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The Weekly Squeal Official Spokesperson of the


What’s Happening on Snowball a Traitor! Napoleon our Saviour

the Farm? Comrades! Farm.
 Welcome to the
This morning, during the After Snowball stole
Dogs! The dogs are
here for the traditional Sunday Napoleons plan to build
protection of all the morning debate, a the windmill, altering
animals on the shocking discovery arose Napoleon to Snowball’s
farm, especially to the dismay of all the traitorous activities,
from the humans animals of Animal Farm. Napoleon began
who are always investigating Snowball’s
plotting to attack In a secret investigation,
us. Don’t be afraid led by Comrade
of them, they’re Napoleon himself, It was in this
really friendly and evidence of collusion investigation that released the new ‘Farm
just want to look between Snowball, Napoleon discovered the Protection Squad’ who
out for us all Jones and other Humans full extent of Snowball’s chased Snowball from
 Sunday Morning surfaced. Plans for collusion with Jones and the farm.
Debates Cancelled attacks on Animal Farm, hatred for both
We all, Comrades, must
Indefinitely—A destruction of food Animalism and Animal
thank Comrade
decree from storage and the return of Farm and upon
Comrade Napoleon Napoleon, our saviour,
Jones have been discovering this, he
states that they are for his bravery and for
uncovered, along with a began to oppose
quite unnecessary stopping Snowball
series of letters from Mr. Snowball to divert
and only cause returning Jones to the
division, therefore Jones himself to attention away from his
farm, something that
they will no longer Snowball. suspicions.
none of you, comrades,
occur. The flag In response to these Finally, on the day of the want to happen.
raising ceremony
and singing of “The atrocities, Napoleon final windmill debate,
Beasts of England” himself hatched a plan after Snowball misled
will still happen by to expose Snowball for his audience, seeming to
will not be followed his traitorous ways and be working for their
by the debates to expel him from Animal benefit, Napoleon

Windmill Still to be Built

During this Sunday’s made for the obtainment
meeting , Comrade Na- of machinery to run the
poleon announced the mill.
good news that the
We must all band togeth-
“windmill is still to be
er and work hard to com-
plete the Windmill, as a
It has been estimated show of our strength and
that the whole building unity. To demonstrate to
process should take ap- the humans that they
proximately two years, cannot challenge us!
with arrangements being