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Field trip’s Report

Student ID : 10573046
Name : Ashari Fitra Rachmannullah (艾沙立)

This semester STM student had field trip to the distribution center in Keelung City which is
Retail Support Taiwan Corporation (RST). Retail Support Taiwan Corporation (RST) is a
distribution center was established in 1997 in Keelung as a center logistic. The distribution
service areas include: Keelung City, Matsu, Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Yilan County
serving a total of 705 stores. RST has serviced experience to covers convenience stores
support, large-scale retailer, and also has logistics technology consulting. RST provide
downstream retailers with integrated service functions to fulfill the diverse needs of the
supply chain at the lowest cost with professional logistics services. RST achievement are to
ensure that goods delivered just in time and look up the most suitable manners for the needs
of customers to satisfy the customer's demand for products.

After we arrived at RST, we gathered in

a room to listen one of RST’s staff
explained about RST profile, service
and so on. The staff took at least 45
minutes to explain all about RST. Then,
the other staff take us around to the
operation room and explained us about
technical processes of packaging
customer’s goods before send it to the
customers. The staff was explaining
about their packaging process which
basically divided into 2 different
coloring boxes. Inside the red box there
is another layer a kind of cooler picnic
box and ice as additional to maintain
temperature keep stabile.
(a) The Boxes
(b) The Red box with cooler (right picture)

The red box mostly used to packing chocolate because the chocolate’s form is easy to melt.
The other box is only used to packaging general goods also some fragile stuff (i.e. liquor and
wine bottle, etc.) need special
treatment at packaging
process. Inside the green box
will install a separator to
make the goods steady while
delivering so it will not
colliding each other. We also
had chanced to see packaging
process and standard
operational procedure that
implemented by RST.
(c) Packaging process