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• Choose one (1) geological hazard that had

RESEARCH PROJECT • Find at least three, approved
articles/books/websites about the chosen
geological hazard where you can obtain the
needed information.
• Make a written report and a presentation to
discuss the event that had happened.

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Contents of the report: 2. Main Body:

1. Introduction: • List of the events leading up to the occurrence of
• Description of the plate tectonic environment where geological hazard.
the geological hazard happened. • A photo/drawing showing the actual scenario
• Discuss/describe another area on Earth where a during the disaster.
similar environment exists. • A summary of the geological hazard including:
• Include a map showing the location and summary of date and time, cause(s), sequence of
earlier geological hazards in the region. events/hazards, area affected, fatalities, property

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3. Discussion :
• Summary of how the region has recovered since
the disaster.
• Describe current/recent activity. What is the 4. References
likelihood that this geological hazard will happen
again? • A list of the web sites, books or articles used in
• How can you prepare for such event if it happens your report/summary.
in your own home or community?
• Recommend a possible disaster and risk
management procedures and/or engineering
solutions to lessen the negative effects of such
event to the society and environment .

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CRITICAL Issue/problem is Issue/problem is Issue/problem Issue/problem
THINKING AND stated clearly and stated and is is stated but
SCIENTIFIC described described stated but some some terms
RIGOR (40%) comprehensively, satisfactorily, terms undefined undefined
recommendations/ recommendations/ recommendation recommendatio
• You will be graded based on the following solutions are
logical and
solutions are
logical and
s/ solutions are
logical and
ns/ solutions
are incorrect.
criteria: exemplary correct. correct. correct.

ORAL Presentation is Presentation is Presentation is Presentation is

Written Report - 30% PRESENTATION
creative and well-
but with little
not organized,
difficult to
Delivery techniques are difficulty in follow and
Oral Presentation - 30% techniques are satisfactory. explaining key understand.
excellent. points. Delivery Delivery

Scientific rigor and critical thinking - 40% techniques are

techniques are
WRITTEN Report is well Report is well Report is Report is poorly
REPORT (30%) written with clarity written with clarity organized but written with
and depth. With and depth. With some numerous error
correct grammar some minor error paragraphs are in grammar and
and spelling. in grammar and not well spelling
spelling developed, some
minor error in
grammar and
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