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Lisa Sackett

Eldersburg, MD, 21784 - - 443-570-8091


Carroll Community College Westminster, MD

Major: Practical Nursing Graduating: July 2018
Major: Registered Nursing Current

Clinical Skills
Under Supervision of RN:
 Complete thorough head to toe assessment; report abnormalities to RN to adjust plan of care
 Take complete history and vital signs of patient; report and document into patients’ charts
 Assist patients with daily living activities: bathing, toileting, dressing, ambulating
 Maintain patient safety: monitoring changes in patients’ status; report abnormalities
 Complete post-partum assessment; fundal check, inspection, palpation and auscultation
 Perform newborn assessment including APGAR, height, weight and head measurements
 Administer medication safely using the six rights of medication administration
 Educated students at Winfield Elementary on proper dental hygiene
 Collaborate with RN to provide patient education; diet, exercise, medication compliance

Relevant Experience
Carroll Community College Nursing Lab Westminster, MD
 Organize supplies and medications for simulation labs 2018 - present
 Assist with inventory management and organization of supplies
 Stage clinical simulated experiences for students

Professional Organization
National Student Nursing Association 2017 – present

Work Experience
Merritt Athletic Kids Zone Eldersburg, MD
 Provide safe and creative environment for children 2007 - present
 Administer first aid care for children with aseptic techniques
 Train new employees how to care for, interact with and encourage children

CPR Certified 2001 - Present