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MAS 109 Introduction to Linear Algebra Fall 2017

Overview. Linear Algebra is one of the basic subjects that is widely used in computer science,
engineering, chemistry, biology, economics, actuarial sciences and business. The fundamental ques-
tion of this subject is how to solve various systems of linear equations. The primary aim of this
course is to provide applications that are most likely to have practical values to the students with
the modest background rather than theoretical understanding. Among other things, we will cover
matrix algebra including the formula for the inverse matrix, the basics of linear transformations,
diagonalization and three useful theorems on decomposition of matrices, i.e., the LU -decomposition,
the QR-decomposition and the singular value decomposition.
Sec. Time Instructor
AB MW 13:00 Prof. SUH, Dong Youp (Ext2718, E6-1, 3408)
CD MW 10:30 Prof. JiIN, Gyo Taek (Ext2724, E6-1, 4404)
EF MW 14:30 Prof. LEE, Sungyun (Ext2721, E2, 2403)
GH MW 9:00 Prof. HAHN, Sang Geun (Ext2727, E2, 3206)
IJ TTh 13:00 Prof. ROONEY, Brendan (Ext2794, E2, 3203)
KL TTh 14:30 Prof. SUH, Uhi Rinn (Ext2744, E2, 2207)
Course Coordinator. SUH, Dong Youp
Head TA. To be announced Matlab TA. To be announced

Textbook. Contemporary Linear Algebra, H. Anton and R.C. Busby, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Course Site.

Weekly Schedule. (Each week starts on Wednesday.)

Week Topics Remark Week Topics Remark

8/28–9/03 2.1–2, 3.1 10/23–10/29 7.1–3
9/04–9/10 3.2–4 10/30–11/05 7.4–5
9/11–9/17 3.5–6 11/06–11/12 7.6–8
9/19–9/24 3.7, 4.1–2 11/13–11/19 7.9-11
9/25–10/01 4.3–4, 6.1 11/20–11/26 8.1–2
10/02–10/08 6.2 10/3 10/6 Chuseok holiday 11/27–12/03 8.3–4
10/09–10/15 6.3–4 10/9 Hangulnal holiday 12/04–12/10 8.6
10/16–10/22 Midterm Exam 12/11–12/17 Final Exam

Exams. There are two exams, midterm (April 19, 16–19pm) and final (June 14, 16–19pm). Anyone
who misses one or both of these exams will fail the course.
Homework. Exercise problems selected as homework will be posted at the course web site together
with their solutions. You do not have to hand in your homework and instead you practice with them
to prepare for quizzes and exams.
Recitation and Quiz. There will be one-hour recitation class on each week except the first week.
Students must register for one of the recitation classes during the first week.
MATLAB. Every week, MATLAB homework problems are assigned. You do not have to hand in
your MATLAB homework. There will be MATLAB problems in the midterm and final exams and
also in some quizzes.
Attendance. There will be an attendence check for each class from the second week. The method
of attendance check and evaluation depends on each instructor, but each result of attendence check
will add up to the total score for the final grade of the course. Any single cheating of dishonest act
in attendence check will be punished with F on final grade.
Course Grade. The course grades will be based on Midterm Exam (35%), Final Exam (40%),
Quizzes (15%) and Attendance (10%).

(August 23, 2017)