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=, Cy es FEa= SEI MAIARRAH HOWEEDY er cnoue ‘CONSULTANTS Bad tm Projects ‘Majarrah Business Complex Sheikh Za Client: ‘Bonin for Investment and Development Main Consultant: HOWBEDY Consultant Ofice Main Contractor : Ofeq For Contracting ‘9-Jun-2016 Referring to (RFI-EL-024-RO) About Féeding Building (5) From (SMDB-B4-T) By Cable (3 x 35 +16) We Only Fin Spare In The Panel One Breaker With (AF 63) Please Advise Us If It Enough For Feeding The Bulding Or It Wil Be Replaced With (80 A C.8) With Cost Impact Lx Catteder ts _upemde hee B Main Consultant: ‘HOWEEDY conaliant Fee ‘Main Contractor: Frofog Forconacng ‘MAJ / RFI / ELEC / 024 RO 26-May-2016 ‘Location & Levels (Bectrical) refering tthe test rch craving olan scape we found smal bing ease prove us wh eared We ‘and lc required outlet and the associated feeder pane! / ste attached (I) Ad Sketch | # Items qr. 2 Tandocape Hectal Light Current Fxtures- Location & Levels (Bectre) ‘Hard ony 1 | Tech.omee Engineer: ‘ng. Ahmed Abd BLRahaman ‘Signature: Date: 6 * arte tae =e yoy. ae a N\e 5 Saree 1 ASS s — “* az pe : EA