of 25°C (77°F) and 99 kPa 2
Ground Contact Area 4.7 m 7,326 in2
(29.32 in Hg) dry barometer.
Track Gauge 2550 mm 8.33 ft
• Used 35°C API gravity fuel having an LHV of 42,780 kJ/kg
Width of Shoe 610 mm 24 in
(18,390 Btu/lb) when used at 30°C (86°F) [ref. a fuel density
of 838.9 g/L (7.001 lb/U.S. gal)]. Ground Clearance 615 m 24.2 ft
Grouser Height (from ground 93 mm 3.66 in
• No derating required up to 3500 m (11,500 ft) altitude, beyond
face of shoe)
3500 m (11,500 ft) auto derating occurs at 3% per 1000 ft.

D10R Drawbar Pull Track Roller Frame

kg x lbs x
1000 1000
Oscillation 351 mm 13.8 in
110 250


90 200
1F Service Refill Capacities
Drawbar Pull

150 Fuel Tank 1109 L 293 gal
Cooling System 149.1 L 39.4 gal
100 Diesel Engine Crankcase* 68 L 18 gal
3F Power Train 193 L 51 gal

20 50 Final Drives (each) 23 L 6 gal

Roller Frames (each) 90 L 23.8 gal
0 0 Pivot Shaft Compartment 30.3 L 8 gal
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 mph
Attachment Hydraulic System 120 L 31.7 gal
Tank Only
0 2 4 6 8 10 12 km/h

Speed * w/oil filters

18 D10R Track-Type Tractor specifications

Steering and Brakes Hydraulic Controls
Complete system consists of pump, tank with filter, oil cooler,
Hydraulically applied 392 mm 15.4 in valves, lines, linkage and control levers.
multiple-disk clutches
diameter Attachments - Vane-type pump geared from flywheel
• Brakes meet the standard SAE J/ISO 10265 MARCH99. Output at 1900 RPM and 6895 kPa (1000 psi)
Lift cylinder flow 408 liters/min 108 gpm
Tilt cylinder flow 121 liters/min 32 gpm
Weights (approximate) Relief valve settings
Bulldozer 18 790 kPa 2725 psi
Shipping Weight 47 819 kg 105,423 lb Tilt Cylinder 20 340 kPa 2950 psi
• Includes lubricants, coolant, 20% fuel and ROPS/FOPS cab. Ripper (Lift) 18 790 kPa 2725 psi
Ripper (Pitch) 20 340 kPa 2950 psi
Operating Weight 66 001 kg 145,507 lb
Electro-hydraulic pilot valves assist operations of ripper and
• Includes lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic controls and
dozer tilt controls. Standard hydraulic systems include two
fluids, standard track, ROPS/FOPS cab, optional equipment,
valves for 10SU or 10U bulldozer and tilt.
(10 SU bulldozer, single shank ripper) and operator.
Optional hydraulic control
Two additional valves for ripper function
Standards • hydraulic shank pitch adjustment
• adds 102 kg (226 lb)
• ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure offered by Caterpillar
for the machine meets ROPS criteria SAE J395, SAE 1040
APR88, ISO 3471-1986.
• FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure meets SAE J231
JAN81, and ISO 3449-1984.
• The operator sound exposure Leq (equivalent sound
pressure level) measured according to the work cycle
procedures specified in ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT 98 is 83 dB(A),
for cab offered by Caterpillar, when properly installed and
maintained and tested with the doors and windows closed.
• The operator sound pressure level is under 81 dB(A)
measured according to the dynamic test procedures
and conditions specified in ISO 6396:1992.
• Hearing protection may be needed when operating with
an open operator station and cab (when not properly
maintained or doors/ windows open) for extended periods
or in noisy environment.
• The exterior sound pressure level for the standard machine
measured at a distance of 15 meters according to the test
procedures specified in SAE J88 APR 95, mid-gear-moving
operation, is 86 dB(A).

All dimensions are approximate.

3B 3C 3A 3D

8 7


Tractor Dimensions
1. Track Gauge 2550 mm 8 ft 4 in
2. Width of Tractor
Over Trunnions 3716 mm 12 ft 2 in
Without Trunnions (std. shoe width) 3160 mm 10 ft 4 in
3. Machine Height from Tip of Grouser
3A Height (stripped top) 3217 mm 10 ft 6 in
3B Height (to top of ROPS) 4360 mm 14 ft 3 in
3C Height (to top of FOPS cab) 4102 mm 13 ft 5 in
3D Height (to top of stack) 4538 mm 14 ft 11 in
4. Length of Track on Ground 3880 mm 12 ft 9 in
5. Overall Length of Basic Tractor (with drawbar) 5331 mm 17 ft 6 in
Attachments add to overall machine length:
Single Shank ripper 1760 mm 5 ft 9 in
Multi-Shank ripper 1717 mm 5 ft 8 in
10 SU Dozer 2169 mm 7 ft 1 in
10 U Dozer 2423 mm 7 ft 11 in
6. Overall Length (with blade and ripper) 9360 mm 30 ft 5 in
7. Drawbar Height (centerline of clevis) from ground face of shoe 779 mm 2 ft 7 in
8. Ground Clearance 615 mm 2 ft 0 in

20 D10R Track-Type Tractor specifications

Tag link dozer coupling brings blade closer for better balance and control.

Blade 10SU 10U 10SU ABR 10U ABR

Blade capacity (SAE J1265) m3 18.5 22.0 18.5 22.0
yd3 24.2 28.7 24.2 28.7
Width with blade (over end bits) mm 4862 5263 4862 5263
ft/in 15'11" 17'3" 15'11" 17'3"
Blade height mm 2119 2119 2119 2119
ft/in 6'11" 6'11" 6'11" 6'11"
Digging depth mm 674 674 674 674
in 26.5 26.5 26.5 26.5
Ground clearance mm 1497 1497 1497 1497
ft/in 4'11" 4'11" 4'11" 4'11"
Maximum tilt mm 993 1074 993 1074
ft/in 3'3" 3'6" 3'3" 3'6"
Weight* kg 10 291 10 821 11 121 12 300
lb 22,688 23,856 24,518 27,117
Total operating weight** kg 66 001 66 531 66 831 68 010
(with blade and single shank ripper) lb 145,507 146,675 147,336 149,936

* Does not include hydraulic controls, but includes blade tilt cylinder.
** Includes hydraulic controls, blade tilt cylinder, coolant, lubricants, full fuel tank, ROPS/FOPS cab, and operator.

• dual tilt is optional for improved blade fill and dumping
• cutting edges are DH-2 steel and end bits are DH-3 steel for maximum durability
• dozer lift cylinders mount to top corners of radiator guard to improve mechanical advantage
• single lever controls all blade movements, including optional dual tilt

Ripper carriage and frame designs provide excellent visibility.
Hydraulic tip adjustment cylinders vary shank angle to aid penetration and help lift and shatter rock.

Single Shank,
+Multi-Shank * Specifications are converted from
Single Deep Ripping
British to metric measure and rounded.
Shank Arrangement Arrangement
** Operating weight includes lubricant,
Overall beam width mm – – 2920 coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic
ft/in – – 9'7" controls, 610 mm (24") extreme service
Maximum penetration force* shoe, ROPS cab and operator.
(shank vertical) kN 208 209 205 + Includes one shank. Add 528 kg (1164 lb)
lb 46,715 46,932 45,980 for each additional shank.
Maximum penetration
Note: Single shank, deep ripping
(standard tip) mm 1494 1979 876
arrangement weight includes
ft/in 4'11" 6'6" 2'11"
required pin puller.
Pryout force
(multi-shank ripper kN 482 481 429
with one tooth) lb 108,251 108,013 96,360 Features
Maximum clearance raised • optional single shank pin puller lets
(under tip, pinned mm 927 688 1045 operator adjust shank depth from seat
in bottom hole) in 36.5" 27.1" 41.1" • large one piece shank:
Number of shank holes 3 3 2 100 mm ⳯ 400 mm (4" ⳯ 15.75")
• multi-shank ripper allows variable use
of one, two or three shanks to match
(without hydraulic controls) kg 7137 7573 6919
lb 15,734 16,695 15,253 job conditions
Total operating weight**
(with 10 SU blade kg 66 001 66 164 65 965
and ripper) lb 145,507 145,867 145,427

D10R Track-Type Tractor specifications 21

Standard Equipment
Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for specifics.

Electrical Advanced Modular Cooling System (AMOCS)

Alarm, back-up Blower fan, direct drive
Alternator, 100-amp Controlled throttle shifting
Batteries, 12-volt (2), 190 amp-hour Drains, ecology fluid
Converter, 12-volt, 10-amp Electronic transmission control module
Diagnostic connector Engine coolant heater, 120-volt
Horn, forward warning Grid, sandblast
Electro-hydraulic control, two-valve Guards:
Lighting system, Halogen bottom, hinged extreme service
(2 forward, 2 rear) crankcase, hinged extreme service
Receptacle, starting radiator, hinged
Radiator and fanblast deflector, hinged
Operator Environment Parking brake, electronic
Armrest, adjustable Power shift transmission, ECPC, (3F/3R speeds)
Cab, ROPS Four planet, double-reduction planetary final drives
Decelerator pedal Torque divider
Controls, electronic implement w/lockout
Finger Tip Control (FTC) steering Undercarriage
Governor switch, electronic 610 mm (24 inch) extreme service
Panel guard, instrument grouser with PPR sealed and lubricated track (44 section)
Radio-ready cab Rollers and idlers, lifetime lubricated
Rearview mirror Sprocket rim segments, replaceable
Seat, adjustable contour suspension Suspension-type undercarriage,
Seatbelt, retractable Eight-roller tubular track roller frame
VIDS (Vehicle Information Display System) Track adjusters, hydraulic
w/universal gauges Track guides
Two-piece master links
Power Train
3412E diesel engine Other
24-volt electric start Equalizer bar, pinned
Air filters, dual with precleaner Pull device, front
Enclosures, engine Vandalism protection
Ether starting aid, automatic
Fuel priming pump
Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injection (HEUI)
Mufflers, dual, with rain cap
Turbochargers, twin ATAAC
Water separator

22 D10R Track-Type Tractor specifications

Optional Equipment (with approximate change in operating weight)
Standard and optional equipment may vary. For specific tractor applications, additional
guarding may be required. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for specifics.
kg lb kg lb
Air conditioner, ROPS mounted (R134a) 135.2 298 Operator arrangement, modified
Air conditioner, Fender mounted (R134a) 194 428 (improves visibility and comfort
Armrest, adjustable right 3.6 8 for smaller operators) 18.2 40
Bulldozers: Paint, black hood and cylinders 0 0
Dual tilt cylinders 200 441 Pin puller (for single shank ripper) 84.6 186.5
Rock guards (for 10U blade only) 226.8 500 Pin puller, hydraulic control 4 9
Counterweight: Precleaner, turbine 14 31
Front mounted 2359.6 5202 Prelubrication system, engine 10.6 23
*Rear mounted (basic) 4213 9288 Pushblock (for single shank ripper) 318 701
*Rear mounted (additional weight) 1206.6 2660 *Rippers:
Drawbar, rigid 681.3 1502 Single shank – Standard arrangement 7137 15,734
Fast-fill fuel system for use with: Single shank – Deep ripping (requires
pin puller and hydraulic controls) 7573 16,695
Drawbar or counterweight 40.2 89
Multi-shank (includes one shank) 6919 15,253
Ripper 47 104
Ripper shank, additional
Fan, defroster 6.8 15
(for multi-shank ripper) 528 1164
Fan, demand drive 0 0
Rollers, carrier 570 1257
Guard, rear power train 224 494
Screen, rear 45 100
Heater, engine coolant 108 238
Seat, air suspension 0 0
Heater, fuel 6.9 15
Seat, vinyl 0 0
Hydraulic controls for dual tilt 52 115
Sound suppression, spectator 2.3 5
Hydraulic controls for ripper
Tracks, pair, Sealed and Lubricated:
(two additional valves) 117.5 259
710 mm (28"), PPR Extreme Service 652 1437
Lights, supplemental
2 front, ROPS mounted 10 23 **800 mm (31.5"), PPR Extreme Service 1230 2712
4 front, lift cylinder mounted 56.3 124 Waste disposal arrangement 7707 16,990
2 rear, ROPS mounted 11 24 *Winch arrangement (Dealer installed) — —
2 rear, fender mounted 18.2 40
Low temp start (includes two additional
heavy duty batteries and
additional starting motor) 162 357
Oil change system for quick service to
engine and transmission fluids 8.5 19

* A rear attachment and/or counterweight is recommended for improved performance and balance.
** Requires factory modification if ordered with ripper.
NOTE: All specifications are converted from metric to British measure and rounded, unless otherwise specified.

D10R Track-Type Tractor specifications 23

D10R Track-Type Tractor

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