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SOLS 24/7 Application Form

Please read carefully and answer ALL questions honestly and concisely

Name: Position Applied for:

Hossam Eldeen Gamal Volunteer Teacher

Telephone Number: Job ID-Number:

02-01110400780 ETD000002
Email Address: Gender: Date of Birth and age: male 03/06/1987
Passport Origin(country): Country Currently Residing:
Egypt Egypt
Date you would like to complete How did you find out about the
your placement (start/end date position:
and no. of months):
no of months(from 3 to 6)

What is your current VISA situation? (ONLY for foreign people living/staying in Malaysia)
Do you have any concerns about this placement? Please feel free to

Please list your highest academic qualifications. (including subject,

grade and institution)

Spoken languages (Basic, intermediate, fluent):

Please list your most recent previous work experiences (please include
job role, job responsibilities, dates and length of service and reason for
leaving the position)

Please list any volunteering you have previously undertaken.

Are you able to work flexible hours if a project requires it? Or do you
prefer a fixed clock in-clock out schedule? (Please explain your answer)

Describe yourself in 3 words (separate, single words)

What experience have you had of poverty? (Up to 100 words)

What has been the most fulfilling experience in your life? (Up to 100

What makes you angry, annoyed or in a negative mind-set? (Up to 50


What is your motivation for applying to SOLS 24/7 Malaysia? Why do you
want to work for us? (Up to 100 words)

Why should SOLS pick you? What makes you stand out from the crowd?
(Up to 100 words)
What passion makes you look forward to the day ahead? (Up to 50

Please share a random act of kindness that you have displayed. (Up to
100 words)

Can you share one of your largest challenges you have had in your work
life? (Up to 100 words)

If you had five years to live, what would you do? (Up to 100 words)

If you were a superhero, what power would you have and why? (Up to
50 words)

Do you have any medical conditions/mental health/disability?

Picture Interpretation

What is your interpretation of the above picture (Up to 25 words)

What is your interpretation of the above picture (Up to 25 words)

Image Upload
Please also attach two images to this application form (no larger than
448x336 px)

Image 1: This image should be a photo of yourself which describes you

Image 2: This image should be a photo which describes you but does
not have you in it

Please note the image does not have to fit the box exactly
(Approximate size)

Please submit your fully completed and formatted application to Good luck!

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