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Case Analysis Format

Prepare analyze the given case (not exceeding three pages) following
the structure and guidelines as given below individually.

1. Synopsis – the central thrust or essence of the case from the

perspective of learning to be derived from the analysis of the case.
A short paragraph of not more than two - three sentences.

2. Core issues – one to four directly related to the scope of the major
theme under discussion covering the thematic concepts and theories
and other associated ideas. Each issue to be presented in a short
statement or question form.

3. Case facts - associated with the identified issue(s) derived from

the information (data, situations, events, characterizations,
opinions and materials) as given in the case (text and annexes) and
based on the concepts, theories and ideas relevant to the theme as
identified in the case issues. Facts for each issue or for a
combination of issues to be presented in bullet points form as

4. Analysis – of the issues identified based on the relevant concepts,

theories and ideas from the theory literature with the purpose of
understanding them – their underlying causes, implications and
potential courses of actions to address the issues. To be presented
in short narratives following analytical writing style.

5. Potential and recommended courses of actions - for addressing the

issues and their implications in a way that helps to correct or
improve the situation based on the relevant concepts, theories and
ideas as identified earlier. To be presented in bullet points

Prof. Subas KC/KUSOM/HRS/2018