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Herkus M. Laiconas


Pylimo 60 16
Vilnius 01307 I am a software engineering student that is always looking for efficient ways of
Lithuania improving my skills and deepening my knowledge of coding. I have been passionate
about programming since my high school years and enjoyed making apps ranging
from ones that would do my mathematics homework to ones where I could track
my book reading progress and take notes. I believe that programming is the future
and the there’s no better feeling than creating it.
S of twar e En gi neer i ng 2015-Present
Herqsss Vilnius University of Applied sciences


B oo k log
1 Year experience of objective A simple book log that uses a local SQL database to store information
oriented programming in .NET about the books you are reading, your progress and notes.

Knowledge of SQL, HTML, CSS, AE S F ile En cr y pt or

Python Multithreaded file encryptor that encrypts selected files using a 256Bit
Proficient in English key. After encryption it calculates MD5 Hashes of encrypted files and
stores them, so it may notify you if something is wrong.
Swift learner
Ap p “ S mar t G ar de ner ”
Application with a simulation of encyclopedia for plants, diseases and
pests, where the user can select the plants in his garden and receive
information about which plants are bad to grow next to each other if the
gardener does not want to risk mineral deficiency in that part of the
garden, which diseases/pests have a high chance of invading his growing
space and so on. The application also has a functioning login/register
screen and stores data in local SQL database.

Car me cha ni c log

A simple application that stores information about car mechanics done
work using blockchain principles for data validation.

Messa g e ver i f ier

A super simple application that has 2 parts to it, the client and the server.
Client shares his keys with the server and sends a signed message to the
server, server then either approves the message or declines it. Ap p uses
RSA algorithm to sign and confirm the messages.

No te
Everything stated above is in C#, but I can quickly adapt to changes and I
am eager to learn new/popular languages and technolog ies that companies
are currently using.