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Excerpt from 'The Great War – A History of the War to end all Wars'

Written by James A. Thatch

[…] and depending on who you might ask, this war has divided opinions
more than any war, action or person ever did before. While one person will
tell you that it has been a necessary evil to annihilate the so-called 'saviors'
that would otherwise have completely halted progress in human society, the
next person you might ask will say it was the worst decision the Federation
could have made, some even considering it genocide.

The fact remains, though, that what would later be called 'The War to end all
Wars' or 'The War for Survival of the Human Race' has not been without

According to estimates, more than two billion humans have lost their lives in
the 10 year span during which the war has been waged. The continent of
America has been made uninhabitable from the battles that were fought all
across the world, except for the northern parts of what used to be Canada. As
it is usual during wartime, new and advanced weapons-technology has been
created that completely overwhelmed the enemy forces, not only due to its
sheer destructive power but also through its almost unethical way of making
enemies unable to fight for generations to come. Following the use of these
weapons that utilized the fusing of two separate 'Grinure' atoms, named after
Jacques Grinure, a French Scientist who discovered these atoms in 2027,
victory for the Federation was secured on all fronts as a result of most of the
enemy forces losing their will to fight, however noble their cause, against
such overwhelming power.

While the organization that called itself 'The Cause' has been all but
annihilated, except for some stray rebels that still roam most of what used to
be Europe, their beliefs appear to have caught on to the lower classes of
society, where universal discontent about how technological advances have
eradicated most low-paying jobs still reigns surpreme. At all times, there are
smaller organizations that appear to work towards the same goal that 'The
Cause' has worked towards, but in a different manner. The biggest of them
all, calling themselves 'The Reckoning' seem to have deified 'The Cause's'
founders, calling them things as 'Messiahs' or 'The Just Ones' to accentuate
how 'The Cause's' founders have changed society's beliefs for the better.

'The Reckoning' has been amassing followers steadily since the Federation's
victory and despite underground cells appearing all over Federation territory,
the organization known as [...]