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Mamma Mia!

Sophie: I’m getting married tomorrow.
I’m so glad you’re here,
Note: this is a transcription of the movie version because I have a secret and I
of Mamma Mia! (2008). The stage version is a can’t tell anybody else.
little different.
Ali: Sophie, you’re knocked up?1

Sophie sails to the mainland to post a letter. Sophie: No! No! No! Um. I’ve invited my dad
to my wedding.
Sophie: I have a dream
A song to sing Lisa: You are joking!
To help me cope
With anything Ali: You’ve found him at last?
If you see the wonder
Of a fairy tale Sophie: No! No, no, no, no, no, not
You can take the future exactly. Okay. You know what
Even if you fail. my mom always said when I
(She posts 3 envelopes as she asked about my father. It was a
reads the names on them.) summer romance, and he’d
Sam Carmichael. gone long before she realized
Bill Anderson. that she was expecting me.2
Harry Bright. And I’d always kind of
accepted that that’s all I’d ever
Bill is seen on his motorbike. Sam is seen ending know. Well, I was ransacking
a meeting with some Japanese businessmen. some old trunks and I found
Harry is seen getting into a private taxi. Bill is this. It’s the diary she kept the
making his way to his boat, the other two to year she was pregnant with
airports. me.

Sophie meets her friends Ali and Lisa off the Lisa: Oh, Sophie!
boat on Kalokairi. They all scream and laugh
and exclaim “Oh, my God!” (Lisa and Ali shout Sophie (reading.): “July 17th. What a night!”
from back stage)
Lisa: I don’t know if I want to hear
Sophie: I missed you. Oh, no... this!

All three: We’re Sophie, Ali, Lisa! We’re Ali: I do!
the greatest, bestest mates!
Sophie (reading.): “Sam rowed me over to the
Ali: I’m tough. little island.” That’s here. That’s Kalokairi.
“We danced on the beach, and
Lisa: I’m tall. we kissed on the beach, and dot, dot,
Sophie: I’m tiny.
Lisa: What?
All three: And we’re gonna rock this
place. Yeah! Sophie: Dot, dot, dot! That’s what they did in
the olden days.
Ali and Lisa notice Sophie’s ring.
Lisa: Stop it!
Ali: Sophie, it’s beautiful.

Lisa: I want one.
Knocked up = pregnant.
Ali: He did well, didn’t he? 2
Expecting me = pregnant with me.


and dot. let me feel it Ali and Lisa: Donna! Aha. honey. I know he is. dot. honey growing! You sound like The way that you kiss good you’re having fun already. 2 Out of the blue = unexpectedly. Bill’s so wild. don’t conceal it Donna: Look at you! God! Stop Honey. he makes me dizzy Honey. nearly kills me. He’s so sweet and understanding. we know! I feel like I wanna sing When you do your thing! Sophie continues singing. honey Ali: Oh. Lisa: So this guy Sam’s your father! Sophie: Honey. and I took him Harry: Bugger! over to the little island. dot! Honey. Sam and Harry both shout after the ferry they’ve just missed. and now he’s Aha.” show him the island. honey Honey. my God! I’ve heard about him before I wanted to know some more They have all got back to Donna’ villa. honey. Ali: Hang on. 1 4 The plot thickens = it gets more complicated. honey. The way that you’re holding me tight Ali: Oh.” August 11th. You look like a movie star so he’s gone home to get But I love just who you are married. touch me. and I’m never going And. to say the least to see him again. baby loves me. honey. My sentiments exactly = that’s just what I feel. Lisa: So. honey. One thing led to Sophie: I don’t know. I Honey. Oh. hold me. Ali and Lisa go to Sophie’s room.): “August 4th. honey. we are. honey. Sophie. wait. Harry turned up. another.1 “All this Aha. 3 Doggone beast = complete animal.” You’re a doggone beast.): “Though I’m still obsessed or Harry? with Sam. Sam’s been telling me he Honey. honey time.): “Sam’s the one. honey. Donna And now I know what they enters. mean He’s a love machine Donna: Here come the bridesmaids. honey.” Sam: My sentiments exactly4. Bill Sophie (reading. night The way that you kiss me good Lisa: Oh. honey announced that he’s engaged. honey.3 Ali: Poor Donna. Aha.Sophie (reading. honey All three: Dot. Lisa: Bill? Sophie. 2 . honey.2 so I said I’d I’ve never felt like this before. who is your dad? Sam. Sophie (reading. dot. out of the blue. baby Sophie: The plot thickens. how he thrills couldn’t help it and …” me Aha. dot. as we see Sam and Harry attempting to catch the boat to Kalokairi. honey. night The way that you hold me tight Donna: I used to have fun. He’s such a funny guy. What a night! Bill rented a motorboat.

listen. honey haven’t met you. she said she never anybody that I invited you. honey. Okay? Promise? Sophie: But that was years ago! Please. wanted to see me again. by any boat? chance. it was a long shot1 that you’d Sophie: Would you write to a total even reply. But might I suggest (To Bill. and I thought.Ali: But which one did you invite? Harry: Why? Sophie looks at them expressively. Sophie: No. but okay. how you thrill know that? You’re just like me your mother.) Well. ******* Sophie talks to his 3 dads Sophie: Like you used to bring my mother? Sophie: I sent the invites. Harry: Listen. and with for you to be here. no. I can’t be I’m going to go. no. It’s Ali and Lisa: Oh. I’m glad my boys Aha. The three men get up. like to bring them here. baby. honey I’d heard about you before Sophie: You have sons? I wanted to know some more And now I’m about to see Sam: Yes. Harry. two. it would Bill: You got it. no. charming. she can’t know. when I sent the invites. Aha. Like a siren what’s in here. nearly kill me recover. seductive young Bill: No. mean a lot to me. Sam: Why? Harry: I might regret it.) that we all reconvene on your Harry: There wouldn’t. (They They all hear Donna humming as she enters the groan. They think that have been some special reason Mom sent the invites. Ali: Do they know? Sophie: Okay. no surprise they call. Sophie: Okay. Please stay. The last time I saw your Promise me that you’ll not tell mother. And someday. honey. no. I can see that you’ve been to a great deal of trouble. honey. Sam: It’s a promise.2 you All three: Honey. no. her that you are all gonna be at my wedding. happen to be a trouser Sam: Good idea. My mom doesn’t know anything. Surely there must father”? No. and she’s always talking about you guys and the Sophie: No. no. my God! good for you. Bill: It’s an adventure. They’d never Honey. maybe? said yes! Sam: You are a little minx. much for me. what an amazing surprise for Bill: It’s Donna. I’d What you mean to me. Sam: Hang on. good old days. you might be my wedding. woman. And now you’ve stranger “Please come to my come all this way for a wedding. 3 . 2 Minx = confident. here. she’s done so building. Sophie. 1 A long shot = unlikely. Listen. honey.

that someone is awake. just how much I’ve missed you Donna: Why are you here? What are you doing Yes. You’d better not And I think you know when be here. do you? One more look and I forget everything2 Donna: Harry! It is you! Mamma mia. would Chorus: Mamma mia. So I made up my mind It must come to an end Bill: You want me to pinch you. now I really Harry: I’m … I’m here on a know spontaneous holiday. Sophie climbs out through a window. does it show but you certainly haven’t. Mamma mia. go? Mamma mia. I was cheated by you Donna: I’d better be dreaming. the trap door. Sam: That’s generally the definition. etc. I’ve been broken-hearted. but who . here I go again My. my.) My. press on the island. I should not have let you go Donna: Uh-huh. Just one look and I can hear a bell ring Donna: Strangers? You don’t know each other? One more look and I forget everything.. good. 2 3 I forget everything = I forget all my resolutions To pinch you. my. But I suddenly lose control Bill Anderson. A standard way of confirming (to get over you).3 Look at me now Donna? Will I ever learn? I don’t know how Donna: No! You keep your hands to yourself. there? Donna: Yes. how can I resist you? Harry: I’ve probably changed a bit. why did I ever let you Bill: I’m writing a travel piece. etc. Sam: You always knew how to make Donna: Harry? Bill? Ah! an entrance. I can’t count all the times I have cried over you Donna: Okay. my. again? (Sam expresses agreement.. My. here I go again. I’ve been broken-hearted here? Blue since the day we parted Why. What is this? Look at me now Will I ever learn? Bill: It’s one of those serendipitous I don’t know how moments in life when three But I suddenly lose control complete strangers share a There’s a fire within my soul common thought. I was angry and sad When I knew we were through Donna: I just dropped in to say hi. Donna hears a noise upstairs and Donna falls down in the room where the three looks up through men are. 4 . There’s a fire within my soul Just one look and I can hear a Harry: You probably don’t recognize bell ring1 me. Donna: Okay. Why 1 I can hear a bell ring = my memories come are you here? Who said that back.

3 tell me what’s wrong Sam: Donna. this goat-house? should tickle your taste buds.. I hope we can patch it up Together Sam: Hey.. Bill. so sad So quiet Sam: Just wanted to see the island. tell me the truth You know what it meant to me. Sam: Greek lady. Rosie can’t stay here because I’m knocks on the door. that’s it. Rosie: Chiquitita. stay in the old goat-house. Rosie: What’s up? Donna? Donna! Donna: Yeah.” 5 . (Singing. Harry: It’s good to see you.. Donna. bar. You Donna has shut herself in the toilet. you and I know Sam. big fella. that’s it. in Greek. Rosie: Grandmother.1 Away. Barman: I think she went down to the Bill: Or maybe she said we couldn’t beach. How I hate to see you like this There is no way you can deny Bill: Spontaneous. Harry: Yeah. she spoke Greek. I’m old enough to be your mother. Donna. Chiquitita. closed and I’m full. especially when you want to comfort her. baby. I have a Tanya: (Whispering.) Now. You were always sure of Bill: I have a boat. Local girl’s getting married. I’m a shoulder you can cry on Your best friend Donna: Okay. it I can see Donna: (To Sam. 2 Tickle your taste buds = excite your sense of Rosie and Tanya are being served a drink at the taste. don’t worry about us.2 Harry: Didn’t catch the name..) What about you? That you’re oh.) Talk to her. Both: In your eyes And the wedding is tomorrow! Harry: I’m spontaneous. Harry: Well.. Bill here is used to Tanya: Oh.) Oh. Björn Ulvaeus of Abba has explained that “It’s something you would say to a female friend. my . and feather anchors away. Donna – Chiquitita.. yes.. Tanya: Down. And – seen such sorrow Bill: Harry here. 1 Anchors away = raise your anchors. Donna: Where’s Sophie? Sam: Yeah. away. you could stay up in my old Barman: (To Tanya. I’m really . It’s a rather flirtatious thing to say. I’m gonna arrange for a boat to I’m the one you must rely on take you all back to the mainland. maybe that was it.. get on it. yourself Now I see you’ve broken a Donna: You have a boat? Good. 3 Chiquitita = “little one” in Spanish. me. Donna is obviously upset. wedding. I have never roughing it. And I’m busy.

1 matter about me. ever have to. This would house the day before my be like a bombshell. And I have brought this all on myself Donna: No! No! Wait! Shoot! Rosie! Tanya! Wait a minute! Don’t let them hear you! 2 Head Banger. Donna. you and I cry Rosie: Not Harry “Head Banger”! But the sun is still in the sky And shining above you Donna: They must’ve gone back to their boat.) Are you sure? head up and down. Donna: Try once more Like I did before Rosie: (To Tanya. because there Tanya: Oh.4 to get married? I’m not sure that it was him. 3 Psychic = able to read people’s minds. I Let me hear you sing once hope they run aground and drown. know my daughter. would ever. Donna: It doesn’t matter … it doesn’t Tanya: Donna Sheridan. Rosie: There’s no one here.) Do they know about Sophie? Donna: Sophie’s dad. more What are they doing here? It’s Like you did before like some hideous trick of fate. Rosie and Tanya enter the house. Donna. How the heartaches come and Donna: Of course I’m sure! Do you they go think I would forget my And the scars they’re leaving daughter’s dads? They were all You’ll be dancing once again here. The only thing that matters is that Rosie: Why didn’t you tell us? Sophie never finds out. 6 . where they are. why they’re here. Donna: Well. I never knew that I Tanya: Well.5 daughter’s wedding! Rosie: Donna. violent kind of dancing done by heavy metal fans and punk rockers which involved swinging the Tanya: (To Donna. Sing a new song. guys around the same time. who had to go home told a soul. Headbanging was a simple. Sing a new song. I don’t know house.”2 grieving Chiquitita. 1 5 Shady lady = lady with dark secrets. Bill And the pain will end Anderson and Harry “Head You will have no time for Banger. keeping it to yourself all were two other … two other these years. The local people all burst out laughing. Sam Carmichael. Remember how I said it was Sam? Sam the Donna: What. You shady lady. Tanya: Whose dad? Rosie: (To Donna. Chiquitita. (Speaking. maybe she would be cool with it. I don’t know Rosie and Tanya run off to find the old goat. they’ve gone! Rosie and Tanya: The old goat-house? Donna: I don’t know that.) It’s very Greek. A bombshell = a huge shock. 4 A soul = anyone.) It’s her dad. I never imagined I’d see all Donna: “Cool with it”? You don’t three of them in my old goat. are they psychic?3 No! I’ve never architect.

you’re gone Looking out for another. you can jive. “Super troupers” were the large 7 .7 for one night and one night only. low. you old 1 Slut = sexually promiscuous girl or woman. power” in the 1990s. whatever happened to diggin’ the dancing queen! our Donna? Life and soul of the party. Tanya and Rosie: Yes. having the time of your life! See that girl. Tanya: (Speak for yourself. watch that scene. presenting. There was much talk of “girl sounding way. feel the beat from the tambourine! Oh yeah! Rosie: You do.3 el rock chick You’re a teaser. the Abba album on which this song first 7 Swing = rhythm. anyone will do. can’t take a joke. my God. 9 chick (female). Anybody could be that guy. With a bit of rock music. Tanya: Yeah. Tanya’s voice is heard. Tanya: Well. 3 Life and soul of the party = the central person Donna. don’t worry about great success of The Spice Girls. and all Sophie’s friends Friday night and the lights are are having a party. The suggestion seems to be Dynamos.. grow back down again. it’s Catholic guilt!2 You can dance. You’re in the mood for a Tanya: Whoa! Don’t you sound like your dance. You come to look for a king. the sort of person who makes a 8 party go well. high. you do! young and sweet. etc.. Tanya says this in a Spanish. Super Trouper was the name of 6 Diggin’ = digging = appreciating / enjoying. especially because of the 5 Screw ’em = ignore them. Looking out for a place to go Where they play the right Tanya: Ladies and no gentlemen. Turn ’em on = excite them (sexually / 4 El rock chick supremo = the supreme rock physically). Dancing queen. reckless little slut!1 everything is fine. 10 them. music. Girl power. Rosie: Because that’s all we’ve got Night is young and the music’s breath for. See that girl. from inside the house. I do not. watch that scene. Donna and the the Catholic religion. Super Trouper. on8 Leave them burning. amplified. And when you get the chance … You can dance. diggin’6 the dancing queen! **** It is now the evening. then. and then Donna: I grew up. you turn ’em supremo?4. bat!) The world’s first girl 2 Catholic guilt = the sort of guilt encouraged by power9 band. Rosie. appeared. having the time of your life! You are the dancing queen. You’ve been living like a nun. getting in the swing. you can jive. that Donna’s mother was a Catholic. only seventeen! Donna: Oh. Tanya: Super Trouper10 in any party. mother? And when you get the chance … Donna: I do not! You are the dancing queen. because I was a stupid. You’re in the mood for a Rosie and Tanya: Screw ’em5 if they dance.

here? Wishing every show was the last show.) I have enough to do here. Lucy Sophie: Oh. Good idea. there’s you Sophie: What kept you? I was sick and tired of everything Sam: What’s your mother said about When I called you last night me? from Glasgow All I do is eat and sleep and Sophie: She never mentioned you. sing Wishing every show was the Sam: Sophie? What am I doing last show. Fancy Donna having Sophie: Hi. I don’t know who my good. That’s the extent … you should wait until she of my relationships. Sophie’s friends pull her away to where Bill is dancing. You should wait and Kipper. Harry: Well. Is your father here? Sam: Good idea. Harry? Donna that I come in peace. This is Sophie: I don’t know. Lights are gonna find me Sam: Do you know. I’d have Really. spoiled her rotten. Harry: I’m fine. I always ’Cause somewhere in the dreamt I’d come back here. What you drew on the boat . Sophie: You okay? ******Sophie finds Sam alone. 8 . don’t you pursue this? You have a real talent here.” place. I think I should explain to Sophie: Do you have any children. I’d have has a few drinks in her first. really. Girls: Is there a man out there? Sam: Is that really your dream? Someone to hear my prayer? Running the villa with Donna? Bill: This is fantastic! How on earth Sophie: She just can’t do it by herself. This song is about “the stresses and Drew this whole place up = designed this whole strains of touring [as a band]. no. This is really good. Harry: Hello. I have the dogs.. did Donna get money to buy this place? coloured spotlights Abba used in their stage 1 shows. crowd. a grown-up daughter! Sam: Hi. Why father is. Tonight the Super Trouper Lights are gonna find me. *******Sophie’s friends are still partying. you’re coming Suddenly I feel all right Girls: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! And suddenly it’s gonna be A man after midnight And it’s gonna be so different Take me through the darkness when I’m on the stage tonight To the break of the day. So imagine I was glad to hear Harry escapes from them and meets Sophie. I drew this But I won’t feel blue whole place up1 on the back of Like I always do a menu one night. loved a daughter.. Sophie: (Sighing.

tomorrow? Bill: I always heard her money was Sophie: Nobody. then. 9 .” etc. etc. you’re not going to tell me Harry: Now. Everyone rushes towards her with cries of “Sophie. How old are you? Sam: Wrong. but Sam pulls her aside. Oh. I am. Our secret till Sophie: I’m 20. Take it now or leave it Now is all we get. Why did your great-aunt leave my mother money? Sky: (To Sophie. this is where the interval comes. Bill: Yes. Sophie: Bill. Harry: Oh. wait. Bill: Will you excuse me a minute? All: Voulez-vous I’m sorry. I’ll be there. Yes.Sophie: She was left some money by the old Sophie: What? Not long at all. Well. her mind. come here. that’s why you sent me that you have a twin sister. that I’m named after. Bill: Give you away? All: Voulez-vous Sophie: No! Our secret until the wedding. left to family. Bill: Cute. why I’m here. Sophie: All my life. I won’t let you down. Sam and Harry in Sophie: Okay.1 ******Sophie is going to join Bill. She faints. I know Donna. My mom doesn’t Sofia. ******Sophie goes back to the villa to find Sam: Sophie. Sam. lady she looked after when I was little. there’s been this All: Voulez-vous huge unanswered question. my God! I’m your father! Sophie: You know what comes next? Sophie: Harry! Bill: Oh. are you? the invite. please! Are you my father? Harry bumps into Sophie. know that I know. God. Sophie hears the various words spoken to her by Bill. You wanted your old dad to walk you down the Sophie: Will you give me away tomorrow? aisle. and Ain’t no big decision I don’t want any more secrecy! You know what to do La question c’est voulez-vous Bill: What do you want from me? Voulez-vous. Why didn’t Donna tell me? How long have Donna: Hey.) Are you okay? Bill: I don’t know! Sophie: I can’t breathe. listen to me. aren’t you supposed to be you known I’m your father? getting dressed? Where’s Ali 1 In the theatre.” “Give her some ******Sophie went back to the party space. I think so. So can we wait until after my wedding? Bill: My great-aunt Sofia? Sam: Who’s giving you away Sophie: I guess. Sophie: Bill! Bill. As the dance continues. Take it now or leave it.

honey. I just don’t know going to help you. My God. But most we didn’t 10 . I need to talk feeling to you about who’s giving Sophie away. What about her dad? The places I had planned for us to go? Donna: Her dad isn’t here. I didn’t have a And I have to sit down for a choice. I try to capture every minute The feeling in it Both: Sometimes I wish Slipping through my fingers all That I could freeze the picture the time And save it from the funny Do I really see what’s in her tricks of time mind? Slipping through my fingers. my mother told me forever not to bother coming back. And without really entering And I wouldn’t have had it any her world other way. She told Well. Then when she’s gone There’s that odd melancholy Sam: Donna! Donna. her laughter That funny little girl Sophie: Will you give me away? Slipping through my fingers all the time Donna: Yeah. and running a I watch her go business all on your own. while you know. With a surge of that well- known sadness Donna: Well. When I got The feeling that I’m losing her pregnant. It’s okay. look at I’m glad whenever I can share what we’ve had. Sophie: Do you think I’m letting you down? Schoolbag in hand Donna: Why would you even think that? She leaves home in the early morning Sophie: Well. I mean.. Slipping through my fingers all the time Sam: It’s what she wants. etc. And a sense of guilt I can’t deny Donna: That would be me. it’s okay. With an absent-minded smile raising a kid. because of what you’ve Waving goodbye done. Barely awake I let precious time go by Sam arrives and detains Donna. Wait. I couldn’t go home. the Dynamos. some of that we did me she wants her father here. What happened to those wonderful adventures Sam: But . Donna: Mmm-mmm. Slipping through my fingers all the time Sophie: Will you help me? I try to capture every minute. Each time I think I’m close to knowing Sophie sets off to the wedding chapel.. and Lisa? I thought they were And why. She keeps on growing Slipping through my fingers all Donna: Schoolbag in hand the time She leaves home in the early Sleep in our eyes morning Her and me at the breakfast Waving goodbye table With an absent-minded smile. We have time.

) Spectators at the show And welcome too . Sophie: I know. He is here. Somewhere deep inside especially. etc. And someone way down here Loses someone dear The band starts to play and Donna leads Sophie The winner takes it all into the chapel. but you Though it’s hurting me see Now it’s history The winner takes it all I’ve played all my cards1 The winner takes it all And that’s what you’ve done. 3 Throw the dice = play games with us humans.. You’ve come to shake my hand I apologise Donna: I don’t wanna talk If it makes you feel bad About things we’ve gone Seeing me so tense through No self-confidence. The gods may throw the dice3 Their minds as cold as ice Donna: Oh. Like I used to kiss you? and to all your friends who Does it feel the same have gathered together this When she calls your name? evening.) I love you. The game is on again too A lover or a friend Nothing more to say A big thing or a small No more ace2 to play The winner takes it all. Sam. What if her father wants that. 11 . 2 Ace = often the winning card. Why should I complain? But tell me does she kiss Priest: Welcome to Sophie and Sky. The winner takes it all The loser standing small Donna arrives at the wedding chapel. But I was a fool Playing by the rules Lisa: Panic over! Here she is. I can’t The winner takes it all hear this now! I don’t wanna talk ’Cause it makes me feel sad Sam: Donna.. The loser has to fall It’s simple and it’s plain Donna: (To Sophie. We are But what can I say? all here together in this Rules must be obeyed glorious . And welcome. God. This is And I understand about us. The game is on again too? A lover or a friend A big thing or a small Donna: What? Sam. 1 Played all my cards = done and said everything I want to do and say. listen to me. don’t do this now... who You must know I miss you represents your family.) I have to tell you. I invited him. (To Sophie. Bill and Harry all stand up. Beside the victory That’s her destiny Ali: Donna! I was in your arms Thinking I belonged there Lisa: There you are! I figured it made sense Building me a fence Ali: It’s okay. Building me a home Thinking I’d be strong there Donna: They’re my best shoes. The judges will decide The likes of me abide Donna: (Standing up and interrupting. to Donna. to Always staying low Sophie’s dad.

no. here! Donna. too. my mom. I just wanted to say it’s know which one it is.. Soph. That’s right. back. Please. actually.. Sheridan? You’re going to Harry: Sorry. may be mine. Now. You . isn’t it? hundreds of men. You don’t have to.) Typical. let’s just not get married yet. Can you forgive me? Sam: We can find out if you want. world. and I love you so much.) Oh. you Sophie: I’m sorry... Sky. but I’m with Harry. You’re me. don’t. but she may be Bill’s or Harry’s? Priest: Dearly beloved . if you hadn’t just dumped my mother and gone Sky: What? off and married somebody else. Donna: I don’t know. can I just … need someone to boss around Might I just butt in? on this island of yours.. Being a Sophie: What? I don’t care if you slept third of your dad is great by with hundreds of men. Let’s just get off Sam: Hey. because you have no one but I don’t mind. Why waste a good married me to prove it. great to have even a third of (Suddenly realizing. Lorraine called me an idiot and Sam: Hang on. So. I know that. off with some other guy. to come here much more often. I never thought I’d get God! That’s why they’re all even that much of a child. Donna: Yeah... wait a minute! I had this island and just see the to go home.. Okay? All right? But I told Lorraine I couldn’t marry her. yeah. I know but yourself to blame. wedding? How about it. Sorry. Sophie: Yeah.. me.Donna: You couldn’t have. Donna: Oh. And Sophie: No! You know. my Sophie. and I came right Sky: I love you. I was engaged. Bill: By me. Sky carries Sophie out of the chapel. please forgive me! Now. I’ll take a third. hey. Why didn’t you call me? Priest: Donna.. 12 .. I don’t Harry: No. Sophie: You never wanted this anyway.. were the last girl I ever loved. they told me you were right now.. and then three come along at Sam: Am I getting this right? Sophie once. Harry. Please. can I just . you were the first girl I ever loved. Well. what I really want. It’s all right. Donna: Oh. And I haven’t slept with Rosie: (To Tanya. Donna: You . I just . Only when I Donna: I’m not entirely sure what’s happening arrived.. You wait 20 years for a dad. I have no clue don’t get all self-righteous with which one of you is my dad. this gives me an excuse Please forgive me. do I take it the Sam: Because I was crazy enough to wedding is cancelled? think that you would be waiting for me.

I do. If you’re feeling down. place to another as the seasons change. I do. I. All: Standing calmly at the crossroads. Sam holds up a ring. (He moves away. Rosie: (Following him.) If you need Donna: I’m so happy! me. which way to go – not being confused by the 2 The autumn chill = ourselves getting older. I do. different possibilities. and ever since the day I When all is said and done set foot on this island. I do. please show it When all is said and done. Sam: Here’s to us Speech! I’m gonna make a One more toast speech. I’m a writer. Standing calmly at the crossroads4 Women:I do. You love me And you know it. single women have all gone. I do. knowing 1 Nuts = crazy.) wife. I do. When the summer’s over And the dark clouds hide the Sam: Neither am I. 13 . I do. Take a chance on me. 3 5 Birds of passage = birds that move from one Pretty birds have flown = when the attractive. yeah. Sam and Donna: But dignified I can’t conceal it Sam: And not too old for sex. everyone is at the wedding banquet If you got no place to go outside. It’s only the rest of your life. Donna: I do. everybody.Donna: Are you nuts?1 I am not a bigamist.) That’s not for me. Women: Say I do! Bill: (To Rosie. I’m a divorced sun man who’s loved you for 21 Neither you nor I’m to blame years.) Come on. I’m still free married. (Getting Some strange and lonely treks down on one knee. let me know I’m gonna be around Later. Priest: I now pronounce you man and Bill: Sorry.e. etc. I’m still free We fly instinctively 4 Standing calmly at the crossroads. And then we’ll pay the bill Deep inside both of us If you’re all alone Could feel the autumn chill2 When the pretty birds have Birds of passage3 flown5 You and me Honey. I do. I’ve In our lives been trying to tell you how We have walked much I love you. A lone wolf. No desire to run There’s no hurry any more Sam: Donna. Don’t you see? Can’t you feel it? Rosie: Yeah! Women: Say I do! Sam: Clear-headed and open-eyed With nothing left untried Sam: Oh. Rosie: If you change your mind I’m the first in line A few minutes later it is Sam and Donna who are Honey. Slightly worn Donna.

Take a chance on me All: Mamma mia. Rosie: As long as we’re together Listen to some music Sophie is now leaving the island. “Dancing Queen” and Take a chance on me “Waterloo. Take a chance. I’m still free by two further songs. There is another small earthquake and a geyser erupts through the courtyard. here I go again Gonna do my very best My. Yes. does it show If you put me to the test again? If you let me try My. my. I’ve been broken-hearted Blue since the day we parted Sam: Go. now I really know Bill: We can go walking My. my. Bill: Maybe just talking Sophie: I have a dream A song to sing Rosie: You’d get to know me better To help me cope With anything Harry: (To his new boyfriend.) ’Cause If you see the wonder you know I’ve got Of a fairy tale So much that I wanna do You can take the future When I dream I’m alone with Even if you fail you I believe in angels Something good in everything Harry and Boyfriend: It’s magic! I see I believe in angels Rosie: You want me to leave it there When I know the time is right for me Bill: Afraid of a love affair I’ll cross the stream I have a dream Rosie: But I think you know I’ll cross the stream That I can’t let go I have a dream. how can I resist you? And it ain’t no lie Mamma mia. etc. If you’re all alone When the pretty birds have flown The story ends here. just how much I’ve Take a chance on me missed you Take a chance on me. why did I ever let you go? Rosie: We can go dancing Mamma mia. my. I should not have let you go. but the show is extended Honey. Bill! Why. Donna: It’s Aphrodite! 14 .” Bill: Gonna do my very best And it ain’t no lie If you put me to the test Both: If you let me try Take a chance on me! All: Take a chance on me.

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