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Abstract Submission Form

Sponsoring Organization
Promoting Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction with Nature-Based Solution of
Suggested Title of Presentation Binahaan Watershed
Jihyeon Irene Park / Managing Director, International Development Cooperation
Contact Person(s) and Details Specialist on Water and Climate Change
Jihyeon Irene Park
Person(s) Making Presentation

☐ Supplying Water
☐ Sanitation and Water Quality
Aligns with AWF Activity ☐ Water for Food
☐ Water for Energy
X Water Resources Management (including flood, drought, groundwater)

X Inclusiveness
☐ Finance and Transactions
Aligns with Crosscutting Theme(s) X Governance, Management, and Sustainability
X Resilience
☐ Water-Food-Energy Nexus, Efficiency, and Performance

General description of the innovation or activity to be presented and how does it work?
This activity aims to use ecosystem based adaptation measures for water-related disaster risk reduction – that is, combination of
mangrove, seagrasses and coral reef to reduce the negative impacts of storm surge associated with typhoon events and frequent
floods to adapt to climate change.
Why is it relevant? What are the benefits and for whom?
As strategies imply taking a precautionary and anticipatory approach, efforts to respond to climate change have much less on
adaptation, for example, long term strategies to reduce exposure, susceptibility and enhance capacity of communities to hazards.
This activity is possible to protect vulnerable people and build improved water governance at a local level.
Examples of actual application of the innovation or activity (if not yet applied, please indicate how it can be used)
Upstream area - Reforestation and wetland built-up and the creation of habitats for valuable fishes, maintenance and enhancement of
biodiversity, improved aesthetics and access to “nature”
Mid-section – Ecopark and retention area / Downstream area – Low Impact Development(LID) and Sustainable Drainage System (SDS)
What are the required enabling conditions for the innovation or activity to be applied and become effective?
Mobilization of sustainable financial resources and human resources by capacity building
Leadership of government and municipalities of the Philippines and improved institutional arrangement towards participatory decision
What is needed to scale-up application of the innovation or activity in the Asia and Pacific region?
The core factor is to use hybrid approaches to reduce the impact of flooding in the Binahaan watershed in Tacloban area. It can
address the reduction of risks in the areas surrounding the watershed and its vicinities, particularly as we expect huge volume of
water during rainy season. Hybrid approach can bring paradigm shift from conventional measure to innovative one.