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February 2016

Monthly Magazine Published By Kuwait Oil Tanker Company's - Public Relations & Admin Services Group


Celebrate for Eternity
February 2016

Editor In Chief P.O.Box 810

Khaled Abdul Aziz Al Doub Safat, 13009
Manager of the Public Relation Kuwait
& Administrative Services Group
Public Relation Department

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled
discussed commercial
cooperation with
London Mayor

Ali Shehab: KOTC
keen on attracting
and qualifying Kuwaiti
national manpower

Field Visits by
KOTC employees
to the Fleet Tankers
February 2016

Optimistic view
Kuwait Feasts
On the occasion of celebrating the National Days experienced by
the country during these days, I extend highest congratulations
to HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, HH
the Crown-Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah,
HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad
Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti people and government, imploring the
Almighty Allah to have mercy on our martyrs, perpetuate the
bliss of stability and security and make Kuwait a land of love
and peace.
Stable Situations
Talal Al-khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah The oil sector is undoubtedly important being the nerve and
Chief Executive Officer backbone of the Kuwaiti economy. Its stability is necessary for
going ahead in construction, development and realization of
strategies and objectives, especially amid the great challenges
facing oil industry. As a matter of fact, all oil sector employees
are exerting efforts to upgrade this important sector, asking the
Almighty Allah to give us success.
Positive Spirit
The changes recently experienced by the oil sector helped
infuse positive morale and optimism. All began to understand
the importance of team spirit, cooperation and harmony, thus
conducive to good results which will contribute to coping with
the current and future challenges resulting from the oil price
drop and its impact on the financial performance of KPC and
its subsidiaries.
Expenditure Rationalization
There should be reform measures by the government,
including austerity steps to rationalize the expenditure, reduce
high costs and exert steady efforts to maximize revenues.
Within this framework, directives from the state have urged
all government authorities to also take earnest steps to limit
expenditure. KOTC started adopting a campaign to reduce
expenses and increase individual productivity. Such a plan
began to yield fruit.
Future Projects
Within KOTC constant efforts to modernize its fleet, the
company is preparing to invite Phase IV bids, inclusive of
building 8 different-size tankers that include 1 crude oil super-
tanker, 4 petroleum product tankers and 3 liquefied gas tankers.
Taking delivery of Phase IV tankers of the fleet modernization
is expected during FY 2017/2018.
KOTC is also preparing to re-launch the building of 2 VLGC
gas tankers, of which 1 is a gas super-tanker and 1 medium-
size tanker.
February 2016

KOTC hosted him

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled discussed commercial
cooperation with London Mayor
KOTC CEO Sheikh Talal Al- 1st Lieutenant General Sheikh fields, most importantly the
Khaled welcomed at his office Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al- alternative energy, research
the Mayor of London Financial Sabah. and development.
Quarter Lord Alderman During the meeting, Sheikh After the meeting, the two
Monte Vance and the British Talal and his guest discussed parties lauded the importance
Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. the avenues of promoting joint of the visit economically
Mathew Lodge and the cooperation between the city and commercially in terms
accompanying delegation in of London and KOTC in special of benefit reflected on the
presence of Hawalli Governor and the oil sector in general. relations between the two
and the accompanying Chief of The two parties exchanged the countries in many fields of joint
the Honorary Mission, Retired aspects of cooperation in many interest.

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled presents a memorial shield to

Lord Alderman Monte Vance Part of the meeting

Lord Alderman Monte Vance presents a memorial gift to

British officials during the meeting Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled

A memorial shot on the meeting sideline KOTC leaderships with Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf
February 2016

He honored the Graphic Design Team

Al-Khaled: we encourage employee bids that
display KOTC leading role

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled flanked by honored employees

Out of the sincere and financial expenditures the Al-Shamali and Designer
devoted work spirit KOTC company would have borne (E-Sites) Ms. Nadia Azhar.
management is keen to infuse for designing such ads. For his part, Sheikh Talal
deep within the employees, The list of employee team praised the efforts exerted
CEO Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled honored included Team Leader by the team, stressing that
welcomed and honored the (Gov. & Parliament Relations) the company management
team who designed many Raed Al-Safy, Analyst (Fleet encourages such bids in
ads to publish in the Robban Personnel Group) Mohammed expression of belonging
Al-Safina (= ship captain) of Al-Jeeran, Superintendent and loyalty for the benefit of
which KOTC is the Golden (Marine Affairs & Hazard work. He wished the event
Sponsor as the team efforts Assessment Div.) Capt. Bader would motivate all employees
helped display the company's Nasrallah, Superintendent to make more efforts in the
leading marine role and save (Fleet Projects) Abdullah upcoming period.

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled urges the team to pursue devotion in the upcoming period
February 2016

"KES" hosts a number of KOTC officials at an induction meeting

Ali Shehab: KOTC keen on attracting and qualifying
Kuwaiti national manpower
Jihad Al-Bannay: Marin scholarship system encourages the youth for marine work
Ahmad Al-Salem: Piracy hazard retracted and, KOTC abides by environment preservation
DCEO (Fleet Operations) Ali Shehab announced KOTC keenness on attracting and qualifying na-
tional manpower, explaining that the company sends over young manpower to study marine engi-
neering and navigation, pointing out that KOTC is bent on creating a successful work environment
for the youth to continue work there and it is further endeavoring to promote national manpower
through the scholarship program. He pointed out that there is an upcoming scholarship program
in cooperation with KOC to qualify and send over more Kuwaiti youths to work on board the fleet
tankers and "we look forward to having more cooperation with the Kuwait Engineers Society (KES)
and other governmental authorities for the same purpose.

KOTC leaderships and KES in a memorial shot

This came at an induction KOTC history and gave a out by the Tanker Head
meeting about KOTC hosted visual display in which she Office Management since the
by Marine Engineers League explained that the company company is in constant pursuit
(MEL) at KES in presence vision is represented in round-the-clock with tanker
of DCEO (Fleet Operations) becoming internationally crews.
Ali Shehab, Team Leader leading in marine transport He pointed out that according
(Support of Fleet Operations and introducing hydrocarbon to the concept of preserving
and Security) Capt. Ahmad materials to Kuwait according the company fleet, the life
Al-Salem, Team Leader to the highest levels of quality, of employees on board the
(Fleet Personnel Training) efficiency and commitment tankers and the international
Eng. Jihad Al-Bannay, Team to safety standards and practice, KOTC has obtained
Leader (Fleet Engineering) environment preservation. all approvals requested for
Eng. Wahid Al-Qallaf, Team Capt. Ahmad Al-Salem contracting with international
Leader (Planning) Eng. Anwar reviewed the most significant protection companies for
Al-Shammaa and a large challenges, announcing that placing armed security
number of KOTC engineers piracy hazard and challenge personnel on board the tankers
and employees. has retracted amid the for protecting the fleet from the
Eng. Al-Shammaa reviewed security measures carried hazard of piracy when sailing
February 2016

across hazardous areas,

announcing KOTC commitment
to environment preservation in
managing the operation of the
tanker fleet along with keeping
various logs on board the
tankers through regular visits
and internal audits, especially
oil logs, residue management
or disposal thereof logs,
and drainage water disposal Part of the attendees

logs, adding that KOTC Wahid Al-Qallaf: Fleet maintenance programs

supertankers that visit match int'l. standards
European ports are compatible
with the international GREEN Anwar Al-Shammaa: KOTC vision is to be internationally
AWARD certification. leading in marine transport
Eng. Jihad Al-Bannay talked on KOTC management reaching international standards KOTC
the marine scholarship system the rank of manager at the is keen on observing during
and its desired objectives, Fleet Operation Management operation processes in order
saying it kicked off at KOTC in and other managements and that the company would not
1979 to encourage the Kuwaiti sometimes DCEO. In 2009, the sustain any losses, adding
youth to assume marine work, company resumed operating that besides the follow-up of
adding that the company the marine scholarship system all equipment on board, their
sends over on scholarships and, there are 30 Kuwaiti role also includes check-up
all its cadets to study marine officers and engineers currently of the tanker technical log,
engineering and navigation at different ranks working on keeping all certifications and
at specialized colleges in UK board the company tankers, international logs under the
only. of whom 20 officers benefited supervision by the captain and
Al-Bannay pointed out that from the scholarship system at the company management.
113 Kuwaitis were sent over KOTC, he concluded. For his part, KES Chief, Eng.
on scholarship between 1979- Eng. Al-Qallaf reviewed the Saad Al-Muhailabi welcomed
1999 by KOTC to study in UK role of engineers at KOTC, KOTC officials and thanked
and work on board the tankers, its importance and the duties them for their prompt response
adding they were promoted to assigned to them in addition to with the league, wishing
captain and chief engineer and the commitment to maintenance for further joint work in the
some of them joined work at programs and compliance with upcoming period.

Eng. Wahid Al-Qallaf honored Eng. Anwar Al-Shammaa honored

February 2016

It helps develop their potentials and benefits them personally and professionally
Educational workshops for the employees on the new
efficiency measurement system
HR and Career Development
Group held educational workshops
on the new efficiency measurement
system and the mechanism to
identify the personal development
plan for different employee
segments at the company.
The project for unification of
training efficiencies at the oil
sector will help develop employee
potentials and will benefit them
personally and professionally.
Mrs. Duaa Al-Mulaifi talking to a group of employees

A number of employees participating in workshops Part of participants in workshops

Another part of the attendees Abdulla Al-Enezi delivering a presentation on "efficiency measuring system"
February 2016

In 2 presentations by 2 nutritionists and physiotherapists from "CAN" campaign

Keeping employees aware of colon and rectum cancer

Dr. Fawaz Al-Mustafa talking on the importance of physical activity Eng. Nawaf Al-Zaabi honoring Dr. Fawaz Al-Mustafa

Within KOTC efforts to spread colon and rectum cancer, Al Mustafa dwelt in his
health awareness among its underscoring the importance presentation on the importance
employees, QMHSSE held 2 of following a healthy lifestyle, of physical activity for a
presentations at the head office moderating stimulant intake, healthy life, stressing the need
auditorium in coordination with keeping away from smoking, to exercise sport regularly,
the National Campaign for lessening fast food intake, decrease weight to fight many
Awareness of Cancer "CAN". observing balanced food diseases, including colon
Many topics were tackled that contains all nutrients and rectum cancer, pointing
in focus on awareness of a necessary for the human out that physical activity is of
healthy lifestyle for prevention body at suitable proportions, benefit for general health.
of colon and rectum cancer. pointing out that food balance The employees attending
During the 1st presentation, depends on merging a set of the presentations interacted
Nutritionist Ms. Nour Al Huda foods to complement deficient positively, asked questions
Mahmoud from Nutrition nutritional values. on how to prevent diseases
and Feeding Department of For his part, Physiotherapist and go on a healthy lifestyle in
the Ministry of Health talked at Adan Hospital and terms of nutrition and activity
discussed about on sound Board Member of Kuwait for improving fitness and
nutrition for prevention of Physiotherapy Society Fawaz getting sound bodies.

The attendees participating in the Health day Mrs. Nour Al-Hoda delivering a presentation on healthy nutrition
February 2016

Mrs. Hana Al-Waqayyan honored Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled honoring Abdulla Al-Nefisi

In appreciation of their efforts and effective participation upgrading KOTC and promoting its drive
A batch of long-service employees honored
Al-Khaled to honored employees: pursue the drive of giving and excellence to realize
KOTC objectives and ambitions
In appreciation of their great efforts, continuous giving and effective participation,
KOTC CEO Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah honored a batch of long-
service employees who worked for 10, 15, 20, 30 years respectively. Attending
were DCEO (Fleet Operations) Ali Shihab and DCEO (Financial & Admin. Affrs.)
Khaled Al-Qaoud.
On this occasion, Sheikh name besides bringing it to a human resources are the true
Talal expressed happiness higher position regionally and wealth for any installation
for honoring this excellent internationally, pointing out that that looks forward to making
batch of employees who the honoring stems out from development. "Therefore," he
served the company over long deep belief in the devotion and said "we are keen on honoring
years and had a prominent sacrifice of the employees. excellent, exemplary and
role in upgrading its good He voiced conviction that experienced employees."

Mohammed Shafique honored Anwar Al-Beeshi honored

February 2016

Mrs. Hanouf Abul Hassan honored Qais Al-Ojaiman honored

Mrs. Sara Al-Sabah honored Ahmad Qabazard honored

Throughout its long history Hussein Jassem, Sabeeka Al-Nafisi, Badr Al-
the company succeeded in The list of honored 25-year Husayyan, Abdulla Al-Nafissi,
attracting and developing service employees included Mrs. Dalal Al-Asfour, Hamad
qualified national manpower, Wael Al-Harmi, Azzam Al- Al-Za'abi, Abdulla Essa,
provided them with suitable Saeedi, Sultan Al-Mekrad, Khalid Al-dsani, Qussai Al-
work environment, expertise Ahmad Qabazard, Abdul Aziz Ojairi, Mhmd. Mirza, Anwar
and skill, gave them the Al-Dousari, Tariq Hussain and Al-Bishi, Ghanim Al-Ghanim,
opportunity of job promotion Ibrahim Al-Sallal. Mohammad Buressli, Mansour
and finally reaped good fruit and that of 20-year-service Yousef, Badr Saleh, Rashid Al-
of a successful company Mohammed Al-Dzafiri, Mrs. Roumi, Ahmad Al-Baddah, Mrs.
with highly qualified and Ruqaiya Al-Morjan, Abdulla Al- Afaf Al-Amer, Todi Rashawan,
professional employees able Enezi, Ghazi Al-Dhafiri, Jaber Arokanthan Swami, Mrs.
to continue the drive with Al-Ghawass, Mrs. Fatima Nermin Yaqoot, Mrs. Suzan
further achievements. Al-Adwani, Mohammed Al- Morsi and Mohammad Shafiq.
In conclusion, Sheikh Talal Wazzan, Mrs. Nouf Al-Nasrulla, The 10-year-service list
wished the honoring would Mhmd. Al-Rashidi, Falah Al- included Mubarak Al-Rashidi,
motivate the employees to Hajri, Antony Kastilino, Mhmd. Nasser Al-Tahous, Nawaf Al-
exert more efforts to pursue Raslan, Khalid Fouad, Niyaz Enezi, Nizar Al-Sultan, Panayot
the successful drive of giving Jifry and Riverdo Rini. Dimitrov, Qais Al-Ajaiman, Rafi
and excellence for the benefit The list of 15-year-service Raw, Saad Al-Zu'bi, Mrs. Sara
of beloved Kuwait. employees included Hana Al-Sabah, Sholoiweeh Al-
The list of honored 30-year- Al-Waqayyan, Khaled Al- Mutairi, Tareq Al-Taweel and
service employees included Abdulhadi, Mejbel Al-Faraj, Yousef Behbehani.
February 2016

Ahmad Al-Salem: they polish their expertise and are for the benefit of work
Field Visits by KOTC employees to the Fleet Tankers
In coordination with the Marine Agency
Branch, Fleet Operations Group
organized field visits to a number
of KOTC fleet tankers by different
deparment employees.
In this course, Team Leader (Fleet
Support and Security Operations) Capt.
Ahmad Al-Salem said the aim was to
keep the those employees informed
of the nature of work and needs of the
tanker crew, pointing out that this move
comes from the senior management.
Al-Salem said there was more than
one voyage by Procurement and
Contracts Division and, 10 employees
accompanied by Superintendent (Fleet
Operations Support) for keeping them
informed of tanker operations and crew A number of Contract and Procurement employees visiting a tanker
members on board besides the duties
assigned thereto and the importance
of cooperation between them and the
employees from the company Head
Al-Salem announced that the move
would be pursued during the next
period and would include all KOTC
employees and KPC subsidiary (oil)
companies newly appointed employees
within the framework of training
courses in cooperation with HR and
Career Development Group to keep
them informed of different activities
of the company fleet and stress the
importance of cooperation between
these companies and KOTC. A number of oil company employees on board a tanker

A memorial shot of employees visiting a tanker Capt. Ahmad Al-Salem and a number of tanker crew
February 2016

IT & Communications employees at a memorial shot

They praised her high morals, excellence and efficiency

IT & Communications Group
celebrates Al-Mudaf Return
Feelings of pleasure and
happiness dominated the
party organized by IT &
Communications Group on
the occasion of the return of
IT Team Leader Eng. Muniah
Al-Mudaf to resume her duties
after a successful (medical)
treatment trip.
Employees congratulated
Al-Mudaf, expressing their
pleasure on her safe return
to work and thanking God
Another group of IT & Communications employees
for bestowing her with his
blessings upon her recovery.
They praised her high morals
and renowned professionalism,
efficiency and excellence,
wishing her the best of health.
For her part, Eng. Al-Mudaf
thanked her colleagues for
their noble feelings that she
said motivate her to pursue
her mission professionally
and at family level, voicing out
thanks and appreciation for
everybody. Eng. Munia Al-Mudaf flanked by Mrs. Fatima Qabazard and Mrs. Abrar Al-Awadi
February 2016

It hosted a meeting to discuss Petroleum Supreme Council (PSC) decisions,

KOTC discusses role of private sector in its projects
KOTC hosted a meeting to
review PSC and KPC board
decisions and the latest
developments of KOTC projects
for unifying viewpoints on the
most important procedures of
the upcoming period.
The meeting was chaired by
KOTC CEO Sheikh Talal Al-
Khalid. Participating in the
Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid chairing the meeting
meeting were DCEO Fleet
Operations - Ali Shehab, and Team Leader Business & Partnership Follow-Up Ms.
DCEO Financial Affairs and Development Mrs. Shatha Al- Shamma Al-Rashdan Senior
Admininistration Khaled Al- Dabbous. Attending from KPC Analyst - Private Sector
Qauod , Manager Liquefied were DCEO Planning Ms. Wafa Participation & Partnership
Petroluem Gas Filling Branch Al-Za'abi, Manager Private Monitoring and Abdul Rahman
''Shuaiba'' Salem Al-Bader, Sector Development Dept. Al-Saleh Senior Analyst -
Manager Planning Affairs Majed Al-Otaibi, 1st Analyst Private Sector Participation &
Group QahtanAl-Abdul Kareem Private Sector Development Partnership Monitoring.

Provided by a number of service companies

Special offers for KOTC employees
Public Relations and
Admin. Services
Group hosted Holidays
Company, a subsidiary
of Kuwait Airways,
Qatar Airlines, the
United Ahli Bank,
Beidoun Company
and Nestle Company.
The guest companies
provided special offers
for the employees Abdulwahab Al-Qatami, Mrs. Dalal Al-Asfour and Ms. Mona Al-Sabah cutting the
appreciated by the cake with Qatari Airlines staff

group which expressed

desire in hosting such
service companies on
different occasions for
meeting their needs. In
turn, representatives
of the aforesaid
company thanked the
group employees. Mr.Saqer Al-Bannay and Linda Hmaidan United Ahli Bank
February 2016

Celebrating 3 dear occasions this month

Kuwait, the homeland of love,
peace and humanitarianism
For Kuwaitis, the month of ruler of Kuwait, His Highness Jaber Al-Sabah taking up
February carries great memories Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah with the reins of rule. This period,
represented in national victories. Britain on 23rd January 1899 for although short, is full of
This year, we celebrate the 55th protecting Kuwait from external achievements. HH the Amir, by
anniversary of independence, ambitions. virtue of his wisdom, veteran
25th anniversary of liberating On 18th May 1964, the late power, magnanimity and great
Kuwait from the vicious Iraqi Sheikh Abdulla Al-Salem potentials, was able to look into
invasion and further 10th ordered changing 19th June the seeds of the future, keep
anniversary of HH the Amir 1961, the real date, and merging Kuwait away from the region
taking up the reins of rule in the it with the occasion of the Amir fiery struggles and lead the boat
country. accession on 25th February skillfully to safe shores.
Independence Day is a dear every year so that it will be On these happy occasions,
occasion to all Kuwaitis and a National Day, inclusive of we extend our highest
expats who express their love accession and independence. congratulations to HH the
and loyalty to the blessed soil of It is still celebrated in February Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad
Kuwait and her honorable rulers. as a national event dear to all Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, HH the
In 1961, Kuwait got independent Kuwaitis and expats. Crown-Prince Sheikh Nawaf
of the British occupation when Likewise, the anniversary of Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah,
the late 1st Emir Sheikh Abdulla Kuwait liberation from the vicious HH the Prime Minister Sheikh
Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the 11th Iraqi invasion on 26th February Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad
ruler of Kuwait, signed the 1991 is also a dear occasion Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti people
independence document with with which Kuwait celebrates and government, imploring the
the British High Commissioner these 2 occasions on 25th and Almighty Allah to have mercy
in the Arabian Gulf Sir George 26th February every year. on our martyrs, perpetuate the
Middleton on behalf of his The 3rd occasion is the 10th bliss of stability and security and
government and thus invalidated anniversary of HH the Amir make Kuwait a land of love and
the agreement signed by the 7th Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al- peace.