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brain sync

the sound approach to conscious evolution

unfold your potential


dear friend,
Welcome to Brain Sync. In these pages you’ll find many new ways to achieve your goals and make
the breakthroughs you want. With our clinically-proven audio technology you can reach states of
inner balance that will contribute to an ever increasing sense of well-being in your life, helping you to
expand, heal and grow. Thousands of individuals have taken the time to share their remarkable success
stories. And as you’ll see inside, many brain researchers and medical professionals add their praise.

Brain Sync provides you with the highest quality transformational audio programs, based on extensive
biofeedback research. We harmonically layer brain wave frequencies in beautiful music compositions,
so that you can have a fully integrated body-mind experience that is deeply pleasurable.
unleash your creativity
My Two New Favorite Programs!
The Secret Universal Mind Meditation on page 7 works on deep inner levels to re-program your
subconscious slowly, subtly and gently while you sleep. It instills profound, transformative beliefs that With over 2 million
experience peak performance brain states empower you to attract what you need and desire in your life.
audio programs in
Another new program I highly recommend is Guided Relaxation found on pages 8 and 20. It’s been
print, Kelly Howell,
completely re-done and goes way beyond relaxation to help you generate states of fulfillment that will
enhance health & well-being positively transform your life. founder of Brain Sync, is

“Theatre of the Mind” – a new way to learn internationally acclaimed

Because I know so many of you are passionate about reaching for and achieving your dreams, I’ve for her pioneering work
learn to meditate created Theatre of the Mind educational interview shows
in healing and mind
that you can download and listen to on your MP3 player or
computer. Theatre of the Mind offers unprecedented access
expansion. Her clinically
to some of the world’s leading visionaries and consciousness
improve memory and cognition researchers exploring mind expansion, intuition, creativity, proven Brain Wave
spiritual growth and the many facets of human potential.
You’ll find more information about them on page 6 of this catalog. Therapy is used in
prestigious hospitals,
unfold your potential To all of you who have shared your experiences with me: Thank You! It means so much to me to know
that in some small or more profound way, Brain Sync has contributed to your balance and well-being. biofeedback clinics
Warmly, and by physicians and
deepen your spiritual connection psychologists through-
out the world.

break through to new levels of being Kelly Howell

re-program your mind to achieve goals inside >>>

■ new releases 6, 7, 10, 13, 20 ■ weight loss 23, 27

■ frequently asked questions 16 ■ stress reduction 10, 18–21, 24, 26
■ chill out 20, 21 ■ enhancing creativity 11, 20, 21, 27
■ healing, sleep & regeneration 24, 25 ■ spiritual development 12–15
■ peak performance 10, 11 ■ programs by brain wave type 17
■ personal breakthroughs 22, 23 ■ a guide to brain waves 5
■ brain wave subliminals 26, 27 ■ the benefits of brain wave therapy 2
brain sync ■ deep insight & meditation 13, 18, 19, 23, 24 ■ guidelines for listening 4, 16
The Sound Approach to Conscious Evolution ■ exercise & fitness 22, 23 ■ special offers 8, 9, 14, 18, 23, 25, 28

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the benefits of brain wave therapy real world results

what is brain wave therapy?

“ As the first researcher to train people Brain Wave Therapy employs a scientifically proven record-
ing technique that trains your brain into optimal states of
“These are great audio programs! We have found them to be
effective for treating depression and sleep disorders. We also
consciousness. These are states such as Alpha for expanded
to synchronize their brain waves with creativity and relaxation, Beta for increased focus and concen- use them for brain wave training. Whenever I have a patient
tration, Theta for behavior modification, hypnosis and medita-
an "om" tone biofeedback phase tion, and Delta for sleep and healing. that nothing works for, I get results with Brain Sync.“
— Margaret O. Smith
computer, I can say that Brain Sync how does it work? Biofeedback Therapist
Scientists discovered that if you deliver just the right com-
programs actually facilitate the Charlotte Presbyterian Hospital, NC
bination of sound waves to the brain through headphones,
the electrical activity in your brain will resonate with the
remarkable mental state that brain vibrations it receives. For example, if you’re feeling fatigued
but need to be in top form for an exam or meeting, Beta
wave synchronization activates. “ sound waves will awaken your brain for quick thinking and
increased powers of concentration. Or, if it’s midnight and your
mind is churning, Delta Sound waves will slow down brain
— Jean Millay, Ph.D.,
activity for deep and restful slumber. The best part is that you’ll
Biofeedback Researcher feel the effects the very first time you listen.

another wonderful benefit

You’ve heard of “whole brain thinking.” Research has
shown that all Brain Sync audio programs will balance the
energy in your brain for the best possible performance.
When the two hemispheres of your brain are synchronized, the
overall electro-magnetic energy in your brain is optimized. It’s
like all cylinders are running at peak performance. Brain power
is increased. You can think with greater clarity, perception is
sharpened, memory improves and you can concentrate and ”I work with clients with developmental disabilities
create more easily. To learn more about how Brain Wave Therapy and it was quite interesting for me to observe one
works and what it can do for you, visit of my clients calm down in just a few minutes
while listening to Sound Sleep. ”
special features — Dan Yamada M.S., Staff Audiologist
Scientifically Researched Frequencies State of Hawaii, Dept. of Health
Our choice of brain wave frequencies for programs is based on
extensive biofeedback research. The frequencies used simu- ”Kelly Howell has done a masterful job of creating
late the very same brain wave patterns scientists have discov- state-of-the-art brain wave enhancement audios.
ered in remarkable men and women. They are the ultimate in high tech meditation. ”
— Lloyd Glauberman, Ph.D., Psychologist
Beautiful Music
Studies show that music enhances the vibration of the brain
”An extremely beautiful and effective
way to sink into Theta. ”
wave frequencies. Brain Sync music blends chant and ancient
instruments. Carried on smooth, silky waves of sound, you are
transported to the monasteries of Tibet, secret mystery — Jon Cowan, Ph.D., Biofeedback Researcher
schools, and into primal worlds within the psyche. Composed
by award-winning musician Robert Schwimmer, Brain Sync ”We have found Brain Sync tapes to serve as an
music adds to your therapeutic experience. anti-depressant in the treatment of alcoholism and
drug abuse. High Focus has proven to be effective
for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. ”
— Patricia Scheffer, Ph.D.

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guidelines for listening a guide to brain waves

You have your own signature what are brain waves?

Brain waves – represented by those squiggly lines on an EEG monitor – show the
brain wave activity that is unique speed at which neurons fire. Each time a neuron fires, an electro-magnetic spark of
to you. These guidelines will help energy is released, setting off a chain reaction among other neurons. The speed of

you decide when, and how, to “At first I was very the connection correlates to the speed of the frequency. For example, Beta brain
waves (associated with alertness) oscillate at a much faster speed than Delta waves,
which are associated with sleep.
listen to programs you’ve selected. skeptical, but now
choosing the right programs for your needs
Theta- and Alpha-Centered Programs
after using Brain Consider the qualities that each frequency promotes, and then select the audio
programs that best support your personal preferences and goals.
Programs such as Total Relaxation, Deep
Learning, Deep Insight, all the meditation Power for a few To learn more about the benefits of brain wave therapy, visit
programs and Track Two of the Subliminals
will induce altered states of deep relaxation. weeks I am 100%
These programs are designed to be listened
to when you will not be disturbed and when
you are able to sit or lie down for 30 to 60 sure of the product. beta Alertness | Concentration | Cognition 12-40 Hz
minutes of meditation or rest. Beta-centered programs help you achieve high levels programs also falls into the category called a Gamma wave. Look for this icon next

Theta and Alpha-centered programs are not

My thoughts are of concentration and focus. In Beta your mind is awake,
alert, sharp and focused. When your mind is actively
Nobel Prize Winner Sir Francis Crick and others believe that
the 40HZ frequency is central to the act of cognition.
to BETA programs:

designed to be used while driving, working engaged in mental activities such as reading, writing, speak- Biofeedback research indicates the 40 Hz window frequency
or engaging in any activities other than quicker, my memory ing, or athletics, the dominant brain wave state is Beta. The
40 Hz Frequency which is used frequently on Brain Sync
is associated with timeless concentration, physical control,
and superior hand-eye coordination.
conscious relaxation.
has improved and so
If you are using a program such as Deep
Learning, or Brain Power for study, try listen- alpha Relaxation | Visualization | Creativity 6-12 Hz
ing before you study, or after, while relaxing has my creativity. It When you are truly relaxed, your brain activity slows In biofeedback, Alpha training is utilized for stress reduction. Look for this icon next
and reviewing material you need to store in down from the rapid patterns of Beta into the more Alpha is also the home of the Schuman Resonance, which is to ALPHA programs:
long term memory. gentle waves of Alpha. Alpha-centered programs help the resonant vibration of the earth's electromagnetic field.
seems to have lifted you regenerate, relax and tap into higher creativity. They are Wherever you see Alpha waves indicated, we use this alpha
Delta-Centered Programs excellent for problem solving, finding new ideas and creative frequency for its extraordinary ability to soothe and relax.
Programs such as Sound Sleep and Healing
Meditation will also induce altered states so
my brain to a higher
listen to these programs when you have time
to nap, sleep or meditate. level of thinking. theta Meditation | Intuition | Memory 4-7 Hz
Beta/Gamma-Centered Programs Going deeper into relaxation, you enter the elusive super-learning, re-programming your mind, dream recall, Look for this icon next

High Focus delivers very high Beta waves, Thank you for your Theta state. Theta brings forward heightened receptivity,
flashes of dreamlike imagery, and inspiration. Theta-centered
and self-hypnosis. Groundbreaking research has revealed
that Theta brain wave activity triggers the formation of new,
to THETA programs:

also known as Gamma waves. You can use programs are ideal for behavior modification and meditation. more complex connections between neurons. This effect,
this program with headphones while working
or engaging in activities where you need to
be sharp and alert. Athletes like to use it right
excellent product.
“ In biofeedback, Theta training is used for the treatment of
drug and alcohol addiction. Finally, Theta is an ideal state for
known as “Long-Term Potentiation,” is the key to forming
memories and retrieving information from the subconscious.

before a game because it improves hand-eye

coordination. Other Beta programs in our
— H.H., Tuscaloosa, Alabama
delta Detached Awareness | Healing | Sleep 1-4 Hz
catalog harmonically layer Delta, Theta or Delta is the slowest of all four brain wave frequencies. Research has shown that when the brain is generating Look for this icon next
Alpha waves, so it’s not recommended to It is most commonly associated with deep sleep, but also a large amount of Delta waves, the pituitary gland triggers to DELTA programs:
with healing. Delta is the brain wave signal of the subcon- the release of Growth Hormone, beneficial for healing and
use those programs while driving…they tend
to be more relaxing and meditational than
scious, the seat from which intuition arises. Delta-based
programs are an ideal choice for their sleep and deep
regeneration. These programs offer the precise window
frequency associated with the release of healing-specific
the pure Beta program, High Focus. regeneration potential. neuro-chemicals.

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Brain Sync’s Theatre of the Mind new releases

What listeners say The Secret BESTSELLER!

about Kelly Howell’s T H E TA & D E LTA B R A I N WAV E T H E R A P Y

Theatre of the Mind: Guided by Kelly Howell

Love it! ★★★★★ Make The Law of Attraction

I really have found Kelly’s podcasts Work for You
to be enlightening as well as enter-
taining. I look forward to each one. The Secret Universal Mind Meditation reveals
Unleash your power to change The variety is excellent! the sacred truth spiritual masters have taught for
Theatre of the Mind Online Portal. Learn more about the power millennia. The Secret is real and powerful. And it
of your mind and how to put the latest research to work in your life Life-changing ★★★★★ will change you. It starts by changing your belief
as Kelly Howell interviews leading visionaries and consciousness Kelly’s podcasts are absolutely
system, slowly, subtly and gently while you sleep.
researchers. Shows explore mind expansion, remote viewing, amazing. Every one is full of mind-
As you are lulled into blissful slumber, The Secret
Kundalini, intuition, creativity, energy healing, spiritual growth and opening paradigm-shattering
information and ideas, and I’ve is whispered into your ears – first audibly, and then
the many facets of human potential. You can access the full archive
discovered a wealth of resources just below the level of consciousness.
of shows at:
through them. And they’re free!
I know it sounds corny, but some of While you’re drifting off to sleep (with the help
Easy Listening anywhere: them have introduced me to things of embedded Delta Waves) you glide in and out of Cleanse your mind
Theatre of the Mind Podcasts – your the Theta State. This is a highly suggestible state
way. We hope you enjoy Kelly’s podcasts
that have literally changed my life,
health, and attitude. It’s like an
of limiting beliefs and
of consciousness where you can retrain your mind
wherever you are. You can listen to them introduction to the greatest cutting- to think new thoughts. In the Delta and Theta unleash your power to
on your computer, and on a portable edge ideas out there. I hope it
MP3 player. Once you've downloaded changes your life too.
states, your conscious mind and your ego are create a new reality that
"off-guard," allowing the revolutionary ideas of the
podcasts to your computer, you can load
program to slip right into your subconscious where
fulfills your deepest
them onto an MP3 player or you can Very Impressive ★★★★★
burn them to a CD. Listen anywhere: I really enjoy this podcast. I have they will work to change your reality. needs and desires.
in your car, while you exercise, or in bed purchased many of the Brain Sync
before you drop off to sleep. CDs and swear by them. It’s great The Secret Meditation goes way beyond affirma-
to hear Kelly bringing new informa- tions to cleanse your mind of hidden objections and
We’ve included instructions on how to get podcasts delivered to tion in this format – not to mention, self-sabotage. It instills profound, transformative
you automatically, and how you can burn podcasts to CDs or load her voice is very soothing. Great job beliefs that empower you to attract what you need
them onto your MP3 player. Kelly!
and desire in your life.

Visit: for detailed Brain Sync’s work is appreciated!

Over the days and weeks to come, your conscious
instructions. and subconscious mind will accept The Secret
I love the topics because they are
all about personal empowerment. meditation as true. Through the great Law of “Kelly Howell is a masterful guide
Excellent! Kelly always anticipates the question Attraction, everything you need and desire will in helping to integrate body, mind,
Thank you Kelly Howell! ★★★★★ I would ask of each of her guests. come to you. And there’s nothing that you need and spirit. In an age where life is
I look forward to new topics of to do except listen. (60 minutes total) becoming increasingly hectic,
This podcast is full of interesting speakers and
inspiring topics. Kelly Howell does a great job of interviewing her instruction is invaluable.”
CD $14.95
and asking the right questions. I have gained unique insights ISBN 1-881451-56-9
theta delta
Larry Dossey, MD
and perspectives from listening to the podcast and always
Author of “The Extraordinary
look forward to new interviews. Kelly Howell deserves Healing Power of Ordinary Things”
lots of praise for the best podcast on iTunes!

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new releases healing, sleep & regeneration

Deep Stress Relief Sound Healing


Guided by Kelly Howell Guided by Kelly Howell

When you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or includes:
includes: Sound Healing delivers Delta waves associated
completely worn out, Deep Stress Relief is one of the with the release of human growth hormone,
easiest ways to restore balance. Within minutes your beneficial for healing combined with meditation
muscles begin to relax and fears vanish. Alpha waves are music. You can also use this program as a sleep
woven into dreamy music that will transport you to untold aid to relieve insomnia. Enjoy the delightful
depths of inner peace. As daily clutter is swept away, you'll floating sensation you'll experience as you literally
feel a euphoric rush of positive energy revitalize the very lighten up in mind, body and spirit. This program
core of your being. is completely free of spoken words and provides
60 minutes of meditation music, making it ideal
CD 1 | GUIDED RELAXATION for self-hypnosis, resting deeply, or practicing your
In this beautiful guided meditation, you are soothed into Healing Sleep own healing visualization techniques.
Mind Body Healing a state of calm reverie. Entering a magical garden you D E LTA B R A I N WAV E T H E R A P Y
D E LTA B R A I N WAV E T H E R A P Y meet an inner teacher who guides you to generate states If you are preparing for a medical or dental proce-
Guided by Kelly Howell
Guided by Kelly Howell of fulfillment. As your mind is revitalized, stress dissolves. dure, listen to Sound Healing before, during, and
You’ll radiate a positive energy field that draws more Soothing Delta frequencies, associated with deep after surgery to aid in recovery. Research reveals
Awaken Your Power to Heal pleasurable circumstances to you. restorative sleep, ease your brain out of the rapid that relaxation significantly enhances the outcome
If you are preparing for surgery or if you need to rhythms of Beta, down through the relaxing states of of medical procedures. Recovery is often swifter:
heal on any level, Mind Body Healing will help. Delta CD 2 | TOTAL RELAXATION Alpha and Theta, into the welcoming depths of Delta. blood loss is reduced, less pain is perceived,
waves are woven into soothing music to induce deeply Completely free of spoken words or any verbal distrac- As your brain cells resonate with Delta waves, you start and fewer analgesics are needed. Moreover, the
restorative states ideal for healing. These are blissful tions, this program delivers 60 minutes of pure Alpha to slowly swirl and drift. Pestering concerns are washed immune system seems to respond better, and
states of reverie that are proven to enhance immune waves and relaxation music, ideal for stress reduction or away, allowing you to fall into deep sleep states that hospital stays can be shortened.
function, reduce pain and activate the body's natural creative problem solving. Experience a euphoric release bring the refreshing slumber your body and mind need
healing abilities. In this quantum state of renewal, from anything and everything that bothers you. for optimum performance. Running Time: 60 minutes.
recovery is often swifter: Blood loss is reduced; less
You can use these CDs for power naps, when you travel, CD $14.95 delta
pain is perceived; and fewer analgesics are needed. Running Time: 120 minutes on 2 CDs ISBN 1-881451-16-X
or during times when you can't get a full night's rest.
Moreover, the immune system seems to respond
CD $24.95 Even only one hour of Delta Brain Wave Therapy will
better, and hospital stays can be shortened. alpha
ISBN 1-881451-51-8 reset sodium and potassium levels to refresh your brain
and clear away mental "fog." A few hours of sleep a
night with either one of these programs will make you
This beautiful guided meditation unlocks your power
feel as though you had a full eight hours of rest.
to create vibrant states of health and well-being.
CD 2 | SOUND HEALING 2-CD SET Successfully used in biofeedback clinics for treating
Free of spoken words, this program delivers sixty includes: sleep disorders.
minutes of delta waves with meditation music, making
it ideal for self-hypnosis, resting deeply, or practicing
your own healing visualization techniques. Delta waves and subliminal messages calm worrisome
thoughts and reduce stress.
Running Time: 120 minutes on 2 CDs
Running Time: 120 minutes on 2 CDs
CD $24.95 theta
ISBN 1-881451-52-6 CD $24.95 delta
ISBN 1-881451-64-X

8 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 9
new release train your brain for peak performance

Relieve Jet Lag


Tired of being tired when you travel? Just listen to

Relieve Jet Lag to arrive at your destination feeling
refreshed, alert and ready to do business, or to enjoy
your vacation. Brain Wave Therapy will help balance
and restore your brain’s sodium and potassium levels,
thus reducing mental fatigue and brain fog associated
with jet lag. These CDs are completely free of spoken
words. Powerful combinations of brain wave frequen-
Deep Learning Brain Power
cies are harmonically layered in beautiful music.

Newly Re-mastered with Bonus Tracks! Newly Re-mastered with Bonus Tracks!
how it works
CD 1: Delta Sleep When you need to study and assimilate new informa- This program will guide you into a “flow state”
(60 Minutes of Delta Waves and Soothing Music)
tion, slip on your headphones and listen to Deep of relaxed concentration. As both right and left
When you need to sleep, while flying or otherwise, use Learning. Within minutes, memory receptors are gently hemispheres of your brain move into balance, frustrating
Delta Sleep. If your listening device has an auto re-play stimulated as precision-engineered frequencies shift your mental blocks dissolve. You’ll feel invigorated as fresh
function, set it so that while you sleep you will be brain into perfect balance. In this state of heightened neural pathways are opened to effortlessly access up to
receiving all the benefits of Delta Brain Wave Therapy. receptivity, the clarity and speed with which you can 90 percent more of your untapped ability to learn, recall
Many people report that 3 or 4 hours of Delta Therapy concentrate, study, and integrate and store information and create new ideas. Track One delivers a powerful
reduces their sleep requirement so they feel as if they is profoundly improved. Theta brain waves are associated blend of brain wave frequencies with rich, resonant
had slept a full 8 hours. To reset your sleep patterns with long-term potentiation. Track One blends music and music. Track Two delivers the same frequencies with
when you travel, use this program nightly to help you Theta waves. Track Two delivers ambient sounds and relaxing nature sounds. Running Time: 60 minutes
fall asleep in the new time zone. Theta waves. Running Time: 60 minutes
CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95
CD 2: Theta Relaxation ISBN 1-881451-91-7 ISBN 1-881451-13-5
CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95
(30 Minutes of Theta and Alpha Waves and Relaxing Music)
You don’t need to be a jetsetter to ISBN 1-881451-92-5 ISBN 1-881451-17-8
When you need to relax and unwind, listen to Theta
benefit from this 2 CD set. Relieve Relaxation. The Alpha and Theta waves on this pro- theta beta alpha theta delta
Jet Lag offers a comprehensive Brain gram help balance and restore your brain’s sodium
Wave Therapy program that you can and potassium levels, thus reducing mental fatigue
use to reduce stress, get a good and brain fog associated with jet lag. Use this program
night’s sleep, or rev up your brain prior to Delta Sleep or whenever you want to reduce High Focus BESTSELLER!
stress. M U S I C & P U R E , H I G H B E TA WAV E S Newly Re-mastered with Bonus Tracks!
for work and study.
CD 2: Beta Refresher Pure, high Beta window frequencies trigger high-powered, high-performance brain
(30 Minutes of High Beta Waves and Music)
states ideal for quick thinking and deep concentration. Long-term benefits include

“ I wanted to take a moment to tell you how

wonderful I think your Brain Sync CDs are.
When you want to be refreshed, energized and in peak
performance, listen to Beta Refresher, which delivers
increased ability to focus, enhanced cognition, and greater concentration for extended
periods of time. This program may be used while you work, study or write. Psychiatrists
brain-optimizing frequencies associated with mental and therapists have reported that High Focus is beneficial for the treatment of Attention
I've tried several other companies, and none alertness. Use this program before landing, before Deficit Disorder. Athletes and sports trainers say it is excellent as a prep tape for physical
take the approach you do, and don't seem to meetings, or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. activities that involve hand-eye coordination, such as tennis or golf. It’s also a great
have the science behind them. Thank you for Total Running Time: 120 minutes program to use to refresh and stimulate your mind after long hours of traveling. High
your excellent work. It has truly made a Focus is not recommended for use before bed or anytime you need to relax. Track One delivers non-distracting music
theta beta with 40Hz Beta waves. Track Two blends ambient sounds with the same powerful frequency. Running Time: 60 minutes
difference in my life.
— L. F., Ashland, OR
“ 2 CDs $16.95
ISBN 1-881451-54-2 alpha delta
CD $14.95 ISBN 1-881451-97-6 Cassette $11.95 ISBN 1-881451-01-1 beta

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spiritual development new release

Awakening Kundalini

imagine… “ I make Brain Sync part of my everyday life. Guided by Kelly Howell

I cannot thank you enough for taking me on Kundalini is the extraordinary powerhouse of
the mysteries cosmic energy that resides within you. It is the
a journey of new realities and self discovery. source from which all creativity, genius, and psychic
gifts spring. When Kundalini awakens, your entire life
My thoughts are clearer. I’m more aware and
of consciousness will awaken with insights, energy and creativity. As
Kundalini travels upward through the chakra system
I finally feel like I know my true purpose in
it removes inner and outer obstacles to living your
revealing highest potential.
life. Without your CDs this may have taken
In this remarkable program, Kelly Howell guides a
new paths years more for me to discover. Thank you meditation to awaken the divine life force energy within

and possibilities
ever so much. “ you. Theta waves are harmonically layered in music
based on ancient Tantric traditions to open the flow of
energy to your chakras. As you experience the extraor-
— M.C., Dana Point, CA dinary gifts Kundalini brings, your life will flourish with
for living opportunities to enjoy and express more of who you
really are. Track One features an introduction to
Kundalini. Track Two offers a guided meditation with
your vision, awaken the divine Theta waves and music. Running Time: Approximately
60 minutes
life force energy CD $14.95 ISBN 1-881451-53-4
within you Track One: Introduction to Kundalini
Track Two: Instructions for breathing & chakra
your life, opening techniques
Track Three: 30-minute guided meditation
As you experience the
and discovering • Move into resonance with your higher purpose
extraordinary gifts Kundalini • Deepen your spiritual connection
the magic • Listen to the guidance of your inner voice
brings, your life will flourish • Break through to a new level of being and living

that resides theta

with opportunities to enjoy

within you and express more of who

you really are.

“ Igetting
am so astounded by the results I’ve been
with your programs…the synchronicities
that have been happening in my life are far too
frequent and amazing to be simply coincidence.
— K.L., Union City, NJ

12 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 13
spiritual development spiritual development

“ I have struggled with my self-esteem

for years. After a few months of faithful
Unfold Your Potential
listening, I am thoroughly convinced Guided by Kelly Howell
your products work! I’m feeling better
about myself than I’ve ever felt before. This 3-CD collection draws upon 20 years of
Now I accept myself! I like who I am. research into higher creativity and the science of
And I can’t believe the change in my manifestation. Precision-engineered brain wave
whole thought process.
— R.D., Allen, TX
“ frequencies guide you into exquisite states of
wholeness and unity. As negative thoughts are
swept away by insight and inspiration, you align
with the divine ordering principle of the universe.
• Enhance Your Attracting Force
• Increase Synchronicity Fulfill Your Heart’s Desire Living Prayer Retrieve Your Destiny
• Accelerate the Manifestation of Your Ideal Life
Guided by Kelly Howell Guided by Kelly Howell Guided by Kelly Howell
The world is built from the Prayer is real. It’s a living energy If you’ve ever felt that your life
ISBN 1-881451-79-8 Total Running Time: 180 minutes
energy of desire, the sacred fire that can transform your life and should be more than it is or that
of life and love. When desire is those around you. In Living Prayer, you have a greater purpose to
theta focused and channeled, it leads you precision-engineered sound waves fulfill, Retrieve Your Destiny will
to create a wonderful life for your- are harmonically layered in exquisite guide you to discover the calling
Faith self. As you embrace your heart’s music that soothes your soul and of your soul. In this life-changing
desire and meditate upon what guides you into the reverent states program, Kelly Howell guides you
brings you joy, you unleash a trans- of meditation where prayers are into the depths of meditation where
Guided by Kelly Howell
formational force that brings oppor- heard and answered. Entering your the needs and desires of your soul
tunities to you. It sounds simple, own sacred healing sanctuary, you can be revealed. Starting today, you
The power of faith is what miracles
because it is. This beautiful guided learn to release negativity and open can accept the gifts the universe has
are made of. Faith bridges the gap
meditation opens your heart to to a new, positive reality that will waiting for you. All you need to do is
between mind and matter, between self
receive fulfillment. It softly unblocks generate grace and blessings in your ask. Track One is a guided medita-
and Higher Powers. Through Faith we
whatever has been standing in the daily life. Your heart will open to tion with music and Theta waves.
have direct access to the source of
way of you and making your dreams greater joy that will touch everyone Track Two offers music and Theta
creation, where beliefs become reality
come true. Track One is a guided around you. Best of all, you’ll come waves. Running Time: 60 minutes
and needs are met in extraordinary
meditation with music and Theta to know that you’re never alone –
ways. In this inspiring audio, Kelly
waves. Track Two offers music and you’re guided and protected always. CD $14.95
Howell guides a meditation that fires
Theta waves. Running Time: 60 Track One is a guided meditation ISBN 1-881451-74-7
the imagination and empowers you to theta
minutes with music and Theta waves. Track
create a new vision of yourself – a vision Cassette $11.95
Two offers music and Theta waves. ISBN 1-881451-60-7
of Cosmic Unity that unlocks the secret CD $14.95 Running Time: 60 minutes
powers hidden in the other 90% of your ISBN 1-881451-73-9
brain. Track One is a guided meditation theta CD $14.95
with music and Theta waves. Track Two Cassette $11.95 ISBN 1-881451-72-0
ISBN 1-881451-59-3 theta
offers music and Theta waves. Running
Time: 60 minutes 3-CD Set Includes: Cassette $11.95
ISBN 1-881451-58-5
CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95
ISBN 1-881451-71-2 ISBN 1-881451-57-7

“ I recently bought Living Prayer and have to say it is the best meditation program on prayer out there. I loved
theta how peaceful and happy I felt after listening to this. I felt so elated!

— T. P., Chicago, IL

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frequently asked questions programs by brain wave type

why do I need to listen with headphones? response. Beta-centered programs will stimulate
mental activity. With all our programs there are beta Alertness | Concentration | Cognition
Brain Wave Therapy is based on extensive scientific
research. The only way to experience the brain opti- cumulative listening benefits that will expand and
Brain Massage p 21 Power Training p 22
mizing effects of the frequencies is when they are build from daily use. We recommend listening daily
Brain Power p 11 Relieve Jet Lag p 10
delivered through headphones. If you are interested for the first 6 weeks to experience the full effect of
Breakthrough Training p 22 Running Meditation p 23
in knowing more about the science behind Brain Brain Wave Therapy training.
High Focus p 11 Walking Meditation p 23
Wave Therapy, offers extensive
details on how the technology works. when can I expect to see results from the Look for this icon next
to BETA programs:
Subliminals or the Behavior Modification
how much should I listen per day? programs such as Slim Naturally?
beta 12-40 Hz
Brain Sync programs alter the electrical activity in You may notice subtle shifts right away. If you do,
your brain. It is a powerful change that only requires acknowledge them and keep listening daily to build
30 to 60 minutes per day to reap benefits. Depending momentum towards positive change. For long-term
on which program you're listening to, you can be habits or behaviors to change we recommend six alpha Relaxation | Visualization | Creativity
slowing down or speeding up brain activity. Too weeks of daily listening.
much listening can interfere with normal Guided Relaxation p 20 Stress Free Forever p 26
daily function. Use good judgment which programs can I use Increase Creativity p 21 Total Relaxation p 20
when choosing when to listen and audio while driving or working? Relieve Jet Lag p 10
how much. We recommend Track One of all the Subliminal
thirty to sixty minutes per day, headphones are Look for this icon next
to ALPHA programs:
Brain Wave programs can be
but by all means, experiment required listened to anywhere and at
alpha 6-12 Hz
to find out what works best To experience the brain-optimizing effects any time.
for you. of Brain Sync CDs, it is essential that
High Focus, which is a pure
you use stereo headphones.
can I listen for more than Beta-centered program, can be
two hours per day? used while working on any project theta Meditation | Intuition | Memory

Sound Sleep, Deep Sleep and Healing where you need to be alert and focused.
Attract Love p 26 Guided Meditation p 18
Meditation can be used on auto replay while you Students use High Focus when they need to
sleep. It is not recommended to listen to Delta- stay up late and study for exams. “ I have been using Awakening Kundalini p 13
Create Success p 26
Positive Thinking p 27
Relieve Jet Lag p 10
centered programs like these for long periods during The workout programs also can be used while your Brain Sync programs Deep Insight p 19 Sacred Ground p 19
the day, unless you want to sleep. engaged in activities. Deep Learning p 11 Slim Naturally p 23
for at least five years now.
Brain Wave Subliminals can be listened to all day Deep Meditation p 18 Stop Smoking p 27
Programs where Alpha, Theta or Delta waves are I use High Focus whenever I’m
without headphones. Track Two on the Subliminals indicated are NOT to be used while working or Ecstasy p 20 The Secret p 7
delivers Theta waves in addition to the subliminal driving. They slow down brain activity and will reading or studying information that Faith p 14 Unfold Your Potential p 14
messages. When you use headphones with these make you drowsy. Look for this icon next
Weight Loss p 27
programs, it’s for a time when you will not be dis- requires optimal concentration. All to THETA programs:

turbed and can relax. can children listen to Brain Wave Therapy through my life I have had very poor theta 4-7 Hz
With other programs, break up your time to one programs? reading comprehension, but after many
hour in the morning and one hour later in the day. Only under the supervision or recommendation of
Of course you can experiment to discover what a health care professional. Here’s why: altering the uses of High Focus my reading
works best for you. electrical activity in your child’s brain can interfere comprehension took a complete delta Detached Awareness | Healing | Sleep
with natural brain growth and development.
when can I expect to see results of Brain positive reversal. It helped Brain Massage p 21 Healing Meditation p 24
Biofeedback therapists are an excellent place to start
Wave Therapy? Deep Sleep p 27 Relieve Jet Lag p 10
exploring possibilities for resolving learning, sleep, me greatly through Sound Healing p 9
Listeners generally experience an immediate concentration and focusing disorders. Specific pro- Look for this icon next

response with any of the programs. Alpha, Theta

and Delta-centered programs induce a relaxation
grams may then be prescribed after a child's issues
and brain wave patterns are analyzed.
college. “ to DELTA programs:

delta 1-4 Hz
Sound Sleep p 24
The Secret p 7
— D.B. San Diego, CA

16 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 17
theta waves for deep insight & meditation theta waves for deep insight & meditation


Guided Meditation Deep Meditation Brain Wave Meditation Sacred Ground Deep Insight

Guided by Kelly Howell THERAPY THERAPY Newly Re-mastered!

You are guided to create an Now you can easily reach depths This 2-CD Extra Value Package Completely free of spoken words or guidance, this program This newly re-mastered program
inner sanctuary, a place where of meditation that would other- includes both Guided Meditation offers four remarkable meditation programs to gradually guide delivers 60 minutes of pure Theta
you go to regenerate and create wise take years of practice to and Deep Meditation. your brain into the deepest levels of meditation. waves woven into soothing ambi-
nourishing states of health and attain. Within minutes, you feel Total Running Time: 120 minutes ent sounds to induce a dream-like
Over a four-week period, your brain’s electromagnetic energy is progres-
well-being. Your body begins to yourself lifted from physical tension state of expanded awareness. New
sively balanced, organized and amplified. As you go to deeper levels of
relax as your mind transcends daily and mental anxieties. Brain wave 2 CDs $24.95 ideas and insights will spontaneously
ISBN 1-881451-771 Theta, bursts of electrical activity called “kindling” ignite flashes of
clutter. Negative thoughts are frequencies are harmonically layered flash into your awareness, and you
insight and inspiration, as cleansing showers of vivid imagery sparkle
dramatically swept away by brilliant within rich, resonant music based on (a $29.90 value) are swept into the very center of con-
before your mind’s eye. You enter the precise state of meditation that is
flashes of insight and understanding. ancient mystical traditions. As your sciousness where information is stored
essential to empower your visualizations and accelerate manifestation.
You may feel as though you are brain awakens, the energy centers in and elusive answers are revealed. You
theta This is the perfect all-in-one program for all levels: From the beginner,
gliding on beams of light as your your body are balanced and ener- experience a deep sense of peace and
soul soars to the highest ethers of gized. While your chakras vibrate in who wants to be led gradually into deeper levels of meditation, to the well-being as you explore the mysteri-
universal knowledge and creativity. resonance with the universe, they more experienced listener, who wishes to have a variety of music and ous and magical Theta state. Use this
Track One is a guided meditation. open and flower. And so do you. delta brain wave states available in a single program. program at a time when you can lie
Track Two offers music and Theta Use this program whenever you want back, relax and let go. It offers 60 min-
2-CD SET Week One - Relaxation and Grounding - Alpha Window Frequencies
waves. Running Time: 60 minutes to free your mind of stress and enter beta utes of trance-inducing Theta waves,
Week Two - Relaxation and Release - Alpha & Theta Window Frequencies
the depths of meditation. Two iden- music and ambient sounds. Running
CD $14.95 Week Three - Opening Higher Consciousness - Theta Window Frequencies
tical tracks allow you to meditate Time: 60 minutes
ISBN 1-881451-93-3 BESTSELLER! Week Four - Deep Resonance - Theta & Delta Window Frequencies
either for 30 minutes or to continue
Cassette $11.95 on for a full 60-minute meditation. CD $14.95
2 CDs $16.95
ISBN 1-881451-14-3 theta
CD $14.95
“ Deep Meditation is a superb
tool for stress management and
ISBN 1-881451-89-5 theta ISBN 1-881451-48-8
theta Two 60-minute CDs Cassette $11.95
ISBN 1-881451-90-9 healing for a wide variety of alpha ISBN 1-881451-04-6
4 Cassettes $34.95
Cassette $11.95
ISBN 1-881451-06-2

— Ron Feintech, Ph.D.,
ISBN 1-881451-61-5
Four 60-minute Cassettes
With Deep Meditation we’ve
patients reach deep levels

of meditation that normally take
“Deep Meditation is my favorite

Studies show that 30 minutes a day of meditation raises
18 years of practice to attain.
“ BESTSELLER! Highly acclaimed by
audio intervention.
“ consciousness to a higher level of awareness. Creativity is
— George Fritz, Ph.D., enhanced, productivity is multiplied, intuition is increased and
— Drew Pierson, Ph.D., the medical and scientific community Biofeedback Researcher & Co-author cognitive function is sharpened. Life-transforming breakthroughs
Biofeedback Researcher for its many therapeutic benefits. of “The Open Focus Handbook”
and miracles become a normal part of your daily experience.

18 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 19
chill out & expand with alpha waves chill out & expand with alpha waves

“ Listening to
Kelly Howell's
Brain Massage was
like having my brain
lifted above my head
and bathed in golden
Guided Relaxation NEW! Total Relaxation Ecstasy Brain Massage Increase Creativity light. The mind-still
Guided by Kelly Howell Newly Re-Mastered with Bonus Track!
and blissful peace
Newly Re-mastered!
that it induced was
When you're feeling overwhelmed, This newly re-mastered favorite Completely free of spoken We've re-mastered this Brain Hurtle past creative blocks
frustrated, or completely worn delivers 60 minutes of Alpha words or guidance, this program Sync classic to offer two new and stale concepts to reveal comparable with the
out, restore balance with Alpha waves. The gentle pulsations of delivers 60 minutes of music and beautiful sound tracks with the essence of true beauty
waves associated with relaxation, soothing Alpha waves move your frequencies designed to relax the same powerful frequency which has been the goal of highest states of
and creativity. mind into a regenerative state of total you while increasing sexual combination. Completely free of creative artists for centuries.
meditation that
relaxation. Your consciousness is lifted energy. Within minutes, music spoken words or guidance, this Completely free of spoken words
In this beautiful meditation, you are
above fragmented thoughts and based on Eastern Tantric traditions program delivers high Beta (40Hz) or subliminal messages, Increase I have ever
soothed into a state of calm reverie.
worries, becoming unified in peaceful opens and activates your heart and and Delta waves. You’ll tingle all Creativity delivers 60 minutes of
Entering a magical garden you meet
an inner teacher who guides you to
generate states of fulfillment. As your
repose. You experience a euphoric
release from anything and everything
sexual chakras. You experience a
euphoric rush of “releasing” and
over with a rush of cleansing energy
swirling through your mind and
soothing music mixed with Alpha
and Theta sound waves to trigger
experienced. “
that bothers you. Track One delivers exaltation as endorphins flood body. This unique combination of peak creativity. As intellect and — Patricia Joudry
mind is revitalized, fears vanish. You’ll
Alpha waves with music by the highly your system. This rapturous state brain waves truly feels like a brain creativity integrate, your mind
radiate a positive energy field that Author of “Sound Therapy
acclaimed composer, Iasos. Track Two of delight removes psychic barriers, massage. A revitalizing flood of soars to lucid heights of awareness.
draws more pleasurable circumstances for the Walk Man”
blends alpha waves with relaxation deeply entrenched inhibitions and positive energy is released as your Creative blocks dissolve. New ideas
to you. Track Two delivers music and
music. Running Time: 60 minutes fears. You are transported to a realm autonomic nervous system relaxes and insights spontaneously flash
Alpha waves and relaxation music only,
of sensual inspiration and attuned to into deep states of reverie. This is a into consciousness. You’ll experi-
allowing you to unwind at your own CD $14.95 experience peak pleasure and sexual great program to help you overcome ence a quantum leap in your ability
pace. Running Time: 60 minutes ISBN 1-881451-70-4
alpha fulfillment. Running Time: 60 minutes

even the most stressful thoughts and to envision, create and execute new
CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95 feelings. Track One (30 minutes) ideas with this groundbreaking
ISBN 1-881451-47-X ISBN 1-881451-03-8 CD $14.95 delivers soothing music with Delta program. Track One delivers 60
alpha ISBN 1-881451-65-8 theta and high Beta waves. Track Two minutes of music blended with
Cassette $11.95
ISBN 1-881451-24-0 Cassette $11.95 (30 minutes) offers the same brain Alpha and Theta waves.
ISBN 1-881451-12-7 optimizing frequencies with relaxing Alpha Waves for Relaxation
Running Time: 60 minutes
ambient sounds. and Higher Creativity
Running Time: 60 minutes CD $14.95
ISBN 1-881451-50-X alpha
CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95 Alpha training is the gateway
ISBN 1-881451-96-8 delta theta
ISBN 1-881451-26-7
to creativity and relaxation.
“I have a collection of Brain Sync programs and I love them so much! I’ve had a life-long battle with depression.
Doctors always told me I had to be on pills to be ‘normal.’ I am happy to say they are wrong. Brain Sync helped me
Cassette $11.95
ISBN 1-881451-00-3
beta In Alpha you let go of stress
and gain access to creative
more than anything. I am in a much better state of being than ever before and for that I am grateful. Thank you!
— M.V., Largo, FL
“ ideas and solutions.

20 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 21
personal breakthroughs personal breakthroughs

Running Meditation Slim Naturally

make personal M U S I C & H I G H B E TA B R A I N WAV E M U S I C & T H E TA B R A I N WAV E

breakthroughs with THERAPY

Guided by Kelly Howell


Guided by Kelly Howell

our total fitness When you want to increase athletic

performance, slip on your head-
Scientists have now proven
beyond doubt that the contents

programs phones and start your workout. An

intoxicating fusion of R&B and world
of our thoughts and feelings have a
direct and immediate influence upon
beat gradually accelerates your momentum. Before you know it, your our physical being. Thoughts and emotions have the power to alter

“I never liked aerobic

exercise, but with these
stamina and performance rise to new levels. High Beta waves focus
your mind and body to reach peak performance levels. Whether
you’re running, walking, cycling or lifting weights, this program will
how we look, feel and behave. In this special audio program you are
guided into deep relaxation. Precision-engineered sound waves
induce states of heightened receptivity where the positive messages
programs I look forward boost you into the zone. Cumulative training benefits include greater you will hear are absorbed for maximum impact.
endurance, increased energy and motivation. Track One delivers
to going to the gym. My Within minutes, window frequencies trigger the release of neuro-
guided imagery with high Beta frequencies and music. Track Two
chemical messengers that immediately begin to alter your body’s
metabolism has changed, offers music and the same brain-optimizing frequencies. Running
responses. Deep-seated behavior patterns are powerfully changed
Time: 60 minutes
I’ve lost weight and I feel so that your appetite and self-esteem work in harmony to help you
beta attain and maintain your ideal weight.
positive about life again. CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95
ISBN 1-881451-88-7 ISBN 1-881451-27-5 125 BPM As negative beliefs dissolve, extra pounds fall away. You’ll feel
I haven’t felt this great in (beats per minute)
vibrantly alive and full of energy. For maximum results, use this
10 years!
“ audio in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.
Track One is guided with music and Theta waves. Track Two is
— A. G., Grand Prairie, TX “The best workout audio programs on the market.“ music and Theta waves only, allowing you to practice the
visualizations at your own pace. Running Time: 60 minutes
— Body Mind Spirit Magazine

CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95 theta

ISBN 1-881451-66-6 ISBN 1-881451-10-0
Walking Meditation
Breakthrough Training Power Training THERAPY
In the Zone In the Zone Tired of boring exercise? Put on your “I've been a personal trainer since 1983. The hardest part of
my work has been to help people achieve a new attitude about
M U S I C & H I G H B E TA M U S I C & H I G H B E TA headphones and power walk your way to
their optimal weight and getting fit. I think the Slim Naturally
B R A I N WAV E T H E R A P Y B R A I N WAV E T H E R A P Y health with Brain Sync. Within minutes,
and Healing Meditation audios are the biggest life-changing
Beta brain wave frequencies mixed with
Guided by Kelly Howell Guided by Kelly Howell an intoxicating fusion of R&B and world
discoveries I've made in years. My friends and clients agree!
— M.S., Trainer, Omaha, NE

When you want to push your limits, This second volume follows beat rhythms boost your metabolism and
just slip on your headphones and Breakthrough Training. A your mood. With regular use, your body will develop lean, strong
start your workout. High Beta brain new musical score and journey muscles and become more metabolically efficient – so you can burn
waves give that extra boost you need to get the most out of your is set against a backdrop of world beat music that gradually fat even while you sleep. You’ll have a new inner energy that melts
workout. Within minutes you’ll feel an exciting surge of power and increases your pace. High Beta frequencies increase energy away unwanted pounds quicker and easier than you ever dreamed Ultra Weight Loss
energy as your mind transcends daily clutter. An intoxicating fusion and motivation allowing you to effortlessly reach new levels possible. And best of all, you’ll not only look great, you’ll feel great
of world beat rhythms gradually accelerates your pace, of physical performance. The music gradually accelerates to too! Running Time: 60 minutes
stimulating your body to: maximize your aerobic workout. The frequencies balance beta
both hemispheres of your brain and guide brain activity into CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95 Guided by Kelly Howell
• Burn fat • Boost Beta-endorphin production higher states that are ideal for aerobic exercise. Experience ISBN 1-881451-80-1 ISBN 1-881451-28-3 115-118 BPM
(beats per minute) To help you achieve your weight loss
• Blast through blocks • Dramatically increase heart health profound well-being marked by moments of freedom, goals, we’re offering our two best-selling
euphoria and power as your workout moves into the weight loss CDs at one low price.
It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Track One takes you on magical world of The Zone. Running Time: 60 minutes
an entertaining guided journey that is rich in metaphor. Track Two
delivers music and high Beta frequencies to increase energy and “I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Your weight loss program
is the one thing that’s worked for me. It’s like something in my
CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95 beta 2 CDs $24.95
motivation. Running Time: 60 minutes brain got switched to think and act thin. I don’t have cravings
ISBN 1-881451-99-2 ISBN 1-881451-42-9 (a $29.00 value)
110-140 BPM anymore. I’m eating healthy foods, and I’ve never been happier. ISBN 1-881451-76-3
CD $14.95 Cassette $11.95 beta (beats per minute)

ISBN 1-881451-98-4 ISBN 1-881451-41-0

110-130 BPM
Thank you for helping me lose 65 pounds. It’s a miracle.
— C.W., Georgetown, TX
“ Total Running Time: 120 minutes

(beats per minute)

theta 2-CD SET

22 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 23
healing, sleep & regeneration a sound approach to conscious evolution

you can use your mind to an exquisite gift experience

I recommend Brain Sync to my
patients and have found them to be
transform your body to bestow on someone you love…
including yourself !
extremely effective. We have tested FACT: Our bodies have the innate capacity
the programs on patients before, to manufacture the precise balance of neuro-
chemicals that can reverse any illness and cure

during and after surgery. They seem
virtually any disease.
brain sync
to facilitate more rapid recovery.

gift box
The comments from these patients FACT: Science has proven beyond doubt that the
were very positive in terms of relaxing contents of our thoughts and emotions directly
and helping them manage pain as and immediately influence our biochemistry.
well as aiding in their recovery.

— Doug Applewhite, M.D. Neurosurgeon,
FACT: We can consciously influence and direct the
body’s output of healthy chemical information.
University Hospital, Clarkesburge, WV Healing Meditation Sound Sleep

Guided by Kelly Howell

In this revitalizing program you Free of spoken words or any

are guided into your own inner guidance, this program delivers
healing sanctuary where you can 60 minutes of Delta waves
create a regenerative state of woven into dreamy music.
healing. These are blissful states of Soothing sound waves ease your
reverie that are proven to enhance brain out of the rapid rhythms of
immune function and activate the Beta, down through the relaxing
body’s natural self-healing abilities.
In this quantum state of renewal,
states of Alpha and Theta, into the
welcoming depths of Delta. As
“I purchased Sound Sleep about 6 weeks A treasure trove of simple pleasures!
your body triggers its own powerful you release and let go, you’ll slowly
ago. I am a teacher, and I literally work
in my sleep, even during summer break. What better way to show you care than a gift that
bio-chemicals that are necessary to start to swirl and drift into a state of
heal illness and cure disease. Track deep contentment for a peaceful gives all year long. This special gift is filled with scents
I had been having restless nights, night-
One is guided. Track Two delivers and refreshing night’s sleep. Sound and sounds that bring deep inner peace and regenera-
music and healing Delta waves only, Sleep has been used successfully in mares, and would wake often thinking tion. Escape with the sensual alchemy of…
allowing you to meditate and visual- hospitals and biofeedback clinics about work. I tried everything, but it
Research has shown that when • A beautiful aromatherapy candle that cleanses the air
ize at your own pace. throughout the world. Track One
the brain is generating a large was not until I started using Sound and soothes the soul
delivers 60 minutes of Delta waves
This powerful meditation is highly • A 100% pure silk and lavender eye pillow that soothes
amount of Delta waves, the and dreamy music. Running Time: Sleep did I have a restful night. Now
recommended by doctors and tired eyes and provides mild pressure point massage
60 minutes
pituitary gland triggers the offered to patients at America’s I can sleep the whole night through.
• Two CDs of your choice that allow you to customize
release of Growth Hormone, most prestigious cancer treatment CD $14.95 I awake refreshed, with no hangover
delta your gift to the recipient's interests
hospitals. Running Time: 60 minutes ISBN 1-881451-63-1
beneficial for healing and feeling that medicines give you. As an
regeneration. These programs CD $14.95
Cassette $11.95 order online, by phone, or use the
ISBN 1-881451-05-4 added bonus, I have had less trouble
offer the precise window
ISBN 1-881451-67-4
delta order form on page 29.
Cassette $11.95 BESTSELLER!
with edema in my legs, and lessened
frequency associated with the
ISBN 1-881451-25-9 all-over body aches. I don't know what
release of healing-specific “
After only a few hours of sleeping

BESTSELLER! with this CD I wake up feeling like I would do without it. “
I had a full eight hours! “ — T.T., Little Rock, Arkansas
+ $7.75 shipping + handling
— D.L., Portland, OR (a $5800 value)

24 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 order | download | learn more at | 800.444.7962 25
subliminal brain wave therapy subliminal brain wave therapy

Attract Love Positive Thinking Super Learning

unleash the power SUBLIMINALS, MUSIC, S U B L I M I N A L S , M U S I C , B E TA ,
S U B L I M I N A L S , M U S I C & T H E TA
of your subconscious How you feel about yourself produces a Positive thoughts produce positive
When you need to study, cram or
sharpen your concentration for
radiant energy field that others respond results. The only problem is that some
with high-tech brain to. The electro-magnetic frequencies of of our most persistent, self-defeating
peak mental performance, Super
Learning is the sound solution.
the heart are 60 times more powerful than beliefs are stored deep in the uncon-
Precision-engineered frequencies
wave subliminals those of the brain. These frequencies
extend beyond the body and are instantly
scious, where they have the power to
undermine our happiness and sabotage
are harmonically layered in soothing
music. They guide your brain activity into a hyper-receptive state
registered by those around you. With subliminal brain wave technology, our success. Now you can effortlessly change those negative beliefs
where trigger phrases and key words are received by the subcon-
your mind relaxes into heightened states of receptivity where heartfelt to produce the results you want. Running Time: 60 minutes
scious. As both hemispheres of the brain move into perfect bal-
messages of deep self-appreciation are effortlessly absorbed. As your
ance, frustrating mental blocks dissolve. You enter a flow state of
heart opens to experience more joy and fulfillment, you exude an CD $14.95 Cassette $9.95 relaxed awareness where new information is easily absorbed and
irresistible glow of radiance that attracts the love you desire. Running ISBN 1-881451-84-4 ISBN 1-881451-38-0
stored in long-term memory. Running Time: 60 minutes
Time: 60 minutes
beta alpha theta CD $14.95 Cassette $9.95
CD $14.95 Cassette $9.95 theta
ISBN 1-881451-69-0 ISBN 1-881451-40-2
theta ISBN 1-881451-86-0 ISBN 1-881451-34-8
what is subliminal brain wave therapy?
Stop Smoking
Numerous laboratory studies have revealed
that the brain receives more information than Create Success S U B L I M I N A L S , M U S I C , B E TA , Weight Loss
we’re consciously aware of. It is believed that the A L P H A & T H E TA WAV E S SUBLIMINALS, MUSIC,
subconscious mind is far more suggestible and likely & T H E TA WAV E S No matter how many times you've & T H E TA WAV E S
to act on targeted messages, either visual tried to quit, you can do it now, and No matter how many times you’ve
You already possess everything you
or auditory, than the conscious mind. this time you'll succeed. Precision-engi- struggled to lose weight, you can
need to succeed in making your dreams
neered brain wave frequencies induce a do it now. Subliminal brain wave
a reality. The secret to success comes
Subliminal Brain Wave Therapy employs a double- from within. The subconscious holds
state of hyper-receptivity where sublimi- technology taps directly into the vast
barreled approach to deliver subliminal messages to nal messages get down to the very root storehouse of creative energy that
untold power to draw in people, ideas
the brain. Special combinations of brain wave of self-sabotage. Specially designed trigger phrases minimize cravings, lies buried within the subconscious.
and opportunities that support you in
frequencies effortlessly guide you into a hyper- bolster resolve, and re-build a new sense of self that is healthy, vibrant In heightened states of receptivity, trigger words and phrases
manifesting your vision. Tap into this power and making it work for you.
suggestible state where you can easily absorb and and free from the grip of nicotine addiction. Running Time: 60 minutes anchor a slim mindset that eliminates self-sabotage and
Running Time: 60 minutes
integrate the subliminal messages. Even though you unleashes your most vibrant, vital self. Running Time: 60
won’t “hear” the subliminal messages (they are CD $14.95 Cassette $9.95 CD $14.95 Cassette $9.95 minutes
recorded just below audible levels), they are received
theta ISBN 1-881451-87-9 ISBN 1-881451-32-1
ISBN 1-881451-82-8 ISBN 1-881451-30-5
by your subconscious mind. All of the carefully CD $14.95 Cassette $9.95 theta
designed subliminal affirmations are beta alpha theta ISBN 1-881451-68-2 ISBN 1-881451-35-6
listed within each program. Stress Free Forever
SUBLIMINALS, MUSIC & ALPHA Special Savings Offer! Buy Weight Loss and
instructions for listening to WAV E S Deep Sleep
subliminal brain wave programs Slim Naturally as a set. See page 23 for details.
Don’t let stress get to you. Stress is a S U B L I M I N A L S , M U S I C & D E LTA
Track One can be used anytime and anyplace: state of mind you can eliminate with less WAV E S
while working, relaxing, exercising, reading or even effort than you think. Stress Free Forever
sleeping. The subconscious mind has the capacity is the only program of its kind to offer Slip on your headphones, close your
to absorb subliminal messages without special a powerful double-barreled approach to eyes and turn out the lights. Within
attention from the conscious mind. banish stress. Precision-engineered sound
waves soothe brain activity into the Alpha state of relaxation and
minutes you’ll feel like your brain is being
massaged. Soothing Delta frequencies, “Weight Loss has helped me control my
eating habits. I’ve noticed that I don’t crave
clarity. In Alpha, pestering concerns are washed away. Fears vanish. associated with deep restorative sleep,
Track Two is designed to be used with stereo head- and subliminal messages are masterfully
phones to maximize the benefits of the brain wave Sparkling flashes of insight and imagery dance before your mind’s eye. sweets and I desire less food when I eat. I’m
As a revitalizing flood of positive energy renews your sense of self, your woven into gentle music. As your brain cells resonate with Delta waves,
frequencies. When listening with headphones, find you start to slowly swirl and drift. Pestering concerns are washed away down 10 more pounds and feel confident
mind opens to change. Here, carefully designed subliminal messages
a time and place where you’re not likely to be dis- replace deep-rooted stress patterns with confidence. You’ll notice a – allowing you to fall into deep sleep states that bring the refreshing
turbed. Position yourself comfortably with your spine slumber your body and mind need for optimum performance. Running because I am not using pills for a strict diet.
greater sense of ease and clarity after each time you listen. Running
straight and breathe deeply. This posture allows your Time: 60 minutes Time: 60 minutes I cannot thank you enough for offering this
natural channels of energy to open and flow freely.
Using headphones enhances your receptivity to the
brain wave frequencies and subliminal suggestions.
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