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Ultimate Learning Guide: A REVIEW

****cari = art, drawing, image

****table = inside table, table form

****plain = no format, just paragraph or sentence

****mnem = uses mnemonics

****map = uses concept map, mind mapping

****bullet = bulleted form

****list = enumerated form, numbered

Nursing Definitions Definitions by:****cari
- Henderson
- American Nurses Association (with 4 Essential Features of
Contemporary Nursing Practice)
- Florence Nightingale
Common Themes in Various Definitions of Nursing****table
Scope of Nursing Practice Scope, per R.A. 9173 or the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002****plain
Role of Nurses General roles such as:****table form
- Caregiver
- Communicator
- Educator/Teacher
- Counselor
- Manger/Coordinator
- Change Agent
- Leader
- Clinician
- Advocate
- Researcher
- Case Manager
- Collaborator
Public Health Nurse Roles:****table
- Manager
- Supervisor
- Nursing Care Provider
- Collaborator and Coordinator
- Health Promoter and Educator
- Trainer
- Researcher
Nurse as an Advocate (PRANING)****mnem + cari
Rights of the Patient (PATIENTS)****mnem + cari
Nursing as a Profession, Criteria of a Profession
Clinical Expertise of Nurses Patricia Benner’s 5 Stages of Clinical Expertise ***ladderized
History of Nursing The Nightingale Pledge****table
The FIRSTS in Nursing History (Philippines)****bullet
Periods in the History of Nursing (Intuitive to Contemporary)****table
Nursing Process Nursing Process: What it IS and what it DOES****map + cari
Characteristics of Nursing Process****table
Components of the Nursing Process****map + cari
Guidelines Checklist of Nursing Process****map
Nursing Process-vs-Problem Solving Process-vs-Research Process***table
Similarities and Differenced bet. NP and Research Process****table
Phases of Nurse-Client Relationship(TAME, TLC, REST)****mnem
Nursing Diagnosis Types: ACTUAL, RISK, POSSIBLE, WELLNESS, SYNDROME****table
NANDA-approved Nursing Diagnoses with NEW nursing diagnoses
(2002)*** list
Nursing Theories Theorists:****table
- Florence Nightingale
- Hildegard Peplau
- Virginia Henderson
- Lydia Hall
- Dorothea Orem
- Dorothy Johnson
- Faye Glenn Abdellah
- Ernestine Weidenbach
- Myra Estrine Levine
- Imogene King
- Martha Rogers
- Sis. Calista Roy
- Betty Neuman
- Jean Watson
- Madeleine Leininger
- Rosemarie Rizzo Parse
- Ida Jean Orlando
- Joyce Travelbee
- Josephine Paterson and Loretta Zderad
- Margaret Newman
- Helen Erickson, Evelyn Tomlin and Mary Ann Swain
Concepts of Health and Health DEFINITION by WHO****plain
Wellness High Level of Wellness DEFINITION by Halpert Dunn****plain
Health Promotion DEFINITION****table
Health Belief Model-vs-Ecological Model-vs-Health Promotion Model
Models of Health and Wellness:****table
- Clinical Model
- Role Performance Model
- Adaptive Model
- Agent-Host-Environment Model
- Health-Illness Continuum
- Definition by Nightingale
- Definition by WHO
Levels of Prevention****table
Suchman’s Five Stages of Illness (SAM-DR)****mnem + table
Rehabilitation (Definition, its 2 focus, goal)****table + map
Exercises and Body Definition of Exercises****table
Mechanics Isotonic---vs---Isometric---vs---Isokinetic ****table
Body Mechanics****table
Positioning Types of positions (Description, when used and contraindication):***table
- Prone
- Sitting
- Supine
- Side-Lying
- Sims
- Fowler’s
- Semi-Fowler’s
- Dorsal Recumbent
- Knee Chest
- Lithotomy
- Trendelenburg
Devices Used for Proper Positioning:****table
- Pillows
- Trochanter rolls
- Foot boots
- Sandbags
- Hand rolls
- Hand-wrist splints
- Side rails
- Trapeze bar
- Bed boards
- Wedge pillow
- Foot board
Age Consideration in Positioning****table
Wheelchair Safety****table
Stretcher Safety****table
Transfers General Considerations****table
Bed Chair (with Variations)****table
Bed  Stretcher (with Variations)****table
Age Considerations****table
Assistive Devices For Walking (ONLY):***table
- Canes
- Crutches
- Walkers
Vital Signs Temperature****table + test
Blood Pressure****table
Respirations****table + cari
ECG Normal ECG****cari
Parts of an ECG Waveform****table
Physical Assessment of Physical Assessment of (Position, Sequence and Preparation):****table
Children - Infants
- Toddler
- Preschool
- School age
- Adolescents
Physical Assessment Inspection—Palpation—Percussion—Auscultation****table
- Skin Discolorations
- Skin Lesions
- Primary Lesions
- Secondary Lesions
- Other Skin Variations
- Skin Malignancies in Older Adults
EYES & VISION:****table
- Snellen and Rosenbaum Chart
- Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism
- Tests for Glaucoma
EARS & HEARING:****table
- Straightening ear canal
- Weber Test and Rinne Test
- Schwabach Test
- Only definitions/facts, NO assessments or test
MOUTH & PHARYNX:****table
- Facts, with 3 pairs of salivary glands
NECK: ****table
- Lymph nodes
- Assessment of Trachea
- Assessment of Thyroid Gland
THORAX & LUNGS:****table
- Chest types
- Normal Breath Sounds
- Adventitious Breath Sounds
- On Percussion
- On Palpation
- Cardiac cycle
- AV valves
- Semilunar valves
- Factors affecting CO
- Heart Sounds (only S1 and S2)
- Murmurs
- Sequence
- Inspection
- Auscultation
- Percussion
- Palpation
- Special Maneuver for Ascites
- Characteristics (e.g. odor, color) and what’s normal and abnormal
- Cause of Abnormality
- Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests for Bowel Functions
- Patterns and their associated factors (e.g. frequency – pregnancy)
- Urine output: daily average by age
Breast Self-Exam****plain
- Genital Examination
- Testicular Self-Examination
- Digital Rectal Exam
- Types of Joint movements
- Signs of Inflammation
- Abnormal Spinal Curvature
NERVOUS SYSTEM****table + mnem
- Components of Neurological Assessment
- Levels of Consciousness and GCS
- Sensory Functions
- Reflexes
- Motor Functions
- Cerebellar Functions
- The 12 Cranial nerves
- Cranial Nerves Choreography
Diagnostic Procedures Critical Nursing Considerations for Diagnostic Procedures****bullet
- Gastroscopy
- Proctoscopy / Sigmoidoscopy
- Colonoscopy
- Gastric Aspiration
- Upper GI Series
- Lower GI Series
- Paracentesis
- Thoracentesis
- Liver Biopsy
- Bone Marrow Biopsy
- Sputum Analysis****with mnem
- Bronchoscopy
- ABG Analysis
- Acid-Base Balance
- Magnetic Resonance Imaging
- Angiography
- Cardiac Catheterization
- Central Venous Pressure Monitoring
- Ultrasonography
- Lumbar Puncture
- Electroencephalogram
- Stool Collection
- Urine Collection
Basic Nursing Procedures Hand Hygiene Steps (from WHO 2009)****cari
Basic Considerations for Basic Nursing Procedures:****table
- Coughing
- Deep Breathing
- Pursed-lip Breathing
Chest Physiotherapy****table
Oxygen Therapy**** table + test
IVF Regulation**** table + cari + test
Intravenous Solutions ****table
Complications of IV Therapy****table
Blood Transfusion****table + bullet
Blood Products****table
Transfusion Reactions****table
Bowel Diversions (with types)****table
Colostomy Care Procedure****bullet
Naso-Gastric Tube Feeding****table
Fecal Impaction Removal****bullet
Health Education Principles of Health Education (CLIMB SUCCESS)****table +mnem
Health Education Definition****table
Health Education Concept Map****map
Documentation Documentation Systems:****table
- Source-Oriented Records
- Case Management
- Problem-Oriented Medical Record
- Charting by Exception
- PIE model
- Focus Charting
- Kardex
- Flow Sheets
Guidelines for Recording****plain
- Change-of-shift Reports
- Telephone Reports
- Telephone Orders
- Care Plan Conference
- Nursing Rounds
Incidence Report****table
Common Abbreviations Used in Medication Orders****table
Medication Administration Principles of Drug Action/Pharmacokinetic Process****table
Adverse Effects****table
Ten Rights of Medication Administration****table
Forms of Medication Preparations:****table
- Oral
- Topical
- Inhalants
- Solutions
Medication Orders:****table
- Stat Orders
- Single-dose Orders
- Standing Orders
- PRN Orders
- Parts of the Medication Order****plain (should have cari)
- Telephone/Verbal Order Guidelines (REWRITE)****mnem
Measurement Conversion Basic Measurement Conversion (from Metric to Apothecaries to
D/S x Q Formula****table
Rest and Sleep Non-REM Sleep****plain
REM Sleep****plain
Stress Definition of Stress**** Cari
General Adaptation General/Stress Adaptation Syndrome****table + cari
Syndrome Differentiation of the Autonomic Nervous System during Stress****table
Crisis Definition, types, phases, coping mechanism****table
Crisis Intervention (PARE)****table + mnem
Aging Process Theories of Aging:****table
- Biological Theories:
- Genetic programming
- Cross linking
- Autoimmune reaction
- Wear and Tear
- Stress
- Disease
- Neuroendocrine and Neurochemicals
- Radiation
- Nutrients
- Environment
- Psychosocial Theories:
- Disengagement Theory
- Activity Theory
- Continuity Theory
- Developmental Tasks Theory
Further Classification of Age****plain
Roger Gould’s Seven Stages of Adult Development****table
Robert Peck’s Three Developmental Tasks during Old Age****plain
Changes in Middle Adulthood****table
Gerontologic Nursing****plain
Gerontic Nursing****plain
Geriatric VS Gerontological Nursing****table
Gerontological Nursing Roles****table
Changes in Older Adulthood****table
Grief and Dying Grief ---- Bereavement ---- Mourning ---- Anticipatory Grief****plain
Stages of Death & Dying (by Kubler Ross) (DABDA)****cari + mnem
Models of Grief:****table
- Engel’s Model
- Kubler-Ross Stages of Dying
- Parkes’ Model (Four Stages of Grief)
- Grief Cycle Model
Seven Tasks of Dying (by Rolando)****plain
Preparing Clients Through Grief (PREPARE)****mnem
Hospice Care****table
Phases of Separation Anxiety in Infants and Children****plain
Clinical Signs of Impending Death****bullet
Signs of Imminent Death**bullet
Signs of Clinical Death (by World Medical Assembly)
Definitions and Signs of Death
Postmortem Care
Postmortem Changes
Nutrition and Diet Table of Nutrients and Their Functions:****table + cari
- Carbohydrates
- Lipids
- Protein
- Vitamin ADEK
- Vitamin C
- Calcium
- Phosphorus
- Magnesium
- Sodium
- Potassium
- Chloride
- Iron
- Iodine
- Fluoride
- Zinc
- Vitamin B Complex (except Biotin)
Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos****plain
Body Mass Index Formula and Interpretation****plain
ABC Guidelines****table
Food Pyramid****cari
Religious Dietary Restrictions:****table
- Christianity
- Seventh-Day Adventist Church
- Judaism
- Islam
- Church of Jesus of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)
- Hinduism
Nutrition Specialists:****table
- Registered Dietitian
- Nutritionist
Therapeutic Diets:****table
- Clear Liquid Diet
- Full Liquid Diet
- Pureed Diet
- Mechanically Soft Diet
- Soft Diet
- Low-Fat Cholesterol-Restricted Diet
- Sodium-Restricted Diet
- High-Roughage/High-Fiber Diet
- Low Residue Diet
- High Protein Diet
- Renal Diet
- Low Phenylalanine Diet
- Purine Restricted Diet
- Bland Diet
- DASH Diet
- Acid Ash Diet
- Alkaline Ash Diet
- Foods that cause Gas
- Foods that may contribute to Diarrhea
Indications of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition****table
Healthy Lifestyle Program by DOH****bullet
Definition of Terms Mental Health****plain
Specific Areas of Practice and Interventions****table
Johari’s Window The Johari Window****table + cari
Structure of Personality Healthy Ego Functions****table
Structure of Personality****table
Defense Mechanisms Defense Mechanisms:
- Purposes (SAME)****mnem
- Difference from Coping Mechanism
- 4 Levels of Defense Mechanisms
- Repression****cari
- Suppression****cari
- Sublimation****cari
- Reaction Formation****cari
- Rationalization****cari
- Projection****cari
- Regression****cari
- Undoing****cari
- Compensation****cari
- Denial****cari
- Displacement****cari
- Identification****cari
Additional Defense Mechanisms:****table
- Introjection
- Conversion
- Dissociation
- Intellectuallization
- Resistance
- Substitution
- Fixation
- Fantasy
- Isolation
Learn and Match Defense Mechanisms****test
Psychosocial Assessment Psychiatric History****plain
Mental Status Examination****table + bullet
Theories of Growth and Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual (Psychoanalytical)
Development Development****table
Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory of Human Development****table
Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development****table
Kohlberg’s Development of Moral Reasoning****table
Sullivan’s Stages of Healthy Interpersonal Development****table
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs****cari
Healthy Personality Characteristics of Healthy Personality****table
Self Esteem Definition****plain
Maslow’s Approach to Self Esteem****plain
Antecedent Conditions of Positive Self Esteem****table
Ways of Promoting Positive Self Esteem****table
Behaviors associated with Low Self Esteem****table
Altered Body Image 4 Phases of Alterations of Body Images****cari
Therapeutic Nursing Process Characteristics (GUCHA)****mnem
Phases****table + mnem
Characteristics of a Psychiatric Nurse****table
Hildegard Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations in Nursing/Peplau’s Six
Nursing Roles****table
Peplau’s Developmental Stages of the Nurse-Client Relationship
Social vs. Therapeutic Relationship
Focus of Therapeutic Relationship (RELEASE)****mnem
Therapeutic Communication Techniques:
- Offering Self
- Providing Broad Openings
- Making an Observation
- Suggesting Collaboration
- Providing Silence
- Accepting Messages
- Providing General Leads
- Exploring
- Asking for Clarification
- Restating
- Seeking Consensual Validation
- Placing Events in Time or Sequence
Non-Therapeutic Communication:****table
- False Reassurance
- Giving Advise
- Rejecting
- Belittling
- Probing
- Overloading
- Underloading
- Cliches
Best Responses in Tests (CURE)****mnem
Alphabet of Therapeutic Communication****cari
Distance (Proxemics)****table
Notes on Therapeutic Communication Techniques****bullet
Communication Process****map
TEST on Non-Therapeutic Communication****test
Neurobiochemical Basis of Neurotransmitters****table + mnem (DANGS causes SAMAD)
Psychotic Disorders
Brain Structures of Interest in Structures of Interest in Psychiatry:****table
Psychiatry - Cerebral cortex, Limbic system, Basal ganglia, Hypothalamus,
Locus, ceruleus, Raphe nuclei, Substantia nigra, Amygdala
Disorder – Structure Involvement:****table
- Schizophrenia, Depressive disorders, Bipolar disorder, Panic
disorder, Anorexia nervosa, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder,
Alzheimer’s disease
DSM-IV-TR Organizational Framework****table
Psychopharmacology Antidepressants****table + mnem
Antipsychotics****table + mnem
Mood Stabilizers****table +mnem
Anxiety Levels of Anxiety****table
Coping with Anxiety****table
Anxiety-Reducing Techniques and Intervention****table
Anxiety Disorders:****table
- Panic disorder
- Social phobia
- Specific phobia
- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
- Acute Stress Disorder
- Agoraphobia
Depression Theories of Depression:****table
- Neurobiological
- Psychoanalytical
- Cognitive-Behavioral
Diagnostic Criteria of Depression****bullet
Dysthymic Disorder****table
Possible Nursing Diagnoses for Depression (with
Electroconvulsive Therapy****table
Bipolar Disorder Affect vs. Mood****table
Theories of Bipolar Disorder:
- Psychodynamic, Existential, Cognitive-Behavioral,
Developmental Theories
- Biological Theories
Diagnostic Criteria of Bipolar Disorder***table
Possible Nursing Diagnosis (with nursing action)****table
TEST Time****test
Suicide S-A-D P-E-R-S-O-N-S (Sad Persons) Scale****cari
Schizophrenia Theories:****table
- Genetic Theory
- Psychodynamic Theory
- Neurobiological Theory
- Catatonic
- Disorganized
- Paranoid
- Undifferentiated
Bleuler’s 4 A’s of Schizophrenia****table
Symptoms: Positive, Negative and Disorganized****table
Goals in Management****table
Basic Nursing Interventions for:****table
- Agitation
- Delusions
- Hallucination
Personality Disorders Personality Disorders****table + mnem
TEST Time****test
Anger and Aggression Anger and Aggression****table
- Symptoms of Anger
- Types of Aggression
- Intermittent Explosive Disorder
- Aggression Cycle****map + table
RESTRAINTS****mnem only
Show of Force or Show of Determination****table
Substance-related Disorders Substance Abuse ****table
Substance Dependence****table
- Classic Theory
- Psychodynamic Theory
- Social learning and Conditional Theory
Alcoholism****table + mnem (ALCOHOLIC)
Disulfiram (Antabuse)****table
Other Substances:****table
- Opiates (Heroin, Morphine, Codeine, Opium, Methadone)
- Amphetamines
- Hallucinogens
- Cocaine
- Marijuana
- Phencyclidine
Cognitive Disorders Delirium VS. Dementia****table
Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s Disease per se****table + mnem (4 A’s, CARE)
Eating Disorders Anorexia Nervosa VS. Bulimia Nervosa****table
Approaches to Clients with Eating Disorders****table
Bulimia Nervosa****mnem + cari
Paraphilias Paraphilias:****cari
- Exhibitionism
- Fetishism
- Transvestic Fetishism
- Frotteurism
- Pedophilia
- Sexual Masochism
- Sexual Sadism
- Voyeurism
Psychosexual Dysfunctions Brief Definition of:****table
- Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
- Sexual Aversion Disorder
- Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
- Male Erectile Disorder
- Inhibited Female Orgasm
- Inhibited Male Orgasm
- Premature Ejaculation
- Dyspareunia
- Vaginismus
Somatoform Disorders and Brief definition of:****table
Dissociative Disorders - Somatization disorder
- Pain disorder
- Conversion disorder
- Hypochondriasis
- Body dysmorphic disorder
- Malingering
- Factitious Disorder or Munchausen’s Syndrome
- Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy
- Dissociative amnesia
- Depersonalization
- Dissociative Identity disorder
- Dissociative fugue
Sleep Disorders Sleep Disorders:***table
- Insomnia
- Primary Insomnia
- Primary Hypersomnia
- Narcolepsy
- Parasomnia
- Nightmare disorder
- Sleep Terror disorder
- Sleep Walking (Somnambulism)
- Sleep Talking (Somniloquence)
- Bruxism
- Nocturnal Enuresis
- Circadian Sleep Rhythm Disorder
- Shift Work type
- Jet Lag type
- Delayed sleep phase type
- Breathing-Related Sleep Disorder
- Sleep Disruption
Tourette’s Disorder****mnem
Childhood Disorders Brief definition of:****table
- Mental Retardation
- Autistic Disorder
- Asperger’s Disorder
- Rett’s Disorder
- Oppositional Defiant Disorder
- Conduct Disorder
- Separation Anxiety Disorder
Abuse and Violence Cycle of Battering****cari + table
Brief definition of:****table
- Child Abuse
- Elder Abuse
- Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence****table
Interviewing Abuse Victims****bullet
Physical Examination and Evidence Collection***bullet
Red Flags of Child Abuse****bullet + mnem (CHILD ABUSE)
Theories of Growth and Enumeration by:****List
Development - Sigmund Freud (Psychosexual)
- Jean Piaget (Cognitive)
- Lawrence Kohlberg (Moral)
- Erik Erikson (Psychosocial)
- Robert James Havighurst
- Carol Gilligan
- Peck (3 Tasks of Ego)
- Rev. John H. Westerhoff (Stages of Christian Faith
- Gould (7 Stages of Adult Development)
- James W. Fowler (Stages of Faith Development)
Treatment Modalities Treatment Modalities:****table
- Milieu Therapy
- Individual Psychotherapy
- Group Therapy
- Cognitive Therapies
- Behavioral Therapies
DSM-V Changes on axis, terminologies and nomenclature from DSM IV to
DSM V**** table
Changes on Disorders from DSM IV to DSM V****table
Sample MCN Questions TEST time (10 questions)
Menstrual Cycle Menstrual Cycle****cari
Characteristics of a Normal Menstrual Flow****table
Phases of the Menstrual Cycle****table
Signs of Pregnancy Presumptive Signs****mnem + cari
Probable Signs****mnem + cari
Positive Signs****cari
Maternal Physiology During Changes in:****table
Pregnancy - Uterus
- Cervix
- Ovaries
- Vagina
- Breast
- Striae Gravidarum
- Linea Nigra
- Chloasma
- Pigmentation
- Weight Gain
- Water Metabolism
- Protein Metabolism
- Carbohydrate Metabolism
- Fat Metabolism
- Iron Metabolism
- Placenta
- Pituitary
- Heart
- Circulation
- Hematologic
- Ventilation
- Diaphragm
- Thoracic cage
- Ureters
Cardiac Classification in Pregnancy****table
Psychological Tasks of Psychological Tasks of Pregnancy****table (BRIEF)
Stages of Fetal Development Fertilization****bullet
Fetal Well-being Tests Brief Descriptions for:****table
- Amniocentesis
- Fetoscopy
- Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling
- Nonstress Testiong
- Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein
- Biophysical Profile (with Scoring)
- Vibroacoustic Stimulation
- Rhythm Strip Testing
- Contraction Stress Testing
- Amnioscopy
- Chorionic Villi Sampling
- Triple Screening
- Ultrasonography
Comparison of Nonstress and Contraction Tests****table
Other Prenatal Screening Tests:****table
- Biparietal Diameter
- Doppler Umbilical Velocimetry
- Placental Grading
- Amniotic Fluid Volume Assessment
Fetal Circulation Structure, Location and Function of structure in Fetal Circulation
Expected Date of Confinement The F.U.N. (Fundal Height, Ultrasonography, Naegele’s) of EDC
Abdominal Assessment Assessment of:****table + cari
- Presentation
- Attitude
- Lie
- Position
- Pelvis
- Denominator
Leopold’s Maneuver****table + cari
Fetal Heart Tone Locations****cari
Labor True Labor VS. False labor****cari
Prepared Childbirth:****table
- Dick Read Method
- Lamaze Method
- Leboyer Method
Women in Labor (DO SCREAM)****mnem + cari
Mechanisms of Labor/Cardinal Movements****table + cari
Factors Affecting Labor and Delivery (CLAPPS)****mnem + cari
- Contraction
- Lie
- Attitude
- Presentation
- Position
- Station
Stages of Labor****table
Danger Signs of Labor (Maternal and Fetal)****table
Danger Signs of pregnancy****table
Complications and Discomforts Discomforts of Early Pregnancy: (Cause and Management)****table
of Pregnancy - Breast Tenderness
- Palmar Erythema
- Constipation
- Nausea, Vomiting, Pyrosis
- Fatigue
- Muscle Cramps
- Hypotension
- Varicosities
- Hemorrhoids
- Leukorrhea
- Frequent urinations
- Palpitations
Discomforts of Middle to Late Pregnancy:****table
- Backache
- Ankle Edema
- Dyspnea
- Headache
Hyperemesis Gravidarum****table
First Trimester Bleeding:****table
- Abortion
- Induced (Legal and Illegal)
- Spontaneous
-------Threatened, Inevitable, Incomplete, Complete, Missed,
- Ectopic Pregnancy
Second Trimester Bleeding:****table
- Hydatidiform Mole
- Incompetent Cervix
Third Trimester Bleeding:****table
- Placenta Previa
- Abruptio Placenta
- Premature Labor
Tocolytic Therapy****bullet
Premature Rupture of Membranes (PROM)****table
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)****table
Magnesium Sulfate****table
Gestational Diabetes:****table
- Glucose Challenge Test
- Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
- Glycosylated Hemoglobin
Maternal Infections: Effect on Newborn and Fetus****table
- Varicela-Zoster Virus
- Cytomegalovirus
- Chlamydia Infection
- Rubella, Congenital
- Herpes, Neonatal
- Hepatitis B
- Gonococcal Disease
Puerpeium Phases of Puerperium****table
Postpartum Assessment (BUBBLE SHE)****mnem
Physiologic Changes: Changes in:
Postpartum - Uterus
- Lochia
- Vagina
- Cervix
- Perineum
- Urinary System
- Circulatory System
- Gastrointestinal System
- Integumentary System
- Hormonal System
- Vital signs
- Progressive changes (lactation and return of mens)
Care of the Newborn Newborn Care Until First Week of Life (by WHO, 2009)****table
Essential Newborn Care (by WHO, 2009)****table
Newborn Assessment Tools APGAR Scoring
Dubowitz/Ballard Exam
Silverman-Anderson Scoring
Normal Newborn The Normal Newborn****cari
Physical Assessment of Assessment:****table
Newborn - General Measurements
- Vital Signs
- General Appearance
- Skin
- Head
- Eyes
- Ears
- Nose
- Mouth andhroat
- Chest
- Lungs
- Heart
- Abdomen
- Female Genitalia
- Male Genitalia
- Back and Rectum
- Extremities
- Neuromuscular
Child Development Bullets on Child Development:****bullet
- Denver Developmental Screening Test
- IQ
- Stanford-Binet Test
- EQ
- Metro Manila Development Screening Test****table
Mental Retardation
Behavior Inventory Behavior of newborn (Newborn  6 years):****table
- Physical and Gross
- Fine Motor
- Language
- Personal Social
Height and Weight Rapid Computations of Height and Weight: Infant and Children
Changes in Weight and Height Compared to Birth Chart****table
Considerations on Physical General Considerations in Pediatric Physical Assessment****table
Examination of Children
Infancy Developmental Developmental Milestones in Infancy**** table
Milestones General Trends in Height and Weight Gain During Childhood
Color Changes Differences in Color Changes (Racial Groups)
Reflexes Assessment of Reflexes:
- Blinking or Corneal
- Pupillary
- Doll’s Eye
- Sneeze
- Glabellar
- Sucking
- Gag
- Rooting
- Extrusion
- Yawn
- Cough
- Grasp
- Babinski
- Ankle clonus
- Moro
- Startle
- Perez
- Asymmetric tonic-neck
- Trunk Incurvation/Galant
- Dance/Step
- Crawl
- Placing
Developmental Attainment: Developmental Attainment:****table
5 – 19 years old - Gross Motor Skills
- Fine Motor Skills
- Sequential Concepts
- Receptive Language Skills
- Expressive Language Skills
- Visuospatial and perceptual Skills
- Problem Solving, Reasoning, Moral Development
- Social Skills
Issues of Adolescence Central Issues in Early, Middle and Late Adolescence:****table
- Age
- Sexual Maturity Rating (Tanner Staging)
- Somatic
- Sexual
- Cognitive and Moral
- Self-concept
- Family Peers
- Relationship to Society
Types of Stools Types of Stools:****table
- Meconium
- Transitional Stool
- Milk Stool (Breastmilk)
- Milk Stool (Cowsmilk)
Breastmilk vs. Cow’s milk Human Breast Milk vs. Cow’s Milk****table
Advantages of Human Breast Milk****list
Pediatric Computations Formulas Used for Calculating Pediatric Dosages****table
- Fried’s Rule
- Young’s Rule
- Clark’s Rule
- West Nomogram (for Surface Area Calculation)
Down’s Syndrome Characteristics of Down’s Syndrome****cari
Health Conditions During Physical Development Anomalies:****table
Childhood - Tongue-tie
- Thyroglossal Cyst
- Cleft Lip and Palate
- Pierre Robin Syndrome
- Tracheo-Esophageal Atresia and Fistula
- Omphalocele
- Gastroschisis
- Intestinal Obstruction
- Meconium Plug Syndrome
- Diaphragmatic Hernia
- Umbilical Hernia
- Imperforate Anus
- Comparison of Acyanotic and Cyanotic Heart Disease
- Atrial Septal Defect
- Ventricular Septal Defect
- Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)
- Coarctation of the Aorta
- Tetralogy of Fallot
- Transposition of Great Vessels
- Leukemia
- Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
- Acute Non-Lymphocytic Leukemia
- Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
- Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
- Sickle Cell Anemia
- Hemophilia
- Cystic Fibrosis
- Hirschsprung’s Disease
- Intussusception
- Croup (Laryngotracheobronchitis)
- Otitis Media
Pediatric Safety among Toddlers, Children <5 and School Age***table
Family Planning GATHER Steps in Counseling New Clients for Family Planning
4 Pillars of the Family Planning Program****table
Family Planning Program Components****table
Family Planning Methods:****table
- Calendar (Rhythm) Method
- Cervical Secretion Method
- Basal Body Temperature (BBT)
- Sympthothermal Technique
- Two (2)-Day Method
- Standard Days Method
- Lactational Amenorrhea Method
- Combined Oral Contraceptives
- Progestin-Only Oral Contraceptive
- DM PA (Depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate)
- Bilateral Tubal Ligation
- Vasectomy
- Condom
- Vaginal Methods (Diaphragm, Cervical caps)
- Intrauterine Devices (IUD)
Partograph Partograph:****table + chart
- Indication
- 3 Sections
- Partograph itself
Perioperative Nursing Phases of Perioperative Nursing****table
Types of Surgery:****table
- Optional
- Elective
- Planned/Required
- Urgent/Imperative
- Emergency
- Diagnostic
- Exploratory
- Curative
- Ablative
- Constructive
- Reconstructive
- Palliative
- Major
- Minor
Pre-operative Care****table
- Pre-op Assessment
- Pre-op Teaching
- Pre-op Preparations
- Pre-op Medication
Principles of Surgical Asepsis (ASEPSIS)****mnem
Surgical Hand Scrub: Steps****bullet
Stages of Anesthesia****cari
Commonly Used Pre-Operative Medications****table
Types of Anesthesia****table
Post-Operative Care Goals****table
Post-Operative Complications****table
Decubitus Ulcer:****table
- Risk Predictors (Based on BRADEN Scale)
- Staging
- Wound Healing
Electrolytes Electrolytes (Hypo and Hyper):****table
- Potassium
- Sodium
- Calcium
- Magnesium
Pain Pain:****table
- Theories about Pain
- Types of Pain
- Acute
- Chronic
- Cutaneous
- Deep Somatic
- Visceral
- Radiating
- Referred
- Intractable
- Neuropathic
- Phantom
- Pain Assessment****cari
- Non-Invasive and Invasive Pain Intervention
- WHO’S Pain Ladder (Analgesic Ladder)****cari
Cardiovascular Diseases Coronary Artery Disease (CAD):****table + map
- Definition
- Clinical manifestations (Brief)
- Risk factors
- Prevention
- Short Patho
Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System****cari/map
- Definition
- Risk factors
- Non-Pharmacologic and Pharmacologic Intervention
PQRST of the Pain in Angina and M.I.****cari
Angina Pectoris:****table
- Definition
- Clinical Manifestation
- Types
- Pain Relief
Myocardial Infarction:****table
- Definition
- Clinical Manifestation
- ECG Changes
- Pain Relief
- Health Education
CHOP vs. HEAD (CHF)****mnem + cari
Dopamine and Dobutamine Drip Range and Formula****table
Classification of Heart Failure****table
Congestive Heart Failure:****table
- Definition
- Forward vs. Backward effect
- Management
- Goals in Management
- Sinus Node Dysrhythmias
- Atrial Dysrhythmias
- Junctional Dysrhythmias
- Ventricular Dysrhythmias
- Conduction Abnormalities
Basic Life Support and Advance Basic Life Support (BLS)---vs----Advance Cardiac Life Support
Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)****table
Key Changes in Revised American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines
for CPR and ECG (Based on 2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECG)
Peripheral Vascular Disease Arterial Disorder vs. Venous Disorder:****table
Arterial Disorders:****table
- Buerger’s Disease
- Raynaud’s Disease
Venous Disorders:****table
- Venous Thrombosis
- Deep Vein Thrombosis
- Thrombophlebitis
Heparin VS. Warfarin
- Iron Deficiency Anemia
- Pernicious Anemia
- Aplastic Anemia
- Megaloblastic Anemia
- Hemolytic Anemia
- Sickle Cell Anemia
Polycythemia Vera
Shock:*****table + map
- Hypovolemic, Cardiogenic, Distributive/Circulatory
- Nursing Care for Shock
- Stages of Shock
Respiratory Disorders Lung Volumes****cari
- Simple
- Traumatic
- Tension
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):****table
- Chronic Bronchitis
- Pulmonary Emphysema
- Management
- Community-acquired
- Hospital-acquired
- Aspiration
- In the Immunocompromised Host
Management of Post Lung Surgery****table
Renal Disorders Renal Calculi****table + cari
Urinary Tract Infection****table
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia****table
Prostatectomy ****table
Acute Renal Failure****table
Chronic Renal Failure****table
- Hemodialysis
- Peritoneal Dialysis
Gastrointestinal Disorders Differentiating Gastric Ulcer and Duodenal Ulcer****cari
Peptic Ulcer Disease****table
Dumping Syndrome****table
Inflammatory Bowel Disease:****table
- Crohn’s Disease
- Ulcerative Colitis
Endocrine Disorders Diabetes Mellitus****cari + table
Cushing’s Syndrome****table
Addison’s Disease****table
Central Nervous System Geography of the Brain****plain
Disorders Cerebral Vascular Accident****cari
Increasing ICP (BLAP)****mnem
Seizure Disorders****table
Spinal Cord Injury****table
Musculoskeletal Disorders Fractures****cari
Comparative Table of Arthritis:****table
- Rheumatoid
- Osteoarthritis
- Gouty
Eye Disorders Cataract****table
Retinal Detachment****table
Acute Closed Angle VS. Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma****cari
Spaulding Classification System ****THERE IS NO CONTENT OF THIS
Burns American Burn Association Severity Classification for Burn
Types of Burns****cari
Rule of Nines****cari
Degree of Burns****cari
Cancer Nursing Cancer:****table
- Lung
- Prostate
- Colon/Rectal
- Bladder
- Breast
- Laryngeal
- Uterine
- External Factors
- Classification based on Origin (Carcinoma & Sarcoma)
- Carcinogenesis****map
- Metastasis****map
- Prevention
Radiation Therapy****table
Benign vs Malignant****table
BSE Techniques****table
Cancer’s 9 Warning Signs (CAUTION US)****mnem
Poisoning About poison (POISON)****mnem + cari
Syndromes Quick Look at Syndromes and the Group of Signs and
- Bell’s Palsy
- Budd-Chiari Syndrome
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Cervical Rib Syndrome (Naffziger’s Syndrome) (Thoracic Outlet
- Climacteric Syndrome (Menopause)
- Conn’s Syndrome
- Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome
- Crocodile Tears Syndrome
- Down’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21) (Mongolism)
- Duanes’ Syndrome
- Dubowttz Syndrome
- Dumping Syndrome (Post-Gastrectomy Syndrome)
- Eaton-Lambert Syndrome (Myasthenic Syndrome)
- Edward’s Syndrome (Trisomy 18)
- Erb-Duchenne Palsy
- Fallot’s Tetralogy
- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
- Fibrositis Syndrome
- Gardner’s Syndrome
- Gijles de la Tourette Syndrome
- Guillain-Barre Syndrome
- Horner’s Syndrome
- Hunter’s Syndrome (Mucopolysaccharoidosis 1)
- Kawasaki Syndrome (Mucocutaneous Lymph Nodes
- Klinefelter’s Syndrome
- Marian’s Syndrome
- Menopausal Syndrome
- Nephrotic Syndrome
- Painful Bruising Syndrome
- Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
- Raynaud’s Phenomenon
- Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult
- Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Infant (Hyaline Membrane
- Reye’s Syndrome
- Sheehan’s Syndrome
- Sick Sinus Syndrome (Sinus Bradycardia)
- Sleep Apnea Syndrome
- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
- Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
- Toxic Shock Syndrome (XO Syndrome)
- Vasovagal Syndrome
- Weil’s Syndrome
- Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
- XYY Syndrome
- Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (Gastrinoma)
Sample MS Questions Test Time****test
Department of Health Philippine Department of Health****table
Public Health Public Health****table
Primary Health Care Primary Health Care****table
Philippine Health Care Delivery System****table
Evelyn Duvall’s Family Development Model (1997)****table
Home Visit and Bag Technique Clinic Visit VS. Home Visit****table
Home Visit****table
Steps in Conducting Home Visits****map
Bag Technique****table
Contents of PHN Bag****table
Community Diagnosis Community Diagnosis:****table
- Steps
- Contents
- Elements
Typology of Nursing Problems First Level Assessment****table
Second Level Assessment****table
Criteria for Ranking Health Conditions and Problem****list
Community Organizing Community Organizing:****table
- Stages
- Phases
Vaccines Vaccines:****table
- Hepatitis B
- Measles
- Pentavalent
- Rotavirus
- Tetanus Toxoid
General Principles in Vaccinating Children****bullet
False Contraindications to Vaccination****bullet
Absolute Contraindications****bullet
Vital Statistics Rates and Ratios****table
- Crude Birth Rate
- Crude Death Rate
- Infant Mortality Rate
- Maternal Mortality Rate
- Fetal Death Rate
- Neonatal Death Rate
- Specific Death Rate (Cause, Age, Sex)
- Incidence Rate
- Prevalence Rate
- Attack Rate
- Proportionate Mortality (Death Ratios)
- Adjusted or Standardized Rates
- Case Fatality Record (CFR)
- Swaroop’s Index
Supplementation Prevalence of Malnutrion****table
Prevalence of Iodine Deficiency (IDD)****table
Prevalence of Anemia****table
Vitamin A Supplementation****table
Iron Supplementation****table
Iodine Supplementation****table
Morbidity and Mortality Ten Leading Causes of Mortality in Philippines (DOH, 2013)****table
Ten Leading Causes of Morbidity in Philippines (DOH, 2013)****table
Newborn Screening Newborn Screening Act of 2004 (R.A. 9288)****table
Integrated Management of Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (WHO, 2014)
Childhood Illnesses - ****I know this is an OLD version na
Herbal Medicine and DOH-Approved 10 Herbal Medicines****table
Alternative Medicine Complementary and Alternative healing Modalities:****table
- Touch Therapies
- Massage
- Reflexology (Zone Therapy)
- Acupressure
- Reiki
- Pranic Heating
- Mind-Body Therapies
- Progressive Relaxation
- Biofeedback
- Imagery
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Hypnosis
- Other Methodologies:
- Aromatherapy
- Acupuncture
- Chiropractic
- Homeopathy
- Naturopathy
Infection Chain of Infection****table + map
Isolation Precautions Revised C.D.C. Isolation Precautions****table
Pulmonary Tuberculosis Pulmonary Tuberculosis****table
Schistosomiasis and Measles Schistosomiasis and Measles****table
Malaria and Filariasis Malaria and Filariasis****table
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever****table
Chicken Pox and Mumps Chicken Pox and Mumpls****table
Diphtheria Diphtheria****table
Other Communicable Diseases Others:****table (Brief)
- Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
- Anthrax
- Paragonimiasis
- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
- Influenza (Flu)
- Meningococcemia
- Leptospirosis
- Scabies
- Rabies
- Leprosy
Sexually Transmitted Infections Infections such as:****table
- Gonorrhea
- Chlamydia
- Chancroid
- Syphilis
- Trichomoniasis
AIDS Clinical Manifestations of AIDS****table
Pathognomonic Signs Pathognomonic Signs of:****table
- Diphtheria
- Pertussis
- Pneumonia
- Scarlet Fever
- Typhoid Fever
- Dysentery
- Cholera
- Staphylococcus
- Salmonella Poisoning
- Botulism Poisoning
- Leptospirosis
- Mumps
- Malaria
- Filariasis
- Meningitis
- Tetanus
- Measles
- German Measles
- Chicken Pox
- Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
- Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
- Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy)
Management Process Meaning of Management****table
Process of Management****bullet
Management Process (P-O-D-C)****table
Five Factors in Delegation****map
Management Theories Theories by:****table
- Frederick Taylor
- Henri Fayol
- Max Weber
- Mary Follett
- Elton Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger
- Kurt Lewin
- Douglas McGregor
- Cris Argyris
- Rensis Likert
- Herbert Simon
- Alvin Toffler
- Henry Mintzberg
- Abraham Maslow
- Frederick Herzberg
- B.F. Skinner’s Operant Theory
- Victor Vroom
- Porter and Lawier
- Adam’s Equity Theory
- White’s Competence Theory
- David mcClelland’s 3 Basic Needs Theory
Leadership vs. Management Difference between Leadership and Management****table
Types of Leaders Types of Leader: Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-Faire****table
Leadership of Theories Theories such as:****table
- Great Man Theory
- Charismatic Theory
- Trait Theory
- Situational Theory
- Contingency Theory
- Path-Goal Theory
- Situational Leadership Theory
- Transaction Leadership
- Transformational Leadership
Stages of Group Process****table
5 Levels of Leadership (by John Maxwell)****map
Conflict Management Conflict Management:****table
- Stages
- Approaches
Staffing Staffing Systems such as:****table
- Case Method
- Functional Nursing
- Team Nursing
- Modular or District
- Primary nursing
- Managed Care
- Case Management
Common Systems in Assigning Nursing Functions****table
Patient Classification System****table
Staffing Formula****table
Evidence-based Practice Evidence-Based Practice:****table
- Fundamental principles
- 5 Steps of EBP Practice
The Focus Methodology****cari
Nursing Research Research:****table
- Definition
- Purpose
- Basic and Applied
- Quantitative and Qualitative
- Exploratory and Explanatory
Types of Quantitative:****bullet
- Descriptive Research
- Correlational Research
- Quasi-Experimental Research
- Experimental Research
Types of Qualitative Research:****bullet
- Phenomenological Research
- Grounded Theory Research
- Ethnographical Research
- Historical Research
- Case Studies
- Field Studies
Research Process The Research Process****table
Theoretical vs. Conceptual Framework****table
Hypothesis and Sources of Hypothesis****table
Research Sources of Research Problems (ELITE)****table + mnem
Level and Type of Evidence****table
Criteria for Assessing Quality of Criteria such as:****table
Study - Reliability
- Validity
- Dependability
- Confirmability
- Credibility
- Triangulation
- Bias
- Generalizability
- Transferability
Ethics in Research 3 Major Ethical Principles in Research****table
Research Designs and Sampling Designs such as:****table
- Cross Sectional
- Longitudinal
- Experimental
- Quasi-Experimental
- Retrospective
- Prospective
Sampling (Probability and Non Probability)****table
Methods of Data Collection Methods of Data Collection****table
Scales of Measurement****table
Statistical Methods Methods such as:****table
- Measure of Central Tendencies (Mean, Mode, Median)
- Measure of Variability (Range, SD, Variance)
- Measure of Degree of Association (Correlation, Regression)
- T-test
- Z-test
- Chi-square
- Pearsons
- Spearman Rho
Basic Ethical Principles Principles such as:****plain
- Autonomy
- Beneficence
- Nonmaleficence
- Veracity
- Confidentiality
- Justice
- Fidelity
Elements of a Concrete Human Act****table
Principle of Double Effect****table
- Inviolability/Sanctity of Life
- Totality
- Solidarity
- Subsidiary
- Nonmaleficence
- Justice
Virtues of the Health Care Professional****table
Moral Issues in Health Care Issues such as:****table
- Advance Directives
- Abortion
- Euthanasia
- Organ Donation
- DNR Order
- Care for the Dying (A Good Death)
- Refusal of Treatment
- Palliative Care
Resolving Conflicting Duties and 2 Principles to Resolve Cases Regarding Conflicting Duties:****table
Legal and Moral Rights - Actual Duty
- Prima Facie Duty
Types of Prima Facie Duties****table
Legal and Moral Rights****table
Patient’s Bill of Rights Patient’s Bill of Rights (12)****list
Patients’ Responsibilities (7)****list
Salient Points of RA 9173 R.A. 9173****table
Felonies Felonies:****table
- Elements of Felony
- 2 Requisites of a Criminal Intent
- 3 Types of Execution of Crime
- 3 Persons Criminally Liable
Circumstances Affecting Circumstances such as:****table
Criminal Liability - Justifying
- Exempting
- Mitigating
- Aggravating
Malpractice and Negligence ABCD of Malpractice****cari
Elements of negligence****table
Res Ipsa Loquitor, Force Majeure, Respondeate Superior
Informed Consent Essential Elements of Informed Consent****table + mnem (VICKS)
Nursing Jurisprudence Nursing Jurisprudence Content is based on Philippine Law****
Law Affecting Nursing All are Laws in the Philippines****
A. Standards for Safe Nursing Practice
B. Philippine Nurses Association
C. Code of Ethics for Nurses
D. Code of Good Governance for the Professions in the Philippines
E. Recognition of Nursing Specialty Organizations as embodied in RA 9173
F. Republic Act No 9173: The Philippine Nursing Act of 2002
G. Competency Standards of Practice in the Philippines
H. National Nursing Core Competency Standards
------------------------------------------------all are specific to Philippine Nursing
I. Laboratory Values
- Alkaline Phosphatase, total serum
- Amylase
- Bilirubin, serum
- Calcium, serum
- Carbon Dioxide combining power
- Chloride, serum
- Cholesterol (total serum0
- Creatinine, serum
- Creatinine Phosphokinase
- Fatty acids, serum
- Fibrinogen, serum
- Glucose (fasting)
- Iodine, protein-bound, serum
- Lactic Dehydrogenase
- Lipids (total serum)
- Phosphorus, inorganic, serum
- Potassium, serum
- Protein, serum (albumin/globulin)
- Sodium, serum
- T3 uptake
- Serum Glumatic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT)
- Urea Nitrogen, serum (BUN)
- Uric Acid, serum