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GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: LIEZEL S. MANALO Learning Area: ENGLISH

DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and Time: JULY 2-6, 2018 (WEEK 5) Quarter: 1ST QUARTER


A. Content Standard Demonstrate understanding Demonstrates
Demonstrates understanding of grammatical structures of English to of familiar sight and understanding of speech
be able to communicate effectively in oral and written forms. irregularly spelled words cues for clear expression
for automatic recognition. of ideas.
B. Performance Standard Uses familiar sight and Uses speaking skills and
irregularly spelled words in strategies appropriately
Shows proficiency in constructing grammatically correct sentences in
meaningful oral and written to communicate ideas in SUMMATIVE TEST
varied theme-based oral and written activities.
tasks varied theme-based
C. Learning Read words with short u Synthesize and restate
Competency/Objectives sounds in CVC pattern. information shared by
Nouns Use nouns in simple sentences
Write the LC code for EN3PWR-Ie-3 others
EN3G-Ie-2 EN3G-Ie-2.4

II. CONTENT Short u Synthesizing and

Identifying Nouns Using Nouns in Sentences restating information
shared by others
D. References
1. Teacher’s Guide 28
2. Learner’s Materials 56
55-71 81
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials
from Learning
Resource (LR)portal
E. Other Learning Resource LED TV,Charts
A. Reviewing previous Tell whether the following sentences Teacher will flash a Letter
lesson or presenting the are imperative or exclamatory. then pupils give examples of a
new lesson B. Return this book to the cabinet. name of person,animals,places
C. What a nice day! or things that starts with the
D. Please carry the chair. corresponding letter.
Checking of Assignment Reading words with u
E. Oh my tooth is aching!
F. Don’t touch that, it’s hot!
G. Will you please give me a glass of

B. Establishing a purpose Say:Let us read the sentences.
 Reading of a passage entitled Present pictures of the new The teacher asks the
for the lesson The boy planted a seed. “At the Zoo” words being studied. You pupils:
Father said a plant won‟t come up. can also use realia and “Have you gone
The boy visited the garden every day. action to unlock their
to a farm? Would you
meanings. Be sure to
He pulled the weeds. 
 like to share your
consult a dictionary for the
Mother and brother saw the plant. 
 experiences? Can you
meaning and pronunciation
of the words share us information?

C. Presenting Ask: Let us read the

examples/Instances of 1. In the first sentence, who planted a experience of Bismark, a
the new lesson seed? Underline the word. What did grade III boy
the boy plant? Underline the word. a. First reading by the
2. In the second sentence, who said a teacher
plant won’t come up? Underline the We were
word. What did he say would not grow? Who went to the zoo?
invited to a birthday
Underline the word. What were the huge animals
the boys saw in the zoo? Bud, the Hungry Turtle party. The party was
3. In the third sentence, where did
the boy go every day? Underline the What animals was Joy afraid held in a farm house.
word. Who visited the garden? of? It is owned by Mr.
Underline the word. And Mrs. Alex
4. In the fourth sentence, what did he Velasco in Salet,
pull? Underline the word. Laoag City. The place
5. In the fifth sentence, who saw the
is very beautiful.
plant? Underline the word. What did
There are many trees
Mother and brother see? Underline and plants. There are
the word. also animals like
Say: Read the underlined words. We chicken, dog, birds,
call these words nouns. What then are
and pigs. There is a
fish pond with tilapia.
There is also a
monkey in a cage.
I enjoyed the party
at the farm house.

D. Discussing new Group Work Present the sentences taken - What are common sounds a. Second reading by
concepts and Give each pupil a strip with different form the story. did you heard today? the pupils.
practicing new skills colors.Pupils will then group The Grade III pupils of Mrs. b. Summarizing the
#1 themselves according to their color.An Santos went to the zoo.
activity sheets will then given to each What are the underlined
c. Retelling the
group. words?

E. Discussing new Processing the work of each group. Group Activity

concepts and Each group will be given
practicing new skills activity sheets.
F. Developing mastery Answering Activity 59 on
(leads to Formative page 70
Assessment 3)

G. Finding practical Refer the pupils to LM The teacher

application of Activity 76 letter A on asks/encourages pupils
concepts and skills in page 82 to tell/share information
daily living like:
Calesa is a means of
There are many business
establishments in the
Laoag City.
Laoag City is found in the
province of Ilocos Norte.
H. Making How do we read words with
generalizations and Noun is a word that names a person, a place, an animal, a thing or an short u?
abstractions about event.
the lesson
I. Evaluating learning Encircle the nouns in the sentences. Identify the following Divide the class into dyads The teacher tells an
The boy watered the plants. 
 pictures and use them to or triads and have each information and the
complete each sentences. group work on LM – Activity pupils will write it on
The seed came up. 

76 letter B, page 82. their paper.
There are flowers in the pots. 

We saw the birds flying in the sky. 

Almira loves going to the church.

J. Additional activities 
 Fill in the table. Form sentences using the Cut pictures with short u Write an information on
for application or Person Animals Places Things following nouns. sounds a sheet of paper.
remediation Father

A. No. of learners who earned 80%
in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
remediation who scored below
C. Did the remedial lessons work?
No. of learners who have
caught up with the lesson
D. No. of learners who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies
worked well? Why did these
F. What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with other