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CBLWERSITE Government of India CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (Department of Personnel & Training) 5-B, 7" Floor ‘A’ & B* Wing CGO Complex Lodhi Road New Delhi-110003 ENGAGEMENT OF INSPECTORS ON CONTRACTUAL BASIS IN CBI Looking for retired and serving Police Officers of the rank of Inspector and above for ointment as Inspector on contract for one (01) year or till the filling up of these vacancies cither by Promotion or by Deputation, whichever is earlier at a consolidated remuneration not exceeding Rs:40,000/- per month. The candidate should be graduate from recognized university. The person engaged shall have no right to claim regularization/absorption in the organization after the expiry of period of contract, 2. The retired officers of the Central/State Police Forces of the rank of Inspector or above ‘with 10 years of experience in Investigation arid Prosecution of Criminal Cases in the Court of Law are eligible for appointment to the above mentioned post. ‘The candidates will be on whole time appointment and will have no right to undertake part time private employment during the ‘od of contract. The Inspectors appointed on Contraet will be utilized by HoZ/HoB in best interest of CBI, which should take into account the performance of duties of Pai Off r5 at Special CBI Courts, 3. ‘The number of vacancies at each location are given in Annexure-lIl. The number of ancies and place of interview are subject to change. 4, The application forms can be downloaded from CBI website ( The completed apptication in the prescribed format (Annexure —I) alongwith’ requisite documents may be sent by Regd /Speed Post on addresses given against each location in Annexure-lIl. The last date of receipt of applications 18" May 2018, 5. Incomplete application and application received after last date will be summarily rejected, bo Deputy Director (Pers.) CBUHO/New Delhi No, DPPERS.1/2018/79 /A-60011/10/2013 t0 2017 Dated- of) 1. Head of Zones, CBI, Bhopal Zone/Chandigarh Zone/Chennai Zone/Delhi Zone, Guwahati Zone, Hyderabad Zone/Kolkata Zone/Mumbai Zone, 2. CBI Website Curriculum vi Annexure ~J ae proforma for engagement of Inspectors in CBI on Contract Photo ae Locations for which applied (Not more than three) Preferred place for interview (Please select from Annexure-II}) EDUCATIONAL PROFESSIONAL | QUALIFICATIONS (stating from rduation) | Division | marks Note Dessits (From. date of nial paint da Details af experience in investigation and prosecution of erimin RewardiA ppreciation/ Commendation leer received sion Mino Whet facing or ever fa Disciplinary application form, “Enclosures in support of above be Submited along wi SIGNATURE ‘THE COMPOSITION OF ZONAL COMMITTEES FOR EACH ZONE Annexure-II Si [Zone(s) Members of Zonal Committee for each Zone Postal Address for [so | Sane | Siomiingaptsion | FY) Bhopat jieZ, CBI, | HoB, CBI, ACB, | SPHeB, CBI, | HoZ, CBI, Bhopal Zone Bhopal Zone, | Bhopal ‘ACB, Jabalpur | CBI, Anveshan Pariser, | Bhopal | Char im, Bhopal-462 016. | Chandigarh | Hioz, CBI, | HoB, CBI, ACB,| SP, ACB, | HoZ, CBI, Chandigarh | Chandigarh” | Chandigarh sce, Zone Zone. | _| Chandigarh | Sector-30-A, Chandigarh 7 | Ghennat | HoZ, CB, | HoB, CBI, ACB,| HOBISP,CBI, | HoZ, CBI, Chennai Zone Chennai Zone, | Chennai ACB, Cochin | 3" Floor, EVK, Sampath } Chennai | & —HOBISP, | Maligai, ' College Road, | CBI, SCB, | Chennai-600006 | | Type. | j@ | Dent Foz, CBI, | HoB, CBI, ACB,|SP, CBI, | HoZ(Deihi), CBI, Delhi | Delhi Zone | Delhi ACB, Delhi | 5-B,10" Ploor, CGO Delhi Complex, Lodhi Road, - ‘New Dethi-110003 3 [Guwahati | Hoz, CBI, NE | HoB, CBI, AGB, | SP, CBI, SCB, | Ho7Z, CBI, NEZone | Zone Guvabati Kolkata! 5-B,10" Floor, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, 1 ___| New Dethi-t10003 © [Hyderabad | HoZ, CBI] DIG, ACB, | SP, CBI, | Hoz, CBI, Hyderabad Zone | Hyderabad Hyderabad ACB, 3" Floor, Kendraya Sadan, | Zone Hyderabad. | Sulten Bazar, Koti, Hyderabad-500093 7 | Kolkata HoZ, CBI] HoB, CBI, ACB, | SP, CBI, | HoZ, CBI, Kolkata Zone Kolkata Zone, | Kolkata ACB, Kolkata’ | 2" MSO Building, Nizam | Kolkata | Palace 15! Floor, 234/4- A.LC. Boss Road, Kolkata- | { 700020 [Mumbai | Head of Zone, | Head of the |SP, CBI, | HoZ, CBI, Mumbai Zone CBI, Mumbai. | Branch,CBI, ACB, | ACB, Mumbai | CBI, Plot No C-35A, G Mumbsi Block, Bandra Kula nplex, Bandra(E) | Mumbai- 400098 Deputy CBI/HONew Delhi Annnexure-tIl Name of CBI] Location of the Court Vacanéy Zone [7 Bhopal Bhopal & Indore(t each) 2 | CBI, ACB, Jabalpur 4 CBI, ACB, Raipur 5 1 | CBI, AGB, Nagpur including Amrawati ~~) 2) Chandigarh | Panchkula & Patiala (CBI, ACB, Chandigarh) a CBI, ACB, Srinagar 1 ] 3) Chennai | Emakulam & Kerala (CBI, SCB Thiruvananthapuram) 2 | | 4) Deni CBI, ACB, Delhi 14 [§) Guwahati | CBl, ACB, Guwahatt 7 3 [6) Hyderabad | CB, ACB, Hyderabad 2 CBI, ACB, Visakhapatam OU ~| 7) Kolkata CBI, ACB Kolkata(6), Alipur(2) and Asansol) 9 8)Mumbai_— | CBI, ACB Mumbar a ‘CBILACB, Goa | CBI ACB, Gandhinagar