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of tower 2 from Persiaran

TOP RIGHT : Interior view
sky deck overlooking the pent-

B74 Medini
proposed commercial
Medini Iskandar
Right : An overall view of development consisting
of three towers, an enviromental deck, commercial
and podium car park.

Below : View of the clubhouse leafy shape roof.

The Design boast a modern cotemporary and holiday resort

like enviroment with breath-taking home-coming experience
where residence can enjoy views of private and public marinas
and the adjescent linear park
Teega @ Puteri Harbour
Completed 2017
in collaboration with Liu & Wo Architects Pte. Ltd.
Savannah Plaza, Selangor One Marina Club,
incollaboration with Liu & Wu Architects Puteri Harbour
Ptd. Ltd incollaboration with Liu & Wu

denai SOHO
Completed 2009
PAM Awards 2014 - Gold Medal
Akademi Binaan Malaysia Negeri Johor
Campus An old 4 bedroom house converted
into a designers office. Key design
features amongst others are to
ensure efficient work space as well as
taking advantage of the bungalow
setting i.e maximizing openings for
views and natural lighting. Main goal
is to take advantage of the luxury of
space and views not available in the
regular shop-office setting.

As an effort towards promoting

sutainable design, concrete pavers
for driveway and timber cladding
on façade are recycled from other
Surau Nusa Idaman project sites. Staff pantry is placed
Completed 2011 right in the meeting room instead
ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2014-Gold hidden in a store room.
Medal Winner
PAM Awards 2011 - Gold Medal Winner

A pro bono and multi award winning project.

This musolla for 200 people in Taman Nusa
Idaman, was built entirely with public dona-
tions. Budget was the biggest constraint and
the challenge was to have a place that not only
protects its users from the elements, but also
to be a mini icon or a landmark that will be the
pride of this new neighbourhood.
The solution is a simple back-to-fundamental
tropical shelter. The place is planned to be a
symbol of progression which shall be the pride
of the congregation.

BDO Sales Gallery

Completed 2014
Masjid Nusa Idaman
Target Completion 2019 The design of this sales gallery fol-
lows along the rule ‘green is luxury’,
selling the idea of green living space
A continuity to the musolla. this 2000 people by planting landscape in between
mosque in Taman Nusa Idaman, is built entire- the structures. The idea is to allow
ly with public donations. A mini icon or a land- users to experience a sense of seren-
mark that will be the pride of this new neigh- ity and calmness as they bask in the
bourhood. A place for gathering and learning. cloud of landscape.
The mosque will house a prayer hall, quran
learning center and a multi-purpose hall that The steel structure is adorned
not only serves the Nusa Idaman community with screens that are arranged in a
but as a muslim development center. manner to interact and blend well
with the landscape.
CIDB Negeri Johor Office
Completed 2017

The aim of the development is to

realize and create a new image of
CIDB as a leader and authority of
the construction industry in Malay-
sia and especially in Johor , Iskandar
Development Region.
To house a new office building to
accommodate the increasing num-
bers of staff and providing a more
comfortable space for customers.
CIDB Negeri Johor Office will be a
reference centre for IBS technology
with green technology in mind.
Compliance to SHASSIC and QLAS- Phase 2A & 2B@ Bukit Pelali,
Pengerang, Johor.
SIC will also be implemented. A
pilot project for MyCrest ratings.
Galleria Prima i6
i6 @ Iskandar Puteri, Iskandar Puteri PAM Awards 2014 -
Gold Medal Winner

Shop Office, Bandar Dato

completed 2014

Mixed Developement, Danga Bay

A3D Medini,
Iskandar Puteri
A3D Medini is a twin tower office
building, which houses a lobby in
between. The lobby is a lucious
steel structure meant to allow land-
scaping to grow in between them.

Hailed as the gateway landmark

of Medini, this building is alsoof
provisional gold GBI rating.

Razin Architects Sdn Bhd. has been involved in various scale of works ranging from guard house to mixed-use high rise.
Since its inception in 1996, Razin Architects Sdn. Bhd. formerly known as Razin Architect has won various PAM awards and denai SOHO
their works are widely published not just in Malaysia, but in South-East Asia region as well as in China. 12 Jalan Denai 10,
Razin Architect Sdn. Bhd. believes that a building is successful only if we have been able to work with the client towards Kempas Baru, Johor Bahru,
an accurate definition of needs and goals, and ensure that functional, aesthetic and budget requirements are satisfied. 81200, Johor Darul Tak’zim
A3D Medini, The ultimate solution however is to arrive to an architectural solution that enriches life by bringing harmony to the envi- T: +607 2350236
Iskandar Puteri ronment. F: +607 2350237
The works of Razin Architect are usually, but not strictly, described as raw, straight forward and minimal especially in email :
the use of materials. This is in line with their concept of green, tropical and sustainable designs. In term of layout planning, visit us at :
Razin Architect takes advantage of the Malaysian tropical climate by promoting strong, and perhaps almost seamless, follow us on facebook :
indoor-outdoor connection. instagram: razinarchitects

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