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Water Technology Summary

January 2018



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Structured Water: The Basis of Vital Life

The purpose of this section is to describe in general terms the relationship between water structure
and magnetism and the interaction of energized or structured water with the function of living cells.

One08 has developed devices to condition water into a cohesive, living water structure that has
life-affirming effects on soil, biology, plants, animals and humans. The devices use magnetism to
energize and activate the water into a natural structure that is aligned to the health of living cells

Water and biological coherence are fundamental to our energy systems and to optimize health,
vitality and longevity. The science of water structure provides insight to the liquid crystalline
molecular fabric that interconnects all parts and processes within living things. This living matrix
gives a substantial basis for the term holistic and a scientific basis for alternative therapies for humans
and animals (including homeopathy where structured water is used as a base or carrier for other
compounds or elements).

Water structure and energy (including cell polarity) are more critical to life function than the natural
chemical constituents of water. The living world is in equal partnership with biology, the concentra-
tion of negative hydrogen ions (H-), and water.

What is Structured Water?

Restructured water is water that has been activated or energized to permanently hold a negative
voltage (- millivolts). This negative charge (anti-clockwise spin) is also known as female, yang or anti-
matter. Water structuring occurs in nature when water moves in a natural flow of vortexes (left and
right turning or anti-clockwise and clockwise turning). Most wild (pristine) rivers and some springs
produce structured water in the presence of sunlight energy and natural biological conditions. Elec-
trical stormwater is in an energized, negative voltage form before it hits the ground, air particles (eg,
smog) or a surface. Some spring waters are also energized through contact with magnetic forces in
the groundwater rock strata.

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Most water that humans and domestic animals now utilize daily is toxic. This toxic water includes
rainwater that is exposed to air pollution, soil water contamination (soil water for plants), and all the
captured water in dams, tanks and pipes. The limited availability of clean, structured water is now a
major limitation to a healthy life.

The technologies that restore and energize water are designed to enable water to dance to a vortex
frequency that frees or neutralizes the water of its past, vibrational memory (i.e., exposure to human
made toxins in the soil, water bodies and air) and reorganize the molecular structure of the toxins into
life giving molecules or elements. That is, the water returns to its natural, structured state where it is
free of its toxic load. For example, urban water that is restructured and energized will lose the toxic
effects of fluoride and chlorine (through a process of water detoxification and a change to a negative
voltage), as the molecular structures of these compounds are changed by the restored water vibrations.
Similarly, water in human-made structures, such as dams, tanks, pipes, ponds, etc., can be restruc-
tured and energized through technology that replicates water cycling (vortex) processes in nature.

Structured (coherent) water is more-dense and with smaller clusters of the water molecule. For
example, it takes on a different crystalline structure with a less open angle and shorter distance of
the hydrogen ion to the oxygen ion. In this state, water takes on photons of light and releases more
oxygen (negatively charged) and negative hydrogen to living matter (e.g., cells). For example, the
consumption of structured or energized water will activate cell water, replace toxins from cells (i,e.,
structured water cannot attach or hold onto toxins) and increase cell potential for life.

Background Science

Conventional science says that water is just H2O and can exist in 3 phases or states, i.e., liquid, gas
(water vapor) and solid (ice). Recent research says that water can be in a fourth phase or state which
is H3O2. This fourth phase is called the exclusion zone (EZ) because this water excludes things
profoundly, including small molecules (e.g., toxins). The science of the EZ water is discussed in
detail in a book titled The Fourth Phase of Water, by Gerald Pollock. This water occurs in nature as
rain, deep waters (groundwater or deep spring water), pristine river water, and as the cell water of
all life. This water has a negative voltage (mV)/charge and therefore all cell water has a negative

The H3O2 water is biologically vital or life-affirming and this notion has been the center piece of scien-
tific study by Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Boris Derjaguin (physical chemistry of colloids and surfaces),
Dr. Martin Chaplin (structure, function, behavior and properties of liquid water), Dr. Mae-Wan Ho (states of
water), Gerald Pollack (EZ water) and many others associated with water science including Viktor
Schauberger (the vortex science) and Dr. Richard Freynmen (negative charge of the earth).

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This science gave rise to many terms associated with the fourth phase of water, including living
water, living energies, structured water, energized water, activated water, exclusion zone (EZ) water,
etc. These terms acknowledge the amazing anomalous properties of water, including how nega-
tive voltage water is the basis of healing. Dr. Albert Szentr-Gyorgyi famously said that life is water
dancing to the tune of molecules.

However, regardless of this new insight into the science of water, there is very little attention given
to water science in the mainstream of public and private science. The whole idea that H3O2 water or
structured water is not bulk water (H2O) or that it can heal, have homeopathic properties, and some
form of memory is currently beyond the belief system of mainstream science.

Some people on Earth have access to structured water all of the time through glacial melt water, the
so-called sacred or healing spring waters and pristine river water. This paper describes a way of
making your own structured water and enjoying the benefits that natural water brings to all cell life
and therefore to health.

The Effect of Magnetism on Cell Water

The most common approach to energize structured water for health and healing qualities is through
magnetism. The standout research on the link between magnetism and health was undertaken by
Albert Ray Davis (Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System: 1974) and Dr. Robert O. Becker
(The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life). This research jointly confirmed
some critical aspects of the application of magnetism for biological function, i.e., separateness of the
magnetic pole effects on living systems. They found that the positive pole (South on the magnet) is
the signal of a stress or injury in the body and that the negative pole (North on the magnet) governed
healing and normalization of body functions.

It has been known for some time that the earth has a negative charge and the atmosphere (space
above the ground) has a positive charge (magnetic energy from the sun). Humans release excess posi-
tive charge into the earth through physical contact (bare feet or hands) with the earth (e.g., soil or
sand on the beach, etc.) or with plants (e.g., trees). This process is natural and is called Earthing or

This scientific work, particularly by Davis also found that:

• The positive charge is produced by a clockwise spin in water and the negative charge
is a counter-clockwise spin.

• Positive charge produces oxidation, acidification, excitation, activation and stress.

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• Negative charge produces reduction (opposite of oxidation), alkalinity, calmness,
relaxation and anti-stress.

• The pineal gland needs to absorb the earth’s negative charge to release melatonin for
healthy sleep. Melatonin is enhanced by the sun’s red light in the early morning and
diminished by the sun’s blue light in the afternoon.

• Most electro-magnetic energy in the home (TV, computers, and other electrical appliances)
emits positive magnetic signals that diminish body functions, e.g., melatonin, etc.

• The spin of electrons in the body is counter-clockwise with a negative charge and the body water
is predominately a negative charge and therefore the body electricity is negatively charged.

• The flow of blood through the body produces negative magnetic energy. The inhaled oxygen
carries the earth’s negative magnetic energy to cells.
• The body’s negative magnetic energy maintains the buffering system of the cell water pH in a normal
and slightly alkaline state. Therefore, acidic conditions in the body’s cell water promote mental and
physical degradation or deprivation of body functions (e.g., inflammation).

This research confirmed that the excessive build-up of positive charge in the body electricity was
detrimental to health and that exposure to a negative charge promoted healing and general well-
being. This research has enormous implications for the quality and charge of water consumed for
bodily functions.

However, this research by Davis only raised more questions about the links between magnetism and
water in living cells. Since the 1990’s the major focus has been on the structure of water and why
water is a fundamental, life-affirming molecule. In 2015, Dr. Jerry Tennant published the 3rd Edition
of his book Healing is Voltage and his claim that the on/off switch for cancer is the polarity of body
water. In previous publications of his book, Jerry described how new cells are made when the cell
charge is -50mV, and when cell water charge falls to zero mV or into the positive mV charge zone then
disease will occur. Clearly, the negative charge on oxygen has a major role in sustaining high negative
charge at a cellular level and the idea of flooding the body with oxygen is a major strategy in disease
prevention. For example, in the absence of oxygen, the blood glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic
acid and the cell pH then drops to 7 (or zero mV) and finally down to 6.5 or +30mV. In this acidic
zone the DNA loses its positive and negative radical sequence. In addition, the amino acids entering
the cell completely lose their control mechanism. Chromosomal aberrations may occur, followed by
a cascade of cellular degradation (toxicity), including cancer feeding on glucose. Therefore, it is crit-
ical to sustain cellular charge in a high negative (-) mV zone with fresh, natural foods and negatively
charged water.

It is likely that water extracts or attracts from nature the elements or energies (e.g., sunlight energy –
visible wavebands of red, green, yellow and blue) that have an affinity with its structure (e.g., nega-
tive Hydrogen ions, or H-). It is already known that different waters around the world have qualities

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that are claimed to be healing and this healing capacity may be linked to water structure. The discus-
sion below is about the probable link between water structure and health.

Molecular Structure of Water

It is commonly known that water is a simple compound of

H2O and it is the most abundant substance on Earth. Water
is fundamental to life and exists in the atmosphere (as vapor)
and deep inside the Earth’s mantle. Most living things are
comprised of at least 70% water by weight (albeit that 99% of
human molecules are water molecules), and it readily bonds
with other elements through its unique electric dipole in
which the positive (+) and negative (-) charges are separated.
The oxygen carries the negative charge and the hydrogen
carries the positive charge. Hydrogen can bond with other
electro-negative atoms, such as oxygen and nitrogen. There-
fore, water has such a wide diversity of structures and possibilities in nature.

While water is the most studied substance on Earth, it is remarkable that the science behind its
behavior and function is so poorly understood. The small size of its molecule belies the complexity
of its actions and its capabilities. Liquid water’s unique properties and
nature fit ideally into the requirements for life as no other molecule. An
important feature of the structure of water is its capability to change the
angle of the hydrogen ion to the oxygen and the distance of the hydrogen
ion to the oxygen ion.

States of Water Density

The late Wilse Robinson and his group at Texas Tech University Lubbock in the United States revived
the two-states theory of water in the 1980s. By the early 1990s, they could show that the experi-
mental measurements of the density of water over the range of -30 C in the super-cooled region to
700 C could be accurately fitted to the two-states model. They envisaged low-density regions in the
liquid with intermolecular hydrogen bonds.

Liquid water is best described as an intimate mixture of two liquid phases: one that has three-dimen-
sional hydrogen bonding, an open and less dense structure, and lower hydration capability; and one
that consists mostly of hydrogen-bonded chains, with a denser, more compact structure and greater
hydration capability for all life forms.

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X-ray diffraction data on liquid water, and other structural
data on different forms of ice, indicated that high-density
and low-density water (HDW and LDW) differ in bonding in
larger water structures. At ordinary temperatures, liquid water
consists of rapidly inter-converting LDW clusters where the
second neighbour intermolecular O---O distance is 0.45 nm, and
compact, HDW clusters where the corresponding O---O distance
is 0.35 nm. In super-cooled water, LDW clusters predominate,
and hence its volume shrinks when heated, as more and more
HDW clusters form until 40 C, when practically all the clusters
are HDW, and the water is at its maximum density.

Water can have a low density and a high-density structure and Figure 1 – Chaplin’s two-states
is illustrated by Chaplin who developed a 280-molecule icosahedron model of a highly ordered
model that measures 3nm in diameter in its fully expanded form. icosahedral network that
The beauty of the model is that it can convert between a low-density interconverts between the
fully expanded structure (ES) and a high-density collapsed structure fully expanded low-density
(CS) without hydrogen bonds breaking; they only need to bend form (a) and the collapsed
(Fig. 1), with bond strengths about one percent smaller in CS. high-density form (c); with
their respective central 20
Singularly, water ionizes and allows easy proton exchange between molecules (dodecahedral)
molecules, so contributing to the richness of the ionic interactions units (b) and (d).
in biology.

Water Flow

The dynamics of water flow energy and vortex geometry are important factors in the design of water
conditioning devices for a wide range of applications. Water flows or behaves in a predictable vortex
pattern based on its molecular structure and environmental conditions, i.e., space dimensions in a
river or pipe and the effects of external energies such as magnetism and gravity. For example, water
current charge and direction can be influenced by the magnitude of magnetic strength.

The water vortex possesses extremely high and diverse levels of energy that can be utilized for an
abundance of practical applications. The energy potential of vortices is possibly best exhibited by
the most familiar kind of vortex, a tornado. The sheer forces caused by the rapid air velocity at the
vortexial apex of the tornado are evidence of the vast amounts of energy a vortex can generate. The
same principle is true for vortices in a body of water. The energy of the vortices can be used for
several applications by converting the mechanical energy of the vortices to other kinetic energy, such
as electrical energy. That is, moving water creates energy or charge.

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Water flow also has structure or vortex geometry. The
vorticity in a vortex depends on how the speed of the parti-
cles varies as the distance from the axis, i.e., particle speed
is inversely proportional to the distance from the axis.

The fields (e.g., magnetic fields) that operate to organize atomic

structure are the products of spin vortices; it is the spinning
dynamic that creates polarity in all its aspects. (Yurth)

Water Science with Gerald Pollack

Dr. Gerald Pollack has undertaken much of the fundamental science on structured water and his findings
and ideas can be summarized as follows:

• Water has a fourth phase called exclusion zone (EZ) and is structured as H3O2 .
• EZ (structured) water has a negative voltage and is the water in all cells.
• EZ water occurs in natural waters and has a blue or green tint (fluorescence).
• EZ water is good for your health and the function of cells.
• EZ water has a spectral waveband peak in the 270 nanometers or UV region. The more water absorbs this light the
higher the EZ presence in water. This highlights the importance of cellular exposure to sunlight in health (sunlight
energy is absorbed or penetrates inside the body to the EZ water in cells, and builds negative voltage in those cells).
• EZ water has no resistance. This possibly accounts for some rainwater drops falling faster than their terminal velocity
in air. EZ water in a pipe has little or no resistance.
• EZ water is the main component of blood and therefore blood can move effortlessly through tiny capillaries with a
diameter smaller than the red blood cells, due to the EZ water having no resistance. The cardiovascular system
also is assisted by radiant energy from the sun and this assists with blood flow that is 95% EZ water.
• EZ water is more dense than H2O.
• All proteins have a sheath of EZ water around them.
• Cell health is a function of the presence and voltage capacity of the EZ water.
• EZ water is more viscous. Egg white is highly viscous due to the presence of EZ water.
• The refractive index of EZ water is at least 10% higher than H2O, i.e., has the capacity to bend light.
• The human body is constantly trying to discharge positive voltage/charge through urine, feces, perspiration, physical
contact of human skin with the earth or vegetation, etc., and by maintaining high negative voltage in cells.
• Plants constantly have their roots in negatively charged soil, and this charge is sustained by rainwater and microbial
activity, and diminished through chemical fertilizers.
• The best sources of EZ waters are glacial water, deep groundwater, natural springs, pristine river water and rainwater
(in unpolluted air).
• There is no connection between EZ water and alkaline water in terms of cell health.

Further information about Dr. Gerald Pollack’s science of EZ water can be found on YouTube.

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ORMES and Clathrate hydrates

There is good evidence to conclude that natural water in a H3O2 (EZ) and structured form will bond
with elements that are in cohesion with this water structure and exclude materials that are not in
cohesion. It is likely that structured water is in harmony with ORMES and clathrate hydrates and
these elements/materials are part of the life-affirming properties of structured cell water.

In the 1980’s and 90’s David Hudson coined the acronym ORMES. This is a name for what he defined
as a new state of matter. ORMES is an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.
The term ORMUS is also used to describe these elements. Hudson demonstrated, through his very
detailed experiments and multiple testing, that at least thirteen of the transition elements (Co, Ni, Cu,
Ru, Rh, Pd Ag, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, Hg) which are in the center of the periodic table, can exist in a here-
tofore-unidentified state of matter. He claimed that this occurs when they are in a monatomic state.

He found that in this state they are chemically inert. In conventional chemistry, it is believed that all
chemical reactions between elements take place because of the action of their outer electrons. David
Hudson deduced that when these transition elements exist in a monatomic state and are not sharing
or swapping their electrons with their near neighbours in a material structure like a crystal lattice,
they become ORMES elements. At this stage the outer electrons of these elements form cooper pairs
(a cooper pair is a quantum effect, or a pair of electrons bound together at low temperatures in a
certain manner) and become whirlwinds of light rotating at super speeds around the atom. Again,
because of this change they lose all conventional chemical reactivity. Another important change
that takes place is that the whirling electrons which have become light set up a Meissner antimag-
netic field. This antimagnetic field causes a levitating force against the earth’s magnetic field and the
element effectively loses 4/9’s of its weight. Hudson says, at this same time the nucleus becomes a
high spin and shrinks to about 1/3rd of its original size and distorts to an oblong shape. A single atom
in this state should be a very small and chemically inert atomic gas.

Clathrate hydrates (or gas clathrates, gas hydrates, clathrates, hydrates, etc.) are crystalline water-
based solids physically resembling ice, in which small non-polar molecules (typically gases) or polar
molecules with large hydrophobic moieties are trapped inside cages of hydrogen bonded water mole-
cules. In other words, clathrate hydrates are clathrate compounds in which the host molecule is
water and the guest molecule is typically a gas or liquid. Without the support of the trapped mole-
cules, the lattice structure of hydrate clathrates would collapse into conventional ice crystal structure
or liquid water. Most low molecular weight gases (including O2, H2, N2, CO2, CH4, H2S, Ar, Kr, and
Xe), as well as some higher hydrocarbons and Freon, will form hydrates at suitable temperatures and
pressures. Clathrate hydrates are not chemical compounds as the sequestered molecules are never
bonded to the lattice. The formation and decomposition of clathrate hydrates are first order phase
transitions, not chemical reactions. Their detailed formation and decomposition mechanisms on a
molecular level are still not well understood.

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Cages building the different gas hydrate structures.

Gas hydrates usually form two crystallographic cubic structures – structure

(Type) I and structure (Type) II of space groups and respectively. Seldom, a third
hexagonal structure of space group may be observed (Type H). The unit cell of
Type I consists of 46 water molecules, forming two types of cages – small and
large. The small cages in the unit cell are two against six large ones. The small
cage has the shape of a pentagonal dodecahedron (512) and the large one that
of a tetradecahedron, specifically a hexagonal truncated trapezohedron (51262),
together forming a Weaire-Phelan structure. Typical guests forming Type I
hydrates are CO2 in carbon dioxide clathrate and CH4 in methane clathrate.

Structured water is in an electron (negative charged) enhanced

state, compared with the non-structured (positive charged)
water that most people drink from an urban tap. Structured
water has a far greater capacity to activate light photons, and
increase the biological and chemical activity of water.

Quantum Magnetism

The One08 Water™ devices have non-classical, geometric arrangements that are in harmony with the
movement or dance of water. For example, physicists have observed an odd phenomenon called
quantum magnetism, which describes the behavior of single atoms acting like tiny bar magnets.

Quantum magnetism is different from classical magnetism because individual atoms have a quality
called spin, which is quantized, or in discrete states (usually called up or down). The focus is now
on atoms’ spin, as this is what makes magnets magnetic with all the spins of the atoms in a magnet
pointed the same way.

This opens possibilities for increasing the

number of atoms in a lattice, and even creating
two-dimensional, grid-like arrangements of
atoms, and possibly triangular lattices as well.

Illustration of ultra-cold fermionic atoms in an optical

lattice potential. The atoms tended to tunnel into wells
with others that had opposite spins and a line of atoms
spontaneously organized with the spins in a non-random
pattern, revealing a signature of quantum magnetism.
Credit: Image courtesy of Thomas Uehlinger, ETH Zurich.

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

One debate among experts is whether at larger scales, the spontaneous ordering of atoms would
happen in the same way. A random pattern would mean that in a block of iron atoms, for instance,
one is just as likely to see a spin up or down in any direction. The spin states are in what is called a
spin liquid or a mishmash of states. It could be that atoms spontaneously arrange themselves at larger
scales under changed or non-classical conditions.

Such lattices could comprise configurations where the potential wells connect to three others, rather
than two or four. Experiments have shown that atoms tend to jump to potential wells where the
spins are opposite; but if the wells are arranged so that the atom can jump to two other atoms, it can’t
choose which well to go to as one of the two atoms will always be in the same spin state.

The question is: what happens to magnetism if the classical geometry is changed? This can happen
when magnets are connected in a non-classical method (e.g., connected like poles that should repel).
It’s no longer clear if spins should be up or down. In this quantum, magnetic state, what is the effect
on water structure and function?

Light and Water Capacities

There are various aspects to water structure and its polarity. When water is moving and holds a
continuous vortex action then the water will hold a negative charge. It is only when water is not
moving that the water polarity changes to a positive charge (usually after about 48 hours of being held
in storage)

It is already known from science that light is versatile because photon energy readily converts into
other forms of energy. Examples:

• Incident light of one wavelength converts to another wavelength, producing fluorescence.

• Light powers the vibrational energy that drives Brownian motions (the erratic random movement
of microscopic particles in a fluid, because of continuous bombardment from molecules of the
surrounding medium).
• Light releases electrons in semiconductors to produce the photoelectric effect.
• Light separates charge in photosynthesis.

The other aspect of water is the versatility of the spirals within water that are spirals within spirals,
cascading toward infinity. When magnetic energy is arranged in a unique pattern it seems to provide
a life-force order to enter these water spirals (spinning dynamic) and it may be this life-force that
controls the polarity. This magnetic field shapes the water structure in a manner that holds the nega-
tive polarity indefinitely, i.e., embraces this unique life-force energy. Ultimately, it is the negative
charge in water that activates the water to support the biochemistry of water molecules and capacities
of biology in water to sustain plant and animal life.

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Drinking Water

Drinking water is never chemically pure, especially if it has been in contact with sediments. Ground-
water (from springs or wells) always contains ions from a wide range of mineral ions (e.g., Magne-
sium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, etc.). The positive charges of these ions are often balanced by
the negative ions of carbonate/bicarbonate, and occasionally some chloride and sulphate. Ground-
water in some regions contain unacceptably high concentrations of naturally-occurring toxic elements
such arsenic. It is very likely that all natural waters in rivers, springs, etc. are chemically different
based on the type and % of mineral and contaminant contents. Waters that contain the alkaline earth
minerals, alkali metals along with carbonates and bicarbonates are generally better for human health
as they provide most of the minerals that keep blood alkaline and therefore blood’s capacity to carry
a high saturation of oxygen (i.e., between 100% to 98%). However, the human body requires Boron
(from food and water) to metabolize most of these alkalising minerals and alkali metals, and particu-
larly the fixation of Calcium for bone and muscle development, and to avoid osteoporosis.

Rain and snow are rarely exempt from contamination, because when water vapour condenses out of
the atmosphere it always does so on a particle of dust which releases substances into the water, and
even the purest air contains carbon dioxide which dissolves to form carbonic acid. In highly polluted
atmospheres of some large cities, the impurities picked up by snow and rain are of major concern for
human health. Air pollution is now the major cause of stroke in cities worldwide.

Human and Animal Body Water

The human body is equipped with a detoxification system (such as the cytochrome P450, a super
family of enzymes), whose intelligent design makes it possible to degrade chemicals that did not even
exist at the time in the distant past that these elaborate enzyme systems evolved. This adaptation to
the environment is almost as if life is predesigned to be able to survive the burgeoning, geometrically
expanding chemical onslaught of the past century.  

Eventually these elaborate detoxification systems become overloaded, which naturally leads to
the emergence of acute and chronic diseases. These are the chronic diseases that the conventional
medical establishment often pretends do not have an environmental origin, and therefore are treated
by suppressing the symptoms of cellular poisoning with pharmaceutical medications. This approach
has resulted in humans becoming the sickest organism ever known to inhabit the earth. However, it
is possible that all healing in the future will be via structured water and in a form known as homeo-
pathic or vibrational (frequency) healing.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Every cell in the animal and human body is designed to run at -25 to -75 millivolts (mV). The
body heals by making new cells and this requires -50 to -75mV. Chronic disease occurs when
voltage drops below -20mV. The quality and charge in water (polarity) are therefore critical in
sustaining cell integrity.

Most humans and animals no longer have access to water that carries a natural, negative charge or
voltage. Consequently, the body’s capacity for self-regulation and healing has reduced dramatically
through changes in diet and lifestyle since about the 1970’s, and by the increasing exposure to toxins
in food, water and the air. Most people are now disconnected from the natural and negative energies
of the earth and have an over-exposure to the positive electron flow form AC electricity and minerals
(e.g., lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.) that can accumulate in the body at toxic levels. The negative
charge of the earth is generated by solar winds, our ionosphere and lightning storms. When our skin
is in direct contact with the earth we maintain the same electrical potential as our planet.

All environmental vibration influences water structure and this vibration (either harmonious or
disharmonious) can cause a change in the charge of the water. Water is influenced by energy forces
on the known earth (e.g., magnetism, gravity, etc.) and possibly by many other energy forces currently
unknown to science (i.e., subtle energies). This fact has important implications for the way that water
can be conditioned or treated by humans to function in a manner that supports life functions.

Scientific data has already confirmed the following health benefits for magnetized (EZ) water:

• improved digestion
• eliminates waste and toxins
• strengthens immune response
• reduces excess blood acidity
• reduces and balances cholesterol levels (prevents arteriosclerosis)
• helps blood circulation (prevents varicose veins)

For example, red blood cells can lose their charge and stick together. This can be a precondition
for heart disease. Humans are very sensitive to energy, and are more sensitive to negative or toxic
emotions (i.e., aggression, fear, etc.) than positive emotions (i.e., happiness, hope, empathy, etc.).
That is, even toxic thinking and behavior can trigger toxic water (i.e., low negative voltage) in the
body. Many studies have shown that when people feel good, their thinking becomes more creative,
integrative, flexible and open to information. Also, the sharing of positive emotions helps create and
sustain social relationships among people. These meaningful and secure relationships can later be
tapped into as a source of strength and this helps to build a cohesive and caring environment viewed
as safe and supportive. Positive thinking is also the pathway to healing, taking responsibility for your
health and the health of others (duty of care), and actions that restore the health of soil, water, plants,
air, animals and humans.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Devices to Enable a Permanent Negative Charge in Water

Water is known to lose it negative charge in about 2 days after being removed from a flowing
state and placed in storage. Therefore, scientists and others have vigorously pursued the design
of water conditioning devices since about the 1930’s. Devices since this time have included a
range of physical mechanisms to vortex water, or transfer energy from existing energized spring
water and magnetism.

One08 Water devices have been produced through the collaboration of research companies from
2003 to 2012. One08 has developed devices to condition water into a cohesive, living water struc-
ture that has life-affirming effects on soil, biology, plants, animals and humans. These devices are
fitted (encased) with neodymium magnets, configured using sacred geometry principles. The devices use
magnetism to energize and activate the water into a natural structure that is aligned to the health
of living cells (coherence). They have been designed to embed and sustain a negative (-) millivolts
charge in the water passing through the device. Research and other scientific studies since about the
1930’s have confirmed the beneficial effects of negatively charged water on all living systems, e.g.,
soil, plants, animals and humans. Examples of the devices developed by One08 are shown here:
A. Bottle-top Devices in
....24-Carat Gold Plate
.....and Chrome
B. Chrome Under Sink
.... .....and Shower Device

C. Chrome Garden Device

D. In-line Water Device


The devices are available in various dimensions (i.e., inside diameters of ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 and ¼”, and
2”) and adapted to many applications including bottle-top, under sink, out-door sprinkler, and in-line
water (and other liquids like raw milk) supply systems. Innovation patents have been granted by the
Australian government in 2016 for the core knowledge embedded in these devices and for a range of
domestic, agricultural and industrial applications.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

There is one view that magnetism enables a reversal of electron flow in water. The electron flow
induced into water by motion is likely a function of speed and volume. In tests these two interesting
factors become varied by the physical dynamics imposed by the device design, including materials in
casings, magnetic configurations and spacing, along with capacitance.

There is the dispersion of electrons by the conductive film of the water boundary at the surface and
the energy generating capacity of the materials. The sum of these variables brings into question the
result of the physical resistance pressure and the free electron discharge capability along its preferred
flow direction. Each device takes on a positive and negative end and a negative charge can only be
achieved from one input end that needs to be determined from testing.

If the escape capacity of electrons along this flow falls short, then the system accumulates a critical
charge and then fires it back in the reverse direction until the system attains a new equilibrium and
stability (coherence). This coherence would be rapid due to the instantaneous capacitance discharge.

Copper is the best metal to utilize in the casings due to its high electrical conductivity and high
thermal conductivity. This is because, resistivity to electron transport in metals at room temperature
originates primarily from the scattering of electrons on thermal vibrations of the lattice, which are
relatively weak in a soft metal like copper. Also, copper does not react with water. However, alloys
tend to manifest as couples and will always add their own dance to the party.

Test results show a special relationship between negatively charged water in the presence of copper
and biology. In many ways, copper is the opposite of iron and steel (the metals commonly used for
agriculture and gardening). Iron is magnetic, copper is conductive. While iron tools can disturb the
soil magnetism, copper assists the flow of Earth energies to nourish the plants.

Healing with Negatively Charged Water

Most natural and wild flowing waters have a negative charge (millivolts-mV). These waters are
found in some groundwater sources (mineralized), springs and wild (unpolluted) rivers. The world’s
healing water sources (sometimes called miraculous, magic or energized water) are often discov-
ered in wells, bores and springs where the water is in close contact with the minerals and magne-
tism of the rocks. These waters are known for their homeopathic and healing effects for animals and
humans. So what are the properties of water that make it life affirming or healing?

Clearly, water is critical to body function as it represents 70% or more of the body. The science of
water is relatively new and largely incomplete, however there is enough science to demonstrate that
water with a negative millivolts charge is life-affirming or sustains life. Human and animal cells have
a healthy charge of between -20mV to -50mV. The cells of an injured part of the body will rise to a
negative (-) 50mV in order to accelerate healing and make new cells. This change in polarity facil-

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

itates the movement of nutrients to the area that requires healing. Therefore, we can assume that
in order to heal the body you require a capability (i.e., negatively charged cells and nutrient avail-
ability in the body) to deliver a negative charge (-) 50mV on demand.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to walk barefoot on a sandy beach or in a forest? There is a
reason for that and it is called the grounding effect. As humans we are by nature designed to have a
daily connection with nature. Many cultures have this daily connection, however modern, Western
society has little or no contact with nature on a daily basis. The reason for this sense of well-being
when we have daily contact with nature is due to the fact that we’re receiving a surge of potent
healing negative electrons from the ground.

The earth has a slightly negative charge, so when you stand barefoot on that sand, electrons from the
earth flow into your body, giving you a virtual transfusion of healing power. When you drink nega-
tive voltage (electron charged) water the effect is the same, albeit that it does not replace our in-build
requirement for regular contact with nature. So why do we need this constant grounding with nature,
the need to eat whole natural foods and drink negative voltage water:

• Free radical stress from exposure to mercury pollution, cigarettes, insecticides, pesticides, trans fats,
radiation and irradiation of food, and many others, continually deplete your body of electrons and oxygen.
• Grounding effectively alleviates inflammation because it thins your blood (greater oxygen flow)
and infuses you with negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet.
• When you are grounded to the earth, the negatively charged electrons you receive increase the
structure of the water in your cells.
• Living or energized water is negatively charged water. This water can hold energy, much like a
battery, and can deliver energy too. When you ground, you are charging every single cell in your
body with energy your body can use for self-regulation and self-healing.
• Surfaces that will allow your body to ground include: sand, beach, grass, bare soil, concrete,
brick, and ceramic tiles.

Healthy kids and adults have a cell charge in the order of -25 to -35. Once cell charge falls to -15 and
below then tiredness, sickness, infection and chronic disease arises. A healthy cell charge (nega-
tive) can be sustained through natural processes, such as early morning sunlight, nutrient dense food,
drinking unpolluted water (e.g., water from a pristine source and with no added chemicals such as
fluoride and chlorine), walking barefooted on the beach or on grass, body immersed in moving water
(e.g., ocean, river, rain, shower), etc. There are meters to measure body voltage, and these meters can
be found on the Internet.

A healthy cell charge can be altered to an unhealthy, low negative or positive charge by exposure to
air pollution (most large urban environments), junk food, chemically contaminated water and reverse
osmosis water (acid or dead water), moderate to heavy consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol,
over-cooked and processed food, caffeine and moving air from air conditioners, fans, hair dryers, etc.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Negative charge from a cell will always move to the area (cells) of lowest negative or a positive charge.
For example, healthy people transfer negative energy to sick people through hugging or touching, and
lovers or couples can get into cell-energy equilibrium from energy transfer (one person to the other)
through physical contact, e.g., holding hands, hugging, etc. This is why certain professions involved
in close physical contact with clients (e.g., physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, etc.) are
always at risk of losing negative charge from their body to their clients. Animals regularly give nega-
tive charge to people then go outside to recharge. Any contact with nature, e.g., trees, rocks, natural
waters, etc., will enable negative charge from the earth to transfer to cells in the body and positive
charge from the body to transfer to the earth. This is why such contact with nature feels so good for
your well-being. This process is called grounding.

The increase in sickness and disease since about the 1950’s is directly related to the loss of negative
cell charge from the cells of people and animals. This has been largely caused by contamination of
air, soil, water and food through chemicals that have caused cell toxicity. Also, people have a much
higher propensity to take pharmaceutical drugs rather than use natural healing approaches. So how
do you tell if you are at risk with a low cell charge? A simple test is to measure the pH (potential
hydrogen) of your urine (cell water) and it should be between 6.5 and 7.8. It is advisable to get a good
quality digital pH meter for this task. If the measurement is below 6.5 then your healing capacity has
been limited and action needs to be taken to raise urine pH well above 6.5. There is ample scientific
evidence to show that cancer will occur with prolonged cell water charge below 6.5 and cell polarity
of between -15mV and +30mV. However, while aging is inevitable, the process of aging and disease
are vastly hastened by adverse environmental forces that include a multitude of lifestyle and diet
factors. That is to say, there is no single factor (e.g., genes) in aging and the onset of disease.

Due to the fact that our bodies are ultimately constructed from natural things (i.e., food, air and
water), and obey very strict natural laws such as the well-known principle of chirality (i.e., right and
left-handedness or spin), and the fact that all amino acids in our body spin a beam of polarized light
in the left-handed direction (e.g., L-lysine) and sugars to the right-handed direction (e.g., D-ribose),
you cannot simply create biologically active, synthetic drugs arbitrarily, because any mistake in right
or left-handedness (or direction of spin) could be averse to life. Nature, therefore, provides the only
unique and biomolecular architecture of irreproducible intelligence and complexity, from which
life-affirming food and water exists for living species.

Since about the year 2000, One08 has researched and worked with a number of people involved with
subtle energies for measuring the health of living systems (e.g., soil, plants, water, air, animals and
humans) and this has led to trials with the use of negatively charged water on soil, plants, water,
animals and humans. We developed during 2012 a magnetic device to transform and hold a nega-
tive charge in the water (last checked in 2016). The quality of the input water is critical to achieving
high negative charge potential. Early test results show that when this negatively charged water is
used on living systems, they are capable of achieving full life potential, given adequate nutrients and
other essential processes that may be appropriate for the system (e.g., water needs to move or vortex


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

to maintain charge). We have observed vegetables grow to 2-3 times normal weight and increase
nutrient uptake by 2-4 fold. Disease and insect attack were reduced significantly. Animals and young
children seem to be sub-consciously attracted to drink this water (water magnetized/energized by a
groundwater source, and what we call energized water). People involved in the trials of this ener-
gized water have reported that their fogginess has lifted and they feel more vital and creative. There
is further independent evidence of these effects at or simply
Google-search the words “magnetized water” or “energized water.”

Your body is a self-regulating and self-healing system and you must have electrons available to
sustain your cell life, otherwise the cells will die and your organs and other life support systems (e.g.,
liver, heart, immune, etc.) will malfunction. The human body requires oxygen to move electrons and
depletion of body oxygen through poor diet and lifestyle is a pathway to disease. Everyone needs
the ability to achieve cell charge of -50mV to -70mV at the point of healing, otherwise they cannot
achieve healing. This low cell charge (negative) means that injuries or infections will not repair prop-
erly and you could develop chronic diseases. The remedy is not in the use of pharmaceutical drugs
(which mainly decrease cell charge), but in a diet with nutrient-dense food and drinking negative-
ly-charged water. That is, you need negative voltage food and water. Also, the build up of toxins in
the body is a major cause of polarity change and loss of negative charge in cells. Your body will natu-
rally detox with a healthy cell charge, otherwise you may need to use a natural detox procedure.

Scientific papers since about the year 2000, demonstrate that water and biological coherence is
fundamental to our energy systems and to optimize health, vitality and longevity. The science of
water structure provides insight to the liquid crystalline molecular fabric that interconnects all parts
and processes within living things. This living matrix gives a substantial basis for the term holistic
and a scientific basis for all of the alternative therapies for humans and animals, including homeo-
pathic approaches using energized water. The use of grounding techniques in nature and drinking
negative voltage water has an anti-oxidant effect on the body by reducing oxidation (loss of oxygen)
and therefore increases the flow of electrons through the body.

Water structure and energy (including cell polarity) are more critical to life function than the natural
chemical constituents of water. The living world is an in equal partnership with the biological mole-
cules and water. Your body, like everything else in the universe is electric.

More information is available about how to energize and activate your cells for well-being. For
example, water that is magnetized, energized and activated can take on many other properties (e.g.,
coherence and structure) that are vital to health (e.g., anti-oxidant, anti-infection and parasite control
capabilities) as topical and ingested applications.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

One08 Water™ Measurement Results

One08, Inc., is a USA corporation responsible for the research and development of Intellectual Prop-
erty (IP) for patented water devices that have a significant impact on the structure of water, and there-
fore on the health of all living species.

Devices currently exist in the market that restructure water using a mechanical vortexing method.
The method devised by One08 is unique in that it uses a specific magnet configuration to create a
natural, non-mechanical vortex. This method has significant improvements on the current devices
available in that it creates a stronger negative charge of at least negative (-) 350 milliVolts, eliminates
pathogenic microbes and allows for the charge to remain in the water indefinitely.

The devices have been made and tested in various sizes, suitable for personal use, home installa-
tion, small industrial applications and commercial farming. They are currently available for sale in
Australia through a small-scale production facility based in New South Wales. The bottle-top devices,
used for personal drinking water and other liquids, have received a very positive reception in China.

Types of Devices
Bottle-top Device

The bottle-top device is marketed in Australia

in 24 carat gold-plate and chrome-plated. This
bottle-top device is sold with two bottles that
have a design that facilitates the vortex in the
proper form until it reaches the device. The device is a unique design that
restructures the water in liquids to permanently hold a negative charge.

This charge produces life-affirming qualities to the liquid that consequently

increases liquid storage, enhances flavors, and eliminates synthetic compounds
from the liquid. The bottle-top device is an ideal domestic appliance for
conditioning drinking water, wine and any other liquid (e.g., raw milk) that is
primarily water.

This device has been successfully tested in China in the conditioning of

water for herbal teas, and rice wine, and was enthusiastically received for
domestic and office use.

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Under Sink and Shower Devices

This device (see chrome-plated right) is ideal for installation under a sink
or attached to a shower. A significant number of urban residents world-
wide live in apartments where this device is highly suitable for conditioning
drinking and washing water, and has the advantage of being easily installed
and removed without any impact on the surrounding fittings.

Home Garden Devices

This variation of the device (see chrome-plated right) is ideal for attachment
to a garden hose, sprinkler or irrigation system. The device fits the end of
standard threaded outdoor hoses or can be screwed directly onto an outdoor
spigot for delivering energized water directly to your vegetables and fruits,
increasing sprouting, growth, disease resistance and nutritive value.

Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural Water Devices

These larger devices are designed for in-line (water pipe) domestic, industrial and agricultural use,
and can be installed below ground (in
the soil), and preferably in a horizontal
position. This includes devices with
diameters of ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1-¼”and
2”. The 1” version is shown here.

Considerable opportunity exists to improve the device design for a wide range of new uses. For
example, business opportunities exist to invest into the development and production of larger water
treatment devices, e.g., 5”, 10” and 15” diameter devices (and/or device arrays) for waste-water
processing in large volumes, and the supply of drinking water for urban use.

This development could include trialing the performance-to-cost ratios between manufacturing
increased diameter devices and constructing arrays of the smaller diameter devices in greater volume.
One08’s current production capacity is limited to devices up to 2” (inner) diameter.

The business opportunity for in-line devices internationally is considerable for a range of applications
from industrial (general water use and some minor waste-water treatment) to agriculture (including
irrigation). The current One08 Water devices could be readily manufactured either within Australia
or overseas and be available for marketing and use within 6 months from the transfer of the design
specifications from One08. In the early stages, One08 could produce limited numbers of devices for
trialing and measurement while a production facility is established.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

One08 Water™ Device Capabilities
The non-mechanical magnetic configuration (sacred geometry) that is part of the technology has addi-
tional benefits that have not been experienced in the mechanical versions currently in the market.

Reduction of E-coli: Laboratory tests have been conducted to test for the reduction in E. coli (patho-
genic microbe) in various waters and proved a 99.9% elimination of the pathogenic microbe species.
These tests were undertaken independently in government accredited and approved laboratories.

Negatively charged water from these devices potentates any living system (e.g., soil and plants). For
example, the activity and function of soil biology is significantly increased, and soil water storage
capacity improves. In the case of plants, the following has been observed and measured:

• Viable seed germination is increased to nearly 100%

• Shorter growing period to maturity
• Nutrient uptake is increased by 2-4 fold
• Significantly decreased insect attack
• Significantly decreased plant diseases, including fungal attacks
• Fruit flavor is significantly increased
• Vegetable and fruit size can at least double without loss of flavor and texture
• Vegetable and fruit storage time is increased
• Increased resilience to cold temperatures

A smaller version of the device designed to restructure drinking water, wine and juice and other
liquids that are predominantly water, has also been found to enhance the quality of the liquids. Trials
with wine have produced significant results that include:

• Greater balance in wine structure

• Increased sense of flavors and aroma is intensified
• Considerably less tannin taste and sharpness (acidity) taste
• Potentially enhances the beneficial aspects of polyphenols
• Wine does not oxidize and is tested to last in high quality when open to the air for more than 12 months

Water shows significant improvements:

• The water tastes softer and balanced

• The water has lower viscosity (less friction or surface resistance) and therefore is better as a wetting agent
• The treated water improves biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD)
• Reduction of chemical toxicity in waste-water, including septic water


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

One08 Water™ Device Research and Development

Early research has shown significant potential benefits in treating water with the One08 Water
devices. These include the removal of pathogenic microbes, treatment of waste-water, conditioning
of drinking water and the restructuring of water to a permanent negative charge to provide positive
effects for human, animal and plant health. This also has the potential to revolutionize sustainable
agricultural processes and advance the horticultural and viticultural industries. Tests detailed below
are from both independent laboratories and independent tests from vignerons, horticulturalists, and
in-house experiments. At this point no measurements have been undertaken at a molecular level
(water structure) for One08 Water as the cost of equipment (e.g., electron microscope) or services
(specialized laboratories) to undertake this work is prohibitive. However, this in-depth research work
is planned once other funds are available in 2017.

Prior Research

Robert Gourlay’s initial research for the design of a water unit commenced in 2003. This involved
collaboration with people from Australia (inventors of magnetic and other water conditioning
devices), Austria (Georg Gaupp-Berghausen) and Russia (Dr. Konstantin Korotkov whom he met in
London in 2008). In 2008 he read the scientific papers of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho (London), her first book on
the topic of structured water: Rainbow and the Worm, and her latest book Living Rainbow H2O. This
led him to research by Dr. Martin Chaplin and Dr. Gerald Pollack on Structured Water (2012).

Since the 1990’s, Robert Gourlay also studied the works of Victor Schauberger, Jacques Benveniste,
and Paolo Consigli, whose book titled Water, Pure and Simple is a very good summary of water as
a unique molecule. There are many other water scientists who have crossed the line into water
memory including Emoto, Schwenk, Vittorio Elia (including homeopathic solutions), Giuliano Prepa-
rata and Emilio Giudice. Robert has also extensively researched the subtle energy and geometry of
life forms, from the works of numerous authors.

These people provide interesting insights into the energy, geometry and structure of water. However
very few people have managed to apply this knowledge and invent water conditioning devices that
turn positively charged (+) water from a still or stored state (the urban water that most people drink)
back to its original natural state of negative (-) charge and keep it in this state for more than 2 days.
Robert Gourlay achieved this result in September 2012, using a unique configuration of magnets and
copper that took nearly nine years to devise and test. Comparative tests were conducted on devices
developed by others.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Dr. Pollack has made considerable progress in describing water structure, however he makes no
mention in his books about magnetism as a method to change water structure, nor do most of the
other scientists mentioned above.

However, it is known from work by Dr. Pollack and Dr. Chaplin that structured water changes from a
5-sided pentagonal to a 6-sided hexagonal, crystalline (lattice) structure. Below are images from the
work of Dr. Pollack and Dr. Emoto (photograph of water crystals).

The negative charge generated by this hexagonal structured water is

calculated as shown in the drawing to the right.

While this style of molecular level measurement has not been under-
taken by One08 to determine the presence of a six-sided (hexagonal)
structure in the water, it can be assumed, at least for the time being,
and based on facts produced by Dr. Pollack about the characteristics
of structured water, that the One08 Water devices produce a hexagonal
structure for the following reasons:


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

1. The One08 Water device produces a negative charge (voltage) and the negative charge
is measured and is perpetual in the water and in storage
2. The One08 Water eliminates pathogenic microbes (e.g., E. coli)
3. The One08 Water potentates biological activity and significantly increases nutrient uptake to plants
4. The One08 Water structure enhances the flavors in herbal teas and wine

Research on Waste-Water Treatment

Tests were conducted on the treatment of household septic water by the One08 Water in-line device.

The results in the following tables are a comparison between waste-water in a septic tank (raw septic
water) and water after it has been processed through a One08 magnetic water conditioner. The condi-
tioner in this case was a 2” inner-diameter pipe device.

The purpose of the test was to measure the change in the chemical and mineral composition of the
waste-water after treatment with a 2” One08 magnetic water conditioner device.

The water that is used for this household septic system has already been treated with a ¾” One08
Water conditioner and therefore the water that is used for flushing the toilets, showering, cooking,
etc., is already conditioned with a One08 device. The primary source of the water is from a bore and
from rainwater, generally in a 50:50 mix.

The major differences between the source (unconditioned) water and the raw septic water are:

Description Measure Source Water Septic Water % Change

pH mg/L 5.8 6.5 +12

Eh mV +430 -180 -142
Chromium mg/L <0.01 0.03 +200
Copper mg/L 0.07 0.05 -29
Lead mg/L <0.01 0.02 +100
Manganese mg/L <0.01 0.13 +1200
Selenium mg/L <0.005 <0.01 +100
Zinc mg/L 0.06 1.1 +1733

The source water also has very low conductivity (46 us/cm), slight iron (0.04 mg/L) and comparatively low alkalinity (14 mg/l),
Calcium (1.7 mg/L), Magnesium (2.2 mg/L) Potassium (0.6 mg/L) Sodium (5.0 mg/L) and Chloride (7.0 mg/L).


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

The method for treating the septic waste-water involved pumping 600L of septic water straight from
the septic tank into a 100L IBC and then cycling this septic waste-water through a 2” One08 Water
conditioner for a period of about 60 minutes. That is, septic water was pumped from the IBC through
the One08 device and returned to the IBC. After about 30 minutes of cycling, a dense white gas
started to emit from the top of the IBC and continued for about 15 minutes. This gas is assumed to be
a range of gasses comprising methane, sulphur, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc. Further tests of this process
will be undertaken to test the nature of the gas.

The organic solids from the septic water settled to the bottom of the IBC and all septic smell was elim-
inated from the resulting water. The smell was not detected within 2 hours of starting this process
and no smell was evident after 3 months.

The following table describes the comparison between the raw septic water and water after treatment
through the One08 (magnetic) device. The chemical and mineral tests were undertaken by Sydney
Analytical Laboratories on September 17, 2014.

Description Raw Septic One08 Standard

Measure Water Device % Change Industry Comments
Results Achievement
pH mg/L 6.5 6.8 + 0.7 NA
Biochemical Oxygen mg/L 730 460 -37 -20 Significantly better than most
Demand (BOD) existing technologies
Chemical Oxygen mg/L 1310 470 -64 -20 Significantly better than most
Demand existing technologies
Total Organic Carbon mg/L 340 265 -22 Significant change
Nitrate NO3- mg/L <0.01 <0.01 nil
Nitrate NO2- mg/L 2.9 1.1 -62 Significant change
Ammonia NH3-N mg/L 61 69 +13
Phosphate PO4 mg/L 69 35 -49 Significant change
Eh mV -180 -260 -44
Total Suspended Solids mg/L 800 87 -89 -50 Significantly better than most
existing technologies
Arsenic mg/L <0.01 <0.01 nil
Barium mg/L <0.1 <0.1 nil
Cadmium mg/L <0.001 <0.001 nil
Chromium mg/L 0.03 0.02 -33 Significant change
Copper mg/L 0.05 0.02 -60 Significant change
Lead mg/L 0.02 <0.01 -50+ Significant change
Manganese mg/L 0.13 0.12 -7
Mercury mg/L <0.0001 <0.0001 nil
Selenium mg/L <0.01 <0.01 nil
Zinc mg/L 1.1 0.24 -78 Significant change


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

E.Coli Measurement Certification


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Core MEA Innovation Patent


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Agricultural Device Innovation Patent


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Milk Device Innovation Patent


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Previous laboratory tests have been conducted to test for the reduction in E. coli (pathogenic microbe)
in various waters after treatment through a One08 Water device. These tests were undertaken inde-
pendently by government accredited and other commercial approved laboratories. The results

1. Comparison of water drawn from a creek and passed through a 1 and ¼” One08 Water device and the water drawn
from the kitchen tap after passing through the device. The E. coli count at the creek was 250 faecal coliforms (cfu/100
ml) and was reduced to 2 at the kitchen tap outlet. This test was undertaken by laboratories at Southern Cross
University (November 14, 2013).
2. Comparison of waste-water from a piggery and water after it had passed through a 2” One08 Water device. The
waste-water had 2,178 faecal coliforms (cfu/100 ml) and only 1 in the water once it had passed through the device.
This water was tested by the Tweed Laboratory Centre of the Tweed Shire Council (March 12, 2014).

Clearly, these results are significant, and while preliminary until further tests confirm this result with
other smaller devices, these results indicate the capacity of the devices to restructure water into a
coherent, life affirming and natural structure form.

Research – Spring Water Treatment

Beloka Water (Australia) asked about ways to raise the pH of their still spring water for potential
markets for alkaline water in the USA. Beloka still spring water has a pH (as measured by calibrated
meter) of 6.5, which is about the pH of most natural waters. This water is listed in the top 100 fine
waters of the world (Fine Waters: A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World of Premium Waters by
Michael Mascha).

A concentrated seawater was used to raise the pH.

1. Sample 1 had 1.9ml of solution (per 750ml) added and it raised the pH to 7.5
2. Sample 2 had 4ml of solution (per 750ml) and it raised the pH to 7.6
3. Sample 3 had added 1.9ml (per 750ml) to the water solution and was then
vortexed using the bottle-top device and the pH settled at 7.8.

It was concluded that:

1. The One08 Water devices have a significant effect on raising the pH of this water after alkaline (electrolyte) minerals
from concentrated seawater were added.
2. There was no significant change in the taste of the water and the result was deemed acceptable for the market.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

3. Seawater has every mineral known to man and has high electrolyte values (i.e., very good for human health: see https:// The negative voltage in the Beloka water after concentrated
seawater was added raised the pH by 3 fold (i.e., from 7.5 to 7.8), perhaps by making the alkaline minerals (Ca, Na, K,
Mg, Rb, Sr, etc.) more bioavailable and increasing H- (negative) ions in solution. Note: pH is the negative logarithm of
the hydrogen ion concentration: pH = −log [H+]. That is, a pH of 6 is 10 times more acidic than a pH of 7.
4. Increasing the concentrated seawater solution above 1.9ml has no significant or added advantage for increasing the pH
value to more alkaline.
5. The negative voltage from a 1 and ¼” One08 Water device potentially installed at the Beloka bottling plant may
increase the pH even more towards alkalinity with less input of the concentrated seawater solution.
6. For more information see:, and

Agricultural Applications

An opportunity exists in China through the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development
Foundation (and other projects) to initially trial and then implement the One08 Water devices in agri-
culture (food production) and other green development projects. The common devices used in agri-
culture are the 1 and ¾”and 2” devices.

Research by One08 since 2012 has demonstrated that the negatively charged water produced by the
One08 Water conditioner devices has a natural and unique association with microbes (e.g., soil water,
and the gut of animals and humans) in the transport of nutrients. That is, when negatively charged
water is added to soil biology, the uptake of nutrients to a plant can be 2-4 fold greater. One08 has
measured at least a doubling in food production.

For example, the images here of the vineyard (Half Moon Vineyard, Mongarlowe, NSW, Australia)
show very healthy plant foliage
albeit that they grow on very
poor soils with low nutrient
availability. The size of plant
leaves tripled, and grape bunches
doubled in size along with grape
numbers. Consequently, grape
tonnage doubled (from 5 to 10
tons) in 2015 due to the use of
a 2” water conditioner and the
application (fertigation) of soil
biology (catalyst) to the water.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Similar results have been achieved with other
food types, e.g.;

The images to the right are of a beetroot grown

with One08 (negatively charged) water and
weighing 1.5 kg and a bunch of table grapes
also grown with One08 Water and containing
375 grapes.

Below are other examples of root vegetables that have been grown with negatively charged water from
a One08 Water conditioner. These foods have high nutrient density (measured with a BRIX meter)
and reached a size and quality (not woody in texture) that is evidence of the potential for vegetables
when grown with One08 Water and proper soil biology. The images below show that when cabbages
are grown with negatively charged water there is little or no insect attack.

Food production is an integrated approach that combines negatively charged water, beneficial soil
biology (added as an inoculant) and the use of compost (including organic waste recovered from
waste-water treatments).

Some trials on the use of One08 Water from the bottle-top device to water roses have been undertaken
by Mr. Victor Yu and Mr. Heug (Ringo) Mok. Mr. Mok provided the following photographs to demon-
strate that the size and health of the roses increased considerably after application of the One08 Water.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

These results are consistent with measurements and observations by One08 with flowers, fruit and
vegetables since 2012. In all cases a plant increases its potential to express size, nutrient density,
form and health (disease free) when watered with One08 Water, and this potential increases when
biology (and carbon in the form of compost) is added to the growing area.

Clearly, there is an opportunity to use the One08 Water devices in a wide range of applications in
China, including flower production, viticulture, horticulture, vegetable production, etc., to increase
food and plant health in a manner that is largely disease free and nutrient dense.

Structured/ Energized Water: Testing Results

Initial tests on the effectiveness of the One08 Water conditioners produced the following results:

• The water tastes soft and balanced

• The water has a lower viscosity (less friction or resistance on a surface) and is therefore better as a wetting agent
• The water enhances the life-force energy (biofield) of all natural materials that it embodies
• The water replaces toxins in cells
• The water changes the state of other water that it is in contact with (through entrainment)
to a structured form (a field-force or biofield effect process)
• Plants increase photosynthesis and uptake of nutrients (often between 2-4 fold increase)
• Plant life energy is extended (i.e., nutrient density/value and longer storage capacity)
• Increased resilience of vegetables and fruit to pest attack (possibly through the increased
uptake of silicon as silicic acid: the bioactive form of silicon)
• Shortening of the growing period to maturity for vegetables and fruit
• People who drink structured and energized water feel more energized and creative. This water lifts the fog on thinking.

After a few years of redesigning and testing, the results indicated a strong epigenetic (environmental)
influence of the negatively charged water on soil microbes (biology) and plants, especially important
for microbial activity becoming multi-generational (diversity). That is, there was a significant effect
of the presence of the One08 negatively charged water (i.e., like thunderstorm water) on plant growth,
e.g., uptake of soil nutrients to the plant. Consequently, the microbes and negatively charged water
are the life forces within the soil, breaking down the nutrition in the soil into forms digestible by
the plants. If microbes aren’t flourishing in the soil, plants will not properly grow, and will become
disease-prone and susceptible to viruses, fungus and insect invasion. There is clear evidence from
these tests that soil health is significantly improved when negatively charged water is added to
microbial formulations.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Negative Hydrogen Ions in One08 Water

The results obtained from the application of One08 Water to plants can in part be explained by the
capture and concentration of negatively charged (-) hydrogen (H) ions in the water through the inter-
face of magnetic energy pulses and the flowing (vortex) water. Research by One08 has also deter-
mined that the H- ions are potentially enhanced or concentrated in the water vortices and in the
presence of biologically active water (i.e., water with a high diversity and abundance of beneficial
microbes). This gives rise in natural systems to the concentration of H- in flowing water, biologically
active ponds/ lakes, and soils.

The degradation of H- ions in nature is a direct consequence of man’s intervention with natural
systems that has reduced the availability of H- to biological systems. These interventions include
agriculture, water processing or treatment (e.g., septic systems with trenches), engineering facili-
ties that change water flow patterns, air pollution, chemical use in the environment, any action that
changes the natural light energy input and biological/microbial balance in natural systems, etc. There
can be no healthy natural systems without a concentration of H- ions. For example, nature re-condi-
tions water in chains of ponds (biologically active with sunlight energy), flowing rivers with bends
and rapids/waterfalls, etc.

This little-known nutrient (H-) is, in fact, the smallest element known to exist,
and existed before any life on Earth. Regardless of its size, it is indispensable
in virtually every chemical reaction in water, soil, plants, animals and humans.
Nowhere is this more important than inside the cells where tiny organisms,
called mitochondria, translate the free electron negative charge associated
with the H- molecule into the ATP which provides the energy necessary to
produce growth, repair and regeneration.

It became generally recognized by the late 1990s that the likely mechanism by which certain
key energy-transport molecules in living systems were formed and subsequently regenerated after
being burned (e.g., NAD conversion to NADH), was via donation of H- to the molecule by a donor
molecule, the origins of which ultimately traced back to the energy liberated from sunlight during

In other words, hydrogen and the H- ion have emerged as the primary energy currency in living
systems.  An excellent and simple example is the binary pair NAD and NADH.  Nicotinamide
adenine dinucleotide, abbreviated NAD+, is a coenzyme found in all living cells. The compound
is a dinucleotide, since it consists of two nucleotides joined through their phosphate groups. One
nucleotide contains an adenine base and the other nicotinamide.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

In metabolism, NAD+ is involved in redox reactions, carrying electrons from one reaction to another.
The coenzyme is, therefore, found in two forms in cells: NAD+ is an oxidizing agent – it accepts elec-
trons from other molecules and becomes reduced. This reaction forms NADH, which can then be
used as a reducing agent to donate electrons. These electron transfer reactions are the main function
of NAD+. However, it is also used in other cellular processes, the most notable one being a substrate
of enzymes that add or remove chemical groups from proteins.

NADH is well known as a powerful energy carrier in living systems, and plays a key part in the
energy currency of most cells of many life forms, including those of humans, while NAD is its
low-energy combustion product.  There are pathways in many organisms, including humans, which
can to a limited extent, recharge the NAD with an H- ion to convert it back to the high-energy form
of NADH.  Thus, the NAD, as the low-energy state, serves as both a precursor to NADH and a
combustion product of NADH.  As such, NAD can be visualized as the ground state, and NADH
as the high-energy state. 

Hydrogen and Its H- Ion as Energy Currency in Life Forms

The preceding discussion is of great interest, because it is suggesting that hydrogen, at least the H-
ion, might be the primary energy currency of life.  Indeed, closer and deeper examination of the liter-
ature shows that this idea is hardly new.  As early as the 1950’s, Nobel Prize-winning biochemist
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi proposed in articles and books that hydrogen is the true energy currency of
life, and is the true currency or carrier of energy in photosynthesis.  He stressed that this energy
currency may be traced directly back to the sun, or more literally, to the energy contained in sunlight. 
This is especially fascinating, given the discovery of latter 20th-century astronomy that much of the
sun’s atmosphere is composed of the H- ion.  In this respect, one can see that hydrogen and its H- ion,


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

located in the sun millions of miles away, donate energy in forms which allow photosynthetic organ-
isms on earth to also liberate the H- ion from compounds which were initially at a lower energy state,
and then bind and transport that H- ion as energy currency to support a wide range of life on earth.

The negative hydrogen ion (H- ion) has been observed to occur naturally in our universe in water
and water vapour subjected to ionizing radiation. The H-minus ion may be found in rather copious
quantities on our planet’s surface in the biosphere, at normal or standard temperatures and pressures
(STP) in:

• high-altitude mountain wells and springs

• high-altitude glacial runoff streams
• some deep wells in relatively stable geological formations
• pristine sources of moving water in open air (rivers and creeks, etc.)
• living life forms such as plants, animals and humans.

It is interesting to note that these water sources have high concentrations of mineral ions (e.g., silica).

Negatively Charged Hydrogen Ions in Plant, Animal and Human Health

The one ingredient that our bodies require to accomplish all tasks is H- (negatively charged
hydrogen). H- is formed in natural flowing waters (including groundwater and springs) and water
vapor through ionising radiation, and through the application of a magnetic or electrical pulse to the
flowing water. Also, anyone consuming a significant quantity of nutrient dense raw food will ingest
a high number of H- ions. The H- ion will travel almost anywhere in all biological systems due to its
tiny mass and size.

It is very likely that H- ions are the life force energy that enables all biological systems (microbes,
water, soil, air, plants, animals and humans) to function to full capacity and integrity. However,
most people only have access to water (and food) that has been manipulated and contaminated by
human intervention. This includes the addition of Chlorine and Fluoride to water, along with piping
water over long distances. Also, the cooking, heating, milling, chemical contamination or prolonged
storage of raw (natural) food will remove H- ions. There would be no H- ions in processed foods or
treated (including filtered) water.

In the latter half of the 20th-century, it became apparent that the negative hydrogen ion was not as
rare and short-lived in nature on our planet’s surface as once thought. Indeed, by the 1990s it became
apparent the H minus (-) ion is ubiquitous in the biochemistry of life forms on Earth, and essential to
certain key biochemical reactions related to the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle) in living organisms.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

By the late 1990’s, it became obvious that several common antioxidants found in plants and animals,
(Vitamin E among them) function as an antioxidant by acting as a transport vessel for the H- ion,
donating it at the right time within living systems to neutralize any of several species of oxygen free
radicals (oxidizing radicals), also known as reactive oxygen species (ROS) occurring in tissues or
fluids in or around the cells.

Also, every cell in the human body contains a scavenging enzyme called superoxide dismutase (SOD)
that neutralizes emerging super radicals. The One08 Water device has been measured to eliminate E.
coli from water, and this may be explained as the creation of alternative oxygen species (e.g., in the
O2− form) in structured water (i.e., a by-product of EZ dynamics) that effectively eliminates patho-
genic microbes. The human body uses hydrogen peroxide (H202) in the same manner.

The H-minus ion (or H- ion) also plays a critical role in all known life forms on Earth.  It acts both
as an energy carrier (providing energy currency) and as an antioxidant in numerous biological
systems.  In its antioxidant role, this ion functions as a powerful primal, primitive, primeval, primor-
dial and primary antioxidant found in all raw, unprocessed foods (plant and animal) and in many
wild, unprocessed, untreated water sources in the biosphere (the area around the surface of the
planet where life exists.) 

It appears that this tiny and lightweight ion was the original antioxidant for all life forms on earth,
and is likely the single most optimal antioxidant for life forms even today.  However, this ion is
rather fragile in our biosphere, and it is easily driven off or destroyed by processing food and water. 
It appears that our ancestors likely ingested a significant amount of this ion in their daily food and
water intake, while we modern (civilized) folk often receive very little in our diets. 

It is commonly known that the health of a plant depends on hydration. Peter C. Agre, an Amer-
ican medical doctor, professor, and molecular biologist won the 2003 Nobel Prize in chemistry
for his discovery of aquaporins, the water-channel proteins that move water molecules through cell
membranes. Plant cellular aquaporins are micro channels that transport water and nutrients through
cell walls, letting (H-) good water in and keeping (H+) bad water out.

When the molecule is positively-charged, and clumped, the aquaporin rejects it, and stops it
from passing through the cellular membrane. This results in water molecules competing for
remaining electrons and clumping together.  Hydration at cellular levels can only receive one water
molecule at a time through the aquaporin channel. That one molecule of water cannot carry with it
anything physical or electrical. All it carries is the energy or vibration and the elements that are
beneficial for life. 

Regular tap water is in clusters of water molecules, while structured or energized water is in one
molecule, allowing for super hydration of plants, animals and humans.  Restructuring water at a
molecular level revitalizes water by restoring the beneficial NEGATIVE hydrogen ions (H-), making
the water readily acceptable for maximum absorption by plants and animals.

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

The use by humans of energized water saturated with negatively charged hydrogen ions may experi-
ence more energy, less fatigue, or improved mental clarity. This simple hydrogen atom can improve
your performance while:

• fighting free radical damage throughout the body

• balancing the body’s chemistry through the biological terrain
• helping to resist sickness
• reversing the disease process and slowing down aging.

Summary of Research Outcomes

Below are a series of photographs that illustrate the outcomes of using the water re-structuring
devices to grow plants. This section also summarizes general observations from the research and
where the research is headed in the next few years.

The most significant finding from the testing of these One08 Water devices on soils and plants is that
the negatively charged water from these devices potentate any living system (e.g., soil and plants).
For example, the activity and function of soil biology is significantly increased, and soil water storage
capacity improves. In the case of plants the following has been observed and measured:

• Seed germination is increased to nearly 100%

• Shorter growing period to maturity
• Nutrient uptake is increased from 2-4 fold (particularly if the application includes biological soil applications)
• Significantly decreased insect attack
• Significantly decreased plant diseases, including fungal attacks
• Fruit flavor is significantly increased
• Vegetable and fruit size can at least double without loss of flavor
• Vegetable and fruit storage time is increased

Below are photographs of vegetables grown with structured water and biological applications.

The beetroot to the left weighed

over 1.3 kg and was juicy,
nutrient dense and flavorful.
The cabbages on the right
had no cabbage moth attack,
while untreated cabbages were
attacked by insects.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

State of Structured (Coherent) Water

The structured water has two distinct properties

that are illustrated in the images above. The water
is generally high in gas bubbles (possibly oxygen
and hydrogen) as can be seen in the image on the
left. Also, the water has a blue/green tinge or aura
(image on the right), and this is typical of all highly structured waters (e.g., glacial melt waters).
It was also found that the structured water would increase under several conditions:

• When bore water, and pristine river and spring water with high ion
content (mineralized and oxygenated) was used through a device
• When the water was spun through a device for about 20 minutes
and longer depending on volume to be spun
• When the water was pre-treated with a venturi just prior to the device
• When the water from the device was spun in a counter-clockwise vortex
before storage in a vessel. An example of this action is illustrated in
this image to the right
• When the structured water is co-joined with diverse and abundant,
beneficial microbes, along with high ion water (mineralized and
oxygenated water) especially in a pond or dam where the water
voltage quickly moved to a negative charge
• When the water is exposed to sunlight energy before and after the
device treatment

It is clear from this research that water and biological coherence

are fundamental to our energy systems and to optimize health,
vitality and longevity. The science of water structure provides
insight to the liquid crystalline molecular fabric that inter-
connects all parts and processes within living things. This
The above image shows the condi-
living matrix gives a substantial basis for the term holistic and a
tioning of bore water through a ¾”
scientific basis for alternative therapies for humans and animals.
magnetic device and spinning of the
Research has also concluded that water pH, ORP and EC are water in a counter-clockwise vortex,
not particularly relevant to the creation or presence of struc- along with exposure to sunlight
tured water. The critical factor is only the extent of the negative energy before storage in a 1,000-
voltage of the water. Albeit, that most treated waters will lose litre container (IBC). This water has
some negative charge towards positive over time, the negative retained a blue tinge/aura and nega-
voltage will stabilize within days and remain stable indefinitely tive voltage of -450 mV for over 10
with negative charge. months in a stable form.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

The diagram to the right shows
[O2] = 1 atm
that pristine waters in rivers and Lake, stream water

creeks have slightly acidic pH and 800

an ORP value that is positive, and
Normal ocean water
often well above 200 mV. It is
concluded that the consumption
of alkaline water (as promoted in
many commercial water treatment 400
Swamp water
technologies) has no relevance in
terms of cellular health (all water 200 Eutrophic lake water
consumed will be highly acidic
once it reaches the stomach). In
(ORP) Organic rich water-
mV 0 logged soils
fact, alkaline (high pH above
7.5pH) water is deprived of Fe3+
oxygen and these waters are not -200 Fe2+
life-affirming. However, pristine Organic rich saline
water that is well mineralized [O2] = 10-83 atm water
(particularly alkaline minerals)
and oxygenated (high positive
ORP) will produce the best struc- 0 2 4 6 8 10
tured water results. pH

In the case of waste-water, the in-line devices will separate out the wastes (e.g., organic matter and
any other materials that are foreign to natural water). These separated materials will form at the
bottom of the water and remain separated. Trials with a 2” device have demonstrated that odor from
septic water can be eliminated within 2-3 hours of cycling through the device, and the water sepa-
rated from the organic wastes. This process is improved with the addition of beneficial, anaerobic
biology at a rate of 1:50 water. There is clear evidence that biology and negative voltage water are
synergistic in collapsing the humic molecules around the metal ions in the water after the magnetic
field has been applied to the ions.

Also, where the device is fitted to a house water supply, the materials that coat the inside of the pipe
(e.g., calcium, organic materials and acids) will be completely dissolved or dislodged within about 2-3
weeks of installation. That’s why magnets are often clamped onto the pipe that feeds water to boilers.
It causes the colloidal minerals to stay in suspension rather than plating out on the walls of the pipes.
Trials have shown that urban (chemically treated) water quality improves significantly after 2-3 weeks
of treatment with a magnetic device. Also, this structured water is the most suitable water for bathing
and showering, as your skin absorbs water and the colloidal minerals in the water.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Water Conditioners: A Pathway to Health

The water conditioners developed and produced by One08 are based on the fundamental premise that
soils, biology, plants, animals and humans need a regular supply of negatively charged, structured
water to achieve optimal health. The manner in which the water is charged to be able to sustain this
effect is the basis of our technology design, across our range of devices.

The One08 Water conditioner device is a once only purchase. There are no moving parts or filters for
maintenance. The devices will hold their energy for an indefinite period when used in the manner
prescribed for application.

Future Research Directions

One08 is further researching and developing the technology in the following directions, and confir-
mation that restructured or cell water will:

• Significantly increase the uptake of nutrients that are vital to health for plants, animals and humans
• Exclude toxins (or molecularly changed toxins) from water and the uptake of these toxins into cells. This would
include the exclusion of toxic elements and chemicals such arsenic, iron, fluoride, chlorine (water chlorination),
glyphosate (from Roundup Ready herbicide) and a wide range of synthetic medications that potentially block
metabolic pathways for nutrients to cells
• Enable cells to increase and sustain negative voltage, when ingested by animals and humans and applied
to soil and plants
• Increase life-affirming activity of microbes in soil, plants (less disease) and in the gut of insects, animals and humans
• Provide a base for homeopathic preparations (in lieu of alcohol)
• Convert seawater into fresh water (i.e., potable drinking water)

This research will continue to develop the effects of magnetism on the creation and coherence of
structured water, and specifically on the geometric relationship between magnetism and water struc-
ture. The research will further develop the techniques for measurement of structured water potential
or capacity using a range of technologies including milli-voltage measurement devices, Photospec-
trometry (a method of using light emission or absorption to determine the composition of substances,
generally involving the use of light emitters and receptors coupled with signal analyzers).

Overall, this research and trialing activity aims to demonstrate the use of structured water to increase
the life-force energy of living cells, measured by a sustained, high negative voltage and improvement
in health and well-being.


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

A primary focus of this research is to awaken interest and improve understanding about the impor-
tance of water and food integrity in human health. It is this focus that is required to reduce sick-
ness and poverty. The current reliance of societies on synthetic medications, chemicals and geneti-
cally modified organisms (GMO) in food production will not only increase malnutrition, disease and
poverty, but destroy the very foundations of life (i.e., water and food quality).


The poor quality and limited supply of water is one of the biggest challenges for all nations with pres-
ently two-fifths of the world’s population unable to find an adequate supply of fresh water for essen-
tial usage. Environmental chemical exposures number in the tens of thousands among industrialized
populations.  Water, air, food, and now the bodies of animals and humans are saturated with xeno-
biotic chemicals (compounds foreign to our biochemistry) most of which did not even exist on the
planet before the industrial revolution of the late 19th century.

Since about the 1960’s research has been carried out on the positive effects that energized (structured)
water has on the capacity to support life to its fullest potential. This process involves subjecting
water to natural water rhythms and specific vortex flow. The four critical aspects that determine
water quality are:

1. Chemical and mineral constituents (including oxygen levels and presence of negatively charged Hydrogen ions: H-)
2. Organic and biological aspects (including contamination by toxins or pathogenic microbes or water that is out of
balance between beneficial and pathogenic microbes)
3. Energetic, vibrational (frequency) or structured naturally
4. Charge potential (i.e., measured as negative millivolts) and capacity to hold that negative charge indefinitely.

Water could be considered to have an inbuilt intelligence that strives to achieve balance and natural
rhythm. When water is subjected to the natural energies of the earth and flow in natural vortices
(patterns of flow), water will revert to its natural quality that is life-affirming.

Extensive research by One08 has resulted in a device that enables rapid conditioning or treatment of
water, without the filters that convert waste-water into a usable form. That is, the quality of the water
output from the device can be determined by the quality of the input water. For example:

1. High quality spring water can be raised to a much higher energetic level (i.e., negative millivolts charge, concentration
of negatively charged Hydrogen ions and coherent structure) than its previous state, especially if this water is exposed
to sunlight energy and placed into a vortex immediately after treatment by the magnetic device
2. Contaminated or waste-water that is unusable for life (biologically unbalanced and containing toxic chemicals) can
be converted to a higher energetic level than its previous state, and to a point where it can be used almost immediately
for life supporting purposes (e.g., soil, plants, animals, etc.). That is, if the energized water is also supplied with a
diversity and abundance of beneficial microbes.

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

The key changes in the water treated with the magnetic device are:

• The water absorbs photons of light and concentrates negatively charged Hydrogen ions (H-). The One08 Water is
unique in that it holds these light photons and negative (-) hydrogen and gives the water an antioxidant capacity.
• The water changes to a coherent, natural structure (i.e., of the hydrogen bonding angle and molecular arrangement)
• There are most likely, beneficial changes (transmutations or transformations) in the ionic properties of ionic minerals
and trace minerals dissolved in the water. These changes can be more dynamic in mineral dense water from a spring,
pristine river source (flowing water) and deep groundwater bores.
• The water has a high negative charge that is life-affirming for all biological systems.
• The One08 Water takes on a light blue imprint (aura) that does not diminish over time. Blue is the colour of the earth
(from space). Also, the oxygen molecule is almost the same wavelength (vibrational frequency) as the color blue. In
the context of color philosophy and color healing, blue is considered a color of calmness, harmony and happiness.
Psychologically, the blue vibration raises consciousness to the realm of spirit, and hence its value in spiritual healing
and meditation.

One08 Technologies Developed for Agriculture


In 2003 One08 commenced research into the development of technology to produce a permanent
negative charge in water. All natural, pristine flowing water has a negative charge.

Since the introduction of chemical farming in China, the pollution of the soil and water has become a
major issue for food production. For example, 80% of China’s rivers are so polluted that they cannot
support fish life. There is need for China to adopt a different approach to food production, and this
will mean that it will have to go back to its basic agrarian roots or history before chemical agriculture
took hold in the 1950-60’s.

Business Opportunities in the World for One08 Water Devices

First and foremost, China, Africa and India have significant business opportunities for the One08
Water devices. This includes the opportunities in waste-water management and agriculture. India
and Africa, with their notoriously unsanitary sewage practices, specifically represent a sizable oppor-
tunity for One08 Water products.

Agriculture and food production is extensive in both China and India, and often locally based and
supplied. These small operations would benefit considerably from the low cost One08 Water devices
to increase food production and food integrity or quality.

The business opportunity for in-line devices in China, India and Africa is considerable in a whole
range of applications from industrial (general water use and some minor waste-water treatment) and

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

to agriculture (including irrigation). The current One08 Water devices could be manufactured readily
in country local facilities and be available for application within 1-2 months.

Agricultural Applications for One08 Water Conditioners

Opportunity exists globally to initially trial and then implement the One08 Water devices in agricul-
ture (food production) and possibly green development projects. The common devices used in agri-
culture are the 1-¾” and 2” devices.

Research by One08 since 2012 has demonstrated that the negatively charged water produced by the
One08 Water conditioner devices has a natural and unique association with microbes (e.g., soil water,
and the gut of animals and humans) in the transport of nutrients. That is, when negatively charged
water is added to soil biology, the uptake of nutrients to a plant can be 2-4 fold greater. Research has
measured at least a doubling in food production.

Results of a Trial in China (Han Dan)

A trial of proper soil biology combined with the One08 Water device was conducted in a shade house
(plastic cover) operation for growing green peppers/chilies. Half of the shade house operation was
administered the biology and negatively charged, One08 Water, and the other half received no soil
biology, nor the One08 Water. The biology was added to the water line in a regulated manner through
a venturi, prior to the One08 Water conditioner (see images below).

The results were:

• The treated plants had larger root systems (right plant on left image below)
• The treated plant fruit was longer (right plant on right image below)
• The treated plant fruit had a superior taste of the pepper/chili


CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •

Other Possible Applications for One08 Water Devices in China, India and Africa

The agricultural and allied light industrial possibilities include:

• Combined water and biology seed treatment prior to planting. This could include treatment prior to seed
encapsulation in a pellet (often used in aerial seeding)
• Infection treatment for pathogenic microbes (and super bugs) in animal enclosures and food storage areas
• Increasing the longevity of cut flowers with negatively charged water
• Use in odor control for composts and waste disposal sites (combined negatively charged water and
beneficial biology as a timed spray system)
• Corrosion control using negatively charged water and biology, and possibly other additives

The primary aim of these natural approaches to agriculture is to remove chemicals from farming and
improve the integrity of food. This change in agricultural practices is critical due to the rise of Asia’s
economic wealth, particularly in China and India and is a sure sign that farmers are about to join
miners in the demand for resources. The issue for farmers is their ability to exploit this opportu-
nity. While many see this opportunity as a looming bonanza, there are many people who see this as
an opportunity that may collapse into the morass of traditional chemical (and GMO) farming dogma.

Asia’s rising affluence is expected to change Asia’s food consumption, with greater demand for higher
quality produce and protein-rich foods such as meat and dairy products, along with an increase in the
demand for organic vegetables and fruit. The continuing population growth and rising living stan-
dards in Asia will cause global food production to grow 35 per cent by 2025, and 70 per cent by 2050.

The looming environmental issues in Asia (e.g., desertification in China) will prevent Asians from
producing much of the extra food they require to meet new demands. Consequently, Asia is likely to
become a major importer of food unless changes in the practice of agriculture are made now.

CONFIDENTIAL 333 S. State St. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 •